by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, October 28, 2016

November 2016: Inspirations and Oppositions

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Messier 51) as photographed by NASA's Chandra X-ray
Observatory shows us several binary stars (photo credit: NASA, JPL, Chandra)

At first glance, November doesn’t seem much like a very ‘dramatic’ astrological month. After all, there are no eclipses, only one planetary station,a smattering of meteor showers and such … 

Though there is the fact that the station does belong to Neptune. As Uranian effects time out our 'shaking loose' from the old and coming to see things in new ways or from new perspectives, Neptune effects (and thus Neptune stations) are known for situations and ideas which in ‘blurring the lines’ cause us to stop resisting something beyond our defined 'truth.'

And that's whether we want to know that thing or not.

November is also a month when Saturn is finally going to end its months-long square to the lunar nodes. (Huzzah!) And we are due to see a couple of Plutino stations before month’s end, too. They are being made by two of the as-yet-unnamed Plutinos (OR10 and AZ84), with OR10's station occurring on the same day as Neptune’s.

So yes, I guess there is something notable on tap. Adding anything to complicate a Neptune station sounds a whole lot like metaphysical quicksand -- and when the thing you are adding is a Neptune-governed Plutino, even from a distance that conjures up images of a puddle which, once you step into it turns out to be a whole lot deeper than we had imagined -- never mind planned for.

Beyond that, there are a couple of evolving aspects which come as standard equipment with November 2016, the first of which concerns Mars.

Starting on November 6th Mars (which is in late Capricorn) will begin moving through an out-of-sign opposition to Vesta in early Leo, spikey little event which will go through its permutations until November 25th - by which time Mars will be in Aquarius and not out-of-sign at all. During this period, whiffs and drabs of evidence will require us to sort through what we (Vesta in Leo) ‘owe’ (or) have promised our Self. And if we don't (or if our internal balance is 'off track'), we are likely to come into conflict with whatever we may ‘owe’ others, society OR that Self on a truly worldly level as part of some long-term considerations which causes us to understand what it actually (Vesta) ‘costs’ to have what we want and to be who we want.

(Hint: plan for a bit of friction here and there.)

As for the other ... well, that one begins just as October becomes November and it involves Jupiter (in Libra) entering an orb of square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Ordinarily one would anticipate this sort of square to manifest as all sorts of situations, ideas and situational dynamics (individual, interactive and group) which not only test our sense of proportion, but which also provide experiences capable of teaching us when, when and why we need to keep things separate. Alternately, we may now learn a lot about what happens where (and when) we cannot advance our plan (or some greater cause) without facing whatever challenges come from something confronting that which stands ‘against’ us. 

That Jupiter is entering this orb-of-square just over a week in advance of when its 2016-2017 cycle begins suggests November is going to greatly be a month of new things which haven't yet been considered. And that may well be a plus, especially with regards to 'anything Saturn' (which is to say, anything we must 'earn' in this world).

How so? Well, Saturn is currently transiting Jupiter's home sign of Sagittarius. This automatically 'ties' Saturn into the enormous drive to change things which occurs under Jupiter square Pluto - and to be sure, great things can happen under Jupiter square Pluto. Successes which happen now can be of the ‘more than ever dreamed of’ type. However, Jupiter squaring Pluto is equally capable of bringing out the arrogant (and arrogance) along with those who thrive on manipulation, often with very unhappy results all around.

Plus this is a combination known to be ... well, let's just say it can manifest in that which is a little beyond that which is merely compulsive. 

In other words, Jupiter square Pluto can be 'Compulsivity Central,' depending on how honest, realistic and calmly collected we are willing or capable of being.

The orb of this Jupiter-Pluto square begins late on October 31st and is not due to perfect (read: become exact) until November 24th, which is just after Neptune's turn to direct. And as both of those events are occurring just about when other (as yet unnamed...) influences start up, we can expect a series of choices, options, ‘complications’ and new ideas to be increasing during the second half of November, and from there on into-and-through December.

November 1 
Having Atropos go retrograde at 10 Cancer is a reference to stopping or something which ‘stops’ (ends, runs out, etcetera), which in occurring just as Pluto and Jupiter come into orb of square is a notice - though how it applies is going to be individual. Some of us will need to literally stop doing something -- but for others that 'stop' may mean 'don't start'... or perhaps just be part of some greater confluence of issues which motivates us to 'stop doing nothing' and thus start doing something to change some particular set of circumstances.

By itself, Atropos (one of the Greek Fates) indicates a ‘cut’ or a ‘cutting off’ of something. So when we add in the notion of 10 Cancer as a degree which speaks of a capacity for growth and healing, having Atropos go retrograde in this degree may indicate the ‘end’ of some form of growth (or) the commensurate 'end' of lack of growth. Or, because Atropos is going retrograde, perhaps its station represents a need or tendency to stop and reflect or regroup now - perhaps so our efforts to grow, heal, expand, restructure or otherwise ‘build on those good things we believe in’ (10 Cancer) can be made to be more effective.

With all of this occurring as Jupiter squares Pluto, are the two issues connected? Possibly, but not necessarily. Known as a square which arouses ambition (or a need for ambition), Jupiter squaring Pluto can indicate we are only out for our Self as easily as it can indicate a wholesale revamping of a civic, social, family or national ‘structure.’ It may refer to a need to change, or some more or less spontaneous change in our reputation, our attitude towards others, or the aim (or type of aim) we now hold as being most important for our Self.

In keeping with squares being challenging aspects, this particular square (because it involves Pluto, which brings in the possibility of compulsion or obsessions) ... at least some will be tempted and many of us can be counted on to go overboard in some way. At a guess, Jupiter/Pluto squares have probably been involved in many a time when many a person has made many an over-estimation - and some of those will (in spite of all) lead to success.

Yet some such 'long-shots' will lead to disasters.

Jupiter-Pluto contacts (of all kinds) have also earned a solid reputation for ‘power issues,’ whether that refers to a lack of power, a challenge to power or general struggles with power (or those in positions of power) as part of an effort to expand our boundaries and capacities. Manipulations are likely under this square, and let's not forget the human proclivity for old-fashioned lying - with Jupiter square Pluto, a few 'whopper'-sized lies (which some will simply fluff off as 'exaggerations') are sure to get floated.

The thing to understand with Jupiter squaring Pluto is that though this transit tends to feel 'external' (like something we don't control is controlling us) this transit refers entirely to us and our relationship to who we are, with a particular emphasis on those parts of our own character which we don't like to think (or talk) about, or about which we feel inept. Ultimately the idea is that we should deal with those problems and feelings of vulnerability - which may be real, and then again may simply be something which got embedded early and which has never been dealt with. That said, as neither Jupiter nor Pluto are 'personal planets,' such aims are not the first things which tend to come to mind. Neither planet rules a sign which is part of the zodiac's most personal first half: Jupiter rules Sagittarius and with Neptune, rules Pisces, while Pluto is the outcome ruler of Scorpio.

Both Sagittarius and Scorpio being third quadrant signs, this means both Jupiter and Pluto will tend to operate through interactions and our relationships with others - hence the tendency to 'project' our insecurities (Pluto) or lack of understanding (Jupiter) onto others.

Yet ultimately, this square is about us - about our learning to expand our world, life and understanding without getting hugely out of balance. Where we have not dealt with Pluto or Jupiter issues (obsessions, lack of knowledge, a tendency towards being demanding or dogmatic, etcetera) those qualities will tend to come out or be encountered in, or through, others.

November 2 
So with Jupiter and Pluto getting reacquainted on the energetic level motivating us to look at things in a somewhat different light, what does it mean that Plutino AZ84 will be going retrograde at 3 Leo on November 2nd?

