by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lilith Retrograde

Saturn, Regulus and the International Space Station
(photo credit: fdecomite, April 2007)
Every year Saturn goes retrograde for some four months or so. This year, that retrograde station occurs on March 14th - which is twelve days after its March 2nd station/retrograde date of 2014 and eleven days short of the date (March 25th) on which Saturn will go retrograde in 2016.

As with any of the planets (dwarf or otherwise) we also tend to ‘feel’ the station’s approach as issues associated with that planet either pile up, become the subject of our days or simply bother us witless.

With Saturn, the subjects tend to be serious ... thoughtful ... even sobering. They tend to take time, too - Saturn issues aren’t generally those we flip through on a whim. Being the symbol of ‘earned rewards,’ Saturn’s transits and turnabouts often prompt us to think about what we are doing - and if we want to continue doing it ... occasionally turning into Saturn as the emblem of getting rid of things (thoughts, habits, people, jobs, interests, etc.) which no longer work, or serve useful purposes.

So if I say this post is being posted on March 9th and Saturn is going station-retrograde on March 14th, you might guess this week might not be the world’s most frivolous.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean anything has to go wrong. There’s a long (LONG) tradition of astrological dislike for Saturn, but that’s just a reflection of the very Saturn-like fact that we humans aren’t always in love with doing the work (and eating those vegetables) which need attending to before we get the award, the dessert ... before we get to the fun and the part we like.

Which is actually the important part here: it’s not the work per se, it’s the effort - and having a point to that effort. Saturn is not about stoic doodling and busywork; it’s about having a substantial goal which is going to allow you to do (or be) something which you aren’t or can’t be now - or without doing whatever it takes to get there.

So it is with the Sun cruising through Pisces lending all of life a somewhat nebulous, a touch suspicious, if still hopeful aura that we all head off through a week which will end with Saturn going retrograde on March 14th at 15:03 (2:03 p.m.) UT/+0 time.

Moreover, there are a couple of signposts along the way ...

... which means with Saturn as our 'overarching' subject-of-the-week we would start with asteroid Lilith going retrograde on March the 11th, a metaphysical idea which suggests we will all be going into (or through) various 'shifts’ with regards to things we have denied about our Self, about who we ‘are,’ who we have been ‘being’ prior to now ... and what we do, don’t do, or have done over the past several months, after which (with Lilith in retrograde) we will be/become either inclined to not see how who we are being over the next several months is going to affect us down the line, or how what we are dealing with now is a result of something we did or chose to back, embody or stand for at some point prior to today's present.
All of which is - in the end - a reflection of what it is about our Self or our life (or values) which we don’t want to accept. That’s the key thing to understand about Lilith: it isn’t something untrue. It isn’t about ‘them’ no matter how many times we project, no matter how much we would like to think the fear, the annoyance, the ‘bad stuff’ is about them.

It isn’t. There are a few really basic metaphysical rules we never (ever) escape, the most basic of which in day-to-day life is like attracts like. When we attract people, we attract them because at some level - no matter how much we want to deny it - they are who we are. In our efforts to differentiate our Self we all encounter things we say we aren’t going to be and that we would never (ever) do.

And then we get fascinated by stories of same - either good or ill, positive or negative. Or we find ourselves being attracted to ‘forbidden fruit’ or something you don’t want to be or do. Call it what you like psychologically, metaphysically this is our being attracted to something we haven’t yet settled, solved or accepted about our Self ... and which, between the eclipse and this station ... is now rising up all around us.

The thing we didn’t want to see, acknowledge or talk about is coming back to either haunt or bless us, depending on how well attuned we are to dealing with realities.

You know, about our (Lilith) Self. If we were talking about the calculated point called ‘Black Moon Lilith’ we would be talking about societal attitude and broader considerations. But this isn’t the Black Moon (and no, I have no idea why anyone thought we needed two Liliths) this station pertains to us - to first person things. Yes, they may be connected to  to societal or ‘group-think’ matters, but this station is about us.

