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Friday, December 10, 2010

Uranus, the UK, Chart USA, Wikileaks and the Obama Administration (Pt. 2 of previous post)

The White House
photo credit: UpstateNYer (2006) 

In case you’ve forgotten, Uranus went direct a couple of days ago - on the 5th or 6th, depending on where you were.

In the United States, a serious case of Politics broke out over a proposed tax/stimulus proposal announced by the Obama White House.

When I commented on same a couple of days ago (link to THAT BLOG) I promised I’d finish the chat by looking at the Uranus station against the charts of the Obama Administration and Chart USA.

I am now officially keeping that promise. And considering what just happened in London (i.e., riots in the street) after the British Parliament voted to raise college tuition three-fold as part of a tough austerity program, this blog seems even more apt. (link to NY Daily News story on same).

And yes, a blog on the current UK government might be interesting too. If I have time, I'll dig up that chart.

But for now, to finish with Things USA(merican). After all, we can look at any country and get a feeling for the astro-dynamic since this Uranus station is global.

That this station has been in Pisces, a sign about how we feel and how we deal with our feelings seems apt. More to the point, Pisces being a sign of collectives and how mass generated, communal emotionality functions, that gives us a good dotted line between what’s happening in the US against events in London.

So here’s Chart USA: the US Appomattox chart erected for the end of the Civil War when a US broken apart by secession re-unified as the nation it is today.

  Chart USA (Lee surrendering to Grant
at Appomattox Courthouse, VA - April 9, 1865)

I’ve blogged about this chart extensively – here’s the LINK to the first of a 7-part series of articles here on the blog.

That the current Uranus station occurs in an exact square to the 10th house natal Uranus of Chart USA is a bit tip off. The 10th being the ‘highest’ house in the chart, Uranus’ position here indicates things in government and things coming from specifically the ‘highest’ branch of the US government - the Executive branch, that headed by the President.

That this Uranus is in Gemini makes the matter about communication, and choices. Uranus symbolizing changes, breaks and breakages (departures), anarchy, disruption, breakthroughs, innovation…this is pretty much the list of descriptions being used by people on all sides. Did the President ‘break’ with his own party?

Would this bill ‘break’ the US economy or innovate (renovate) it?

Squares are always challenges which work both ends of the square against the best interests of the middle, as it were. So with the 10th house being the house of government, and the 7th house (where the station took place being about ‘what we present to others’ (and thus how others react to what we show ourselves and our choices to be)…that certainly works!. Moreover, the natal Uranus in this chart is conjunct Atropos (endings) and fixed star Betelgeuse (the easy way). So it’s easy for people to walk out on this sort of event – or to put it maybe a bit more accurately, this dynamic represents situations where people feel walked out on (looking from the 7th house end) or which make them want to walk out!

It’s not shocking that there’s been a Uranus/sudden  end of relative pleasantries, either. Nobody’s happy….the President is sounding patient but irked,  Congress as a whole isn’t happy, a whole lot of  Democrats are downright teed off, Republicans are feeling unappreciated and a lot of the American people are feeling pretty darn disgusted with the whole state of politics and government.

And what happens when people feel that peeved? Well, look at London. Those who saw how the car containing Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall got pelted with paint balls and one of the bullet-proof windows battered in…that’s what happens. That kind of ‘outbreak’ is very Uranian.

About Chart USA though…? It’s also worth noting that where the square is coming from (Uranus’ station in the 7th house) has Uranus making this station conjunct Scheat. This is a ‘turn’ in what the people (and Congress as the representatives of the people) are being handed. And what with Uranus taking a turn to direct motion, it is the people and/or the Congress which will in the end will rule the day.

Americans can take that for granted, but it’s an interesting statement in itself. Congress is right there in Washington, of course. But if the American people don’t like this bill, this is an indicator that their rising up in protest can be heard.

And no matter what happens, it’s a pretty sure bet that it’s a tough week to be answering phones in any congressional office.

While we’re on this subject, let’s not forget the Wikileaks mess. That began on November 28th as Uranus got into the degree where it would but days later go on station.

 The WikiLeaks logo

The whole Wikleaks matter is another form of this Uranus square: presenting to the world (the 7th house ‘audience’) documents/communiqués (Gemini) broken/stolen (Uranus) from the US government (10th house). With this Uranus station taking place in late Pisces, that this is something unpleasantly challenging is the square. That it’s happening to the US government is very 10th house. That it ‘breaks’ government  communication silence is leaking Gemini documents.