AZ84 displays a capacity to cause us to focus or over-focus on things, with a capacity to make a mountain out of a molehill, as they say. And given how this is a Neptune-controlled Plutino we’re talking about (meaning we may be operating under some illusion), there is the vital question of whether we are focused on the right thing altogether.

With AZ84's station occurring just after Jupiter-Pluto square effects start up, it may be particularly hard to change direction (or our mind) and those among us who have this Plutino focal in their natal chart are likely to have a harder time with all this than others. As for 3 Leo, 3 Leo is a degree with a reputation for problems with identification, interpretation and being able to ‘connect’ (or connect to) things, which means any of these issues may be affecting things. We may even now prefer to not know - or perhaps this is a moment when we will choose to suspend judgment,  though where a Plutino is concerned, avoidance is often merely a form of ‘escapism’ which can end up not only not helping anything but sometimes even making them harder or more ‘expensive’ - whether to our feelings, our momentum, our efforts or our bank account.

November 3 
Already in retrograde, rock comet Phaethon retrograding from Aries into Pisces (where it immediately encounters fixed star Scheat at 29 Pisces) adds to things by indicating a ‘plunge’ into an emotional state which forces us to deal with that which is not known, and which may some of us may not want to know. Known for adding a quality of 'heedless insistence' which may end up rushing something or 'rushing in' overly quickly, Phaethon's encounter with Scheat may push some of us out of complacency or rouse us, though whether we cooperate and comply or resist what is being 'thrown' at us (or tossed our way) is more or less individual.  

The degree 29 Pisces is said to indicate a need for patience, which with Scheat present may not be forthcoming, or feel more like a standoff than kindly patience. Fortunately, Phaethon's rate of speed is so high that this is not an encounter which is going to take very long, so whatever happens now, the moment isn't likely to last even if some decision, need to wait or attitude of rejection does.

November 4 and 5 
With Nemesis entering Sagittarius as the meteor shower known as the Southern Taurids peaks on November 4th and 5th, situations which raise the possibilities of things we have been told 'could exist' or 'could happen', even if we have never been totally convinced of them.

Nemesis by Alfred Rethel (1816-1859)
(oil on canvas, 1837, Hermitage Museum, Winter Palace room 342)
Not familiar with the Southern Taurids, you say?

Well, okay ... the Southern Taurids are one of two streams of Taurids (the other being the Northern Taurids which will peak on November 11th and 12th). Named for Taurus because the radiant (the spot in the sky from which these meteors appear to come) is in constellation Taurus, the two 'streams' of Taurids are through to have been 'separated' by (speaking of Jupiter) Jupiter's magnetic resonance.

Taurus being a sign which itself 'originates' as instinct and which at many levels represents our growth from instinctive childhood to a self-contained and confident adult capable (and willing) to take care of their Self, both streams of the Taurids should represent this search. And as metaphysics and astrology both traditionally assign ‘cooler’ and more thoughtful approaches to ‘things northern’ and emotional qualities to ‘things southern,’ that Earth encounters the Southern and then Northern Taurids implies emotional ideas which 'spark' more intellectually-oriented growth, an idea which goes rather well with Jupiter's association with the idea of ‘pulling things apart’ in order to understand them.

So maybe, with Jupiter squaring Pluto, we need to understand something or we are being challenged to look at something (about our Self) more closely in order to see where we are out-of-balance, and therefore undermining our own capacity to succeed?

Maybe so.

Beyond all that, Euphrosyne is going direct at 11 Pisces on November 4th as well, which adds a particular combination of ‘that which promotes or embodies happiness’ (Euphrosyne) with situational notes suggesting how happiness (or satisfaction) can only be maintained through not being overly restrictive, much of which comes from the 11 Pisces concept of rebelling which occurs (even that which is self-destructive) where there is no opportunity to exercise free will or allow for 'variations.' In other words, where things are 'too orderly,' confining, too ‘exacting’ or overly critical, problems may now arise. Or given all else, this may be when we come to understand where (or why) some form of ‘order’ or ‘requirement’ creates disruptions and interruptions.
Being how this is Pisces we are talking about, it could also be that we are ‘allowing’ something to happen more or less naturally, without any pushing or guiding. Might this involve or be a manifestation of Jupiter squaring Pluto in its more 'healing' form, referring to some dynamic or process which creates greater capacity by removing some form of obstruction or 'governor'? It could. Jupiter square Pluto can represent a time when we over-extend ourselves (watch out, holiday season!) as easily as it refers to eliminating something altogether. It can lead to seeing why things are broken and provide us with the power, courage and motivation to look at and see that which we have never wanted to face - or which we have never even thought of as problems because they are so endemically emplanted. 

Just as the 5th turns into the 6th, Mars (still in Capricorn) comes into orb of opposition to Vesta (conjunct AZ84 in early Leo), adding to life by causing us to focus on things which requires discipline and ethics … or more (or) different ethical standards. There being no indications otherwise, we may be focusing on needs. Then again, we may be focusing on avoiding (or the avoidance of) responsibility, whether on our part or on the part of others. Mars is going to be in orb-of-opposition to Vesta until November 25th (during which time Mars will move into Aquarius), so Mars just coming into orb of opposition with Vesta is unlikely to mark some ‘spotlight moment,’ though the kind of awareness which surfaces now may well ‘touch off’ discussions or the initiating of an ‘active phase’ of projects, particularly those which have been being contemplated for some time. 

November 7 
With Hidalgo entering Aquarius two days before Mars exits Capricorn (and enters Aquarius) as Damocles goes direct speaks to the ‘manner’ and 'methods' being employed, with things generally being more difficult than anticipated. And where Hidalgo in Capricorn will have been bringing out (and stressing) personal qualities in terms of ability, goals, track record and discernment (particularly in our choice of associates), Hidalgo in Aquarius is more about contributions and how to make them effectively, efficiently and productively, whether such things affect only one's Self or some greater group or organization.

Considering the ‘link’ (in time) between Hidalgo and Damocles, don’t be surprised if what is (or has been) proposed turns out to be harder or more ‘expensive’ (monetarily or otherwise) than originally thought or projected. And this quality is likely to be underscored as Mars moves into and through 29 Capricorn late on November 7th (UT/+0 time). This 'Mars move' may even lead to wishing we weren’t involved with someone (or facing ‘having to do that’) whether such things represent sincere problems or simply that we would rather not have to take our time doing, for whatever reason. 

November 9 
Having a reputation for being highly focused (plus) the ability to deal with scads of details with devoted patience, 20 Aquarius is not your typical Aquarian degree. Where many Aquarian degrees are equally known for raising hackles, riling people up and the independent or isolated view, 20 Aquarius is known for smoothing down rough edges, promoting longevity and supporting accomplishment through a friendly, pragmatic and unflaggingly practical outlook.

However, with Damocles being the object going direct at 20 Aquarius, all that kind supportiveness may now become intermittent, or simply be a whole lot harder to do (or 'deliver on') than at other times. And as this is also the day when Mars will enter Aquarius (at 5:53 a.m., UT/+0), all of the above may come to be because something else is taking priority ... or because it has become evident that we need a plan of action in order to get things ‘charged up’ and under way at the moment.

