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Friday, December 31, 2010

January Dateblog

The funny thing (maybe not to you, but to me…!) is how every time I come to do one of these dateblogs I wonder whether it’s the big or little astrological features which really clue us in. Our daily lives are such a product of details, and yet overhanging trends surely, twue-ly, twue-ly matter.

As for January...? Well! This is a month with a couple of big-time, bad-ass events SO noteworthy that even an astrologer with the most twiddly and curious mentality (that would be me, in case you care...)- even that kind of astrologer is going to go through their huffery and puffery then stop and, with a resigned nod say ‘well yes…of course…there is THAT.’ 

As for when this post is getting posted, it's going up a little sooner that the 'usual' dateblog. (As if any dateblog is a "usual" thing?)

My thought here was three-fold. For one, as it turns into New Years Eve where I live in Los Angeles, it's already turning into 2011 on tomorrow's side of the time zone gauge.

Then again, there is that 'just in case' thing. You know, in case you're going to be bleary-eyed tomorrow?

Or maybe you're staying home this evening? In that case, here's tomorrow's news today!

Whatever your situation, let's now get to it, shall we? I shall pronounce myself duly huffered and puffered...and thus off we go, with a Happy New Year to All!

January 1 thru 3: Stiffly effusive (awkward, perhaps?) and staunchly held in line (not wanting to do the wrong thing?), emotionalism rules this period. It's just an emotional time...and a time when dealing with things which evoke emotions are hard to avoid. You try to get away and somehow...somehow they just rear their little heads.

This can be a time all about finding/adopting solutions which work for everyone...but human nature being what it is, it's far more likely to manifest as people being out to serve their own personal interests.

And yet in the long run, which works? With Mercury just coming off its station/direct and Venus-Neptune-Uranus in uncomfortable aspect, the real question is why we are doing what we do - and with said planets all in 3rd decanate degrees, its others who decide our success, not us!  

January 4 through 6: Pluto having just exiting the shadow of its 2010 cycle sets a ‘new phase of experience’ marked by the Solar Eclipse on the 4th. 

Dissolution of veneers which look solid (but which aren’t) leaves some aghast and underscores how old patterns simply aren’t working and being thought of as 'acceptable' any more.

With Mars moving into Capricorn’s 3rd (public) decanate, news is getting delivered and we are each going to have to respond in our own way...probably because we have no choice but to respond!

Bottom line, the real question is whether what you are aiming to do (or become) has lasting merit, feasibility or 'timely' application(s). No, change isn't easy. But it may be really time to change!

January 7 thru 10: Some now scramble to figure things out while others recognize the validity of new plans decided on weeks, maybe even months ago. Are you in a ‘determining’ mode? Or one of ‘determination? Haste is not advised yet things do need doing; how you resolve the gap between these two statements ideas is far more about you than the circumstance.

And that’s just the point!

What is going on in this moment is really all about you; the more you learn now, the better off you will be! So listen to ideas, but don’t take anything for granted. There are those who will use present circumstances in order to advance a personal point of view (theirs) which may or may not be a good fit for you. Yet to dismiss ideas out of hand is not all that good either.

Learning how to recognize that which you may have overlooked is a big thing now, so even if other people have stories of their own or suggestions which just seem totally strange, consider what these concepts have to say. You just may benefit from it!

January 11 thru 12: These are a couple of very hot-doggy pushy days! Whether you’re on the march or in the position to receive marching orders, these are a couple of days when ‘just coping’ seems all one can do.

Yet again, the point is to think about things before and as you do them. Those who keep their cool and operate from the high/productive side of their nature (and not the desperate side) can win big points from others.

This doesn't mean you have to 'stuff' or deny your feelings - just be sensible. Feel what you need to feel but don't allow that to distract you from the realistic side of whatever is in the works. People do want to see your human side - that, they can relate to! But this is not a time to play helpless, so don't ask for someone to do something for you...ask (and think about) how everyone can benefit by working together.

January 13 thru 15: A ‘stilling of the mind’ causes these days to feel more clarified that those which have come just before. There’s enough energy (and need) to be productive to get most of us up and into gear...just don't get so focused on one thing and one thing alone that you forget other responsibilities!

January 16 thru 19: Strange and sometimes wacky moments dapple and dot these days. For some it’s just bizarre…for others, hilarity rules the day.

Yet whoever we are, there’s a nostalgia – for some, a fragility – of emotion reflective of Jupiter moving through 29 Pisces, the last degree in the zodiac. What have we learned? What hopes do we simply have to get go of? There is a sense of ‘passage’ now which you can focus on purposefully in your moving forward…or which you can use in the service of nostalgia.

Or yes, maybe even romance.

The question really is: which is most apt to this moment?

January 20 thru 21: A shifting of gears from the ‘what does this mean to me’ into ‘how does this work’ mode typifies these days.

Understanding applications and ramifications is important and worth gaining now.

January 22: A day of sensitivities, emotionality, inspiration and/or despair, depending on the overall sense of life. What have we learned?

January 23 thru 25: Jupiter entering Aries as Saturn goes on station to go retrograde is a portrait of aims against readiness. It’s time to begin working on ourselves and some of us are well prepared to go there, some aren’t.

How these days feel to you is not about life or the world and all about how you relate to this inexorable shift towards what may feel like an incoming time of ‘isolation’ which is actually room in which to build anew. Yes, it feels strange, but that 'strangeness' is all about growth - allow yourself to feel it!

January 25 thru 27: External circumstances drive the conversation. But the real question is only partly what you can do about ‘it.’ The other side of this coin is what are you going to do so that difficulties associated with ‘it’ are not applicable to you?

The more you resist changes, the more things get in your way. You can use this time or be used by this time – your choice!

January 27 thru 31: With each day things get less stiff and more feeling…which means how well you deal with emotions determines how comfortable you are during this time.

For those able to relate to their world, a new bank of opportunities are there for the exploring. Nothing is being handed to you, but there are ways to go now which didn’t exist even a short time ago. Are they for you? It’s something to consider…and in some cases, accept or even jump on!

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