by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, December 30, 2013

Product Astrology: JustSomeMotion (JSM) + YouTube

JustSomeMotion/Jamie Berry (Feat. Octavia Rose) 'Desire' (JSM)
(image courtesy of JSM/YouTube)

Once upon a time I was young enough to have no idea what the world was. It was just wherever I was at the moment. I sang, I wondered. As my box of personal tools became bigger I began making myself into a musician, songwriter, poet and writer.

Then I began to dance.

The story of why art became the centerpiece of a life alone (my creative salvation and sometimes prison) is a story called 'Pinocchio Girl' – the ‘other’ book manuscript on deck for 2014. It isn't pretty, but it’s honest.

Anyway, somewhere amidst my 20s I damaged something in my foot. Then I just went and broke my pelvis clean away from the backbone. Dancing - my physical fantasy and love affair with embodiment - was over.

But before that happened, I had taught myself to fly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Years and years and now half a life later, a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook. I like this person for many a bushel of reasons, one of which is her connection to (and taste in) the arts. So when she posted a link/image of a dancer where I would find it, I investigated…and instantly fell in like.

Deep, irrevocable, like.

Even more than that, I felt my inner dancer coming back to life. The sense of actually feeling music in muscles, ligaments and one's instinct to breathe isn't something you can manufacture and I've been struggling to connect back to my musical Self for several years now.

Suddenly it all clicked back into gear. I can't even tell you what it was exactly. I just recognized something in the process of his artistry. (Or at least my psyche did.) So, considering these past twisted, soul-rocker months, it isn't really surprising what I did next.

I mean, let's be real here...what do people do? 

Right. And so did I...I did what any human truly offended by their own humanity does by ‘never minding’ all that ikky, ugly, painful stuff by hitting the  'EJECT' button, admitting as I did to my highly human cracks.(Oh, and aren't we all so willing to admit to those cracks as we're letting go?)

I admit it...I wanted to be entertained to distraction. I wanted to feel myself feeling Aquarian liberation and my  inner (Leo) child Self. We all have something which gets us there in life - and for me, artistry is light, cloak, magic potion, skin and comfort in moments when nothing else touches meaning.

Even when nothing else should.

So when I met up with that first video it felt comforting and yet invigorating (which sounds sort of like a soap ad, I know...) But there I was, struck blank, suspended in that singularly extended digital moment which (among other things) certainly vouched for the video’s success with me.

I'd connected.

And as those of you who hang out regularly here at astroPPM know, since with me there is never any end of curiosity, once I found my mental breath (it had fallen under the chair) I also began looking around for more - on YouTube, I mean. (Not the floor.)

And what I found was a whole new sector of trés yummy music plus three JSM videos, all of which were uploaded (according to YouTube) at the rate of roughly one a month between December 2012 and February 2013.

Thanks for all the dates, YouTube!


YouTube lists DATES?

Had I been a truly wit-ful person I would have looked at the clock, as that was the moment when the idea of this post began to sprout (it's a data thing). But not being that wit-ful (along with not being much of a YouTube veteran), I stopped at the sight of those dates. After all, I am an astrologer. Offering me real live twitching date data is like waving a cape at a bull - or like dangling raw meat in front of a hungry tigress.

What, you expect furry, orange and striped me not to pounce? (Good luck with that.)

There being (admittedly) a very off-color term for this sort of data addiction, I forego'd said term in order to be a good girl and not annoy Google and settled for a little soulful licking of chops as I contemplated those dates - along with a tale told me by a female friend.

She swears she shops for all things shiny. You know…sooo shiiiiiiiiny.

That’s what dates are to me – shiny.

(Done digressing.) (Maybe.)

(Okay...don't count on it.)

Upon inspecting things more closely, I learned there were indeed dates for all three videos...and that one of those videos (the second one, JSM’s interpretation of Parov Stelar’s jubilantly jaunty "All Night') had at the time of my initial viewing in late November around 2.5 million views.

Not only that, but they were piling in quick. But then, this was the latter part of November and you remember that, right? Late November was when Comet ISON was diving in towards the Sun…

During that last week of November (as I worked through my agog-ness), almost half-a-million viewers logged on to watch JSM's ”All Night” (my brain records the strangest facts!)...which at first I merely considered in keeping with that infamous YouTube truth about how 30% of the videos account for 99% of all the views.

Having achieved viral status ‘All Night (JSM)’ continued to draw views at a rate far outscoring its video siblings with the correlation against Comet ISON seeming worth thinking about as after that period the rate of views appears to have slowed down again. Being no YouTuber myself...(I define ‘YouTuber’ as one who video uploads onto YouTube)(No, it's not a potato)...being a virtual novice when it comes to YouTube myself, I can only guess what Google’s analysis department (known to web types and bloggers as 'Google Analytics') says about the rise and fall of viewing rates with this video...but that's what I saw.

And yes, such things are astro-educational. How so in particular? Well...take a known product. Get it's release date and create the launch or release chart. Then (this being a basic and simple theory), because the Moon is the symbol of 'business money,' run a series of monthly lunar returns. Take those lunar returns, the product chart, an ephemeris (to check for station dates) and you'll learn a lot about your sales figures.

