by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jupiter enters Cancer at a Mercury Station

 In honor of the vast increase in Cancerian energy we're all going to be experiencing, a
fun picture of a little crab on a rock taken by Pavel in January 2009

As the Lunar Nodes continue hovering at the Scorpio and Taurus’ cross-quarter points and Ceres rolling forward into Leo, we are all going to face new questions and new reasons to be more creative and personally expansive. With the Moon having just passed through Capricorn Fullness we are in a moment where by putting ourselves and our thoughts or efforts ‘out there’ helps us see what is – and what maybe can be…

…and then, as Mercury goes on station, Jupiter moves into Cancer. The date of this dual event is Wednesday, June 26th – except for those in the Americas and eastern Pacific region, where Jupiter slides into Cancer late on the 25th.

The specifics (so we can get the persnickety data stuff out of the way) are as follows: Jupiter enters Cancer at 1:41 in the morning (UT/+0 time) on the 26th, and Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer at 23 Cancer on the 26th at 1:09 in the afternoon (again, UT/+0 time).

Not to put too fine a point on it, with Venus and the Sun already in Cancer, that’s a LOT of Cancer energy floating around. So think family, home, real estate, childhood (the result of yours and that of anyone else as a formative ‘shaping’ energetic), culture, habits, traditions, national populations and immigration, agriculture, building, buildings…and any kind of plan you have for moving forward or growing your world, your life, your ‘base’ or ‘basis’ of operation(s).

So what’s with Jupiter in Cancer?

Jupiter in Cancer is expansive – that’s the Jupiter thing – and it tends to be expansive in the areas cited above. It also exacerbates (increases) feelings about all those issues, and because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, anything concerning money connected thereto.

Cancer is the first of the zodiacal water signs, all of which are connected to wealth. The 4th house of a chart generally indicates our home or ‘home base’ but wherever we see Cancer, we get a sense of our relationship to real estate, the cost of housing and our experience of our family’s general attitude towards wealth.

Jupiter's big red spot as photographed by NASA-JPL. It's amazing to think this
'spot' is actually a Jovian 'weather system' where the cloud tops are moving at hundreds of miles an hour...!
(photo credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech)

Of course, a lot about how this manifests in your life depends on where in your chart your individual Moon is - and of course, what sign that Moon is in. What this becomes is a combination of those two factors - the house with Cancer on its cusp will indicate where you tend to build your 'foundation of emotional reactions.' You know, the what you react to and why you react to it as you do. Meanwhile, the position of the Moon is where those foundations act out - and providing your Moon is not in Cancer, that Moon position will tend to describe how you will react.

A couple of examples, both of which are helpfully donated to this cause by friends of mine who may or may not care that I'm thinking of their charts. (Yes, this is the blessing and penalty of knowing an astrologer. Occasionally you learn something, but there's also a strange feeling associated with having your metaphysical structure being being discussed with countless others...even anonymously!)

In our first example, Cancer is on the 12th house. Cancer on the 12th house is an indicator of deep, deep emotions, some of which can be downright scary. They can be scary to you...and they may just be scary to others who find out what you really feel about things and about them. Traditions may be hugely (read: overly) important to you...or then again, you may not be even remotely tolerant of anyone talking to you about traditions for reasons you just don't want to get into.

Not even with yourself.

If the Moon ruling this Cancer 12th house is (say,) in Aquarius and the 6th house, you will tend to act out all your feelings - the strong and the being-scared-of-them through qualities denoted by the keywords 'health, work, service.' That means you may have real issues with responsibility. Or maybe you'll take care of everyone but be really bad at taking care of yourself. Or maybe you only care about yourself and nobody else. Feeling your own feelings may be so powerful a thing (12th house placements are always powerful) that you can't bear to feel much...but then, given Aquarius' talent for seeing the bigger picture, maybe this is exactly what allows you to do great deeds and deal with difficulties which would scare the willies out of others.

Or let's say Cancer is on your 8th house. That makes your experiences with all forms of interactive negotiations (be they business, financial or of the Intimate Kind) a place where in risking your 8th house inner sense of "stability" (read: self respect, feeling of self worth) that your 12th house Scorpio Moon causes you to withdraw from others...and (oh by the way) choose people who will provide you with reasons to withdraw (except for the occasional fling, to be sure.)    

Wherever we see Cancer and wherever we see the Moon, these areas of our chart are going to be enlarged on throughout this next year of Jupiter in Cancer. Therefore, no matter what your Cancer ‘thing’ is, you can experience the negatives or expand on the positives. And this generally will happen by 'closing out' some old way of thinking.

