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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mercury Direct (in Neptunian light)

 Westclock's 'Big Ben' clock

As we tick-tock past 12:05 (UT/+0) on December 30th, Mercury goes direct.

Apart from the general ‘oh, thank goodness!’ most of us heave whenever Mercury goes direct, what does this edition of said (generally) four-times-yearly even tell us?

Well, that Mercury is going direct at 19 Sagittarius signals a deal of fervency – the fire sign version of emotionality. For some this will be exasperation…too much to do, too little time! For others it will be about wanting to be heard. Or feeling like you’re not being listened to. And there are, of course, those who will be trying to ‘get somewhere’ – whether literally or in some task – who will for plus or minus be hitting some sort of ‘turning point’ in the process.

Then again, this is Mercury in Sagittarius, right? Sag being opposite one of Mercury’s two signs of rulership (where it functions well), this is Mercury as a signal of going overboard. Or at its most underwhelming. Or maybe its signaling sloppiness. Or the ever un-popular pig-headed, self-determined right to ignore details and damn facts in favor of what we want to be true!

Before moving on, the usual chatter with goes with any planetary station: the two days before and the two days after being generally part of the station, take events and “turning points” in conversations, efforts and relationships which happen in this moment seriously and/or to heart. They may not be the final word, but they sure-as-shootin’ are telling you something.

Because this is Mercury’s station, there is also the fact that there is often enough some moment of information or inspiration (understanding?) important to any given process which happens just after Mercury goes retrograde.

So those are the concept-de-jour most general, to which we add that at the very moment of Mercury goes direct how the ruler of Sagittarius (Jupiter) is in a volatile conjunction with Uranus (change, outbursts, breakthroughs) AND Tantalus (temptation).

That marks this station as one where some fateful choices get made, undertaken, committed to or resisted – despite temptation – all depending on your situation.

19 Sagittarius being a degree known for difficult trials (indeed ‘trials by fire’) does suggest that this transit is to some great degree really some sort of test. But then, isn’t everything Mercurial a test at some sort of level? Can we think it through? Do we know how? Will we take the time? Are we aware? Are we behaving in a manner we would respect if it was somebody else? Are we right? Does being right give us rights?

It’s the thinking through all of this which takes us back to the metaphysical threads of the moment. Mercury is in Sagittarius. And Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is in Pisces, and Pisces is ruled by…what, Jupiter?

 Planet Jupiter with it's famous bands of clouds
driven by high speed winds (and the Big Red
Spot) superbly evident. 
photo credit: NASA/JPL - Caltech

But wait! Pisces is a two-part process – sort of like the sign itself – two fish swimming in opposite directions connected by a golden (and thus immutable) cord. Sometimes the cord stretches, sometimes the cord restricts, sometimes the cord guides, keeping us from straying from our path.

Yet all signs with dual rulership, one planet (here, Jupiter) governs the “lesson” under which we go into the process indicated by the sign…and another planet rules the outcome of the sign…and thus the  overarching lesson.

The easiest of these dual-process signs to understand (and probably the most popular!) is Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled first by Mars, then by Pluto. Scorpio being a water sign, its operational venue is our world of emotions.

Mars, which takes its own innate coloration from the “I Am” (or Who Am I?) sign of Aries, is primary ruler of Scorpio. As such, the Mars part of Scorpio says that the choices we make to get into a Scorpio situation…be that a sexual relationship, an investment or a business partnership, (just to name a few)…those choices are based on our Mars/Aries feelings (Scorpio) about ourselves. How well equipped to we really think we are to do well in this situation?

So we choose, and then events play out. And the glory or ouch of how such Scorpio situations play out transforms us – which is the Pluto part (Pluto being Scorpio’s secondary, ‘outcome’ ruler).

In the case of Pisces, Jupiter rules the ‘entrance’ dynamic. Jupiter being all about the knowing, the ‘how to’s and function (or achieving functionality) of life, as primary ruler of Pisces – another water sign – Jupiter represents how well we understand our feelings. Or how our feelings work. Or how well we deal with feelings when they crop up – in our own life or in that of others. Does that ability (or lack of same) enhance or limit us or our life? How well do we deal with the concept of belief and the ability to believe in Self, others, life or anything beyond that we can see, touch or prove?

Remembering that Pisces is not about the feeling itself – rather about our ability to deal with feelings, it’s worth taking a moment to contemplate Uranus as well. Having entered Pisces in 2003/2004, the Uranian symbolism of ‘destabilizing’ and shaking things up has been doing a good job in every area of life which tends to evoke emotions: our safety, our security, our feelings that life itself is going to go on as it has.

That ‘shake up’ (and ability to shake us up) has become almost a knee-jerk reaction. Then, as Jupiter began its year-long transit of Pisces in January 2010, some people got really realistic. They figured it out – life is life and life is as it ever has been.

Then again, some left realism entirely behind.

So what’s this got to do with Mercury going direct?

Really, a good deal – starting with the fact that the outcome ruler of Pisces is Neptune, a planet which has just completed returning to its own point of scientific discovery. It’s “return” in the human sense.

