by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, May 9, 2011

Nemesis: Confronting An Unwelcome Point

 Nemesis: Copenhagen's bronze cast of Bertel Thorvaldsen's original statue
photo credit: Yair Haklai (August 2006)

Most people think of Nemesis as someone stalking them. You know, ‘our Nemesis’ – that person who is out to get us.

But that’s not what the metaphysics of Nemesis are, or are about. The idea of ‘the Nemesis’ is that which is unwelcome – yes. But it is not necessarily there to do us harm. The idea behind Nemesis is one of ‘divine retribution’ for acts of hubris (arrogance) – the Greek apparently translates rather in the spirit of ‘to give what is due.’

That idea, which we would otherwise think of as ‘consequence’ seems very much in theme with other things of the moment…and which will arrive in short order, seeing as within a week we will have Atropos going into retrograde and TNO Orcus, a primal indicator of consequences which may or may not come out of nowhere but which are one and all, irrevocable.

That Nemesis rather goes towards this Orcus theme is alluded to by Hesiod, who in the masterwork known as Theogony refers to Nemesis as being linked with Nyx.
And who is Nyx? One of Orcus’ cohorts - in myth, and as of rather recently, astronomically (Nyx being the name of a Moon of TNO Orcus).

So that Orcus is about to go direct (experiences of consequence/consequences which are thrust upon us by life) six days after Nemesis goes on station and a mere four days after Nemesis goes direct?

This would seem to be a heaping helping of consequence for things done …or maybe denied or purposefully ignored (as you’ll see in the post for Saturday, May 14th)…heading our way.

And let’s remember: there’s not one, but two solar eclipses on their way. This is a time when our Gemini thoughts or ideas or mental resistance or verbal smokescreens are under attack. Or ceasing to work. Or being proven wrong. July’s solar eclipse being in Cancer, this means that some of our very foundations and things we have ‘identified’ with for a very long time are melting away under our feet.

Or turning into quicksand.

And that ‘I told you so?’ factor? Right now it’s in our head. Or in our gut. Or wherever you stick such things (no, I don’t want to know where you stick them!). But pretty much faster than a speeding comet (as seen from Earth) those things are going to manifest in true to life regretful glory in real time reality.

Nemesis goes direct on Wednesday, May 11th. The warnings and ‘uh-oh’s’ which come prior to that time have yet to play out. The confrontations and realizations and ‘being put on notice’s which happen after May 11th are the playing out of deeds done and positions committed to prior to now.

May 11th itself would seem to be a day dribbled with a dollop of fatefulness…and when you see the post for that day you’ll understand more about the in’s and out’s of being on the in or out with others and how that relates to whether or not you’re on the up and up (or righty-roo) with yourself.

Am I being purposefully oblique? Of course - I’m playing Nemesis! In other words, you’re not even supposed to like the implications of what I say.

And's not about what I'm saying. No, the not liking is in your court. What are you going to do about it?

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