That it happened in a ‘behind the scenes’ secret way is very Pisces. That it involves how others feel about the US and its government is the station taking place at 26 Pisces, a 3rd decanate degree which like all 3rd decan degrees is about something you do not control which represents the opinions of others. 

It’s very Wikileaks. It’s also very London riots. Get the connection?

And back to that position of the station being conjunct the Chart USA Scheat. With the station taking place at 26 Pisces and Scheat at 27 Pisces (fixed stars do move, if very slowly – Scheat is now at 29 Pisces)…with the Chart USA Scheat set off by Uranus it’s a slew of ‘bad press’ (Scheat), which would be both the tax/stimulus proposal and the Wikileaks disbursement.

More than that, with the station at 26 and Scheat at 27 in this chart, we haven’t heard the end of this dynamic as yet. Uranus will transit 27 Pisces basically for all of January 2011. As soon as the New Years’ weekend is over and business resumes, Uranus hits 27 Pisces.

And let’s not forget…there’s a Solar Eclipse on the 4th. So prepare for more sudden Uranian shifts of status quo - whatever that status quo may be.

Moving on to the Obama Administration, there we have two charts: the ‘official’ (governmental) time for the inaugural (12 noon EST +5/January 20, 2006/Washington, DC)….

 Obama Administration - 'official' noon chart
(transfer of governmental power)

….and the time when President Obama actually took his oath of office, which was five minutes later.

Obama Administration - Presidential Oath chart

Either way, the Uranus of the chart is in the 11th house - the house of society - at 19 Pisces. That defines this Uranus as ‘emotional changes’ in a sign (Pisces) which is all about rationality versus fantasy in a house (the 11th) which on the psychological level is about ideals versus functionality.

The Uranus of this/these chart(s) being conjunct Uranus/Achilles, the native quality is ‘stunning strength’ against ‘broken strength.’ With Venus cuddled in alongside (at 17 Pisces) this administration went into office with huge (possibly unrealistic?) hopes pinned to its inauguration.

But there are other sides to a Pisces Uranus in 11 as well. This combination would be unsteadiness or instability (Uranus) of affection (Pisces) and response (Venus). In a governmental chart this would also denote an instability of ‘income’ – can we say economics and taxes, people?

Now…down to a couple of details. In the public-governmental inaugural chart (the shift of power from Bush to Obama), the 12th house of that chart is at 27 Pisces. And that would make Uranus’ station at 26 Pisces a picture of Uranus having ‘backed’ of the 12th during retrograde.

Did this administration ‘back out’ of (retrograde) its 12th house communing-with-public/mass-opinion into the economic/corporate 11th house only now to ‘take a turn’ there? It appears to look and sound like that.

And now, having taken this station, at the very end of the ‘economic’ and societal 11th, Uranus will again  marches forward into the 12th, land of communal feelings/mass emotionality and so often where we experience our own emotionality so that we will realize where and how we have limited ourselves.

Uranus will reach this inaugural/administration 12th house cusp in January, when Uranus transits 27 Pisces. And let’s not forget - 27 Pisces is also the exact position of Scheat when the US reunited.

And for those who don’t like that Scheat, I have another Scheat you can try on for size. It’s in Obama’s Oath chart – the 12:05pm chart for Obama’s swearing in. That chart has 29 Pisces on the 12th house, making disapproval by others Obama’s great vulnerability as President.

This begins to tie in very strongly with Obama’s personal chart and that first blog of a couple of days ago: this man listens and reacts to expressions of upset and/or disapproval. So if the citizens of the United States want their President to do something, all they have to make their voices known.


Otherwise, this chart describes a man taking a job where he will listen to whatever chorus of disapproval is loud, louder and loudest – whoever they may be. And that, considering what has been coming out of the Republican quadrant of Congress against the past two years of muted mannerisms from the Democrats…that may explain some, if not much of the genesis of this whole current fracas to begin with.

On the other hand, let’s face it – when you’re President of the United States, someone is always annoyed with you.

With all of this noted, what may be the astrological headline here is the combination of Uranus going direct AND Mercury going retrograde. Mercury being communications, that certainly exacerbates anything communication, while pointing at all things Gemini, such as Chart USA's Uranus.

In addition to this, Gemini is the 6th house of both inauguration charts - a clear allusion to what the 'job' of this administration is. It also says that any 6th house entity (the classic 'employee' which in this case would be congresspeople, civil servants and members of the military) will be 'thinking things over' and reflecting over the next few weeks.