In moving into Cancer, Jupiter is moving out of Gemini. And given that the flow of the signs around the wheel of the horoscope (above) is counter-clockwise, this means that this shift from Gemini to Cancer has Jupiter 'changing sides.' 

Of the horoscope wheel, yes. And in terms of personal and worldly dynamics. The left side of the zodiac (Capricorn through Gemini) is proactive. The right side is responsive, but not just in the sense of 'responding to input,' though it tends to be a bit of that too. No, in this  sense the idea of 'response' has to do with 'responding to the known' or acting or choosing in terms of that which we have already experienced.

The signature sign of this 'building of experiences' is Cancer. For you that may be building on experiences or building things which allow you to experience this or that...whichever way you go with it, we and our world are now exiting some six years of doing-in-order-to-make-happen (from which we learn). For the next six years, we will tend to build on what we have done.

Or yes, on what we have set ourselves up for. There are lots and lots of ways these things come to light!

Those of us who are hesitant will meet up with situations which evoke (or provoke) our Cancerian feelings and Moon issues. Those of us wiling to step out and learn or let go of what plainly isn't us or doesn't work for us will feel a renewal of our vital sense of life.

With Jupiter we know the stakes are big. And that the possible rewards are big. And how what we see as possible often exceeds our ability to stomach the 'whole' of the process. So during this next year of Jupiter passing through Cancer, we should expect a lot of big talk. But will action back up those claims?

That remains to be seen.

Real estate and ‘lifestyles’ will probably come back into focus on many a level and for many a reason, good and gnarly.

All of that aside, the next day or so (between now and the 25th/26th, depending on location) is going to be uber intense. Jupiter pushing through the last gasps and breaths of Gemini makes us think the stakes are raised.

Are they? Maybe. But since it’s common for the days leading into Mercury’s station to feel pressured, when we add in Jupiter’s climactic energetic in thought-and-choice oriented Gemini, a few folks are likely to go plumb out of their minds now.

And let’s remember…those societal-and-relationship lunar nodes being at the Scorpio/Taurus cross-quarter points also point to some pressure-filled moments.
Or is that a ‘pressure release’ moment?

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The Lunar Nodes at Cross-Quarters

With Pluto in the oppositional sign of Pluto, life is changing. The world is changing. The times are changing. Evolution and revolution are grinding, churning, turning outlived concepts on their heads.

And some people, yes. There are those who are getting their ‘come-uppance’ now and those who are getting traction on getting ahead. It sort of depends on where you are coming into this time. After all, the Pluto keywords are create, deny, destroy…and that generally applies to whatever the ‘status quo’ of your life is.

Considering the way Pluto tends to symbolize where starry-eyed, ‘me starring in my own mental movie’ visions tend to meet up with reality, with Pluto in retrograde into September and Jupiter’s impending romp through Cancer moving into position to oppose Pluto from mid-July until early September, we are all being set up for one of those Great Seasons of Change.

Into which comes Mercury. And yes, I know – I got all wound up with the Jupiter in Cancer thing. But it is interesting that in one single run Jupiter is going to hit zero and go all the way to 20 Cancer before turning bringing all back into retrograde (consolidation of gains or losses) mode come early November.

Oh yes…and that would be happening just a few days beyond the November 3rd solar eclipse. So, remember how I said a while ago that Saturn going retrograde at 11 Scorpio in February drew a “dotted line” in the metaphysical sand the other end of which was November’s 11 Scorpio Solar Eclipse?

In that process, Jupiter’s entering Cancer is something like starting a snowball rolling. For good or bumpy, whether you’re in for a heck of a ride or getting snow-rollered over, this would be celestial gravity beginning to gather its karmic momentum.

Surely you understand my being so intrigued?

Another thing about Jupiter in Cancer: this is a combination known for 'endings,' which in an odd sense goes with Cancer as a sign of culture, family, experience of childhood and hearth, home and nationality as our 'roots' in the sense that they are what we build on.

And thus life leads us into a new phase which reflects Cancer at the bottom of the 'natural' zodiac wheel as a time when we finish up one phase of life and begin to build anew. For some, this will herald a period which includes hitting a new 'bottom' which yes, may be painful - but which may also represent an emotional reality we need to know in order to build a life or life structure which will be stable and stand the tests of time (time being the Saturn province greatly signified by Capricorn, the opposition sign to Cancer).

 Jupiter being eclipsed by three of its moons
(photo credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech)

That this ingress is marked by Mercury's station suggests that the whole of this Jupiter-in-Cancer passage is aimed at, or which will evolve as a growing 'mental' awareness. Or a consciousness of what mentality is and means. And maybe how some 'old' way of thinking or 'seeing' life needs to be surrendered as your present 'actual' in favor of recognizing and utilizing a more 'present' form of mental emotionality so that your life can become more in sync with everything (and everyone) with whom you interact, allowing you to build that 'better world.'  

