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Monday, January 12, 2015

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Fixed star Fomalhaut in infrared
(photo credit: Spitzer Telescope, NASA-ESA, December 2008)
Fomalhaut is one of astrology’s ‘royal stars’ - all of which have been noted for their quality of ... well, some would say it’s karma and some might refer to it as ‘mythic fate,’ or even some peculiar form of prophesy.

Whatever you want to call it, wherever Fomalhaut falls in the chart, integrity is called for.

Mind you, this isn’t the mental integrity of fellow royal stellar object Aldebaran, which is sitting in Gemini. Aldebaran refers to ‘integrity of thought’ and such things as plans which both have integrity (they “hold water” and will get you where you want to go) ... and are an expression of an intent or goal which itself isn’t something mankind generally votes ‘thumbs down’ on.

No, with Fomalhaut, the subject is emotional, and the emotions are ours. Currently, Fomalhaut is at 4 Pisces, a somewhat feast-or-famine degree which operates greatly through various means people of different ilk would refer to as spiritual - maybe even mystical - all of which plays right into Fomalhaut’s call for integrity (lest all your effort come to nothing - or on occasion, less than nothing)(read: negative numbers).

Other people seldom understand our relationship to our inner Fomalhaut, as Fomalhaut is often bound up with emotional lessons we have to learn - which at the Ascendant means we learn them either through what we do/who we are, or the results of what we do/who we are.

In short, this is a call to do things with integrity - and to choose what you do with an eye to its integrity (and your integrity as part of the process). Ascendants being a calculated point (and not a planet or asteroid - an object which has physical mass) it’s harder to “keep track” of them all the time ... which means with Fomalhaut conjunct the Ascendant, not only are there likely to be temptations of various sorts from which to choose the thing ‘of integrity’ (or to not choose the thing of integrity and suffer the consequences), but if that which one does in life isn’t about working with (or possibly ‘fixing’) things which are all about integrity or possibly something which in or by its own nature is dependent on the integrity of some operation-construction-process (etc.), then the weight of all decisions must be constantly kept in mind (i.e., consciously held at the forefront of one’s thinking).

With Fomalhaut at the Ascendant, either we know that what we do matters and has an impact - or we learn that what we do matters and has an impact ... which in case we were lacking in same, teaches us to act with integrity.

How we feel about that, and whether we treat feelings (our own or those of others) with integrity is a trial and there is some danger of becoming over-involved with others. With that (fortunately) comes an internal grace - the ability to think through, recognize errors and learn from them.

Depending on the placement of Jupiter and Neptune and the overall nature of the chart, this may be an indicator of ability in areas like diplomacy, public service (either professional or voluntary) and the ability to earn respect through ‘helping’ efforts and any career which seeks to connect with others.

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