by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, May 19, 2011

News Flash: Saturn Synchonicity

 Images of Saturn supplied by the European Southern
Observatory (VISIR) and Trevor Barny of Australia. Taken on
January 19 (2011) they show signs of what has now become
a huge storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere. More to the
astrological point however, January 19th was when Saturn
stood at 17 Libra - the degree it would go retrograde in on
January 26th. Saturn returns to 17 Libra in September, 2011.

A NASA bulletin for May 19th announced a major 'super storm' occurring on the planet Saturn.

May 19th is also the date when Saturn moves into 10 degrees of Libra, the degree it will now hold at until it goes direct on June 13th.

As NASA addresses itself to storms on Saturn and President Obama speaks to the storms of violence and influence here on's not that one or the other is so 'right' but that they are both expressing the ability to observe, reflect and comment on serious (Saturnine) events.
With a Gemini solar eclipse just ahead, 'breaking down' and examining what we know, what we don't know and what our limits to know are would seem yet another good way to see ourselves through these times which so obviously require change from us, and to our perceptions.

Want to read the rest of the NASA article? Here's the LINK.

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