Mars in Aquarius (glyph chart)
November 9, 2016 - 5:51 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
 Mars in Aquarius (text chart)
November 9, 2016 - 5:51 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Aquarius being an air(y) sign which works through collective connections and venues, Mars in Aquarius stands to both  motivates us to think things through (in the making of our plans) and to take actions based on estimations of how what we do will affect others and our world, (community, friends, society, etcetera) whether positively or negatively. Due to be in Aquarius for just over five weeks, Mars’ transit of this most worldly, public and impersonal of air signs is likely to be filled with things which excite as well as that which challenges or even frustrates or infuriates us as we try to negotiate our way into things, to the top of various 'piles', through ‘groups’ or group sitatuions, all with the aim of finding ways to be recognized, accepted and rewarded for whatever our abilities are. Reflecting the Aquarian ‘fixed’ mode, we should anticipate this period of Mars in Aquarius will be a substantially ‘energetized’ period if also one which is hardly unified, united or altogether organized, which means we should expect some 'starts and stops,' particularly if (or where) 'rates of progress' outstrip comprehension or the ability to be absorbed or utilized. That very much references not just the Saturn-Uranus nature of Aquarius with its tendency to create, reveal and resolve ‘splits’ and divisions (whether mental, financial, societal or otherwise), all of which in time either creates uniformity of access and universality of operational opportunity and/or function (or) additional problems.

Such 'splits' are very Aquarian. They are also implied as part of the ‘split’ nature of the Taurids. Does this mean we will see benefit in divisions, or in healing them? In seeing what it will take to achieve something, will we decide to pursue it, or abandon that idea as impractical? Or maybe we want something, but we are not in love with the (Mars) effort, the (Vesta) cost, the (Saturn) time involved or any of the other (Jupiter square Pluto) ‘unknowns’ we might have to face along the way.

Whatever we face now, it’s bound to show up some facet of our very human nature, as Aquarius is all about all things universal, including the seemingly unchanging nature of human beings. (Our tools change, we don't - at least not much!) So whatever we have in common as well as those special things which make us each unique are likely to ‘rise to the surface’ or get called on now, whatever else happens. Perhaps we will get noticed as part of that process, or maybe the process will cause us to gain some new (or different) perspective on where we are and what we are doing in this world.

That this ingress also occurs in an out-of-sign trine to Sedna (aka Sedna/Algol) suggests some of us will be in the mood to ‘prove’ ourselves to others about now, too. And at least a few subscribing to that list will also be primed for ‘competition’ now, which could make for some testy or trying moments. With Sedna in opposition to Mercury in Scorpio while trining Mars, we need to understand or see something from a more 'mature(d)' perspective in order to really move forward. And with Juno sitting at 0 Sagittarius also opposing Sedna (though not in conjunction with Mercury) we may have to hold onto or defend some idea or opinion supportive of our aims. Why we have to do this will likely vary: while some of us are just standing out ground, others may be using such discussions as 'motivational moments' because whatever we are doing or getting into requires a demonstration of capacity, knowledge or personal poise.

With all this in said, this is also the ‘day after’ when it comes to the U.S. presidential elections, which doesn't just mean the deluge of noise and unbecoming insults are over, but that this is also the date when Saturn exits its months-long t-square to the lunar nodes begun back in March.

Mind you, this transit isn't just 'about' the U.S.A - no mundane transit would be - though the coinciding of transit and election is exceptionally clear in the case of the US election, not that there hasn't been a case of ‘engaged contentiousness’ going around globally.

There has. And now that finally fades away, leaving more room for social conventions and conversations without the lurking feeling (and all-too-frequent obvious evidence) that people are 'out to get you' and otherwise ‘keeping score.’ Politics is just the tip of the iceberg here, though without question political campaigns (and all which goes with them, particularly now with social media) are grand examples of what gets stirred up on the nodal level and how much ‘societal noise’ can be expected when planets ‘challenge’ the lunar nodes.

Whatever all this means to us individually, the ‘rules of the road’ and debates or arguments pertaining to those 'rules' are now likely to settle down for a while.

Not for ‘forever,’ of course, but at least for a metaphysical moment as we move on to other things - one of which is the fact that of November 10th, Jupiter will be entering it's 2016-2017 cycle. 

November 11 
With Jupiter having just begun its new cycle of activity indicating how things from here forward pertain to things which yet lie ahead, the North Taurids peak on November 11th and 12th. And considering how all of this is happening under Jupiter square Pluto, much of what we are thinking (or beginning to think about, experience or sort through) may have to do with our relationship to growth and learning new things - all of which is an interesting way to think of Comet Encke, the comet which produces the Taurids.

Comet Encke has an orbit the aphelion (the point farthest from the Sun) is at the outer edge of the main asteroid belt which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

A diagram of Comet Encke's orbit as generated by the
JPL small body database
There isn’t all that much written about the Taurids (in astrology, that is) but just the idea that Encke's orbit takes it from the outer asteroid belt to just shy of Mercury's orbit theoretically ‘encircles’ the asteroid belt, Mars and Venus (and us here on Earth of course!)

And that, when combined with Encke's radiant being in instinctual Taurus (plus) the fact that Encke is thought to be the remnant of a far larger object which broke up at some point in the past, all suggests this as a time when any of us may be able to connect with what lies behind our abilities, inabilities and biases pro and con - leading to experiences which may be illuminating, confounding and empowering.

One other item in the hopper worth mentioning: asteroid Waterloo will be going retrograde at 16 Cancer on November 13th.

Given the two-days-before/two-days-after ‘station allowance’ we give such events, that means Waterloo’s ‘station effects’ begin about now. Does that mean we will ‘retreat’ from some position, claim or effort? Will we ‘take a step back,’ whether temporarily or permanently? Will we suffer some defeat, if not in reality, in our mind?

Any of that is possible - as would be the recognizing of a need to be ‘better equipped’ before moving forward, lest we find ourselves in a ‘trap’ or some other fairly futile situation. 

November 12 
Whatever the influence of the Northern Taurids may be in our life, that Venus will be entering Capricorn at 4:55 in the morning (UT/+0 time) on the same day Mercury enters Sagittarius (at 14:41 or 2:41 in the afternoon, UT/+0 time) suggests an attempt or effort directed at the expanding of efforts, understanding or parameters on a more or less purposeful basis.

It also suggests that situations may look good at first, but upon closer examination may not be worth our time, effort, money, faith or support ... and how things may come up which we had not taken into account (how annoying!).

Then again, are we sure? With asteroid Kassandra going direct at 24 Pisces, we may think we know and not know. (Plan on a lot of checking and rechecking.) Or we may know we don't know. Or we may find our Self in some position where no matter what someone says (or does), we can't seem to feel convinced. Kassandra speaks to just that inability: the inability to convince or be convincing, and that applies whether our word is 'good as gold' or so lightweight as to be unworthy of the feather it rode in on.

Venus enters Capricorn, with Mercury about to enter Sagittarius (glyph chart)
November 12, 2016 - 4:54 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Venus enters Capricorn, with Mercury about to enter Sagittarius (text chart)
November 12, 2016 - 4:54 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
The most obvious part of this dual ingress being Mercury and Venus moving in a (30 degree) semi-sextile to each other, there is some degree of discomfort which is likely, though it certainly doesn’t have to be very serious. It's the sort of thing which could indicate a disagreement, a little disappointment, or simply when it turns out we did something the wrong way, requiring more attention. Moreover, as Mercury and Venus continue moving through respective signs, this semi-sextile is going to be taking its occasionally trying show on the road through November 21st - which draws something of a “dotted line” between now and whatever happens around the time of Neptune's November 20th station.

Apart from that, with Mercury entering Sagittarius in conjunction with Juno (at 1 Sagittarius) and Nemesis (at 3 Sagittarius), management of resources and personal ‘capital’ (including that of good will) is essential. And with Mars (in Aquarius) still in its ongoing opposition to Vesta in Leo, we are probably well aware of the stakes, even if we aren’t particularly liking them. Use of denial or avoidance may be necessary, and though such choices come at some ‘cost,’ we may well be sufficiently intent on what we think is 'right' that we knowingly take some 'plunge,’ thus choosing to deal with regret (if it arises) somewhere down the proverbial line.