As for the specifics of Mercury's station, 23 Cancer – the degree Mercury is going on station at – is known as a point where either our strengths or weaknesses (speaking of celestial gravity) come to the fore. There is an equal danger of overstepping your own bounds, abilities or the limits of propriety as there is an opportunity to make good on your talents.

As Jupiter enters 0 Cancer, Black Moon Lilith is sitting there a 1 Cancer: another sign that we may ignore society (or social responsibilities) or get caught in being too caught up in our own cause. With Pluto being smack dab between Industria and the ‘it’s complicated’ nebula we know as Facies, the likely focus for all has to do with what you have – or haven’t done well enough. The likely meaning here is that those who have bailed on making an effort will now begin paying some price, while those who have tackled some complex project will begin seeing results – or at least what it will take to get the job well and done.

Of course, since this is Pluto in Capricorn we’re talking about, there will be a few who in having avoided doing their work properly (or doing any work at all) will now realize there’s an avalanche heading their way.

 An avalanche in progress (lower center) on Nuptse in the Himalayas
(photo credit: Iwe Gille, April 2005)

Create, deny, destroy…those Pluto bywords are Pluto bywords for a reason, y’know.

Meanwhile, Mercury is going retrograde exactly conjunct Pollux. And since Pollux is the ‘thoughtful’ Gemini emblem which signifies giving (or giving in) so that the ‘important things’ are preserved, this is just another indication that this is a time of fateful choices…past or present.

But let’s not think all will be easy. Queen of all things unexpected and stunningly provocative, Eris at 22 Aries is in square to Mercury’s station. And with Eris conjunct Pelion (the ‘mountain’ we have yet to climb) things are not easy.

In fact, with fixed stars Arcturus and Spica (the brilliance of leadership) at 24 Libra, there’s something of an implied t-square here…

…one with Mercury’s station point at it’s ‘t’. Since this t-square isn’t formed by full-fledged planets (Eris is a dwarf planet) it may be a bit more subtle than some – unless 23 Cancer coincides with something in your natal chart, that is. But the general ‘object’ here is working past where you are (the Cancer point) to a place where you can be effective in your life. Where your brilliance and stand-out qualities really show.

That would be the Spica (brilliance) and Arcturus (leadership) point of this station. With Eris at it’s starting place it may be easy to be daunted by what it’s going to take to get where you want to go – that being the Pelion part.

Of course the good thing is that once Mercury stations and goes retrograde, we all get a couple of weeks to work behind the scenes and figure out which options will work best.

Considering all…the Nodes being at cross-quarters and Jupiter plus Mercury…? To me that sounds like at least a couple of weeks (and maybe more) of getting a better grasp on things as we recognize what is really (South Node in Taurus) worth going for.

Getting there will require doing a few things we aren’t sure we know how to do yet - that's the North Node in Scorpio part of our challenge. But with Jupiter moving into the sign Mercury's station has us focused on (at least internally) all bodes well providing we’re willing to open our eyes, our mind and our hearts to not just who we are...but who we can become through asking ourselves to take on building a bigger and better world which then can become our life's basis for operation.


  1. According to ephemeris Jupiter is going to make a perfect T-Square with Uranus-Pluto square around 13 degrees in April 2014. How would you add Uranus into the Jupiter-Pluto opposition you are describing here? (You will probably write a long article about it next year, but just curious….)
    Also how would you describe this T-Square making a Grand Cross to Jupiter itself in Libra by transit as compared to a planet like Sun or Mars?

  2. About the t-square, you're correct on all counts (including the fact that I'll be writing about that event when the time comes)...and let's not ignore that this event will occur just as Pluto goes retrograde!

    My first thought on the subject (without even looking at a detailed chart) is that this is a cardinal t-square with Uranus at the 't.' So the question becomes whether we have done what it takes to 'change things' (or change ourselves). Those who don't are going to be tossed back into the Pluto-in-Capricorn pond where it would seem probable that others (and worldly circumstances) are controlling us rather than our being in charge of our life or life direction. Considering that Jupiter is in the 'goal' position in said t-square, the object is to make what we really want to make into our reality or basis OF reality...the process of which would probably be starting - or being 'set up' during this next couple of months as Jupiter moves over these early 'teen degrees at the end of August and beginning of September.

