by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dateblog: February 2015

In looking ahead at February, the month begin on a theoretical note with Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. We’re thinking about things and thinking or working things through.

That’s always the theme under Mercury retrograde, and with this one occurring in Aquarius, we’re trying to figure things out. We’re wondering which choice we should go with, and why-or-how that could turn out differently than what we’re opting for now.

But against all this thinking we have the feeling quadrant of life. Every two days or so the Moon changes sign, and as it does, the tone of some conversations change, the appeal of certain actions waxes and wanes, which with Mars and Venus in Pisces means we’re all going to be one part sensitive, one part tired (whether physically or just ‘tired of this’ being individual) and very much in that sort of mood where we really (sincerely) wish things were a different way, but since they aren’t, we’ll deal with what we have to deal with.

We accept necessity. We act with a certain personal clarity that XYZ (and ABC) needs to get done and we may even not be unhappy with what we’re doing - it’s just not scratching some itch we have ... which we may know all, or nothing particular about.

And meanwhile, life goes on. With the arrival of a Leo Full Moon on February 3rd, questions of recognition and acknowledgment of worth rise to the surface like a lovely froth ... or maybe just pond scum, depending on the suitability and consistency of whatever effort/s have gone into whatever is occurring at this time. Moon phases always indicate steps in a process and both the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. And though your everyday Full Moon isn’t considered astrologically auspicious unless you have more than several other indicators going on in your personal chart, they often represent a time when things ‘come to light,’ whether in the cause of much de-light or not.

Will this feed into something you’re dealing with (or which you should be dealing with) as Sedna goes on station, then direct at 23 Taurus on January 6th (UT/+0)? Maybe so - but unless 14 Leo (the degree of the Full Moon) and 23 Taurus both aspect your personal chart with some acuity, probably not.

Still, it’s an interesting to note that after the Full Moon comes Sedna’s station ... and no sooner will Sedna’s station end but Mercury’s station (to go direct) period begins.

Mercury going direct (at 1 Aquarius) on February 11th definitely marks one of the bigger ‘shifts’ of energy for the month. That it happens as Sedna is freshly in direct motion suggests learning something about or coming to realize something through the world around us which gets us to give up - or at least consider getting past - some long held notion which isn’t as workable as we thought it was. Either it’s all about ‘us’ and pays ‘them’ improper consideration (or credit), or something is ‘off’ in terms of scale, scalability or feasibility.

And either way, we know we need to change - whether we end up changing or not, and our reasons really don’t matter.

The real question is about growth - and the (Sedna) willingness to grow and mature, or at least to grow past some cherished (Mercury) notion which as much as we might want to think this is the way the world is ... or should be ... it simply isn’t.

Nor is it going to be. No one is happy right now and we are are being forced to adapt to new realities. Those realities favor none - and in that, do not favor anyone who preserves favor for some, or those who dictate what ‘favor’ means.

It’s that last part which really gets us. But it’s a big Aquarian Age issue and thus part of the process which Sun in Aquarius (which ends on the 18th, UT/+0 time) and Mercury in Aquarius (which started back in January and which extends into March) not only pertains to, but is founded on ... a concept we’ll probably all get in gear with (whether reluctantly or otherwise) around the time the New Moon at 29 Aquarius doesn’t light up our skies shortly before midnight on February 18th (UT/+0) and but three scant minutes before the Sun leaves Aquarius for the Pisces, the sign which shows us how we are part of everything ... and everyone else.

Yet apparently we aren’t supposed to just bathe in these feelings of universal amniotic emotionalism, as for feisty and otherwise, Venus and Mars both move into Aries on February 20th - a sign that the rest of February is going to involve dealing with our own will.

And whether we will deal with our will - willingly or otherwise. Too much, too little, too relied upon, too often stuffed under the bed ... whichever bailiwick we come from, now we see how well it does - or doesn’t work, all of which would seem to be grist for the solar eclipse which we’re on countdown for as soon as the Sun enters Pisces - that being a 24-hour period during which Mars and Venus roll into or through 29 Pisces, the degree of the incoming eclipse.

Given all of the above, its unlikely that this is going to be our most tangibly-oriented February ...

...only Sedna and Pluto are in earth signs all month. But that does point to that period just before Mercury goes direct (on the 11th) as an important time. Maybe not in the moment - maybe something you learn or hear about or do will come to matter to you in days or times to come.

Apart from that, with all the gold being astrological fire, we can expect a lot of experimentation, postulation, chords being struck and striking images. The month starts out in more of an air-water mode than it ends up in, suggesting more February fervency to begin with and a bit more ‘telling of the tale’ and exploration as the month wears on. With the eclipse roughly representing that which exposes issues of mortal responsibility and the vital difference between want and factual reality (the whole of it, not just the parts we like) we’re all likely to go through things which will get our attention about such matters.

Then again, what else were you planning on doing with your February (apart from celebrating Valentines Day and the birthday of a certain astrologer I happen to know)?

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