In transiting Sagittarius, Mercury is not in its strongest sign. Typically, its missteps in Sagittarus involve saying too much, speaking out of turn, talking about (or insisting on) something which is incorrect and not being 'ready' to proceed. Mercury’s reputation for indicating difficulties in Sagittarius (and the associated 9th house) and often point to where attaining our goal becomes so important that we end up compromising our Self and forgetting to learn from experience. The first of the zodiac's final four signs, Sagittarius is a non-personal sign which deals with 'the idea of the thing' and all that conveys, which is why Sagittarius is the sign of media, propaganda, education and every other form of communication which 'spreads' ideas and information, be it right or wrong ... and in being a mutable sign, Sagittarius indicates the need to learn as we go.

All of this matters because the final four signs of the zodiac (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) are not just about who we are in the world or ‘to’ the world, but also about our capacity to find our ‘place’ and a way for our abilities to make a ‘fitting’ contribution, whether original or not. In that, success in any of these signs depends on responses from others and the will of society itself - which obviously we have no direct ability to ‘manage’ or control.

Yes, we can try to influence things, and to this end Mercury in Sagittarius is famous (if not infamous) for its tendency to get us to speak up (or out), even if we tend to be a wallflower. So during the next three weeks, Mercury transiting Sagittarius guarantees we will face moments of needing to think quickly, and acting before we have had time to think things through and decide we don't want to.

And sometimes such moments will work brilliantly - either because we 'know our stuff' or because we are simply voicing the obvious.

As for Venus in Capricorn, Venus will be in Capricorn a few days longer than Mercury will be in Sagittarius - Mercury changes signs on December 2nd but Venus will not reach Aquarius until December 7th. As for its reputation in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn typically aims to achieve or utilizes whatever status has been gained through achievement. The key here being ‘reputation,’ there is a marked tendency for those with successful 'track records' to gain notice and get opportunities with Venus in Capricorn, while others will be striving to earn what essentially is an opportunity to be rewarded for reputation instead of effort - which astrologically we would associate with Venus' power of attraction. In Capricorn, Venus attracts particularly through reputation, but in being in the zodiac's most 'visible' and worldly sign sometimes also rewards those who manage to get noticed or 'seen,' whether for reasons good or bad.

On a whole other note, Venus' transit of Capricorn is also likely to bring notices of consequence (important information) - or it may 'solidify' the consequences for things we have already done. Becoming aware of disapproval or some form of rejection is also possible now, as are judgments (or) commitments which will require time and personal dedication to get past.

November 13 
For some, Waterloo going retrograde at 16 Cancer will manifest as a loss of emotional clarity, that being a quality much associated with 16 Cancer. Such losses of clarity may come about for any of a number of reasons, with there being a distinct chance of (important) things falling by the wayside because we are so emotionally overcome. Not a degree with an ‘easy’ reputation, 16 Cancer is said to require emotional strength both as a survival tool, and as a means through which can improve our lot - which with Waterloo going retrograde now may mean we no longer care (or need to care) about something quite so much, or that feelings of caution are fading away for whatever reason - perhaps because we have become 'familiar' enough with something not to be concerned, whether this represents a strength or weakness in us.

With the Moon about to come to Full, Waterloo's station certain suggest some of us may be backing away from emotionalism, too. Or maybe we're just not willing to get into some emotional situation which we would find completely overwhelming. With Waterloo in Cancer, and the Moon being the ruler of Cancer, the effects of Waterloo's station are likely to be part of some greater consideration (a 'facet' of something, if you will), and also a reference to feelings which 'stay very fresh' for more than just a moment, whether feelings are good or bad.

November 14 
And what does the Full Moon at 22 Taurus at 1:53 of the afternoon (UT/+0 time) have to say about any (or all) of this?

Full Moon at 22 Taurus (glyph chart)
November 14, 2016 - 13:51 (1:51 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Full Moon at 22 Taurus (text chart)
November 14, 2016 - 13:51 (1:51 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Every Full Moon is a time which either ‘highlights’ a situation about which we have feelings ... or which highlights feelings and emotions as something in their own right deserving of (or which require) our attention. Thus, with this Full Moon occurring in Taurus, where feelings are concerned we know whatever our feelings and reactions (or those of others) are, they are coming from more of a 'gut feelings' sort of place than we might consider usual.

It's a feeling sort of moment, one which in occurring just after three (Mars, Mercury and Venus) of the five personal planets have changed signs may well mark the start of a new conversation, consideration or phase of activity.

Being positioned at 22 Taurus (one of the last ten degree in the sign) we also know this Full Moon is not centered in something exclusive to, or exclusively about us (or how we feel as an individual). Others are involved, even if they are merely in the position of listening, witnessing or being present, if out of sight.

Said to be highly directed and ultimately motivated not by a need for reward by others but rather by a need to live up to our own personal potential, a Full Moon at 22 Taurus thus stands for - and stands to evoke - our feelings of accomplishment, or however we may view the lack of same. Part of this degree involves situational confrontations with whatever will cause us to better understand where the idea (or ideal) of ‘limitless potential’ comes up against essential honesty and reality-based limits - all of which can be satisfying or disappointing either by turns (or) depending on our personal emotional makeup. Some of us like, or even need to hold onto ideals while others of us function better when fulfilling a specific task to a set of specifications, with either method now being merely a reflection of individual nature.

Preventing us from holding onto such thoughts as a simple description of this Full Moon however, are two ideas. The first concerns the teeny tiny issue of this Full Moon occurring in conjunction with Sedna, Capulus and Algol.

(Oh, that?)

Yes, that. Plus there is the fact that the Sun in this Full Moon figure (which is at 22 Scorpio) conjunct Black Moon Lilith, which is a pluperfect guarantee of some emotional reactions which are of the seemingly unreasonable (or) 'unreasoned' type.

And all of this not-so-glorious gloriousness is, because with asteroids Pallas (dispassionate perspective) and Damocles (it's harder than it looks) at 20 Aquarius, the whole of this moment becomes a fixed sign t-square, an astrological concept which suggests (a.) simple things may not be as simple as they seem at the moment, and (b.) how the ability to endure requires achieving the kind of perspective on things which is far harder than anticipated.

Moreover, everyone is feeling that way -- by which I mean the big-and-global Everyone.

Being that t-squares work in zodiacal order, this one starts with the Sun, which at 22 Scorpio refers to something we are consciously thinking about. We may be just reacting to it, or we may be responding with a decided ‘pro’ or ‘con’ attitude. Unlike many Scorpio degrees, 22 Scorpio is not known for getting into fights or other 'standard' Scorpio displays of capacity, control and that icy sort of ‘determined calm’ which so often carries the Scorpio day. (As anyone with a Sun, Moon or Scorpio Ascendant will agree, I'm sure. They may not admit it, but they'll agree.) 

Instead, 22 Scorpio is known for much ‘noise.’ Call it pontificating, call it demanding or filled with bluster, but it's what happens when anyone gets challenged to the point of feeling threatened (which obviously varies) whether there's anything real or of not at stake or not. It's about the fact we are in something of a mood to begin with, which suggests our Scorpio Black Moon Lilith denials are more likely to come from feelings of vulnerability, whether such things matter or not.
That being the ‘root’ of the t-square (and thus the thing we metaphysically want to 'get away' from), having Pallas and Damocles at the apex of the t-square at 20 Aquarius describes a curious sort of situation. How so? Well, Pallas is all about ‘perspective’ and the kind of wisdom we acquire by ‘stepping back’ (either literally or figuratively) specifically when a situation is emotional, however that applies. And since the general rule with t-squares is that the object(s) at the 'hurdle' (or the 't') represent things we are thinking about "too personally,” that suggests that the 'leverage’ we need is going to come not from the passion OR the logic of our pleas, demands, suggestions or arguments, but rather from finding some overarching concept - the 'through line,' if you will -  which speaks to that which our personal and particular situation is a ‘small-scale’ version of.

