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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sun in Cancer: A Rising Tide

Image based on a photo of Okinawa's Kondoi Beach taken by Yasunon Koide in 2003

Every year, the Sun’s shift into Cancer heralds the onset of a new season: winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern hemisphere. As someone who lives in California, the Sun in Cancer rings to me of hot days to come and hotter days to follow after that. With them will come all those balmy evenings which lure people outside to sit and chat by candlelight.

Sometimes I say that come June I disappear underground, ne’er to reappear until late October. But the truth is, summer has its charms – even to an astrologer with a greater passion for rain than shine.

Besides, with the dawning of Cancer comes a shift of zodiacal hemisphere. Cancer is where the Sun moves from the proactive side of the chart which is all about exploration and independent learning into the zodiac’s six signs which in their unique and variable ways are about responding to input and building on – or from – that which is ‘already known.’

Which of course includes personal experience.

Cancer being the first of the water signs, this is is a time of basics and basic responses to life and life’s necessities. When you think of Cancer in that light, it’s easy to understand why it’s the sign of family, home, culture, nationality and land. Less evident but no less basic are other Cancer ‘necessities,’ including sleep. Cancer is the sign of the dream we dream at night just as Scorpio is the dream we hope life will allow us to have and Pisces the dream beyond hope…the faith and the fantasy.

This year’s solar Cancer ingress has the Sun joining a Venus transit of the sign which is not just already in progress, but moving towards its end. This combination of Venus (that which creates results) plus the many basic drives, moves and instincts the Sun in early Cancer is sure to prompt is our seeing and going for that which needs doing. Our Venus eye is on the world around us, seeing where and how we can best fulfill our needs even as the Sun represents the laying out of plans.

For a week or so we go about filling our schedule with the aiming at checking off boxes and some very important lists. Or are they really important?

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st at 5:05 in the morning, UT/+0 time. Mercury is heading for a retrograde which will begin in under a week, and as we all know from experience, the days just before Mercury hits its retrograde station tend to be filled with a sense of focused urgency.

Did I mention Mercury is also in Cancer?

The Mercury in Cancer part raises the emotional pitch of our thoughts. And maybe even the stakes. But maybe not. Maybe things just feel urgent because as we move towards Mercury’s station our mind wants to be rid of the increased awareness of our own thoughts. Humans tend to think best when they’re not thinking about thinking, and yet this year…

…Let’s just say that a lot of folks will be highly aware of their thoughts. And that will make many of them self-conscious in that singularly on-the-edge-of-frustration and susceptible to levels of angst which inhabits the realm of being half-past self-aware.

All this is courtesy of a highly unusual combination: Mercury heading for its retrograde station in the same sign Jupiter is about to ingress.

In fact, as the Sun enters Cancer, Jupiter is moving into 29 mentally impassioned degrees of Gemini.

So it’s the combination of Mercury and Jupiter which amps up the experience of early Sun in Cancerian.

Is that good or is that bad? It could be both, it could be neither. Whatever life is for the first week or so of this passage however, it’s the sort of period which for reasons probably inexplicable makes some kind of imprint on us. Whether it’s the silence of destitution, a strained but muffled period of boredom or the experiencing of your own frenzied pace as a dance ridiculous or precious, Jupiter’s pressing through the last of the zodiac’s originating sign of mentality is sure to enlarge some impression during these days.

Jupiter in Gemini is mentality blown open, blown apart or overblown, you know. But with Mercury – Gemini’s ruler – rolling towards stationing in emotionally impressionistic Cancer, the effect is all about making an effect on ourselves.

What you do with that…? That’s your (Gemini) choice!

All the normal things we would like to say about the Sun in Cancer of course apply: Cancer is a time for experiencing our place in the human race. In our world. In our family. In our home. In our mind. It’s a time for plans short and large…a day outing with the kids, getting those errands done, taking another few steps along your greater path of becoming You.

And this year, Jupiter will join the Sun in the expanding of our world, the expanded understanding of what it means to be part of this world. Some of us will ignore the realization, and life will in some way foist it upon us.

None of this has to be enormous.

But it could be enormous indeed.

Our feelings will stir us. Life will urge us. Jupiter’s entering Cancer is ‘empowered’ by the Sun’s presence. And thus we move through our days ‘enlightened’ by events and situations and people and possibilities, correlations and new understandings which wash over us like an ocean wave.

One of those quintessential photographs of an incoming wave breaking
as it heads for the beach
(photo credit: 'The Tube' by Misty, Dec 2007)
Because Cancer is the lower hemisphere (and thus personal and private) experience of the polarity sign of Capricorn, from Cancer we see the Capricorn goal. We feel what our lives would be like if we put ourselves to the task of attaining that thing, that goal, that state of mind or life.

