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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jupiter squares Pluto

At July 25th, 1:51am/GMT (as this blog goes up) Pluto and Jupiter are in perfected square.

Sounds lovely, right? Well, it can be. But as the old song goes, it ain't necessarily so. 

(The song is from 'Porgy and Bess,' in case you care.)

To begin with, that this happens within the two-day leeway auspice of Jupiter's station/retrograde tells us it's part of that process. So if you didn't read that blog post, you may want to start with yesterday, then read today. And yes, I'll wait right here while you're gone.

For those ready to charge on, several astrological things have changed in the day-and-a-half between these events, the first and most obvious being the position of the Moon. Given that the Moon's position (and thus its effects on all things earthly) delineates the angular perspective on life (otherwise known as our point-of-view on things), this is where we start.

So...the Moon is at 22 Capricorn. Moon in Capricorn is known for hard line decisions - some of which are made without taking all facts and factors into account.

At the time of the Jupiter station, the Moon was at 1 Capricorn. And now what with it being at 22 Capricorn, that offers us a lovely picture on how decanates work.

I keep saying 'decan' and 'decanates' and not everybody gets it. So let's have a moment of group grok: each sign is composed of 30 degrees. This thirty degrees gets divided into three ten-degree segments (zero to 9, 10 to 19 and 20 to 29), each of which is called a 'decan' or 'decanate' (from the Latin 'deca' for 'ten). So....

Any time you see anything astrological in the first decan it's about the physical or the doing of something.

All second decan positions are emotional - yes, even in air signs! There's a rumor which goes around about air signs not being emotional - have we never heard of a passionate thought, people?

All third decanate positions are about how things work once we 'put them out there.' This decan symbols all require that we let go and see what happens - we don't get the reward until we become willing to risk the critique.

So with this transiting square having a 22 Capricorn Moon signature we know the flow of this dynamic has to do with things public and worldly. This tells us that this moment may be all about you waiting to get a reaction. Or your having to let go of something (sending it out into the world beyond your control) in order to see if it 'works.' Or you may be hearing from the world - getting all that feedback on something you've said, done, or even failed to do (which is another form of 'putting it out there,' it's just the refusal to do instead of the doing!).

And the world in may be acting in haste. Then again, it may be saying or showing you how you acted in haste and/or with lack of forethought (etc.). Given how Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, that also reminds us that Saturn has just moved into/committed to a transit of Libra...and again, you may want to read the blog on that shift (posted this past Wednesday) in order to understand today in light of that a little more fully.

Basically though...since Saturn in Libra is about how we present ourselves, our positions, relationships and/or "products" to others and thus how we are received (otherwise known as cause/effect), this moment carries that entire note. Discussions, critiques, feedback, negotiations, debates - even meeting up with new situations, people, ideas and circumstances typify this kind of moment.

Will you be the presenter or the presented to? Like as not, a little of each. But whether you will prevail? That has to do with whether you have thought only of yourself or have taken the standards, needs, feelings and morays of others.

Another factor which has changed is the tenor of thought and communication: since Jupiter's station Mercury has moved from 23 Leo (need/aptitude for organizational versitility) to 26 Leo (reconcilliation of natural forces/instinct with greater contexts).

Why am I making these comparisons?

Well, one of the really effective ways to learn how transiting global astrology works is to do just this: by looking at subtle shifts and thinking back to even a recent moment, you see how events evolve in parallel with zodiacal and celestial themes.

And once you 'get it,' all of astrology becomes more useful.

So! Continuing the time of Jupiter's station the Moon stood opposition Polyhymnia (happiness), asking us if we had done enough or gone too far. As Jupiter went retrograde, we internalized that moment and now are proceeding to reflect on it.

But the world? The world (time, the Moon) it just ticks along. So now we're experiencing some of the ripples in the pond, the rewards and consequences flowing out from that station. If things are good, you're basking in good feelings. If things are bad, you're dealing with turbulent social waters. 

Whatever is going, this is not the moment du jour: the Moon atop a black hole tells us this moment - good or bad is all about the experience of 'alternative emotional realities.' Given how the Moon is also conjunct Circe (rendering humans animalistic) and Scheherazade (powerful storytelling), insight is strong - and it may be about you understanding others...then again, it may be you seeing how others (or the world) see(s) you.

From Friday's station to today, black moon Lilith (the calculated/societal form of Lilith) has also moved from 2 to 3 Pisces. At the station, it manifested as uneven social situations which without sufficient goading wouldn't get where they needed to go. But now at 3 Pisces? Now there's some 'oomph' and social clarity. The subject is how well privilege or resources have been used, resulting in applause or some sort of judgment saying an opportunity has been squandered coming to the fore.

Putting these things together, we see a trend towards feedback from others. Are we expecting it? Good question, and one which like as not hinges on how well we have judged other people...a statement which takes us back to some of that 'How good are you at judging human nature?' stuff talked about in the blog on Saturn entering Libra.

If you have underestimated someone, they are likely to "emerge from a black hole" like some Alice in Wonderland rabbit being pulled out of your hat (or somewhere else, but we won't go into that!).

Plus with Venus still in emotional degrees of Virgo (where we tend to feel undervalued and/or put upon) no matter how wonderful you are, you cannot expect to have everything your way or feel totally appreciated. Maybe even understood. Ethics and integrity are very much at the fore now - and as a theme you can anticipate that they'll continue to ring through human harmonics for at least 36 to 48 hours.

Metaphysically, this is sort of a 'how many pockets has Peter Piper picked?' question about if/where you have taken care of yourself at the EXPENSE of others. We all do it, the question is whether you did it knowingly and/or to what extent you did it. About the best anyone can do here is own up to mistakes and/or bad behavior and move on, so if you've been particularly self-willed or naughty of late get out your recipe for humble pie and start baking!

But be warned: with this moment all about Jupiter squaring Pluto (you knew we'd eventually get to the big stuff, right?) you can't just mince, cream, bake and scoot - that simply won't work. You have to own the issue and make the changes which prove to others that you've really 'gotten it.' Nothing else will do.

A last note here on what this all may feel like...when we look at Greek myth and who these characters Pluto and Jupiter are we get that Jupiter is Zeus, King of Olympus and ruler of all. Pluto is Hades, ruler of the afterlife, 'buried treasures' (in soul and in earth) and all things transformational, be they the orgasm of sexual experience to the karma of death and resurrection to bankruptcy to changes of job, spouses and so on.

More to the point here, Zeus and Hades are brothers. So this isn't really about you and the world; this is your world - the fact that you really are part of this world (the whole world and nothing but the world) and that the world is thus part of you. This is thus all about learning about how to reclaim our integrity while reconciling  disparate forces in our world, in our social circles and in ourselves.

And this isn't just about people. This is a global transit. So it affects corporations, governments populations, you, me the door mouse in the barn, production of shoelaces wherever they get made, bumblebees in Brazil and everything else.

And that, in the end, says we are all going through changes right now. Not one of us is truly comfortable. We are all duly aware of big problems and big issues - in our lives and otherwise. Thus the question ultimately is whether we will take hold of all these challenges or avoid them or resist them. There aren't any immediate solutions here (issues of the moment play out in November of this year and February of next year) but this is a step in a process.

We can take that step, or we can not take that step or we can refuse to see the larger parameters and take a misstep. Whatever we choose to do or not do, where that takes us is up to us on an individual, interactive and yet ultimately collective basis.

And thus we determine our own individual and universal destiny. There is no 'it's too big a problem' here - there is only your willingness to grapple with reality.

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