That's the theory, and yes, t-squares have earned their grinch-like astrological reputation. When we master them, they turn into something spectacular - which means if we come to this moment having mastered something, this is the moment we will get the 'good news' about having 'earned' it. But for many, with Pallas and Damocles at the ‘t,’ not only will we need to have ‘cool head’ in a moment when things may not be cool. Maybe we presuming something would be easy (or go easily from here) and it's now evident it won't. Or perhaps, with the t-square's 'goal' described by Moon conjunct Sedna the 'hard part' is figuring out that we're aiming at something we want very much, but which in reality work -- not, at least, as we are imagining it.
All such things are distinctly possible. Moreover, with Nessus going direct at 2 Pisces in conjunction with Plutino OR10 on the same day as this t-squaring Full Moon, some (OR10) act or note of rebellion (or rebellious) - or even some grievance may set things off - and just to round things out, Nessus adds a sprinkle of ‘grudge holding.’

At what? This Nessus station sounds rather curious, as Nessus normally manifests as some kind of grudge and the degree (2 Pisces) is said to carry a quality of reluctance which reflects some sort of long-held, (and perhaps denied) feeling.

November 15 
As the first of the stepping stones between the Full Moon and Neptune’s turn to direct on November 20th, rock comet Phaethon going direct at 28 Pisces suggests tests of the truth or veracity, particularly as that concerns whatever ‘instructions’ we are following at the moment. Things may start out strong but go awry or ‘get out of hand’ as things ‘heat up’ or consequences loom, leading to some sort of ‘fall’ which ends the idea or effort. With fixed star Scheat sitting next door at 29 Pisces (and thoroughly involved in this station), productive assistance is also less likely than at other times for reasons which are 'inscrutable' at best - and that means whether we ‘deserve’ that help or not.

Also, with asteroid Sphinx going retrograde on this same date, there is some waiting involved, some 'eternal truth' waiting to be confronted - and the distinct chance of waiting for help which never arrives. In going retrograde at 21 Cancer (a degree which sextiles the Full Moon and trines the Sun of that Full Moon formation) things may get ‘unfocused’ in the short run and some efforts will either prove (or simply be meant to be) temporary with either version likely to fail its full potential because it fails to fail to search deeply enough or involve who/what we really are because others simply do not recognize who we really are (and therefore what we are capable of incapable of).

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza
(photo credit: Boots Hart, 1997)
Given the combination of Sphinx going retrograde and Phaethon going direct, waiting time already committed to will suddenly be 'over' for some. Meanwhile, others will simply stand their ground or be forced to 'camp out' and not concede their hopes. Whether in Sphinx-like silence or while issuing a more Phaethon-like (read: headstrong) pronouncement, some number of us will about now begin reflecting on certain aspects of good, bad and the ‘never thought about,' too. And as all this is occurring now - in advance of Neptune’s station - some amount of it can be expected to be ‘fallout.’

What kind of fallout? Various kinds, with most of it being based on where we have been laboring under illusions (or) personal delusions ... or where we have chosen to bypass or ignore the possibility of unpleasantries.


Yes unpleasantries of the asteroid Tantalus type. 

November 16 
We all know Tantalus - - or at least the nasty, snarky urges which our individual ‘Tantalus Factor’ manifests as in this world. We know it as the darkly muttered moment and the things we secretly wish when dealing with people we don't like while in the midst of an evil if passing mood.

Put simply, Tantalus is the urge to ‘get back at’ (whomever or whatever) ... with particular and grizzly - typically focusing on types of revenge which not only degrade the Object of Dislike, but which also often inadvertently harm others.

In other words, Tantalus is not just a ‘throw them under the bus’ asteroid - - it’s the asteroid which throws the victim under the metaphysical bus and then blows the bus up to make its energetic point in dramatic and nasty style.

As for 28 Leo (the degree Tantalus is going retrograde in), 28 Leo is known for brilliance and inventiveness, if less of Leo’s standard demonstrative enthusiasm and ‘showy’ qualities.

Might this indicate a defeat? A clever ploy which goes awry? It might. Might this indicate something or someone getting upset or ‘acting out’ because they haven’t been as successful as they expected?

With Neptune due to go direct in a few days and the Leonids coming to their peak, this could also be when some of us begin realizing we could just ‘go for it’ ourselves. Or when we decide to throw caution to the wind and get out there and 'shine.' Given the likelihood that most of this week is going to feel 'Neptune-tinged,' this station may even represent the dropping of our guard (which may or may not work well) ... or some moment when dismay, disappointment or even anger gives way to whatever will ultimately grants us peace.

November 17 
A product of comet Tempel-Tuttle, the stream of particles we know as the Leonids is one which intersects Earth’s yearly path around the Sun (the ecliptic) with great accuracy, making the Leonids one of the most active meteor showers of the year with Leonid meteor ‘storms’ being seen every 33 years as a function of Tempel-Tuttle’s sincerely swift orbit.

The Leonid Meteor Storm of 1833 (November 12 through13)
over North America as painted by E Weiss
At its closest to the Sun (the perihelion point), Tempel-Tuttle is just outside of Venus - in the same district of space where other comets like Thatcher (source of the Lyrids), Swift-Tuttle (source of the Perseids) and Giacobini-Zinner (source of the Draconids) do their perihelion turnarounds. This differs from and orbits of some of them more famous comets (Encke and Halley, for instance) as they do their ‘turnarounds’ inside of Venus’ orbit - between Venus and Mercury.

Metaphysically, this difference is a reference as to how far ‘inside’ us (or our world) ideas and situations ‘sparked’ during meteor showers are likely to reach.

In other words, how 'deeply' might we be moved by this event?

With the Leonids, apparently getting past our (Mars) ‘shell’ is enough of a purpose. So whatever ideas may 'spark' us now, they may well get past our 'guard' and standard defenses, and they may come to affect what we (Mars) do or 'aim at' in the future. This differs metaphysically from meteor showers generated by Encke (the Taurids) and Halley (Halley gives us the Eta Aquarid and Orionid meteor showers) in that Encke and Halley come all the way in towards the Sun to a point between Venus and Mercury before making their perihelion turns, giving us astrological reason to think of the Taurids, Eta Aquarids and Orionid meteor showers as energies the 'sparking' of which may just alter or modify our (Venus) values. 

With all of this occurring just as Neptune is about to ‘officially’ go on station (not that its effects haven’t already been stirring things up!), it's entirely possible that we may come to some sudden insight. Or perhaps we will encounter some form of a 'consequential moment' which sets us up to 'discover' something else down the line in a seemingly ‘disconnected’ if somewhat 'magical' way.'

Stranger things have happened, right?

November 20 
Every time Neptune goes on station (whether turning to direct or retrograde), attitudes and priorities change. Not everyone’s of course, but enough of us that Neptune’s stations have come to be associated with a change of heart,’ which of course leaves us wondering what is changing and why it would change.

From the astrologer’s perspective, the ‘what’ is variable, depending entirely on individual chart factors. But the ‘why’? That we have a few universal clues about.

