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Monday, January 3, 2011

Solar Eclipse 2011 (Capricorn Edition)

 Close up of the Sun's corona during a Solar Eclipse
photo credit: Miloslav Cruckmiller (Brno University of 
Technology), Martin Dietzel, Peter Aniol, Voytech Rusin

When we talk about Solar Eclipses, there are a couple of objects to the game (so to speak…)

First is understanding what a Solar Eclipse is or isn’t about, astrologically speaking.

Second – and most complex – is the picture described by the Solar Eclipse horoscope (chart).

Third is the ‘basic harmonics’ set up by the eclipse occurring in sign ‘x’ against other signs (‘y’).

So…what is a Solar Eclipse? We’ve all seen one – or the photo of one: the disc of the Moon moves between the Sun (life, will) and our Earthly reality. In doing so, our feelings (the Moon) are “blotted out.” Indeed they hardly seem to matter considering the awe-inspiring specter of the Sun’s corona – the streaming ‘halo’ of the Sun which under normal circumstances isn’t even visible.

This last part…the under normal circumstances isn’t even visible…is one of the core parts of the Solar Eclipse symbolism. While all else we think of as the ‘normal light of our life’ falls ‘dark,’ and because that we think of as ‘normal’ is blotted out (in a very emotional/lunar way)…because of that, we ‘see’ some other part of life we wouldn’t have already seen.

When our chart is closely ‘hit’ (aspected) by a Solar Eclipse, the metaphysical ‘object’ is all about that corona – that thing we wouldn’t otherwise see, or maybe pay attention to. In essence, by removing that which we took for granted or our ‘normal’ state of being (our everyday operative parameters), by obliterating that, we’re forced to pay attention and fall back on those unnoticed…or maybe ignored factors.

Metaphysically, Solar Eclipses do not therefore ‘destroy’ our life, even if it’s very (very!) common to have a Solar Eclipse ‘take out’ something you have grown used to or learned to rely on. In light of that loss, you are ‘forced’ to go in another direction. But if the Sun is the image of your life, the corona is part of your life too. So this isn’t anything ‘new’ you have to be or do. It’s some special, even awe-inspiring part of you which you are being metaphorically called upon to take on, examine, confront, deal with…and through doing all that, come to be a more complete You.

However! (You knew there had to be a ‘but’ in here somewhere, right?) However….don’t count on that thing you get thrown into being the actual purpose of the eclipse. The six, or even eight weeks prior to an eclipse are well noted as being a period when things as you knew them begin to ‘break down.’ And by the time the eclipse rolls around you’re hock deep in something new. Whether voluntarily or by default, your life has changed.

But….you aren’t going to know the real ‘Purpose’ of the eclipse until almost three full years have elapsed. Yes, you’ll think you know the point of the event. But what ‘happens’ at the time of the eclipse isn’t the ultimate point.

What the point actually is…that’s unfortunately as unique as you and your chart are. But there are some things we can say from where the eclipse occurs and associated ‘statements’ made in the eclipse chart.

The Solar Eclipse which will occur at 9:04am (UT/+0) on January 4th occurs at 13 Capricorn. Capricorn is about making our way in the world. Being that Capricorn is an earth sign, this is about the tangible reality of our life.

Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011 at 13 Capricorn

All degrees between 10 and 19 of any sign (degrees known as 'second decanate degrees’) are where that sign manifests emotionally. So matters of our ability to make our way, or the means by which we make our way in the world is a matter of ‘evoking emotion.’ That may mean that what you’re dealing with evokes emotion, or your situation or ability to carry on with life as you have known it evokes emotion, or that what you are doing evokes emotion in others.

We are not saying whether this is a positive or negative emotion. It could be either…or both. Known in the world of Sabian Symbols as a degree which is about and requires ‘historical perspective,’ 13 Capricorn also has a reputation for being about one’s willingness to take on challenges, cut cords when/where something doesn’t work and to function from a ‘hard-core’ sense of logic – all very Capricorn descriptors.

Considering this is where the eclipse is focused, the question thus becomes how well do you embody those precepts? If you are way off that mark, this eclipse will feel disquieting. If you are way off that mark AND this eclipse aspects your chart with any degree of aspect clarity (see below), then you have to figure your life is in for a big change in terms of what symbol in your chart gets aspected and the nature of the aspect (conjunction, opposition, sextile, etcetera).

Given that this eclipse is conjunct fixed star Vega and Eros, charm and talk aren’t cutting it any more. Vega symbolizes charisma – especially charismatic speech. Eros is attraction. To have them both eclipsed is going to make clay feet mortals out of many of us and the foolishness of many an act seem obvious.

This eclipse is also in opposition to fixed star Sirius – the Dog Star. A much beloved star and the brightest star in the whole of our sky apart from the Sun, Sirius has two nicknames which about says it all. By some known as ‘the Shining One’ and by some known as ‘the Scorcher,’ Sirius is all about how big consequences can result from very small actions and how sometimes we truly need to make sacrifices of a personal nature in favor of supporting our family, the group, the society or some greater ‘collective.’

 'Dog Star' Sirius - photo credit: NASA

And Sirius is not just sitting there looking pretty all by itself…no sirree! Positioned at 14 Cancer (a degree all about the need to focus on/develop particular abilities and not scatter ourselves) is Pandora at 10 Cancer.

Surely you remember Pandora, right? She of the box she wasn’t supposed to open but did? 

