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Monday, October 15, 2012

Politics, Mars and the Debates

 Planet Mars as photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: NASA-JPL, 2001)

Oh, what a difference a week makes! In the blog about the Vice-Presidential debate, I said that the conversation between Biden and Ryan might be many things, but dull – that it would not be!

While that commentary might reflect the charts of Biden and Ryan, it was mostly based on Mars having moved into Sagittarius.

Both Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan have charts where the natal Ascendant is in Sagittarius. There wasn’t a chance that they weren’t going to both be set off.

At the time of the debate, Mars was at 3 Sagittarius. That would be inside Paul Ryan’s first house (and conjunct Echo) and atop Biden’s 3 Sagittarius Ascendant. Love or hate Biden or Ryan, it’s an interesting astrological lesson to see the difference between Mars/Ascendant versus Mars in the first house. Biden was downright feisty; Ryan was assertive. They both spoke quickly with a lot of palpable energy in their speech.

It was very Mars in Sagittarius.

In Joe Biden’s chart, Mars was not only conjunct the Ascendant but also his 12th house Scorpio Venus. And thus we felt his ‘connection’ to an ideal which embraces the masses. That there are many criticisms of Biden isn’t astonishing considering this Mars was also in opposition to his 2 Gemini Uranus – the signature of that which many refer to as Joe Biden as a 'loose cannon.'

 Joseph Biden
November 20, 1942 - 8:30 a.m. (EWT +4) - Scranton, PA

Is he? Some will have been blown out of the water by Biden, absolutely. Others no doubt find him a breath of fresh air.

How do voters feel about someone capable of being a 'loose cannon' as Vice President - the person who would be President if something was to happen to Barack Obama?

That's always the VP question to ask.

As for Paul Ryan, Mars conjuncting Echo at 3 Sagittarius (with Eros and Circe conjunct in one direction and  Neptune/Ascendant conjuncting from the other) we have a picture of someone who is going to 'Echo' someone else's statements no matter what. This quality - here heightened by Mars but native under any circumstance - comes to mind with regards to Paul Ryan's stated affinity for Ayn Rand (among others). He was called down (by some) for that as he will be called down (by some) for anything which isn't his own independent and original thought.

And here's the delineation chain there: the Jupiter which rules Paul Ryan's Neptune-Ascendant-Echo in Sagittarius is in Scorpio - about to be conjuncted by Saturn (which makes this election a serious issue for Congressman Ryan's career as a whole) and the 11th house of economics, social/societal systems and personal income. With Ryan's 11th house cusp set at 17 Libra, we have an emotional view of 11th house matters described by an Aquarian Libra exactly atop the 3rd house cusp: a perfect description of Paul Ryan as a.) self-professed numbers wonk and b.) someone who can in the same breath talk about ideals and realities in a way some find apt and others find completely non-coherent.

Another note on the Congressman's Jupiter: natally in opposition to a 5th (what I want) house Saturn/Sedna in early Taurus, Paul Ryan is not exactly what one would describe as flexible about his societal or economic attitudes.

With that 5th house having an Aries cusp, the 'good or bad' which comes out of it (including the Saturn/Sedna thing) will be ruled by a very (head)strong Aries Mars in the 4th house - a place where Mars represents repression, struggles and feuds within the Self, generally about trying to escape an in-built sense of limitation (which may or may not be real even to the Self, never mind others). Mars conjunct Chiron in the 4th defines a vulnerability to frustration. And with both in trine to a Leo Black Moon Lilith in the 8th, Congressman Ryan will forever find himself denied by people he thinks are being foolish and short-sighted - while those people think Paul Ryan is blind to the realities, needs and rights to personal preference that others have.

Is this a great choice for Vice President?

Going back to Echo - which we saw activated at the debate - Echo is one of those chart commodities which can be hugely useful or very deadly, depending on how it's used. It's great for 'reciting facts' while ignoring others, but particularly when combined with Neptune at the Ascendant the whole can come off as either inspirational or deceptive.

Echo is a 'servant of the gods' (Zeus and Hera) who when questioned by Hera keeps saying exactly what Zeus told her to say. Then comes the day when Hera finds out the truth. Echo is punished - not for obeying Zeus but for not being independent enough, which in Paul Ryan's chart is...(yes)...Echoed by the Congressman's Sedna/Jupiter signature.

 Paul Davis Ryan
January 29, 1970 - 2:37 a.m. (CST) - Janesville, WI

Conjunct the Sagittarian Ascendant, Paul Ryan will do well to learn from things but not 'Echo' them. Admittedly this is a difficult thing to do if you're running in the VP slot on a presidential ticket. But there may not be any other option which doesn't end up 'costing' more than the Congressman cares to pay.  

So where will Mars be when President Obama and Governor Romney meet up at their next debate on October 16th? Answer: 6 Sagittarius, a degree which is noted for its great emphasis on service and being ‘one among all’ where vanity doesn’t work worth squat.

As an interesting counterpoint (and further illumination) to writings on 6 Sagittarius as a degree, the Sabian Symbol which will color what we might call the ‘assertiveness factor’ at the next debate is as follows: CUPID KNOCKS AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART which comes with Marc Edmund Jones’ keynote of ‘A stirring-up of individual longings for romantic love.’

Putting aside the idea that this is a very ‘poetic’ sounding concept, if Cupid (son of Venus) is ‘knocking’ at the door of a human heart, what exactly does that say? Doesn’t that imply that the heart has not yet felt real love?

