by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jupiter's Station

Planet Jupiter - source: NASA

On July 23 (at 12:04 GMT: adjust for local time) Jupiter goes retrograde.

The whole la-dee-dah of what this means and why it means it (the where-science-meets-metaphysics stuff) we'll leave for another time. Meanwhile, what's important to you is that from July 23rd until November 18th when Jupiter goes direct, your growth and learning process will be internal.

When a planet is in direct motion, we learn from and through external prompts and situations. When a planet is retrograde, we learn through experience of those planetary precepts within ourselves.

Given that Jupiter is about 'growth,' that means these months ahead are more about you learning about yourself IN the world than the world you are in. This can be fun, tedious, disappointing or exciting by turns. But whatever it is, through this process you become more aware and more focused on where you're taking your life, why that matters to you...and yes, maybe where you might need or want to make a few wee changes.

So here's the chart:

And because I've heard from a few of you who don't read astro-glyph, here's a little diagram which may make things easier:
The whole of this figure is a four-sided figure known as a 'Grand Cross' - meaning all four 'corners' are separated by ninety degrees (a 'square' or challenge). When you have four squares in a chart, there's a tendency to bounce from one 'corner to another' - the implication being that the months ahead may be full of 'but if I do this, then that would happen...and if I did that, this other thing couldn't get done' and the like.

But if you will notice, the "bottom" line is dotted. And the reason it is dotted is that there is no actual planet in that bottom group. (I've put true planets in yellow to make this easier). Though all which Is counts, planets represent major components "of vital mass" in our lives.
Since we thus have only three of the four 'corners' of the alleged square with planets involved, what we actually have is a t-square instead of a grand cross...though you may well have this lurking 'grand cross-ish' but...but...but... feeling as we move through the months ahead.

And just to make this a little more rigorous, that little cluster of symbols at the bottom of the chart are all about what we want. What we think would be easy (or easier) to do or on us. So expect a lot of those 'but's to be tinged with an internal red flag which says "I'm not going to enjoy that!'" printed in bold on it.

Is that true? Are you really doomed not to enjoy doing what you need to do? No! But as the cosmic wrench in the works here, that's going to be one of those bug-a-boos which arise now and again. Even frequently. Truth may have a blast. If you take on the doing and the growing, you may discover things more fun and more rewarding than anything you can think of from where you're standing now.

It's just you have to let go of today's conceptions in order to get there. And that's the Jupiter 'grow' (or 'grow up') part of the equation. That big giant planet out there does throw its metaphysical weight around, and this time it's all about grasping the idea that we so don't know all that life holds. There are things out there which would delight us beyond what we know now...we just have to let go of our definitions of 'good' in order to get hold of 'even better!'

So...! With that now duly noted, what about this t-square thing? The 'rule' with t-squares is the "own" the issues described at the "t." So here we are starting with Saturn: structures, fear, limits self imposed or otherwise, responsibilities, time, dedication-willingness to dedicate your effort and time.

With Saturn at 0 Libra is Panacea - peace, feeling better, resolution of strife. Standing just behind Saturn are asteroids Lilith and Echo - which on one level represent that 'little voice' inside you may not want to hear...and which on another may well be a person (usually a woman) whose words you are echoing (or hear echoing through your mind) which you stand to lose by listening to.
This bring up another point about the 'grand cross-ish' thing. What that's likely to do is create a 'is it that person...or that person' quandary in your head. The instruction per symbol here concerns 'Lilith' as a person who tempts you (or who has tempted you) to betray some previous commitment, vow or promise.

Standing just ahead of Saturn is Black Hole M87 (a giant shift of reality), then a quasar (brilliance) and pulsar, both in Libra. The quasar shines a light on the challenge to show one's true worth through development of skills as yet not brought to true potential. Given the association with M87 and Saturn, this would seem to refer to an adaptation of a skill to a totally new (M87) concept or situation. The pulsar adds to this a great exploration of love in all its many facets - for self, for others, for one particular other, for mankind, for your own abilities...with the pulsar giving us the clue that the light will shift from one thing to another, illuminating one while plunging something else into the darkness of lack of focus or temporary unimportance.

Shades of the grand cross quality...oh, these months ahead are going to be testing! But remember...these tests are internal. This is not about your ability to exist, except with or within your own skin.

So that's where everything starts. Through accepting and moving through the dynamics presented by Saturn, M87 and the quasar/pulsar (either leaving Lilith/Echo behind or being pursued by it in the shadows of your mind)...then you get to the real challenge of the season - the 't' of the t-square.

The crux of this t-square is all about your ability to reckon with responsibility for your life, and the reality of feelings. This involves a search for a new form of personal identity which requires breaking down old concepts and rebuilding yourself from within. To the extent that you don't do that, you will end up being tossed back into the land of Saturn restraints and limitations - which being in Libra may affect your social outlets, your reputation or your ability to deal with your surroundings. What we don't accept here is like as not going to come back to us in projected form - at least, that's how it's going to feel.

Again...and this cannot be stressed too much: this is not about your actual ability to survive in external terms. It's not about the job or the partner or the roof over your head except to the extent that you can deal with same, given the turmoil or arguments or debates or refusal to grow or change or grow up or get real which are going on inside you.

Moon in Capricorn often indicating 'societal values,' if you don't change (or at least become willing to accept input, critique or moderation) others will own this energy for you and foist it upon you. With two black holes and a quasar involved here, you will feel like the world you thought you knew is suddenly something altogether different: you're suddenly the proverbial stranger in a strange land.

The goal here is a 'breakthrough' (Uranus) which involves being of service or having served your greater purpose (Hebe/Uranus in Aries). With Scheat standing behind Uranus/Hebe and the Jupiterian 'goal' position, there is some sort of 'disapproval' out there which dissipates, is resolved or is converted to a stunning asset providing you become willing to break through what in this moment are your own limitations - as represented here by the Saturn/Uranus-Jupiter opposition.
As pictured by the Aries Jupiter/Lust, everyone is going into this moment fixed (Lust) on something about their own life - that being the Aries part.

In the end however, Aries is not about what you want (the cheers from the crowd for having slayed the great dragon)...but the courage to be the person who because they know how to slay dragons is willing to go out there and save the kingdom. The parade and cheers are merely the icing - the reality and necessity is the protecting of life's integrity.

Your own life, that would be - and by implication, that of others as without other people, our world is empty and without most of its richest meaning.


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