First of all, Neptune is going direct at 4:50 in the morning (UT/+0 time) in the degree 9 Pisces. That means Neptune will be making its turn to direct in exact and direct opposition to this past September’s solar eclipse at 9 Virgo while also turning to direct motion in a perfected conjunction with the lunar South Node. This idea is interesting in its own right as because the lunar nodes move generally in retrograde motion that means Neptune and the South Node come together only to have Neptune then station and pull away - a reference which may well indicate a temporary understanding, a brief fascination, a fling of some kind or some idea which enchants, but which may not prove practical.

Neptune Direct (glyph chart)
November 20, 2016 - 4:40 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Neptune Direct (text chart)
November 20, 2016 - 4:40 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
For some of us, this may well ‘revive’ feelings and bring up  unsettled issues for another round of pondering, while for others Neptune’s station will represent a period which ‘opens windows of opportunity’ (or possibility) in present tense terms - particularly if we are at a moment of admitting (at least to our Self) that our previous concept or notion of how things ‘work’ were a little bit off ... or even wildly inaccurate. This may have to do with what we have 'estimated' our Self capable of. Or maybe we have been wrong about what we were 'meant' to do in life. With Neptune transiting its home sign of Pisces, its stations are going to lead to situations which test our sense of proportion and our individual internal compass, seeing whether we have run true to both.

Where we err, Neptune in Pisces gives us the option of 'dissolving' guilt and ill feelings. In order to dissolve the hurt, the guilt and those lingering feelings of twitchy regret however, we have to really 'own' not just why things have come to be as they have been, but where we have been our 'worst enemy' (and sometimes an enemy to others as well) simply because we couldn't face some emotional - or emotion-provoking - truth. 

This particular station, in having the Sun at 28 Scorpio at the time (and therefore conjunct fixed star Toliman) suggests strange combinations of feelings. There's a distinct possibility that whatever is going on, we will now find that someone (or some situation) is ‘out of step’ or ‘out of keeping’ with our general aim (or) focus. That may require us to deal honestly with some facet of our personality or potential, lest we find we have been manipulated or maneuvered by something (or someone) without our having noticed it.

Given that this station is Neptune's however, we may not even be aware of what is going on - or we may not have been aware of what has been happening until we get out of it. 

And that's the typically Neptunian confusing (read: murky) part of this time.

Speaking of reality, this Neptunian 'turn' also falls one day after Saturn (symbol of fact, time and reality) exits its 2015-2016 cycle, an idea which will also make this Neptune station a candidate for moment of finishing up something we have been working on. This might mean we are 'wiping the slate clean' after freeing our Self from some obligation. Or conversely, it may coincide with becoming involved with something new and very different which we will learn on in the days, weeks or even the months ahead.
Being in opposition to the degree of September’s solar eclipse, Neptune's current station may in fact indicate a 'next step' in our eclipse process. And in that, it may time out the ‘dissolving’ or ‘dissolution’ of situations or dynamics which have been key to our way of doing things, whether that was productive ... or even honest, knowing or unconscious.

It also being common to experience overtones of ‘being in our own world’ when Neptune is on station, we may find ourselves feeling romantic, meditative, relaxed or creative now as Neptune's stations are also associated with things which 'open us up' or which allow us to 'detoxify,' whether that involves connecting to something (or someone) or releasing something (or someone) altogether.

All those things which ‘remove’ us from our normal and everyday ‘state of mind’ are very Neptunian, making Neptune stations a time when we can fall under some 'spell,' which makes Neptune stations a good time for entertainment and art as well as a time when our dreams may be more vivid (or strangely absent) and when we are more sensitive to intoxicants (medical or otherwise) than usual.

In its capacity as that which denies ego, Neptune underlies the power of, as well as the need for charity, love, trust, friendship and faith, making its stations a time when the need for such is more likely - which in turn brings out our feelings of wanting to help.

As for this particular station, as Neptune makes its turn to direct, so is Plutino OR10, which is also in Pisces. They aren't conjunct - Neptune is at 9 Pisces and OR10 is at 2 Pisces (and an orb of conjunction is only 5 degrees). So that OR10 (rebellion) is going direct at 2 Pisces with Nessus (grudges) and royal star Fomalhaut at 4 Pisces suggests this may also be when a few among us who thought we could ‘get away with' something find out we were wrong.

We can probably also count on a few people standing up and announcing their 'truth' whether or not anyone wants to hear what they have to say about now.

There is also a quirky variation which is also likely here which stems from OR10 as an object which refers to a tendency to react or rebel which, in being itself ‘Neptune ruled’ may have us rebelling against nothing but an outrage in our head. With this station, some may get launched on such a cause or 'faux crusade' even as others of us are likely to find out we are (or have been) rebelling about “nothing.”

This last pair of ideas seems apt as the degree OR10 is going direct in (2 Pisces) speaks to things we have not taken seriously - - or at least seriously enough. So, is that what we are recognizing now? Or, with OR10 going direct metaphysically alongside Nessus, are we doing something again because it didn't work well the last time around?

Where we knowingly do (or have knowingly done) some 'wrong thing,' Neptune's station may well 'connect' us to the price for having done so - that's the Fomalhaut touch. And that price may be considerable, if certainly not always financial. Fomalhaut promises success only if we avoid being corrupt, sowing corruption, or utilizing corrupt means or methods.

And if all that's not enough to get our attention, this station is also comes organized, boxed and celestially gift-wrapped as a t-square:

Working in zodiacal order (as all t-squares do), this one starts with a ‘situation’ (or dynamic) described by the lunar North Node and Orcus conjunct asteroids Amphitrite and Psyche -  all in Virgo.

Lunar nodes always referring to relationships and our ‘ability to relate’ (to people, things, necessities, etcetera), the North Node being positioned at the degree of September’s eclipse represents some obligation, requirement, responsibility or ‘should do’ which requires attention or consideration. In being at 9 Virgo, the North Node will ‘set off’ issues in current time, and as well, any which have been lurking around since the eclipse, waiting to get our attention.

As for the degree, 9 Virgo is known for not holding onto things - which may manifest as an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude or which may appear careless or uncaring. Likely to create slippery slopes in relationships and to cause a 'slips' where we have been trying to evade or avoid responsibilities, this North Node at 9 Virgo (in opposition to Neptune on station) may well even represent some of us trying to 'hold on' to something as we try to defend some indefensible lack of standards as the 'veil' which has shielded us suddenly melts away.

That would be very Neptunian indeed. Neptune on station can feel like a tsunami. It can feel like trying to find our way through a carnival's hall of mirrors.

It can be that 'chilling' moment when we, as the naked Emperor we finally hear the child yelling 'hey, the Emperor is naked!' as we openly strut a crowded street.

Just to make things even more awkward (for us) protests (whether true or false) are only likely to make things muddier at the moment. Plus, with Orcus also at 9 Virgo, the thing we might want most to change isn't going to get changed.

With Amphitrite ‘next door’ at 10 Virgo, there may be attempts to 'run away.’ Accommodation, acceptance and adaptation will come, but the process of ‘coming to grips’ with things which are occurring now are likely to take more than a minute of our time.

Also ... just as something to be aware of, come next month (December 2016), Orcus will go on station and turn to retrograde at 9 Virgo. That means something will, at that time, come to an end (or) achieve some status or state where it cannot be thereafter changed. (At least, not by us.) Alternately, we may come to recognize why something came to an end at that time. Or that the reason(s) or motivation(s) behind thing were not what we thought they were - whether the motivations in question were ours or those of someone else. 

As for the challenge presented by the this t-square, in being  described by Kleopatra (representing cleverness and/or our ability to outsmart our Self), Mercury in Sagittarius and royal star Antares (a star which warns against obsessions). And since whatever is at the ‘t’ of a t-square represents something we are not seeing or connecting to most often because we are be “too close” to it (or too closely involved), having Mercury + Antares + Kleopatra at the apex of a t-square emphasizes a need to not be too obsessed with one idea, way of doing things (or) our own desire to have input.