    To your second question...if I'm understanding it, the basic answer you're looking for concerns the t-square in question being turned into a Grand Cross by Jupiter as a generational/major planet as opposed to a personal planet. Give or take the chart involved or being applied to, my first thought would be that the whole of the matter, challenges or opportunities being faced at the time of transit would be about what one is 'in life' as opposed to what you're going to do with your day. Once we get to any object (planet or otherwise) beyond the asteroid belt, we're talking about some aspect of life which is 'beyond' the daily and personal fare. This implies that others (or some worldly, social or societal) aspect is in play - and that due to the cardinal quality, the issue centers on who is going to do what, or how they are going to do it or get it brought to bear or into application.

    Great questions!

  3. Wow - you are always completely fascinating! And with my moon exactly at 11 Scorpio (11th house) and Jupiter in 7th, I have to say "whoah!'

  4. So your natal Jupiter is in...Cancer? Any Scorpio Moon is nothing to sneeze at (it'll sneeze right back at you - at least mine does!) and an 11th house Moon - in any sign - makes your relationship to others, life and the world a crucial matter of personal perspective. So when we add in Scorpio, the effect is to make that 'crucial matter of personal perspective' into 'personal perspective being a crucial or critical matter'...and I'll guess you know all ABOUT that part!

    As for upiter in 7 (whether in Cancer or not) I will also hope you have found substantial and useful (shall we just say 'profitable'?) ways to interact with others; Jupiter in 7 is the height of cause/effect and about HEIGHTENED cause-effect dynamics. So I totally get the "whoah!"!

    Glad you enjoyed the post and here's to a happy and productive Jupiter shift for us all!

    1. Oh, sorry... I should've been more clear about that Jupiter part, but then Mercury seems to be already playing tricks.
      Transiting Jupiter is now visiting my 7th house. Yep, I know that Scorpio Moon... Whew... I mean really, isn't that enough? AND then after I saw this report, I guess the answer is NO, it isn't enough!
      You'll see it all when I promptly set up an appt... CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

  5. Hi, Angi!

    Yes, it is absolutely positively enough...except for the fact that wherever Jupiter travels, 'enough' is never enough even if it seem to be too much! (And yes, that would be the Jupiter point: to understand so as to become empowered by the KNOWLEDGE and not be overwhelmed by the knowing you don't understand!)

    And maybe more to the point...and to the metaphysics (and like as not, karma) of our conversation and your Moon, after I answered your email (you don't mind if I tell everyone else we were emailing, do you?) I was working on the very complicated astro-diagnostics for July.

    Yes, this July - as in the month which is soon to be upon us.

    And as I did that what-will-be-where-when survey, I came up with another interesting nugget which seems very much applicable to the comment you left here about your 11 Scorpio Moon. That would be the idea that TNO Deucalion is going to be going direct AT 11 Scorpio on July 24th (UT/+0). So you may want to scribble a note on your calendar to check here at the blog on the 22nd, which is when I'll have a post up on that subject.

    If you like, we can also delve into this specific in the course of your consultation. No problem! Seems like we're being directed to include that, wouldn't you say?

    For the benefit of everyone else I will end with the obvious caveat: Deucalion going direct at 11 Scorpio means that anyone with a planet, node, axis point or important cusp between 6 and 16 Scorpio(which applies to my friend whose chart I 'borrowed' for the purposes of the Jupiter/Mercury post)...OR whose natal horoscope has a planet, node or axis point between 6 and 16 Taurus, Aquarius or Leo - OR between 9 and 13 degrees of Libra, Sagittarius, Aries or Gemini...all such persons with such placements are going to experience some sort of 'Deucalion Effect' between July 22nd and July 26 - maybe even a day or two sooner or beyond.

    That will mix in with a LOT of other energies coming down the pike during July. So stay tuned all - and I'm looking forward to working with you, Angi!

  6. Oh, there you go! Adding in more! :) Yes, let's be sure to add July 24th's festivities to the deal! And yes, we're on the same page with that 11 Scorpio stuff... it's already in the email. Just wondering if I should scream with delite or run for the hills! No matter - either way, it's fascinating, huh?
    I need to go check out Deucalion for sure... how in the world do you add all this up and make sense out of it? It takes me awhile just to process after you've done all the hard work! Amazing!
    Ohhhh, July... gulp, it's almost here.

  7. It is all fascinating - I agree. Sometimes the fascinating stuff is fun, sometimes its challenging, and sometimes it teaches us something we really didn't want to know, but need to know anyway.

    No matter how much we learn, there's always more to learn. The good news is, that's the process which keeps us alive, vibrant and vital. Growth isn't easy - have you ever seen a chick or other young thing try to get out of the egg? That's hard work! Those "growing pains" we experience growing up are physical and thank goodness there are more to go through later on in life - it's sort of proof that life is preserving us through challenge and preparing us for more yet to come!