Apart from that, what this Comet ISON thing underscores for me is how so-called ‘extra points’ (asteroids, TNOs, dwarf planets, fixed stars, etc.) are so useful in product astrology. Some may do well without using them, but in this astrologer's opinion they're virtually vital as they provide levels of detail which are essential - particularly if you're going to be the pro whose client is going to throw a thousand qualifying questions at you.

And yes - when I considered the whole ISON thing it did occur to me that somewhere out there, the Artist was probably checking his YouTube achievements. Was he feeling a little ISON in his own life - whatever that means to him? (This is obviously when you wish you had the guy's chart.) Probably yes - and that also brings us to the difference between an artist who is IN a video (or film, or play, or...) as opposed to an artist who makes one.

Oh, such a classic twitchy astro-question!

My guess is that there would be differing views on this. All I can say is that the one which works in the section of my brain cordoned off and labeled with a big sign which says "ANDROID on DUTY" says the artist IN the video is far less likely to be affected in parallel to what Comet ISON (or anything else) times out in the chart of the artist making the video. With all love and respect for artists (especially since I am one), the first is an ingredient, the other is the creator when it comes to a product.

We all happy-happy about that now? Okay...onward!

As for the rush to view, by the time that ISON had gotten its tail (ouch!) burned off (ow!) by the Sun and crumbled into insignificance, that almost-half-million viewer leap was over.

We had all had our 'close brush with the Sun.'

Also, by the by...ISON is evidently not entirely ‘gone’ – it’s just not a ‘significant object’ wagging its space tail at us any more. More over, to use vernacular, it's 'outta here.' I gather the collective brains at NASA, Caltech, JPL, ESA and elsewhere (you know I dream in initials, right?) have figured out that the 'whip-around' or 'slingshot' effect of ISON's venture around the Sun guarantees that whatever is left of it is going to be exiting our solar system soon enough.

Hubble's last mid-November photograph of Comet ISON before it headed in towards the Sun.
(photo credit: NASA ESA, Hubble Heritage Team, November 2013)

But maybe that’s the point...? Though for general purpose astronomy and media thrill purposes ISON has had its (dare I say?) moment in the Sun, its metaphysical effect remains with us. Whatever ‘showed up’ (or showed to be true) which got our attention then remains a ‘small if continuing factor.’ We – the conscious person in our own life - in our own head, that 'each' of us is our 'Sun' - and that ‘Sun’ has ‘absorbed’ most of what had been “coming at us.”

As for JSM’s Parov Stelar ”All Night” video, now just a couple of weeks later, it has over 3.5 million views. (Last date checked: December 27, 2013.)

Against this, when I first arrived at YouTube via my girlfriend’s link, JSM’s first video (“Desire”) had around 320,000 views, and the third (“Brotherswing”) was logging in with around 180,000 hits.

As an astrologer, this is the kind of thing which gets you thinking. Obviously such investigations are generally done using the horoscope of the person, in this case the dancer who calls himself ‘JSM’ standing for ‘Just Some Motion,’ though I do think that’s one of the true understatements of the decade.

(Modesty, we applaud you.)

In thinking this through, the obvious was still obvious: by the time a company gets to be Google, Amazon or Microsoft, it’s a pretty good bet the company chart works decently well as a chart AND that it supports whatever that company’s product is. These kind of mega-giant international company charts generally have funky little to do with the chart of a JSM video channel or any individual chart of a product being distributed. However, if you work with local distributors, that may require more work. You may even want to use city or state licensing bureau (or a Secretary of State's online research data base) to find their incorporation dates.

Why? Because product charts respond to transits, returns and pretty much every other standard astrological technique we use with natal charts - and the net here explains why a product which is distributed internationally does so well in one country and so badly in another.

So what is a product chart? How do you know how to make one? Even if you get the date of a product's release, how do you know what time it went out?

That part is easy: astrology provides for the use of a noon chart when investigating products. Where to locate that chart is usually the more interesting question, especially when we consider something like JSM's YouTube videos.

Do we default to YouTube HQ (sounds like a song) in San Bruno, California?

This astrologer would argue no, since YouTube isn’t uploading the video. A product is “sent out” by an entity. By and large, that is the entity to use for the product chart even if that chart then gets relocated so that you can see how well/not well it functions in other markets.

Which gets us back to the obvious: where to locate a chart?

Just to show you I’m really dogged about this sort of thing, after a few minutes of drumming fingers on desk (it helps me think) I started exercising the verb ‘to Google,’ looking for upload dates for video #2 ("All Night") – the one which broke so big. That took me in all sorts of directions, where YouTube itself (being all properly mum and confidential) said nothing.

That got me in several circles which led back to YouTube.

(...a bit more drumming fingers on desk...)

Okay, if by doggedly following the ol’ Google Trail (sounds like a b-grade western, doesn’t it?) I ain't huntin' this varmint down, then we'll just go back to astro-logic.

