by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Transiting Times: Sun/Saturn in Libra

 Saturn casting - and living in - its own shadow
(source: NASA)

Anywhere the transiting Sun would meet up with Saturn would astrologically be taken to be a 'moment to consider.' How you react to that...? That may be with hilarity. Or with inspiration. Or with anger, sorrow, even retribution.

Saturn's symbolism is all about the structure and shape of our world. It's thus the boundaries within which we work and our working to provide ourselves with a structure to hang our hat on. Saturn represents all the rules we have to live by - from stopping at red lights to 'thou shall not commit murder' to doing your homework lest you earn a week of detention.

That last bit - the earning part - that's also very Saturn. Associated with career and social standing, Saturn very much represents the 'what you earn in life, you get from life' (and the world around you) sort of idea.

In Libra, Saturn emphasizes this cause/effect 'what you put out there comes back to you' sort of idea - and in that, reminds us that Saturn under any conditions is a symbol of discipline (of self and/or others) and thus, responsibility.

To this we bring the Sun - the 'light of all lights,' the 'focal image' of life itself. Whether you think of it as 'will' or 'whether you will,' the unceasing existence of the Sun represents life as an ongoing process as well as the inexorable inevitability that there will be those days when we have things we need to do.

This would seem to be one of those days. Sometimes what we need to do is not do - but that's still doing, since the issue is not our want but the greater concern which is life itself.

Given this, perspective would seem to be something to keep in mind today, no matter what goes on.
As for the 'them' of the moment, that is probably all about 7 Libra, a degree which proposes to teach us the difference between what is comfortable and what is true...otherwise put as the difference between being inside and outside our comfort zone.

The facts may be at issue here - what you have to deal with, the choices which need making and so on. But why you make one choice over another, why one thing is comfortable for you and another isn't - that's the real question. 

So today's lesson is probably all about maintaining a perspective not just on daily happenings, but on ourselves. From this, in understanding this, given Sun conjunct Saturn we may well be able to let go of old fears, old limitations and limitations as we realize we have more to give, that there's more to see and do and that when we are more and more comfortable with ourselves, so others are naturally drawn to us.

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