But what is this all about? With Neptune conjunct the South Node and Euphrosyne in the 'goal' position of this t-square, the aim is to make things ‘easy’ (or at least easier) - which goes back to the generating factor (North Node + Orcus + Psyche) as something which is giving us some sort of ‘headache’ in terms of some challenge or something challenging which we are having a hard time accepting - whether that means in our mind, or as we consider how our mindset (or) mentality (mental position) has brought us to everything we're feeling at the moment.

Whatever we are looking for, as denoted by Moskva and Euphrosyne, it something which will (or which we expect will) be lasting.

And that's a nice thought, though whenever Neptune is on station such longings may just be just that - an extended fit of wistfulness.

Still, there is some very real chance this t-square indicates a moment when we come to learn (or recognize) something about our feelings or something we are ‘obsessed’ with. Or it may just get us to where we recognize the over-churned nature of our very thinking. We may not like what we learn - t-squares often bring out buckets of resistance, and getting past our own desire to think what we want to think may be a bit like the dragging of psychic fingernails across our mental blackboard.

It's up to us ... we can fight, or we can accept. And where Neptune is concerned, acceptance is always the name of the way forward.

Two other items about this station. The first concerns Jupiter reaching 15 Libra as Neptune goes direct - which matters because 15 Libra is within 5 degrees of orb (by opposition) to 20 Aries

And why should we care about 20 Aries? We should (astrologically) care only because 20 Aries is the degree which Uranus will go direct in as of December 29th.

To be precise here, Uranus is currently retrograde at 21 Aries and due to reach 20 Aries until November 27th (a week from now). But as this is a Neptune station, and because with Jupiter, Neptune rules Pisces ...

Well, let's just say some sort of 'growing awareness' is likely to begin now and grow ever clearer throughout December, culminating during the last week or so of the month as Saturn trines Uranus on December 25th, Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 26th and Uranus goes direct on December 29th.

That's a lot of energy looking for a moment in which to surprise us!

Just as we all eventually learn through many a Mercury retrograde, there is a distinct tendency for things to ‘clear up,’ when a planet goes direct. Certainly this is individual - some people feel it and some people never notice such things even if an alarm goes off to remind them.

(Years of working with clients will teach you that one.)

That being neither here nor there (apart from observations), there is is a well-known tendency for things which we have been working towards or waiting for to finally resolve as planets go direct. So even if clarity isn’t Neptune’s stock and trade (which it isn’t), this station - and the days which come after it may well clear up a few 'lingering' things which may have been with us since mid-June (2016) when Neptune went retrograde. 

November 21 
Having the Sun enter Sagittarius after its yearly transit of Scorpio is a shift often felt as a ‘liberation’ or a ‘new set of options.’ So that the Sun will be entering Sagittarius at 21:24 (or 9:24 p.m., UT/+0 time) on the 21st with Neptune having just going direct (and still on station) may well spell good times and appreciation for whatever allows us to move forward in life, whatever that may mean.

Sun in Sagittarius (glyph chart)
November 21, 2016 - 21:22 (9:22 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Sun in Sagittarius (text chart)
November 21, 2016 - 21:22 (9:22 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
In terms of where planets and all are, not much has changed since the 21st of course. Yet with the Sun entering Sagittarius in opposition to Sedna (aka Sedna/Algol), and with the Moon having jumped the Leo ship in order to join the North Node and Orcus from yesterday’s (still in force) t-square on the Virgo side, our ‘emotional state of mind’ (or our state of mind about emotions, be they our feelings or someone else’s) is likely to now be in play, affecting all which does - or doesn't happen.

And as Venus is also entering an orb of conjunction to Pluto on this date, feelings are going to get stirred up, whether positive, negative, loving, hateful, greedy, generous or otherwise.

Set to conjunct Pluto on November 25th (‘Black Friday’ in the United States) Venus will be conjuncting Pluto as asteroid Lachesis (a definer of ‘duration’) conjuncts Vega, outlining a period lasting until the 29th (when Venus exits its orb of conjunction to Pluto) when we may be able to change our current situation, the ‘status quo’ and future opportunities by appealing to others in terms which they find worthwhile.

Venus as photographed by Hinode during its 2012 transit of the Sun (June 6, 2012)
(photo credit: NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, 2012)
There is a ‘hitch’ of sorts, of course (isn't there always). In this case the hitch is how - or how hard it is going to be with Venus conjuncting Pluto to keep everything in proportion and balance - which is probably good news for retailers, if bad news for those trying to stick to a budget.

With Mercury just finishing its conjunction to anti-obsession Antares (as part of the Neptune/Nodal t-square), its a classic sort of 'good angel/bad angel' moment - which in weeks to come will give many of us something to reflect on. Whatever we are doing, is the ‘thing of the moment’ what we truly want to commit to?

Whatever we are thinking about (or doing), the combination of Neptune, Nodes and Pluto/Venus speaks to feelings being stirred and motivations of a primal or baseline type. Other than that, having the Sun enter Sagittarius in opposition with Sedna (aka Sedna/Algol) here speaks to an ‘increase’ of ideas and situations which ask that we deal with that which is 'unpleasant' (or just not our preference) mostly because of some sort of ‘limitation’ or lack of knowledge on our own part.

The kind of situations we are describing here certainly don’t have to be alarming or difficult, but they do suggest a missing portion, or a mission out on some measure of opportunity to achieve and earn respect where and to the extent that we try to have our way without considering alternatives and that which isn't the 'traditional' thing.

Sagittarius is known as a sign of ‘expansion’ and the kind of ‘learning’ which often has us actively doing what we can to achieve our aims and goals. One part of that involves the 'Sagittarian search' for answers and information.

And the other? That involves Sagittarius as the “gatekeeper’ to Capricorn as the sign of achievement - which makes planets in Sagittarius not just emblematic of the ‘tools’ we have with which to reach those goals, but an understanding of the tests and challenges we are going to face and need to master or understand before we get to those achievements.

(Note: this also applies to planets and objects in our natal 9th house.)

So here, with the Sun joining Saturn, Mercury, Juno, a liberal handful of asteroids, fixed star Ras Alhague plus centaurs Ixion plus Pholus in Sagittarius, if nothing else we are likely to be aware that there are things which we need doing - and how they aren't likely to be easy to get through. Thinking will be necessary, and though the hot heads and loudest voices are likely to dominate, in Sagittarius, loud and heated don't always win - perseverance and a willingness to learn do

November 25 
As Venus reaches 15 Capricorn, it will conjunct Pluto as Pluto is making its long awaited final pass across fixed star Vega as part of a lengthy conjunction which started back in March of 2015.

So, might this Pluto-Venus melange indicate a productive moment? It might indeed!

However, as this is all happening as the Moon is finishing its lunar month (meaning we're about to get a New Moon), chances are whatever we find (or find out) now will take at least a little bit of time to capitalize on or put into 'action,’ all of which will be going on even while we work through other pluses and minuses of this thoroughly energized moment. 

