by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Venus enters Sagittarius/Eris on Station

For all of us who have been feeling particularly and peculiarly cornfickled (as a friend of mine puts it) since early September, a giant huzzah!

Yes, Venus is finally…finally…FINALLY over and through and done with its interminable transit of Scorpio. And hopefully we’ve learned all we need to know about the ‘us’ of life along the way, too.

For those into details, this shift from Scorpio into Sagittarius occurs on January 7th at 12:30 UT/+0 (adjust to local time zone).

But more importantly, what does this mean, suggest, or otherwise allude to?

Venus symbolizes our ability to attract and make real that which we really want in life. We like to think it’s beauty, and for those who are into the ‘if I’m beautiful, I can get anything I want’ (which let’s face it, works for many!) that’s where the whole Venus thing starts and frankly, ends.

But it may also be worth noting that according to science types, if you wanted to find the most inhospitable planet in the entire solar system, it’d be hard to beat Venus for native nastiness. And that suggests that Venus is not just about the luck of the genetic draw: the being ‘born beautiful’ (or lucky or wealthy or whatever)…it’s about what we do to make ourselves someone others respect, accept, like being around, like being with, like working with, enjoy the company of and think worthy of our esteem, our gifts, our affection …and so on.

Which actually fits with Venus as ruler of Libra and Taurus. Some people think of Taurus as ‘my money.’ But that’s a bit of a surface concept: Taurus is anything and everything which enhances, or is a result of our sense of self worth, valuation of self, and willingness to ‘make something of’ that Self. That people can have all the money in the world and still be unhappy and unloved…or be as poor as the proverbial church mouse and be perfectly content – that’s what tells us that Taurus is about satisfaction, personal security and a sense of self respect. It’s what we do with our Taurus self worth and talents which earns that satisfaction and security. And for some that’s only about them. For some that has to do with others. To each their own.

In Libra, Venus is about who we are and thus who we attract and earn the respect of…which we internalize as a validation of our own worth, allowing us to feel more respect for ourselves.

So that’s the Venus part. And given the scientific clue, our Venus quotients can be pretty sour or acidic until we work on them and make ourselves (our Venusian ‘quotients’) ‘more hospitable to others.’ If we fail to do that, people get close to us and like someone exposed to planet Venus, they get away - quick!

Sagittarius being a fire sign, this is where we develop our ideas of how to be and how to attract others and the circumstances which can enhance our life. It would also be where we see how well things we feel ‘certain’ of will, or are working. Considering Sagittarius’ reputation as being all about ‘exploration’ and ‘expansion’ there’s a natural tendency to push boundaries and proceed based on our own expectations.

The flip side of this is that Sagittarius is also the sign of education. That means we’re likely to get a few questions wrong along the way. Put a bit more realistically, when planets transit Sagittarius, we often find out what about our ideas, ideals and plans doesn’t work quite right, pointing out what needs to be tweaked, polished or otherwise brought up to standards or put into user-friendly form.

That last is very much about the idea that Sagittarius is a public and interactive sign – we may want to dictate the terms and rules now, but that isn’t always the way to win friends and influence people! Sag is the sign of indoctrination and propaganda, so we may get into the mode of thinking they’re just not hearing me! and shout more loudly. But that’s not really the key to Sagittarius – especially when we get to the Venusian concept of ‘appeal.’

Here the question is how do you get the attention of those you want to influence…and…how do I learn how to get where I want to go…and…how do I present myself and my thoughts, theories, product, Self as to be accepted and gain opportunities to get where I really want to go?

Venus will be in Sagittarius from now until early February, making this a time to take what we have learned about thinking in encompassing terms (thank you Venus in Scorpio…) and apply that to the next step in our process, depending on where we want to go.

Ultimately, we’re all aiming at security and self-esteem. This part of the process involves integration of our ideas and ideals with how the world works. That the world is driven by everyone’s needs and desires is Scorpio being the sign just passed as we get to Sagittarius.

And that all this happens as dwarf planet Eris is on station, about to go direct? Given that Eris embodies discord - and that of the dwarf planets Eris is the largest, that suggests that like as not, we do need to make some changes. It could be a little thing, then again it could be the entire direction we're headed in or that reason why we're doing something to begin with.

Will we want to? Uh...considering the story of Eris, probably not.

Don't know that story? Well, here's the LINK. The crux of the story is not what we do but why we're doing it - which again, fits with Venus and with the Scorpio-Sagittarius concept that no matter how much we love what we're doing or how much we yearn to have what we want, at some point we have to deal with others. And to get along, we have to care about who they are, how they think and what their aims, needs and priorities really are.

Sometimes we change life. Sometimes life changes us! And yes, sometimes the hardest part of all is getting out of our own way. We so think we know what will please us. And yet there is so much more in life that we can know or even imagine!

Remember all such precepts and allow yourself to make and correct a few mistakes and like as not, this can be a productive sort of January from which we gain not just a good deal of ground, but an expanded sense of self-confidence which is in itself, a gift offered by Venus in Sagittarius.

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