by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Immigration of the Body Politic and the Personal Mind

As we move from the Lunar Eclipse of June 26 past the Uranus station (a couple of days ago) and head for the Solar Eclipse on the 11th, everybody's feeling restless, worn out and yet....totally ripe for a new chapter of life. 

And yet...there are problems on the outside and quandaries on the inside.

The 'big picture' version of this is rather well put by a little matter which arose yesterday (the 6th) here in the United States with the federal government launching a suit against the state of Arizona for the bill passed not so long ago. It was a little provocative number...Bill 1070. And it was on the totally, entirely, really touchy subject of immigration. Here's the chart...

 Signing of Arizona Bill 1070

The bill itself was about Arizona announcing that it was taking on the issue of illegal immigration. Of course technically, immigration (legal or not) is a federal matter - Los Feds are in charge of national borders and all which have to do with same.

Basically, Arizona said 'you're not doing the job, Washington, and we can't stand around waiting for your to get your house(s) in order. So you just go about your bureaucratic way - we'll take care of things out west here out own way.' 

Los Feds in Washington (DC) didn't like that much...hence the lawsuit.

So let's review....there was a big cosmic punctuation mark dolloped on us last month - the lunar eclipse at 4 Capricorn on (June 26). Then just a couple of days ago (July 5), we had Uranus go retrograde in Aries - we're just now at the end of the station.

This Sunday there's a solar eclipse at 19 Cancer - and as we know, solar eclipses sort of announce themselves coming in. They're sort of like the flood you know is happening in the kitchen because as you approach the kitchen door you see the water leaking out all over your (formerly) nice (formerly) clean floor.

Putting this in biggest, broadest strokes, it's all very emblematic. Cancer is very cuddly and homey and about protecting one's personal realm. Capricorn is all about pragmatism, practicalities, the big wide world and the rules by which the game is played. Aries is about life. It's about having a life, pursuing your life and what we do to be a person or to our person. Or any person, as far as that goes.

Seeing that this blog started out with a long piece on the bill itself (link here), I won't belabor that. But that it's about immigration and personal rights and protection of state resources and the right of a state to regulate what happens inside its own borders...and now this whole state-versus-federal 'who-trumps-who' stuff.....that SO very Cancer-Capricorn-Aries.

Not to mention how vividly it recalls one of the prime arguments underlying the Civil War (shudder, shudder). And it's been pretty much exactly a half-Deucalion cycle since that particular piece of hidiousness?

Oh - did you read the in's and out's of the astrological Deucalion? If you want to, be my guest - you'll find it here

What I'm trying to say here is really how the big picture echoes the small picture. We're between eclipses. The US states and their federal government are trying to sort out who does what lest the problem of immigration fall between them. It's all sort of a 'what and who's right here?' problem.

Sound familiar? I know all sorts of people going through these kinds of 'this or that?' 'them or me?' 'am I right or are they right?' questions about jobs, relationships, priorities, responsibilities - and those many daily issues we all find on our plates.

And that's the point. We're ALL between one thing and the other. And in each and every case, solving the problem means letting go of our certainty.

Yes, and maybe our ego too.

The reason is because when we let go of our certainty, that's when we learn. In this case, it's a time for learning - yes. But the process is so not comfy. It doesn't feel practical. And yet it involves real people. Real human concerns.

That would be the lesson of the moment.

And no, there is no test at the end of the period. But I'm going to go sharpen my #2 pencil all the same.

Signing off for today,
Lady Ticonderoga 
(and my yellow pencil)

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