Venus conjuncting Pluto is always a moment of human passions, some which will be insightful and productive and some of which will be destructive, if for either negative or positive (reclamation) purposes. And considering now levels of world negativity (and polarization) began climbing as Pluto began conjuncting Vega (the orb of which goes all the way back to January 2013) … and because Pluto’s most oft-felt effects involve a transformational change of Self with regards to others (as opposed to the transformation of others so they will agree with our Self we always hope for), much of what happens now depends on how we have felt about things, and thus what we come into this time focused on.
In short, it’s as easy to love as dislike with the far harder part being where we are being asked (or required) to ‘buy’ into some position, attitude or stance with which we do not agree. Given Pluto’s influence here, fighting and the kind of shading and manipulating we do to try to get our way (particularly that which uses charm, money, beauty or sex appeal) is more likely to backfire than succeed. And beyond that, simple clinging to some status quo because we don’t want to change isn’t likely to work.

Alternately, some of us may encounter or receive some kind of small ‘windfall’ now which helps ‘turn the tables’ on things, with such ‘gains’ being as likely to come in the form of assistance, information or an opportunity as in any kind of financial form. 

November 29 
And finally … as the last astrological act of the month, our skies are due to be graced by a New Moon at 7 Sagittarius at 12:19 of the November 29th afternoon, UT/+0 time.

As with all New Moons, this one begins a month-long cycle, which in this case - - as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter - - ties our everyday feelings about life, busy schedules and our efforts to get things done to the ongoing Jupiter-Pluto square, a square which is still going to be with us for some time (and take up with other planes and such along the way).

With this also being the date on which Venus exits its orb of conjunction to Pluto, though Venus remains ‘at the very edge’ of the conjunction in this New Moon figure, we can count on some quality of ‘allure’ or ‘fun’ to dim as the days and weeks slip by.

And that may be all for the best.

How so?

Think of it this way: the cycle ending now was seated in a Scorpio New Moon. That’s a combination of object and sign which calls for (and tends to generate a need for) caution (particularly emotional caution) even as it promotes and provokes periods of ‘over-sensitivity,’ thus prompting anything from great nobility to the kind of rabid vindictiveness you’d expect from a herd of angry scorpions. (Not a pleasant visual, that). Under such influences, having a few Venus ‘temptations’ probably kept us involved - call it a curious way of creating the option of metaphysical balance.

But all of that is very different from a lunar month rooted in a Sagittarian New Moon, as Moon in Sagittarius is seldom inhibited and tends to be anything but guarded, even though the particular degree of this New Moon (7 Sagittarius) is one of Sagittarius less exuberant and ‘bouncy’ degrees.

In other words, where personal sensitivities were brought out last month, affecting decisions and keeping things ‘in check’ and within acceptable (not accepted, acceptable) boundaries, evidently now we neither need, nor will our chances be enhanced by any slew of extracurricular temptations.

In spite of that, we’re going to get some. (At least a few.) But their nature and origin is going to be different from what we have been going through. In the meantime, as Venus is not so tightly cuddled up to Pluto at the moment of this month's New Moon, though creativity and the ability to connect and create 'a little magic' is still on the menu, rabid longing will now go out of metaphysical season.

Mind you, there are still reasons for shopkeepers to feel confident and for the rest of us to stay engaged as Mercury will be entering its own orb of conjunction to Pluto as of December 12th. Moreover, as Mercury will be doing that as it is moving towards its December 19th station-retrograde date, we can expect some truly intense focus during December, which hints at many a shopper, citizen and business person alike being on some personally urgent mission.

New Moon at 7 Sagittarius (glyph chart)
November 29, 2016 - 12:18 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
New Moon at 7 Sagittarius (glyph chart)
November 29, 2016 - 12:18 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
As for aspects, that list for this New Moon begins with Sun, Moon and Juno (at 7 Sagittarius) being conjunct Nemesis and Antares at 9 Sagittarius - which among other things is in square to the Lunar Nodes (which have now moved from 9 Virgo/Pisces to 8 Virgo/Pisces), indicating a need (or new form or level of need) to reorient our Self to relationships and those we relate to.

But here's the thing ... with the North Node in Virgo, are we 'needing' to get away from something because we don't like it (or) because we've done badly or some sort of 'wrong' we don't want to be confronted by?

Some of us are going to truly need to use this time as part of their constructive efforts to build a life and get ahead or otherwise take care of themselves and their responsibilities. Others of us are just going to be trying to avoid or evade some negative (or something which strikes us as 'a negative' because we don't like it).

These two 'groups' (amorphous though they may be) are very likely to seek (and maybe find) their own 'allies' and two separate paths through whatever is facing - or hounding them. And both groups stand an equal chance to succeed providing they come to understand the truth of their position and what societal forces have come to motivate their attitudes. 

Then we get to Antares. Antares being a royal star (and one which promises success only where we do not indulge our obsessions, obsessiveness or the obsessive behaviors of others), having Antares conjunct Juno speaks to the managing (or management) of intense feelings and the need to do so on everyone's part. That said, there is no universal here which tells us whether the 'managing' or 'managerial' quality which goes with Juno is about that which holds us back (or holds others back) or that energy we put into 'managing' resources in order to secure what we need. With Nemesis involved, situations are not unanticipated - they will be things which we knew 'could happen' and they foretell other things which may come of them.

And none of this is unique or particular to us, even if how we have to deal with whatever arises now is.

With this New Moon also being in trine to Vesta and Plutino AZ84, ‘the cost’ of things is very much in focus, and can easily become overwhelming or over-focused on by some. With the aspect being a trine, what is at hand here isn’t new (or news), but part of an ongoing situation. The net of these effects suggests situations which prompt us to ‘do the necessary’ and to pay 'lip service’ to greater ideals while going about our own business pretty much as we please (or) as well as we can, though there is no guarantee we are not laboring under some illusion which at some point will come back to haunt, bite, or drown us. 
Rounded out by Saturn-Achilles and Mercury-Ixion, the indications in this New Moon chart speak to a lunar month ahead which is likely to test whether we have absorbed the true meaning of something we have already gone through, and whether we think (or decide) based on what we conceive of ourselves being (Mercury-Ixion) ‘entitled’ to be or do, generally because of some (Saturn-Achilles) skill we possess or are known for.

And although all of this may sound simple on its face, it bears remembering that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter - which means everything about this New Moon (and therefore the month it colors) is going to be influenced by Jupiter squaring Pluto, creating ‘underlying moods’ which combine ambition, necessity and a sometimes-distracting quality of preoccupation with ‘developments’ and whatever needs to be ‘developed’ in (and for) the benefit of a greater world.

Not that things are exactly easy to sort through, understand - - or that they’re likely to be easy to attend to.

Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries speaks to qualities of freedom, liberation and a general lack of obligation which, in being squared by Venus, Lachesis, Pluto and Vega at the ‘t’ of this t-square suggests ongoing situations throughout the lunar month which prompt us to consider how we feel about what we need to do as opposed to something we might very much wish we were doing.

Undoubtedly this means some of us will use this next month productively (getting something out of the way first so as to enjoy the 'release from obligation' having that taken care of affords us). Along the way, impatience may surface. And where it does, things could get to be a headache.

Fortunately, that too shall pass. And in the meantime, where we are willing to (or working towards) some form of a ‘breaking through’ in our life, this t-square will like as not create dynamics which remind us how we are ‘not alone’ in making an effort, in having ambitions and yes, even in being so human as to get impatient. Yet at the same time such days will also reassure us how, if we will take this time to (Venus) appreciate our surroundings and how far we have come in life, as we do that, others and things will respond - maybe in some small if unexpected way, and again not instantly, but over time.

So that is the astro-tale for November, 2016. As November begins many a holiday season around the world, I will here take a mark from that in wishing you and yours good health, stable times and the best in this season - and all those yet to come. Here's hoping we will all find better ways to live happier and care more for, and about one another - as unbeknownst to us, the ills in this world are those we have, and are creating.

And yes, I know ... such changes won't come instantly.

But over time? Maybe yes.

And in that, we must take hope.



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