by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Asteroid Factors: Enter the Yang

In the next four days...

....six different asteroids will change signs and in doing so, change spatial (and space) relationships in our lives and with regards to our lives.
What exactly does this mean?

There are a couple of things to understand before we really get to the nitty-gritty of sorting that out. The first is how small asteroids really are. Thanks to media, science and science fiction, we often think of them as 'menaces from outer space.' Or just space gravel!

Truth is, most asteroids are neither menaces, nor gravel. What they are, and where most of them are - that's what I'm getting at here. So let's start with size.

Thanks to the ever-helpful folks at NASA-JPL, it's easy enough to get a pretty good feeling for how large the planets are against the image of the Sun, as we see here...

Planets by size NASA JPL
Planets by size – NASA/JPL

And before we go any father, just to make sure you know which of the planets is home sweet home planet Earth, I direct you to the two larger planets in the middle of the above lineup. Those are Jupiter (left) and Saturn (right) - all the planets here being in order of orbit as you move away from the Sun.

So you have the 'biggies': Jupiter and Saturn in the middle of the line. To the left of Jupiter is Mars. And just to the left of Mars is a little blue planet which – (yes…!) – is Earth.

It’s a really BIG cosmos and Earth is actually a really small planet. Kind of sobering, isn’t it?

Anyway…on to illustration #2 - a picture of the main asteroid belt's top ten largest asteroids, pictured against the size of our dear, sweet planet Earth.

Moon_and_Asteroids_1_to_10 by Vystrix Nexoth (2010) 
The ten largest main belt asteroids as pictured against
the Earth, using Earth used for size comparison

Yes, asteroids are small. Even planets – when compared to the Sun - aren’t all that big. And our Sun (if you really want to get into it) is a pretty medium sized star.

Makes you think, doesn' it?

But meanwhile...back to asteroids? Asteroids are - most of them - pretty darn small, at least in the greater scope of Things Celestial.

This is why when we talk astrological metaphysics, planets refer to major human attributes – the dynamics which shape our lives. Asteroids? They’re aspects trait facets. Or personality factors we meet up with along the way.

What does 'along the way' actually mean? Well, that refers to the fact that most asteroids orbit peacefully in a mass of cosmic rubble between Mars and Jupiter. That's the 'main asteroid belt' mentioned above. 

And the fact that this belt is between Mars and Jupiter is pretty much why metaphysical though about asteroids is what it is. Astrologically, they seem to be all about the ‘facts we face along the way’ through life.

Which makes sense when you think about it. Mars symbolizes the ‘proactive’ dynamic: the urge to do, that sort of determination which gets us to get up and go.

Against this (or maybe apart from this), Jupiter is knowledge. Jupiter is understanding what things mean, knowing not just how to do any given thing, but the fact that we know we can do it!

So the space (literal and metaphorical) between Jupiter and Mars …that section of space so dappled with thousands of asteroids…that asteroid belt and those individual asteroids represent all the things we meet up with along the way between the initiating point (Mars) and the understanding (Jupiter) – whether that’s a thought process or the real-deal doing of things.

Which may give us yet another metaphorical reason why Jupiter is SUCH a big planet. It’s a big deal to know you can do something. Jupiter rules knowledge and belief (as ruler of Pisces).

Jupiter as seen by Voyager by NASA - Copy
Jupiter, as seen by Voyager
photo credit: NASA/JPL

Together, these are the empowering factors which allow us to try…and in doing so move past Jupiter to Saturn, the symbol of achievement through effort. Then of course, we take our comprehension and burn our way through the rest of the work to the achievement of our aim, goal or task – the Saturn of it all.

OKAY! So now we know why it might matter that all these asteroids are changing signs. It’s a signal that the quality of what we are going to meet up with – in the world and in our own minds – is changing.

Collectively, here’s the list of shifts taking place: Eos is moving into Aries (December 8), Echo is entering Sagittarius (December 9), Hebe and Dionysus are entering Aries (December 10) and come December 11th, Kalypso will enter Scorpio and Nemesis will enter Libra.

For those of you who know astrology, this may ring a yin/yang bell.

Remember yin and yang? Often thought of as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ (and thus easily mistaken as ‘male’ and ‘female’) what yin and yang  really represents is the difference between ‘pro-active’ and ‘receptive-reactive’ modes of being. That people have come to call them masculine and feminine (and thus think in terms of male and female)…that’s just modern culture’s habit of abbreviating everything.

The truth is we all embody both sides of this natural duality. We are all in some moments pro-active and in others, receptive or reactive. And where the asteroids tend to be…that tends to tell us a general mode of attitude. Yes, it is somewhat modified by whether these objects are in yin or yang signs of your personal natal chart. Yet in spite of that, the overall effect still stands.

So here’s the zodiac (shown as a ‘natural’ wheel with Aries on the 1st house rotating counter-clockwise around to Pisces on the 12th)…here’s the zodiac with the signs labeled as yin and yang.

Now…if you look back at that list, you’ll get my point: of the six asteroids changing signs just in the next few days, five are moving into proactive (yang) signs.

That tends to say that in the next few days we will feel like we need to get ‘into action'. Or that life will be ‘requiring’ that we ‘do’ something. Or we may hear frustration and/or activity levels rising around us – locally, personally, nationally or internationally.

Some of this is just Eos instinct. We talked about Eos just recently, so you may want to go back and read that blog if you missed it. But suffice it to say, Eos is our instinct to stay ahead of things so as to learn better or to not get ‘burned’...and the general/overall awareness of all our instincts, good and bad, valid and invalid.

LINK to article on Eos.