It’s about our acceptance of who we really are and who we were born as before we started with all our personal editing. And since experience also teaches how the days around a station so often include various ‘stirring moments’ (or moments in which we bestir ourselves) in areas of life or in reflection of any given object’s metaphysical meaning, we also give stations an ‘allowance’ of a couple of days before and after the actual ‘turn’ as things get into gear or come to (or go through) some particularly telling moment.

Given that, with Lilith going retrograde on March 11th, this month’s round of ‘Lilith Effects’ will stretch from approximately March 9th though the 13th - which means they will be in the process of arising as ... or just in the wake of this post hitting the yon digital web-waves (depending on which time zone you live in, of course).

The degree that Lilith is going retrograde in (20 Scorpio) lending to all of this an instability, lack of interest and the sort of ‘restlessness’ which can stem from an awareness of something without knowing enough to make anything comfortable or clear - which would be typical for Scorpio, a sign we like to think we manipulate others with/through but which in the end is always and only about whether we are able to face our fears of defeat ... and not whether we could survive some sort of vital instinct - we can - but whether we have the sort of courage to put our fears aside and figure out whatever ‘life puzzle’ has been put in front of us which if solved will give us what we want even as it mysteriously (and oh so metaphysically) leads us to a next challenge (or our next challenge...) once we prove to our Self that we can think our way through to answers and solutions despite our own fears.

It’s not ‘them.’ In Scorpio situations, it’s never ‘them’ - it’s only whether we are projecting our fears about who we are on them ... or whether we’re refusing to even think about any of it at all.

Sometimes Lilith’s stations are when we don’t want to think about things - our “stuff,” if you will. But sometimes a Lilith station is a time when we find out how not only is it okay to know who we are, but it’s a (Lilith) mystery as to why we hadn’t ‘thought of this’ before.

With 20 Scorpio, of course (just because 20 is one of the last ten degrees of a sign) we also get a little  editorial note about all of this either having to do with something we share with others (or which isn’t simply about us) or which we are thinking about in terms of what is going on around us.

Either way, for Lilith to go into retrograde during such a feeling (Pisces Sun) time where in spite of everything we are determined to (Mars in Aries) get on with, nothing quite seems to be (Venus in Aries) going the way we want it to ... That speaks to some form of unwillingness to see something for what it truly is (the proverbial “reality check”). Or maybe it will be some sort of situation which causes us to recognize our true capacities. Or how someone or something has ... as would be so very Scorpio ... influenced our emotional mindset, allowing or even forcing some attributes to come to the forefront when there may be other things and different qualities which might come to the fore - and which might work well for us - if (or as) we become able to evidence as we learn to separate some sort of ‘real us’ quality from what we (or who) have been doing, either out of habit, because we didn’t think we had any other choices, or simply because we were trying to just ‘fit in’ in some way.

And since asteroid Lilith won’t be going direct again until June 27th, we have several months ahead of figuring such things out, not to mention how asteroid Lilith being in retrograde lends to everything and anything which happens between now and then notes and nuance of opportunities which come to us when we put aside exactly what we might like, how we might want things to look, feel or sound - and instead look to the possibility that it is our own lack of willingness to accept ourselves and life’s facts which is getting in the way ... not anything about ‘them,’ ‘that’ or how things may be getting done.

For the moment, Saturn’s moving towards its March 11th station suggests the whole of this next week is going to center around realities, though with Saturn transiting Sagittarius its likely that rather than accept such notions some people will just throw themselves into unproductive distractions like ‘what IS reality...?’ or debates which center around history or historical notions rather than the ‘distance’ (i.e., how far we have or haven’t come) in our own Saturn search for the truth, for viability, for that path which will allow us to excel and succeed at being who we are and can be ... in spite of anyone or anything which would limit choices or concepts of life’s possibilities along re-determined paths and notions they have chosen to own allegiance to.

And that lends another notion to this moment. Is Lilith going retrograde in advance of Saturn’s turn a sign that some barriers or things which are ‘denying’ some right or necessity is going to end?

That could be too, but we’ll just have to see - if we're brave enough to allow ourselves to, that is.

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  1. Interesting this black moon Lilith. I have black moon Lilith in my first house in Scorpio, along with Venus and Saturn in conjunction. Such dark passions....