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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sedna Direct

A bird, flying at sunset
(photo in public domain)
From year to year, Sedna’s stations change by just a day. Last year (2014) saw Sedna go station-direct on February 5th (UT/+0). This year it’s February 6th.

Nor does Sedna travel very far much in terms of date. Last year it went direct at 23 Taurus and this year ... it’s going direct at ...23 Taurus.

That’s right - again.

In the world of zodiacal motion, Sedna is the proverbial snail’s snail. It may be zooming through space as quickly as any other celestial object, but from where we are on Earth ... from wherever you’re reading this post ... Sedna is way, way out there. 

courtesy of NASA-JPL, a diagram of Sedna's orbit with the rest of the
solar system we know as huge drawn as a small series of concentric
circles at one end of Sedna's 11,000-plus year orbital loop
Yes, very far out.

And that’s the point - the astrological point, that is, and it’s no joke, neither. Several of them, actually. The first would be about how all of astrology is in some way a matter of perspective - and though we naturally think of orbiting objects as objects which orbit our Sun, astrology isn’t generally helio(Sun)centric. It’s geo(Earth)centric - in other words, astrology really is about the perspective which connects any celestial object and Earth.

We time it from here on Terra Earth. But the metaphysical effects function from the perspective of the object, which as noted - in the case of Sedna is very far out. Though to be accurate, here’s another Sedna orbital diagram - a ‘closer up’ version summoned from the depths of the JPL computer as calculated for our particular place in time:

a section of Sedna's orbit in relationship to the central solar system
(diagram courtesy of NASA)
Down in the lower left hand corner you’ll see some somewhat fuzzy numbers in the 85-86 AU (astronomical unit) range ... a notation which tells us that as Sedna moves through its station it will be just over 85 AU from Earth and 86 AU from the Sun - which makes total sense, sports fans, when we  remember that an astronomical unit IS the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

(This leaves us a moment to marvel at the obvious.)

The greater point here is that Sedna’s perihelion (that point where it’s at it’s closest to the Sun) is at 76.156 AU, and in case you’re interested, Sedna is moving towards us - which means that we are all going to spend all, or at least the better part of our lives in a year-by-year, personal experiential cycle by personal experiential cycle through which we come to be more of who we should be in this life through seeing what isn’t true about life.

It’s all about perspective. As humans we have these images of how things are ‘going to be’ or how they ‘could be’ or ‘should’ be - all of which have their genesis in things we’ve heard. Or things we’ve been taught. Or things we’ve been impressed by.

And yet ... and yet our life experiences would seem to say such things aren’t - and aren’t going to be - true.

What do we do then?

Well, being humans, we deny the whole thing for a while. But then there comes that moment, a day, a situation which when we ‘see’ what we haven’t wanted to know.

That’s Sedna.

And one more note on the idea that we’re all going to be spending our lives - or at least the best part of our lives learning ever more about our Self and the relationship between that Self and the world that Self inhabits. That 76.156 AU point where Sedna will be as close to the Sun as it will ever get (a point known as its ‘perihelion’) - that isn’t going to happen until January 31, 2080. Once that point is passed (which with Sedna takes a bit), then Sedna will be headed away from the Sun (and thus us of Earth) for the next ... oh, 5,700 years or so (give or take a smidge), meaning that from the perihelion on, humans will be capitalizing on the perspective we are now all working to diligently gain on ourselves as a race, and one-by-one on who we are as individuals.

Or not working to not so diligently gain, depending.

It really is all about perspective - just not on others, which is what we tend to be focused on when Sedna comes along.

Sedna direct (glyph chart)
February 6, 2015 - 3:59 (GMT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific) 
Sedna direct (text chart)
February 6, 2015 - 3:59 (GMT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
So with Venus in Pisces and the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius (with Mercury retrograde) our being hither and yon with ourselves and our aims being just out-of-reach enough to be comforting and dismaying all at once (which in itself isn’t all that satisfying), with Uranus and the South Node having just parted company but certainly still in orb enough to represent the option to turn discomforts to self-discoveries which in turn will help us grow in our regard to our place in the world (not grow the place, grow our regard for the place)... against all this, Sedna goes direct at 23 Taurus. And since 23 Taurus is a degree which references everything from intuition to spirituality as testing grounds for our ability to balance our faith in what we can’t prove against facts and necessities of an everyday (and often less than exciting) life ... the degree mixes and matches rather well with Sedna’s purpose.

Uncomfortably on our part, to be sure - but well, in the metaphysical sense, which means we’re bound to be dealing with things where we can see the truth, but because we don’t like the truth we stay married to our lie.

