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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Dateblog

Inti Raymi or The Festival of the Sun once marked the
beginning of the Inca year. Still acknowledged in various
parts of the Andes, it's a Southern Hemisphere 'midsummer'
celebration marked by the Sun entering the zodiacal sign of Capricorn

December is such a truly complicated month it can't be broken down very easily in simple, bite-sized concepts. We'll give it a try of course, but I'd really suggest reading the posts as they come up on individual days.

And no, I'm not just making that suggestion because I'm the resident astrologer...! Though of course it's based on the fact that I'm the resident astrologer, yes.

But I'm sitting here staring at the data...and I'm muttering 'oh gosh - wow...' and a bunch of other assorted commentaries. (No, we aren't going into more detail...!)

So here are basic December concepts. More details to come as days pass, blogs post...and it all makes more sense because we're in the middle of experiencing it! 

December 1 through 5: With Mercury beginning to slow down to go retrograde, Uranus about to go direct, Mars in Sagittarius and Venus one sign behind Mars in Scorpio, these days may well seem unfocused, scrambled and filled with conflicts of opinions, values and needs. Keeping focused on your priorities is probably the most centering thing we can each do, but minds will wander, hearts will yearn and feelings are going to be in fluctuation.


December 6 and 7: As Uranus goes direct, shifts of plan, opinion and necessity become manifest. In some moments, all we can do is cope. In others, we need to stop and think. This convergence of 'big and little' perspectives has the effect of forcing us out of our niches, and that's probably good, as this is a time to be reasonably flexible, if still driven by rational considerations.


December 8 and 9: Mercury coming to its station just as Mars enters Capricorn is a classic astrological recipe for strain - some of which will result in barriers broken, and some of which will result in simple breakage. For many, there is already an overhanging sense that things are changing...and for many, they are changing at a vital, inexorable and structural level.

December 10 through December 16: With Mercury retrograde in early Capricorn, the 'what am I doing in/with my life?' question is up for grabs - right alongside the 'how am I going to get everything done?' concept. And let's face it, these two are not happy mental bedfellows. There's a lot of input messages (needs, demands, requirements, parameters, schedules) coming from others and one's patience is tried, one's energy is sapped and with Venus back in Scorpio we're all saying 'do I have to?'.

Answer: no, you don't have to. But you do have to negotiate - and if you will consider trying to find solutions where everybody gives some and everybody gets some and nobody gets to have just their own way things are happier.

December 17 through 21: Emotionalism is on the rise - as is the general level of anticipation and expectation. If the latter is kept in check, the former can be positive indeed, but the separator is our ability to not have others manipulate our feelings of obligation - at whatever level. 

That this period ends in Mercury backing into Sagittarius plus a Lunar Eclipse is rather the icing on the proverbial cake; whether yours is too sugary sweet, just right or a big mistake where salt gets substituted for the sweet stuff and a huge disappointing letdown is more about you than 'them.' We never like hearing that, but it's pretty much the truth - especially now.

December 22 through 27: With the crossing of the Capricorn solstice point, everyone begins to focuse on doing what needs doing with a modicum of pleasure, a teaspoon of willing resignation and a half-ounce of put-upon obligation.

Recognizing what's necessary in reality against what we sometimes think is needed...? That's the hallmark of these days. Life is all about learning from what happens, no? So live, learn and on we go to the next thing!

December 27 through 31: Action/reactions aren't predictable at the moment, and with Mercury going direct - (in Sagittarius' most emotional degree, no less) - on the 29th or 30th (depending on where you are) gives us the image of a question of whether something is a 'feasible reality' coming to a head.

For some, this is a big deal. For others, it's just a matter of fact. There are some 'too late's and some 'better late than never's in the mix here...which side of the coin you and yours are on has mostly to do with where 19 Sagittarius (Mercury's station degree) falls along with whether 13 Capricorn (give or take an orb of aspect) is a vital point in your chart as that's the signature of the incoming Solar Eclipse.

Like I said at the's a busy month with a lot of influences floating through.

Stay tuned!


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