by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, July 4, 2014

October’s 0 Scorpio Solar Eclipse (Pt. 1: the Map and Basics)

 A map of the path for this year's Solar Eclipse at
0 Scorpio which will occur on October 23, 2014 at 9:58 p.m. (UT/+0)
A sense of advancing plight overtook me while listening to news of desperate and desperately deceived parents risking the lives of their own children, paying fees to smugglers willing to subject others to dangerous desert crossings on their way to a United States border the crossing of which would bring only limited respite while inflaming long-postponed (and of late, deadlocked) US domestic issues.

All through the week the story kept spreading. First came the stories and photos out of Texas and Arizona showing children being housed in makeshift Red Cross-equipped quarters by a government which had neither invited them, nor which had seen any reason to set up boarding units for plural thousands of children. It was a mess - one helpfully not helped out by the US Congress, which for reasons of its own seems hell-bent on not working through the problems and business of the nation which funds their paychecks.

(Need I say how evident it seems that the U.S. Congress doesn't study metaphysics? On the other hand, I do - which would be what I've been thinking about of late...what does it mean in a greater and more metaphysical scope that any legislative body of any nation would simply take to sitting on its collective, quill-grasping thumbs?)

More to the present day reality speaking of which (politics, that is), political rhetoric ran hot and noisy with the next act in this drama - a crowd turning back buses loaded with undocumented moms and kids in California...which rather filled out the scope of the eclipse map as it applies to the United States, with the additional given that the nations from which these people are arriving are also getting eclipsed.

Plus there is the fact that this is the final North-Node-in-Scorpio eclipse we're going to have for a while, which signals a sort of cumulative effect of all the North Node/Scorpio, South Node/Taurus issues which have been building in our lives and in our lives as a product of our ability to live with/in our world, home, lifestyle, belief set, relationships, commitments (etcetera) over the past couple of years.

And this 'last of the series' is at zero, no less. As a metaphysical numerical signature, zero represents the most basic of all basics. It represents the need to start from zero and the possibility that all will be reduced to zero given our ability or inability to deal with the implications of the sign being triggered.

Which in this case is Scorpio, that 'fixed' water sign which invites us to fix ourselves, lest others 'fix our wagon' for us. (Badly, that would be.)

Considering this along with the Sabian symbol for 0 Scorpio (which I will type out here for you in a moment) I felt moved to post the October solar eclipse map. Not only is forewarned forearmed, but seeing as the intensity of what's going on at this point is the sort of thing we would expect to see during the two months immediately prior to an eclipse but not as yet...well, that suggests a level of concerted consternation (and upheavals) yet to arise from this eclipse map.

An event map generated by the USGS for the June 23, 2014 earthquake which shook Alaska's Aleutian Islands to a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale.

Speaking of which (the reference here being 'upheavals') there was an 8.0 (prelimitary reading) earthquake in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on June 23, 2014. This is also in the solar map zone...and we are about three years out from the 13 Capricorn solar eclipse of early 2011 which preceded Japan's Fukushima quake. That Japan itself is not included in the eclipse map isn't itself surprising - nor is the fact that this recent quake occurred to the east of the former, as that's the direction eclipses 'rotate' as well.

It's all part of a singular mechanism - the same one we're all part of. 

Without knowing exactly why this next ‘eclipse season’ seems to be giving us such a clarity of foresight (or in the case of the quake, foreshock) of what’s to come, it is worth noting that the “standard” two-month ‘breaking down’ of situations (or resistance to things) we would anticipate with an eclipse occurring on October 23rd would begin on August 23rd (give or take).

Is there something about our times which extends eclipse effects? Are we merely dealing with a chaotic combination of influences?

Yes - but that doesn’t seem to cover the astrological bill, even when we take into account that this next eclipse will be positioned at 0 Scorpio - a degree which with whatever else it may be, would also be a signature for ‘karma coming due.’

As usual, we will as humans no doubt assume that karma means someone else’s karma and act accordingly - which when we talk Scorpio generally means acting badly towards the whole while purely focused on the first-person personal.