 A close up view of Neptune - notice the cloud
formations and storms so reminiscent of Jupiter?
photo credit: NASA/JPL

Neptune’s infamous qualities of illusion, confusion, idealism, insecurity, delusion and indecision could hardly be more apparent than they are in general society right now. Between our willingness to be disillusioned, fool ourselves and ‘spin’ facts – all of which went into double-heavy-duty mode as Neptune went into its return in 2008 (with some reasonably arguing that this started as Neptune came into orb with its return back in 2007)…

….The point is that combinations of Mercury and Neptune are all about ‘a lack of truth.’ This could be just not knowing. Then again, it’s also deceit, the bold-faced lie, the swindle, the delusion.

So let’s go back to the top: Mercury is going direct in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Pisces – and at this moment is united with explosive/revelation-oriented Uranus.

The outcome of all things Piscean is symbolized by Neptune. And Neptune is just now leaving its point of return.

Given that Neptune (and Pisces) are also known to symbolize ‘giddy intoxicants,’ there is that New Years thing to observe about drinking and driving. Anyone whose chart is seriously aspected by Mercury’s 19 Sagittarius station should be particularly careful.

But in general? The overarching concept is that this is a turn in the way we all think. Ahead lie some huge disappointments (for some). Some dispelling of ideals (for some). Some will put their own egos aside and come up with great ideas which will enlighten, enliven and entertain. But against this we can expect some giant falsehoods to be attempted and a few – much to our gasping astonishment – to be put over.

Yet in the end, the lesson is really not about what others get away with or what anyone else 'can do.’

It’s about what we do or don’t require of ourselves – whether we do or will think things through (yes, in true Mercurial style!). Are we willing to stand for and stand up for what we really believe in? Are we willing to deal with the difference between our ideals and life’s realities?

And let’s not remember…all of this is happening in mere days after a Lunar Eclipse which rocked the water for many…the annual shift from reactive to proactive mode which came with the Capricorn ingress and…(lest we forget)…but a few days prior to the incoming Solar Eclipse.

It’s an interesting moment which no one wants to become their precautionary ‘would’a, should’a, could’a’ tale of regret or self recrimination.

Does this mean a little abstaining now prevents kicking one’s self in the tush later one? Maybe.

Let’s just say this truly a moment to make sure the cart stays behind the horse and that said horse does gallop out of the barn or carry us away to somewhere which sounded good in theory but which in reality, really isn’t much fun at all! 

For those with a planet, axis point or nodal placement between….

14 and 24 Sagittarius: The extremes of knowing, not knowing or not caring are your benefit and bane. The expression ‘all things in moderation’ should be your mantra, for sure! Don’t get overextended – and that means going in, you need to really know and be realistic about your capacities. How well you know you is the point here.

No, you can’t have everything. But if you get the big things, will it really matter that you didn’t get the little stuff?

14 through 24 Gemini: The choice is the thing. What you do or don’t participate in, believe, listen to or rationalize? That is either your best aid or the biggest axe you can imagine undercutting of your own foundation. This comes down to now only knowing yourself, but knowing what’s acceptable and accepted. Overstepping those bounds isn’t likely to play well (in terms of whatever chart point is positioned in these degree)…are you willing to stretch yourself? Or is that just an unnecessary risk?

Right here isn’t ‘I might…’ It’s the might which comes of knowing what’s really right!

14 through 24 Pisces: Old habits die hard. They just do. Knowing which of your convictions and well-tested parameters are reasonable and useful (or even just preferred!) versus which are real limitations is the question here. Whether you say yea or nay isn’t as important as whether you are willing to think things through and understand – for yourself – what really matters to you.

We’re talking peace of mind, heart and soul here. How important is that?!

14 through 24 Virgo: Pragmatic? Realistic? Traditional? Easy? These are the questions not only of the moment but going forward. Where (and how) have you been cutting yourself short by opting out of your own real capacities? It’s shocking to realize, but like as not everyone else has known what you were doing even though you’ve been kidding yourself. The emperor was wearing no clothes – oh no!

And yet…people still like you. So what does that say?!

14 through 24 Aries (AND) 14 through 24 Leo: Some status quo is big with you and not so big with others. The best thing to do may be to compromise – a little of this, a little of that. A little of my thing, a little of yours. Where you are blithe to the feelings of others ill feelings may result – so if you care, ask. Vulnerability wins big points now, as does honesty!

16 through 22 Aquarius (AND) 16 through 22 Libra: This is a time to figure things out, mend damaged relationships and in the greater scope of things, clear the way for all those things you want to get done in the new year. It’s an excellent time to socialize and make connections providing you know what you’re getting involved in and – of course – providing you keep your wits about you!

Charm is on your side, as is authenticity. Willingness trumps being a know-it-all and recognizing everyone’s limits earns respect.

17 through 21 Taurus: On the Taurus side, learning better requires letting go or making corrections to some plan or idea. Annoying? Quite possibly. But better to make changes while the changing is relatively easy, right? If the object is enjoyment, best to get through all the bubbles in the plan up front so then you can let go and enjoy!

17 through 21 Cancer: Letting go of some emotional position which seems particularly important feels a bit threatening…so what about simply adapting to include the needs and wants of others? You can have at least part of what you want if you will prioritize making sure (and making it obvious) that you are trying to also cater to the desires of others.

Go ahead – be a hero! (You’ll enjoy all the hugs.)

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