And then that doesn’t work.

As for this station, there are two t-squares involved:

Now you may be looking at that diagram and wondering why we care if Sedna isn’t involved. And that’s a fair enough question, if one I’d answer by saying Sedna’s station is in Taurus, and Venus rules Taurus - and Venus IS involved in both of these t-squares ... which is true, if a little hard to indicate by color in a single diagram. But if you take a look, with Venus at 11 Pisces and Neptune at 6 Pisces, Venus and Neptune are within the five-degrees of orb allowed by the standard conjunction.

And through that Venus-Neptune connection (and that Black Moon Lilith is similarly conjunct the Moon at 10 Virgo), these two t-squares are connected.

Which means ... well, given that all t-squares go in zodiacal order, this one starts at the top (in Virgo) and is challenged at a Sagittarian “t” which is composed of two things: Photographica conjunct Saturn (which equals something about looking bad or how something might-or-does look) ... and as a somewhat separate issue, Antares conjunct Pallas - a very certain, irrevocable, logic-driven understanding that unless we deal with something without getting all obsessed about it (or whatever is being dealt with) ... that unless we can do that, we will not succeed.

Whatever that means to you.

As for those ‘linking points,’ they would seem to be of somewhat particular focus. So what do they represent?

With a Moon at 10 Virgo ‘bridging’ to/through Black Moon Lilith at 7 Virgo the ‘ability’ to relate becomes of concern - as does our ability to deal with whatever it will take to be moral, honest and pragmatic instead of dodging, relying on excuses or looking for ways to blame others. One is us, one is the ‘them’ (or ‘that’) we will be focused on - and this is what is challenged by our ability not just to understand the implications of Pallas conjuncting Antares (as above), but to see our Self as an example of that which is itself part of the problem.

Maybe someone else’s problem, yes. But a problem, nonetheless.

Moreover - that this is a t-square says that some part of this ... be it the Virgo pragmatism or realistic morality part or the reality versus what someone (us or others) wants to think is true ... this is either a universal issue (or) part of a greater and very much Antares-Pallas issue we need to cope with within OUR Self.

That that’s some part of some entirely different thing than Photographica-Saturn, the issue of image, or how something ‘looks’ - which may refer to perceptions, be they ‘theirs’ or ours. And yet that issue also hinges on some sort of Moon-Black Moon issue; the quality of what we feel against that we don’t want to feel, know or take into account.

As for Venus, Venus ... or rather Neptune-Venus is the object here, and with Neptune in its sign of rulership (Pisces) and Venus in a sign of exultation (Pisces) there is an interesting implication given by this ‘chain conjunction’ by its beginning with Fomalhaut at 4 Pisces and its end at Chiron (plus) fixed star Achernar at 15 Pisces, a mélange of symbols which may well end in a ‘spilling’ of something long contained which becomes informative, if fatal to some previous assumption.

As far as Sedna is concerned, the Taurean aspect of everything is what we’re going to be/begin feeling now ... and that sense is likely to become even more acute, whether internalized or as part of (or a result of) things happening in the moment throughout Sedna’s station, an event we give an ‘allowance’ to by looking at the station which occurs on February 6th as being more or less operative (certainly on the metaphysical level) from February 4th through 8th - even from the 3rd through the 9th in some cases (i.e., in situations where a nativity emphasizes 23 degrees of any sign, with particular emphasis on Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius). And in that sense, there’s really two sides to everything which occurs now - with the individual question perhaps being how closely they do or don’t align. After all, there is the Sedna side of things ... the what we should be looking at and which we indeed may now gain perspective on - and there’s the Venusian side of things, that being what we have (or are) making an effort to ‘make gains’ on because we’ve already decided what we want out of some situation, effort, relationship or period of time.

During Sedna’s station we would guess the Sedna side of things will be uppermost - and with Venus in a-t-square ‘goal’ position we know the natural Sedna tendency to want things to be as you’ve envisioned them, or as you learned to think they would be if all was ‘good’ is going to take center stage, complete with the mandatory struggle we go through as Sedna’s stations call our attention to the difference between youthful dreams and mature capacity (and the maturing of abilities) on a regularized, twice-a-year schedule.

And let’s not forget ... that schedule has Sedna making its station pretty much as eclipse effects begin. And that means there’s some greater (bigger picture) level in which our Sedna struggle is purely and obviously about growing life from within, and how that’s process which is not without those scary personal moments when we find ourselves having to face up to being a more mature human being than we’ve been - not in our own mind, but in life and through whatever it is we do, offer and take part in, for with Sedna it is that which provides for all which elevates us in any moment ... and perhaps for all time.

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