And in Capricorn sits Pluto. One of the Neptunian minions, Pluto represents that which temps, that which daunts, that which we know we’re capable of for good and ill. If this was another year and Jupiter wasn’t entering Cancer we would know that the Sun’s opposition by would – taking 5 degree orbs to either side – give us about ten days of personal Sun-Pluto tectonics. With Pluto at 10 Capricorn, that would begin when the Sun hits 5 Cancer (on June 26, UT/+0 time) and end when the Sun clears 15 Cancer on July 7th (UT/+0 time).

Which is just what’s going to happen. But considering that June 26th is also the date that Jupiter enters Cancer and the date of Mercury’s station, the heart of this segment of Jupiter’s impending transit of Cancer (i.e., the earliest degrees) will be when the Sun ‘triggers’ the ‘by sign’ opposition of Pluto by Jupiter.

And what will that mean? For some it will be a time when you’re doing too much, or when there’s too much to do. This will be a classing time for ‘overdoing,’ too – however you apply the term!

For some, this Jupiter in Cancer / Pluto in Capricorn dynamic will involve some hefty outlays of money. Or maybe some hefty income!

But maybe most of all, this is an opportunity which at it’s core is about utilizing and feeling ourselves utilizing our very best attributes. Jupiter doesn’t oppose Pluto all that often. But when it does, it’s an opportunity to change. Hopefully that change will be for our betterment, though for some (let’s be honest) this won’t be a time of jumping for joy. Life has a knack of getting us to recognize who we are particularly in reference to our world…and sometimes that works.

And yet, sometimes it doesn’t. So even though the actual Jupiter-Pluto opposition (by degree) doesn’t begin until mid-July, the Sun’s ability to tell us when events will ‘trigger’ the essence of that transformative Jupiter-Pluto energetic suggests we are moving into a fateful time.

You may have already felt…or gotten involved with issues, actions or ideas which point to what will evolve from here. Mercury passed through this opposition-to-Pluto zone in early June, between the 3rd and the 11th. Venus has also passed through this zone – roughly between June 7th and June 15th.

Why not mention it then? That would be for two reasons. First and most universal is the idea that Mercury and Venus don’t tend to act as transit triggers. ‘Triggering’ takes energy, the kind of energy we associate with the Sun or Mars or the Moon. And second – which would include why the Moon’s presence in Cancer between June 9th and 12th (UT/+0) isn’t on the list – is because to act as a trigger, the major aspect being triggered needs to be actively (globally and independently) in aspect within a couple of weeks. Seeing that Jupiter and Pluto won’t come into orb of their opposition until July 16th, we’re even ‘pushing’ the limits of the Sun’s triggering abilities to say this starts at the beginning of its Cancer ingress.

But once Jupiter enters Cancer…? Seeing as that ingress happens at the moment (June 26th) when the Sun enters orb of opposition to Pluto, it seems worthy of our attention.

And attentiveness.

At some very basic level, this solar ingress into Cancer is the herald of a rising tide. Two of the five personal planets (Mercury and Venus) are already in Cancer, and Mars will dive into the zodiacal surf zone as of July 13th. Not known for grace in the Cancerian tide pool realm where water meets land, what we do now as the Sun enters Cancer is likely to set currents in motion such that Mars in Cancer becomes either smooth sailing or bucking against agitated life currents.

After all, by the time Mars reaches Cancer, the Sun will be in Cancer’s last ten degrees, providing energy and impetus to all which we don’t control but need to respond to and deal with.

The Sun entering Cancer marks the rising of an incoming tide. Even once the Sun reaches Leo come July 22nd that which is stirred up now will hardly cease. This is not necessarily life rising up to engulf us in froth and pounding waves. Those of us who are willing to utilize the enormous power of emotional water now have an opportunity to steer a course across rocky shoals, creating a path and passage which come the days of Leo will carry us far beyond our current life shores.

We are all swimmers and sailors in this unpredictable life and the ebbs and flows of emotionality which arise at this time are not about others – they’re about us. Our feelings are ours. They neither belong to nor are ‘caused’ by anyone else. The Cancer urge to snip or hide in our shells are sometimes manifestations of prudence.

A hermit crab emerging from its shell...tentatively, which we can all well understand
(photo credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service, Feb 2013)

But more often our effort to hide and be shielded is a defense against our own feelings. Or the possibility of having to feel and be vulnerable to the fullness of possible experience.

Yet in the end, that’s what we have to build with.

And on.

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