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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taxes, Obama, the Fed and Uranus's Station (Extra Post, Dec 7th)

There are two charts for the US Federal Reserve. One is at 9 o’clock in the morning. This is the chart for the Reserve as an entity on its own.

 The US Federal Reserve as an independent entity (9 am chart)

The second chart is timed for 12 noon - the 'default' time for all governmental and business institutions, all of which are Capricorn by nature and thus associated with the 'highest' house of the chart and thus the Sun's position at 'high' noon.

That said, here's the Federal Reserve as a facet of the US Government. And yes, the Moon is a degree later than it is in the 9am chart, reflecting the fact that the Moon moves about a degree every two hours or so.

This may seem small except when you consider that the Moon is the sign of 'money,' particularly business money, in any given chart. In Scorpio - as it is here, it is about invested money, jointly held money, loans, debt, credit, monetary vulnerability, valuations, interest (interest rates, interest income), taxation and negotiable instruments.

The US Federal Reserve as a
governmental entity (noon chart)

The difference between these two Moon degrees is interesting and applicable: 9 Scorpio (the Fed as an entity) has more of a flavor of 'assuming responsibility' where 10 Scorpio is a degree all about the ability to wait things out, evade difficulties, powerfully effective innuendo and a highly developed, skillful ability to keep secrets.

Sounds like a government, you say? Maybe so. And sometimes, maybe for a very good reason. One never knows. 

Anyway, back to these two charts and how they are affected by this week's Uranus station at 26 Pisces.

In the first chart, the Uranus station Of December 6 (which would be the evening of the 5th in the US)  falls in the 2nd house of the chart – the house of self-worth, resources, value and values. That Uranus takes its station at 26 Pisces and thus atop the Fed’s Eris (discord) is not a positive sign. That the 2nd house of this chart is Piscean and thus ruled first by Jupiter (at the ‘Reserve-as-institution’ chart’s Ascendant) then by Neptune.

The Neptune of this ‘entity’ chart is in the 7th house and conjunct Polyhymnia, the ‘reserved’ muse who in reflection or by reflecting hopes to find a happy solution but who may just as well be emblematic of ‘reservations.’

In the 7th, given this Uranus/Eris vibe of the moment this thus becomes either the Federal Reserve having reservations which it makes Neptunian light of (or avoids saying anything about)…or a weakened position which is reflected by reactions from other national banks, foreign countries, etc.

In the ‘governmental chart,’ Eris is again at 26 Pisces, with the Ascendant – the ‘what we do’ point of the chart – at 29 Pisces and conjunct Athena/Scheat.

Plainly the Fed is thus expressed as an entity which is charged in part with doing some of the US government’s dirty work. But beyond that, we can expect some words from the Federal Reserve which we aren’t going to like on this subject in fairly short order. Uranus will reach the Athena/Scheat of this chart …say, between February 4 and February 8th.

Plan on this being a telling moment not matter what goes on in the short(er) run with regards to this issue as well as others.

Uranus will go on and conjunct the Reserve’s ‘government function’ Ascendant on February 27th, with classic ‘trigger’ transits dropping additional ‘hints’ (as though the Fed ever hints?) on all these subjects come March 16/17 and March 19th.

But never mind that…how does Obama feel about the subject in his own world?

President Barack Obama - Natal Chart

Well, it’s easy enough to see that this Uranus station takes place in the President’s second house of personal self worth and values. For Obama-watchers, it’s probably worth noting Uranus having entered the President’s 2nd house on May 20th, 2009 (amidst the Deepwater Horizon fracas) …with this being about the time the President started graying at a notable rate as the public began it’s pro-con-niggling summer of doubt.

With Scheat in the President’s 2nd house conjunct Juno at 0 Aries, the fabled argument of ‘is he too soft?’ is now coming up for grabs – and illumination in Obama’s own mind. Jupiter will hit the President’s 2nd house (and strengthen his opinion of his own opinions and ability) around the time of this month’s Lunar Eclipse. Since it will then move on to conjunct Scheat and Juno, this may well signal the President taking the reins.

The harder he fights, the more he will be taken on…and yes, what else is new in the life of an American President? That Obama has attempted to live on his personal hope that consensus might be reached has by now made him a slave of his own convictions (Scheherazade/Scylla conjunct Saturn in the 12th.) But that the Sun will hit this point as Jupiter moves over the President’s Scheat…there we get to the crux of who-runs-what in this nation.

Obama has a 6th house Sun. He is thus by definition, the ‘born employee.’ Much like a military general, he is great at executing orders – and for those who think he’s being bossed around by the Congress or the GOP, this may be why.

On the other hand, seeing that the President of the United States is, besides being Commander in Chief and holder of the highest office in the land also the employee OF the American people….we’ll just have to see.

If the people demand, he will do. If the people don’t demand, he will respond to those who make demands. In this, we see the difference between an executive and a leader – and maybe that’s a lesson to us all, even in our own lives.

But is Obama happy? No, not particularly. He isn’t happy that the values he knows he holds are to whatever extent being walked on and he isn’t happy about the values he is being forced to accept. This is not only his tale of Uranus in the second, but also a picture perfect example of a solar chart, such as the President’s for 2010.

President Barack Obama - Solar Return 2010

The bad news is that 26 Pisces at the bottom of his chart marks this as a year when he will be plagued by issues such as described. Of course the good news is that if that is the bad news, it’s doubtful he will go through worse during this solar year.

But again, with Uranus and Jupiter pictured alongside Scheat in the 4th house it is the people which Obama both answers to and draws his energy from. So if the people speak…who knows.

Will they? And if they do, what will they say?

There’s another two parts to this tale we haven't even touched on as well. One is told by the chart of The Obama Administration (the chart of the presidential inauguration)...and the other is told by the chart of the US as a nation. That one or both may or may not dovetail with the messages from the Federal Reserve chart is yet to be seen…I’ll try to get some blogs posted on that somewhere in the next few days or so.

About this week’s tax proposal however, one last comment on which would be that the Fed is not omnipotent, is created to function on its own behind the scenes and that all of us in the end are to some extent subject to things which cannot be predicted.

But on the surface….this is not the Federal Reserve’s happiest hour, nor President Obama’s.

And we’re not done yet. Uranus is not even out of its station and this month will yet bring a Mercury retrograde (a classic time for discussions, editing thoughts and changing one’s mind) plus a Lunar Eclipse. There’s also that barely will January dawn but we will get a Capricorn Solar Eclipse, with Capricorn being the sign of governance and commerce.

If you’re a United States citizen and you care about taxes, get informed. Speak out. It's your country.

If you live anywhere else in the world, this moment is just as stringent for you and your country, through it may operate differently.

In the history of the world, though regimes and reigns come and go, eventually it comes down to what people will or won’t put up with. America as the Land of the Free is a wonderful thing, but the very freedom of its people allows the American people a right to sit on their duffs and be uninformed, focusing only on their own lives, longings and problems.

This is exactly the negative side of Pisces and Uranus, both of which are signatures of 'collectives.' And that, in the end may tell us what this highly controversial moment is about at a metaphysical level. Maybe this is really all about trying to get a reaction out of American citizens, their government and others around the world who may be affected by the thought of what this proposal might do to the America/world economy...or some other event going on more locally.

Are people being called upon to get out of a me-mine sectionalist thought mode into a more inclusive way of thinking, acting and being responsible?

It could just be.

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