Cupid with a Butterfly (L'Amour au Papillon) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1888)

By extension, being that Cupid is the son of Venus, in this image would also be something which is connected to the (Venus) energy which attracts or repels that which we are aiming to accomplish.

And where will this Mars-at-6-Sagittarius fall in the charts of President Obama and Governor Romney on the appointed night of the debate?

For Romney, Mars will be in his 7th house – a house where Mars tends to act a bit subdued. On one hand this can be useful in the ‘conciliatory’ sense. On the other hand, this can be see (by some) as weakness.

In addition to being in Romney’s 7th house, by degree Mars will be conjuncting Hera, with Romney’s Hera being conjunct his South Node. Speaking off the political record, in a man’s chart this is generally the sign of a man who in a marriage likes a strong wife. Hera alone would be a bit bitchy; Hera conjunct South Node (again, in a man’s chart – though also in some lesbian charts) bespeaks someone who finds it (South Node) easy to do whatever the ruler of that Node describes for the partner.

 Mitt Romney
March 12, 1947 - 9:51 a.m. - Detroit, MI

In Romney’s case, the South Node is in Sagittarius, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and Romney’s Jupiter is in Scorpio and intercepted in the 6th house. Scorpio being the sign of investments and money and the 6th house being the sign of health, work, service, in one direction this gives us a good 'Jupiter description' of Mitt Romney worked hard in the (Scorpio) financial field to (6th house) provide for his wife, her vision for their life and her health. In the other direction, this is also a classic signature of a man with a submissive streak.

With Mars transiting Romney’s 7th house at the time of the next debate, the candidate may well focus on relationships and marriage (or partnerships) as a vehicle in life. There has been talk about Governor Romney’s need to appeal to women and we may hear or sense his trying to do just that.

(Just as a personal note here: as an unmarried person, sometimes watching politics feels like an exercise in tolerating being told you're invisible. I have news for them - I'm not!) 

Yet then again (back to the subject), with Sagittarius being the sign both on Romney’s 7th and 8th house, if he has a chance he may well also move into matters of foreign affairs, abortion/right to life concerns and the national debt.

Meanwhile, over in President Obama’s chart, Mars will be transiting the President’s 10th house – the house of career, government and leadership. This is a strong position for Mars. With Sagittarius as a sign on Obama’s 11th house, the economy and the income of the people (as distinct from the economy) are likely to be important as a focus in what he says.

Mars at 6 Sagittarius is past the opposition to Obama’s 4th house (of the people/nation) 3 Gemini Moon, but still in aspect. We can thus expect some distinctly opinionated statements from the President, and maybe even feel conviction bordering on heat.

 Barack Obama
August 4, 1961 - 7:24 p.m. - Honolulu, HI

Maybe. Obama is after all, a famously ‘no-drama’ guy. But with the November solar eclipse hitting his philosophic 12th house cusp, maybe that’s going to change. With the eclipse being at 21 Scorpio and thus in a 3rd decanate degree (between 20 and 29 of some sign) which automatically denotes external forces as the prompting factor, it just may be the moment when everyone sees a whole new side to President Obama.

Will people like it? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Mars at 6 Sagittarius is not only in opposition to Obama’s Moon but also conjunct Medusa and Antares. On a personal basis this is a self-focal loop which warns Obama not to get so focused on one thing that he misses the details in things going on around him. And that means he is prone to doing that, even though with this pairing being presented in Sagittarius the ruler is Jupiter and Obama’s Jupiter is strongly placed (in Aquarius and the 12th – a sign of his understanding of people and how to speak to them).

 Situated at/as the head of Scorpio, Antares represents our ability to maintain focus while not getting obsessed by things or feelings, the Self or the Other

As Jupiter makes rounds of the chart we learn. With Jupiter’s orbit being 11.86 years long, we probably can look at the history of both the President and the Governor and see them ‘gaining ground’ on who they want to be, step by step.

But the placements here are interesting: Obama’s Jupiter is in 12, where it learns to broaden its view with every round and Romney’s Jupiter is in the 6th house where it narrows, focuses and hones its single-minded effectiveness with every round. 

A last note here: the Sagittarian house in Obama’s chart – the 11th – is the house of society, the economy, personal income and social systems (physical and business). With Kallisto absolutely conjunct this house he is likely to be blamed for things he hasn’t done and condemned to living through a ‘bear of a time’ before he becomes known as a ‘star.’ With Klotho and Ras Alhague situated just before this 11th house cusp (close enough to affect it) we have him starting (Klotho) healing or starting harm – the two poles of the Ras Alhague effect. Since he didn’t ‘start’ the economic collapse it is unlikely that’s the manifestation of this effect. The famously named “Obamacare” program however? That would be something the President started, something which (with Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter) points straight at his Aquarius Jupiter in 12…

And if you want to follow the chain of rulership from there, Aquarius is ruled first by Saturn (still in 12) and then by Uranus. President Obama’s Uranus is at 25 Leo conjunct Kassandra (nobody will believe him even when he speaks the truth), Industry/North Node (“this should work to create work,” perhaps?) and Regulus (success achieved if revenge is avoided).

But in the other direction (counting down through the degrees this Uranus is also conjunct Pelion (a mountain to climb) Europa (getting carried away) and Black Moon Lilith – the sign of denying society or having the society deny belief in your aims or understandings of the facts.

This whole last bowlful of commentary has little to do with Mars’ exact placement. But it does very much describe the election, so it seems worth noting.

I’m ready for the next debate.

How about you?

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