Astronomically, Pandora is a main belt asteroid. So astrologically it thus is a quality or moment(s) or thing(s) we encounter/have to consider in everyday life - as opposed to a ‘stable background factor,’ which is what fixed stars represent. Orbiting between Lust (fixation) and Kalypso (recognizing love as being about a caring regard for ‘the other’ not what you get from them), Pandora moments, choices, encounters arouse our curiosity. But that curiosity? It can open that whole ‘box of ills’ and get us into bunches of trouble.

In the myth, those ills are ‘ills of the world.’ But astrologically, the asteroid Pandora would be about us. OUR own curiosity or inability to ‘keep our hands off’ something we know we shouldn’t touch. It’s that thing we shouldn’t do which we just have such trouble resisting. But the core of the Pandora issue is not the temptation. It’s curiosity. It’s the whole issue of being 'bugged’ by wanting to know…as opposed to temptation, which is wanting to have. 

Where we see Pandora in the chart, we may want to know about others. Or others may want to know about us. This fits exactly with the concept of the opposition…which by astro-definition is the ‘being challenged by’ aspect. With Pandora in opposition to the eclipse, what you are so curious about may well have to be ‘balanced’ against some other part of life which is needing your attention now, eclipsed as it is.

Or…yes, your curiosity could be what gets you (or has gotten you) into a position to be eclipsed.

A few other notes on this event: With Venus still in Scorpio and exactly conjunct asteroid Lilith in the third decanate of Scorpio, it would be right on target for someone or something in/about life to be forcing you to consider something about yourself you really have never wanted to ‘own’ or deal with.

With Orpheus, Phaethon and Chiron all together at 27 Aquarius, there’s one part feeling helpless, one part headstrong know-it-all and one part of you where a really strong talent is balanced against a yearning and longing so strong you are likely to lose exactly what you want through the wanting of it.

What this last part tells us is that there must be a reliance on honor and preservation of standards – particularly personal standards…which goes rather well with the wiping out of the ability to simply charm one’s way through life and ignore what we haven’t wanted to deal with about ourselves, our life and maybe even our world.

That this is a partial and not total eclipse suggests that this is a setback which forces us into a ‘rebuilding’ period – hopefully one built on more genuine or appropriate standards.

There is one other item to take note of today - Jupiter conjuncting Uranus at 12:52pm (UT/+0), but a celestial moment after the eclipse itself. With this unification of metaphysical forces occurring in late Pisces, what this amounts to is a moment in which knowledge (Jupiter) meets up with change (Uranus). This could be revelation. It could be a change of circumstance. It could be news, a sudden event or even that 'Ahaaaa!' light bulb moment when you finally, finally understand something which may have been eluding you for a long, long time.

And just as a note for those who think that they can struggle through, slip by and not change anything? To that, maybe yes, maybe no – depending on your chart – as this July will bring another Solar Eclipse pretty much in opposition to this one.

So how does this eclipse affect other signs? And specifically what degrees of what signs will be affected? Here’s the list:

Between 8 and 18 Capricorn: Whatever you have been doing is no longer working for you, so you are moving into some new space, effort, focus in life. You may think that said focus is what your life is going to ‘be about.’ But that’s unlikely. Three years from now you are going to find yourself doing things and being someone which your current involvements are merely an emotional foil for.

It’s what you learn now about yourself – not what you’re doing – which is most important.

Between 8 and 18 Cancer: Challenges, particularly those posed by others and the world are forcing you to reconsider what is important to you. Though the situation(s) of the moment seem very important (and may well be very important!) it’s the experiencing of this time which is going to evolve into a new perspective you will actively begin utilizing three years from now.

Between 8 and 18 Aries (and/or) 8 and 18 Libra: The big question in the short run involves new points of view, attitudes and ideas/ideals which you need to at least deal with, if not incorporate into your life. That life is already headed in some given direction but now some ‘curve ball’ hits and knocks you off balance.

Recognizing that you don’t know it all is part one. Learning that it often is that thing which is so ‘odd’ or ‘unusual’ to you which can ultimately enhance and actually enrich your life? As the commercials say, that’s priceless!

Between 11 and 15 Gemini (and/or) 11 and 15 Leo: There’s a feeling of confinement which for some feels like getting ‘trapped’ and for others feels like options are being taken away in such a way which sets you up to feel like your very ego is being threatened. Three years from now you’ll realize that today’s trials were not only not that hard, but that they taught you some very, very useful tools which ultimately allow you to do some really great things relatively easily.

You don’t like not being in control? No kidding! But sometimes we’re just not – and sometimes, despite all, that turns out rather well!

Between 8 and 18 Taurus (and/or) 8 and 18 Virgo: On the Taurus side this is about having some forward path become problematic or totally blocked. On the Virgo side, this is about being able to do what you want to do (or doing things the way you want to do them).

Either way, you are being forced to ‘reinvest’ in your Self. Three years from now the more independent and mature Self you will become through what goes on now will make things easier and actually more satisfying.

Between 10 and 16 Pisces (and/or) 10 and 16 Scorpio: Any symbol which falls in these degrees describes an area of life which can now get changed providing you are willing to change your approach. On the Pisces side, ‘think public.’ On the Scorpio side, it’s more about expressing yourself and how you go about doing that.

Of all the eclipse aspects, this is the most gentle. You may even be tempted to pass up some really great opportunity (which would lead to regret down the line!). If you go for the gold, you’ll need to weather insecurities, but over time you’ll build that exact sort of confidence which becomes truly second nature.

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