Echo is entering Sagittarius, the Jupiterian land of knowing how, knowing that you know how and understanding the meaning and consequences of things. Echo seems pretty obvious as a symbol: monkey see, monkey do, no? But it isn’t quite that simple. The real story of Echo is about a servant in the house of honcho Olympian Zeus (aka Jupiter) and his strong-minded wife, Hera.

Very much like his Jupiter-in-Sagittarius namesake, Zeus is always out seeing what (and who) he can stir up a little…fertility with. Zeus/Jupiter is always into pushing his limits.

Hera? Not so much. Hera is the protector of house, home, family and ‘the rules’ and she’s not subtle about insisting that things be done the right way (which is to say, the way SHE wants them done).

So Echo is servant to both Hera and Jupiter. And Jupiter gives Echo an order: ‘just tell the wife such-and-such…’ when she asks where he is and Zeus is out philandering.

Echo does as ordered. And when Hera finds out what Jupiter is really up to, she not only has a word (or three) with Zeus, she punishes Echo big time.

Echo by Alexandre_Cabanel (1887)
Echo by Alexander Cabanel (1887)

The moral of this story is about knowing the difference between truth and lack of same. It’s about personal integrity versus cooperation. And with Echo moving into Sagittarius, this may signal a lot of lying going on…or a lot of finding out being found out, complete with retribution. Probably both.

Bottom line, this is a signal of stress and strain and a tendency to accuse others not of not understanding and ‘feeling for you’ (which would have typified recent times) but actual living up to our word and such.

Staying with this House of Olympian service theme, we next come to Hebe. Known for bringing cups of immortal ambrosia to the great and mighty of Olympus (evidently being a Greek god is thirsty work) she was also known for drawing baths and for embodying the premise of youth – hence the ‘draught of eternal vigor’ (ambrosia) being hers to pour for others.

That eventually Hebe decides to marry Heracles (Hercules) and get out of the ambrosia serving biz (leaving that to Ganymede) tells us that we are in service for a time in order to learn what service is Рbut then we move on to other things. So while youth (and the innocence or naivet̩ which goes with youth) may be eternal, it is not eternally ours.

Dionysus being about ‘sacred celebrations,’ the combination here – both moving into the ‘I Am’ (or who am I?) sign of Aries is a whole ‘grounding’ mechanism. What is the reality of our life?

That this particular shift happens as Mercury goes into three weeks of retrograde tells us that we are in for a little (3 week) think/reconsidering period about who we are and what we really want to do – or need to do in, and with our lives. We obviously have responsibilities to others. But what do we have to give if we don’t know who we are? Or if we haven’t lived up to our personal need to be the person we want or need to be?

It’s sort of an odd restatement of Echo: who are we? Are we made to simply take instructions or do we need to be someone reflective of the person we are inside?

Expect to hear and feel a lot of these questions floating around.

The last pairing is Kalypso and Nemesis…which is cause for a little pause. Why? Because Kalypso is the premise which teaches that loving someone is about them. If we love thinking its about what we get from them that isn’t about them, that’s about us!

And sometimes that means we have to let go. Or turn away. Or simply walk away. Loving someone else does not imply we have to simply serve their needs (Hebe) in any way which will do harm to us or our (Echo) integrity. And this we know – at least at an (Eos) instinctive level.

Nemesis -Alfred_Rethel (1837)
Nemesis by Alfred Rethel (1837)

Of the six symbols changing signs in these next few days, Kalypso is the only one which is moving into a ‘yin’ receptive/reactive sign. That sign is Scorpio, the sign Venus’ recent retrograde worked over so thoroughly and stickily. Hopefully we all learned something more about the Scorpio premise during that time – that no matter what we want, when we choose either (only) my way or (only) your way or what I think you should do (or want or need)…things don’t work. Like it or not (which for most of us is ‘not’!) the only Scorpio answers which really work are when EVERYBODY gets at least some part of what they need. Not want, need.

Yes, yes…Scorpio’s water sign element is all about the feeling. But given that it’s an interactive (3rd quadrant) sign which is followed by Sagittarius – a sign all about functionality – the want has to work in the larger venue. So when we want something which is only about our ‘want’ we’re still in a lurch.

Scorpio is thus all about everybody getting what they need to move forward to that goal that they desire. 

Got it?

Okay…so with Kalypso here, we can all expect a little bit of the ‘bleeding heart’ syndrome and a lot of push-pull about what need-versus-want really is.

Against this we have Nemesis, a curiously misunderstood symbol. People seem to think Nemesis is the ‘bad guy’ who rises up before us to foil our fun and frolic.

Uh, no. Nemesis is that notice (whether from a person or rule or that wee small voice in your own head) which warns you about the possible consequences of running afoul of the rules. Or morality. Or your budget.


In entering Libra, Nemesis is going to surface as warnings to us about what we’re doing. Or how we’re acting. Or who it is we’re dealing with. Or what we really need to do in order to get the reaction we’re hoping to get. That’s the ‘I-to-thou’ side of Libra.

Of course, there is that other side of Libra: who we are to others. In every Libra situation there is the tendency to project. Or to not own our own issues and thus (yes) attract that person apparently intent on raining on our parade with dire warnings.

How to know what’s true?

Well, that would seem to be the cumulative question of this moment and as we move into these next few weeks of Mercury retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse, all of which leads us into the January 2011 Solar Eclipse.

A partial lunar eclipse
photo credit: NASA/JPL (2000)

What we want life to be and what life really is…that would seem to be the question. What we want to do and what’s easy to do versus what we need to do in order to be the person and have the life we really want to have…that’s another question.

Those who make the effort and ‘use’ the energy productively – theoretically that prevents more of it coming back to haunt you.

And that’s where how human we really are shows up, yes. How we deal with so much of ourselves really on the line with ourselves…that’s the question of the moment.


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