Then there's the President's personal chart...

President Barack Obama - natal chart

....with it's 3 Gemini Moon, which is echoed rather poignantly by the President's 2010 Solar Return chart...

President Barack Obama - Solar Return 2010

...where the 4 Gemini Moon in the 6th house of health-work-service in perfect square to calculated (societal) Lilith in the 3rd house plainly pictures his difficulties with legislation (Gemini), Congress (6th house), and public policy and/or sentiment (calculated Lilith in Pisces and the 3rd house of communication).

The solution here is to understand where others are coming from and to be able to make a choice (Gemini) which is 6th house functional but which in its essence embraces the societal/Lilith issue. 

And that's the hard part, since Lilith in either form (asteroid/personal or calculated from the Moon's orbit/societal) speaks to that we totally want to deny.

Yet we can't.

With Mercury going retrograde with Mars having just entered Capricorn (link to blog on same) and the pair of them coagulated with Pluto (emotional transformation) and the North Node (what we need to do) says something absolutely has to indeed be done.

But since this is Capricorn, there's a structural component which is about structural (not intellectual) conservation with an eye to durable, pragmatic, practical considerations.

Given that most (maybe all?) of the proposals in the President's package are set to expire in 2012, while some might argue that the 'durable' functionality here refers to  jump starting the economy. But that doesn't work in astrological terms. If the issue was purely the economy, the astrological sign would be Aquarius, not Capricorn.  Capricorn is much more about cost cutting. About austerity - as unpopular as that may seem.

Then we add in the other symbol involved in the Moon-calculated Lilith square pictured in Obama's solar return. That other symbol is Chiron in Aquarius, the signature of that we know not how to do until we get into the process of doing it, which teaches us how. So while he can argue the matter of an injured Aquarian economy, the Aquarian Chiron/Pisces Lilith in square to the Gemini moon also says that the greater injury is has many factors, not the least of which is a Congress, workforce, citizenry, national infrastructure and work habits not yet adapted to today's modern, changing world.

This aspect also speaks clearly (if perhaps covertly) to the fact that 'health' as a concept is still a big US problem. Health care, the health of the job market and the health of how decisions get made are all a bit problem.

A political problem, perhaps? With Obama's natal Moon conjunct the administration's 1st house Pallas (wisdom) - which is itself in opposition to the administration's Moon, biting the bullet, instigating the cuts to bring all into line are like as not things the President and his whole administration understands.

He/they are obviously loathe to take an even harder, more austere road. And if you want to know why, just look at what happened in London. The UK has hit a financial wall and is being forced to play a bad hand.

The Obama Administration appears to be trying to stave off a like moment. They're willing to talk a little bit about bad possibilities but given the factious American political will - understandably - is not willing to sound too dire. Jupiter...then Uranus will soon enough cross into Aries and conjunct Chart USA's 7th house Sedna.

Don't know about Sedna? Sedna is all about the need to give up childlike, childish and sometimes just plain selfish or self-centered demands. Sedna is that lesson about deferred gratification and the need to let go of what we really, really want in order to find our own power.

Here's a link to an entire ARTICLE ON SEDNA.

This moment of Uranus and Jupiterian cluing the people and nation we know as the United States of America is coming along pretty darn soon, too. Jupiter will move into Aries in late January and Uranus gets there come March. Whether the transits to Chart USA's Sedna (at 0 Aries 01) evoke positive or negative actions/reactions probably has everything to do with how much reality everybody has managed to swallow between now and then.

One thing's for sure, with January's Solar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn occurring in the national 4th house of the people conjunct Kallisto with a sound square being struck as a challenge to Pallas (wisdom) in 7, who the USA really is, and what its people really believe in or even recognize about themselves is about to come up for re-examination.

Could it be that President Obama (and the Obama  administration) knows all this and that the President has chosen to fall upon his political popularity sword? That seems impossible for a politician, right? And yet...

All that we can (and will) discuss later. Meanwhile, how America got from a managed level of debt and a prosperous economy to where it is now is easy to debate, but not every productive to argue about. The real question is what the US will do now. Very used to its power and prosperity, America is going to be challenged by a growing inability to do all things and be all things in the world.

Things have got to change. And with this Uranus/Uranus station square, they may - in a shorter run than many suspect.

But that's a whole other blog, so let's not go there.

At least not today, I mean...

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