All of which makes the prospects of a U.S. election season occurring under this influence truly flinch-worthy.

And yet...and yet the point of any eclipse coming to a ‘zero’ degree is to take things entirely down to basics - which with Scorpio is going to refer not to ‘the ills within’ we saw with the Taurus eclipse exploding the myths...our myths of mythic Self...within the frameworks of fixed stars Hamal and, this next eclipse is going to be all about the ills we create in our own lives and all the destroying of the potentials and possibilities we set ourselves up for through not holding that which is ‘without’ (others, our cities, societies, world, planet, etc.) in as high a regard as we hold for those instinct-driven desires for personal validation and security.

The Sabian symbol for 0 Scorpio reads as follows: A CROWDED SIGHTSEEING BUS ON A CITY STREET, an image Marc Edmund Jones’ original interpretation spoke of as the fundamental human eagerness to expand one’s social horizon and to experience the results of collective achievements and new ways of life. This interpretation, which dates from 1930, probably should be thought of in more modern terms since in today’s world there’s as much ‘exploring of the world around us’ which takes place electronically as through any other means.

And that, my friends, is the hallmark of the Aquarian Age - an idea which seems more and more important to think about as we live through a stretch of years rife with the turbulence of one set of patterns evolving into people and parents born under one age inevitably struggle with their children and a society which is going to naturally have some ‘phasing in/phasing out’ issues of its own - a quality we can expect will appear over the months ahead (because October's eclipse is in opposition to fixed star Mirach) in a more or less obvious forms as well as in ways far more subtle (and perhaps more painful) where life's (eclipse) processes cause us to meet up with where our 'easy going' feelings of friendship are based neither on strengths (theirs or ours) and/or our ability to 'own' how willing we all are out of human necessity to deceive ourselves.

You know...that famous 'risk now, pay later' thing?

Known for great accomplishments where sufficient personal strength to deal with frustration, 0 Scorpio seems to bring things ‘to a point’ where intensity of aim and/or focus either breaks through, breaks down or breaks under the weight of some fallacy (innocent or otherwise). Just as the immigration situation is doing in the United States, all matters 0 Scorpio threaten us with our worst (though we all would rather fear the worst about others) in such a manner that we think we can be 'defended' (most of all against being overwhelmed by our own feelings) when the real issue is about adjusting to reality/realities with the understanding that no one gets to have 100% of what they want in life.

That 100% of the want, that is the ideal - which at its best Scorpio teaches is less attractive than that which is achievable and though not ideal, validating in the fact that we have lived up to and achieved our level best as human beings. 

People often act immature in Scorpio situations. Scorpio asks that we experience our own sense of vulnerability through ‘agreeing’ to tolerate the flexing of our emotions through interactions with others...and through choosing to risk/not risk tomorrow’s gains, opportunities and growth based on how secure we are with ourselves - on the inside.

When things go wrong under Scorpio, we will always tend to blame others. And yet, just under the surface - our surface - is that thread of searing Scorpio angst which says ‘I chose to get involved.’

In the end, the biggest tests of Scorpio are all about not our defeats, but about learning how most defeats are defeats of ego, not worth - and how for some of us, only through having our ego defeated can we come to recognize that truly lasting Scorpio power which has everything to do with that cognizance of others which inspires sufficient respect that they become...and remain...conscious of us, as well as willing to respect us both equally, separately and together.


  1. 0 degrees 22 minutes is read as *1* degree Scorpio, not as 'zero'

  2. Correct - the Sabian symbol for zero degrees of Scorpio would be read as Sabian 1 degrees of Scorpio (Phase 211) which is what has been cited here. When writing posts, I always list the degree of the phenomena - in this case the eclipse (not the degree of the Sabian symbol) - in order to keep everything rooted in zodiacal translation. But that said, I can also see where you might have read that sentence (above) as a reference to the 0 Scorpio image as opposed to being the Sabian symbol for zodiacal degree 0 Scorpio. I'll make sure to make that clearer as I continue writing - thanks for calling it to my attention.

    - Boots