Enter the map of Europe. Where in Europe these videos are shot...? I'm not sure. But I pretty sure they're shot in Europe, and that gets me back to a theory I came up with while (high)schooling in Europe. Back then, quasi-fledgling me 'created' a few opportunities to travel around on my own. (Read: I kept running away from school.) And it was during such wanderings that I came to the unofficial decision that, should an alien drop you back on Earth somewhere in Europe, you had a fair chance of knowing where you are by checking local decorative motifs.

You know - like on things like railings in open doorways (See video #1 - “Desire”).

Then again, I haven't been in Europe lately. Maybe motifs have changed.

In any case...back to the map.

I'm going to locate this chart somewhere (software requires some things no matter what), so since I don't have an exact location of the upload, I'm inclined to go for a central(ish) point and pick...Denmark.

Fine, Denmark.

Head thus stuffed with motifs, time zones and the good and noble cause of sharing what I've learned along the way about product astrology, I scanned locales and dates while making dollars-to-euros bets apparently against myself (which is odd odds) thinking about the difference between loving the movie and being inspired by something about the movie - which as you will see is important to our cause.

(I use movies because I'm Hollywood-trained, what can I tell you?)

The first is just enjoy. The secondary is developmental – and that's what we want with products. We want people to 'bond' to a product, be it me watching JSM's video or you falling in love with some particularly decadent brand of ice cream.

(Are you going to share?)

In any case…Denmark? Could be. By longitude (the important part here) it's in the region - and by appearance the dancer, he could well hail from anywhere within a time zone or so of District Denmark. Either way, since casting a chart in Aries house format takes the the location (and house descriptors) out and that's all I'm doing here, all I’m looking for is a time zone on which to hang my chart’s hat.

(I'll bet you didn’t know charts had hats, right?)

In said role, Denmark will do well. All of Europe is only a couple of time zones wide, but even with that it makes sense to pick something reasonably in the middle (taking Ireland-to-Russia as the full expanse). It’s only the Moon which could be off in a noon Aries wheel chart because of (east-to-west) longitude as the ‘Aries wheel effect’ eliminates the north/south latitude quotient. So if we pick a place like Denmark (Sweden or western Germany would do too), we minimize the margin of lunar error to about a degree at most.

(I can work with that.)

Mind you, by using an Aries wheel we do lose substantial amounts of astro-information - there’s just no doubt about that. But what you can’t get (JSM’s exact upload location representing the ‘natal’ location or ‘launch’ site for the product) you can’t get. Moreover, when I hit such road blocks I tend to think metaphysically – meaning there’s a reason for the block and I should think of the challenge (the astrology “problem,” to put it mathematically) differently.

Bottom line, what does losing
house data mean?

Without houses, we are left with only
archetypal information.

And yet…isn’t archetypal information (not to mention archetypal appeal) a.) the difference between the animate person and inanimate product….plus b.) what defines a product’s success - or lack thereof - to begin with?

To parallel from a field I have done many buckets of research on (motion pictures): if you’re going to ask what makes a movie a big hit astrologically when released at any given time, you don’t look at the actors. Or the director. None of the names count. The movie may be important to those individuals as individuals - and that would show up on their individual natal charts. But when working with a product they don’t count – which gets confusing when you’re talking about some sort of product which human instinct says is ‘them,’ such as JSM’s videos.

Astrologically however, products are products. From relating JSM’s personal natal chart to the product charts we would see how he feels about them (or his having done them, or his work in/on them). But the minute those videos are released as a product they acquire the metaphysical quality of a separate entity – which if you’re an American really truly does smack of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which said (in essence) that corporations have rights as individuals.

That’s mucho metaphysical. It’s also very, very Aquarian Age. 

Anyway…so the actor-dancer-director (etc.) who has contributed to the product cannot be identified as the product – at least not astrologically - any more than knowing that the cow which gave the milk you put in your cake was named Bessie makes Bessie a party to your cake and it’s success with whoever eats said cake. There is to be sure a natural tendency to look at any contributing artist’s chart as there is a level at which seeing how the performer (or corporation) feels about the product would seem to imply how the product is ‘doing.’ But we really have to be careful in doing that lest we confuse our search for ‘success indicators’ with something going on in a performer’s personal life or the corporation’s greater span of activity.

With movies, what counts is internal. For instance: what is the movie as a plot? What are its technological components? Do they fit (astrologically) with the sign signatures and placements in the release/premier chart and the means by which the film is being distributed? All product fields (at least those I’ve done any research in) seem to have at least a few quirks particular to that industry. In films there are specific markers which sort the blockbusters from the ‘also-ran’s and wimps. (And can I tell you how many days of reading movie plot summaries and box office/revenue reports at the libraries of the Motion Picture Academy plus several universities with terrible parking facilities to collect a hundred years of that data?)

My point is that those rules don’t work for television because theatrical motion pictures is a Leo thing and anything electronic or digital (from radio to television to the internet and beyond) is Aquarian.

Right…and all the Aquarian avenues for expression have been coming to be as the Age itself dawned through these past decades.

In any case, each industry seems to have astro-quirks, those quirks being individual to every sort of industry or type of product line. Apart from that, there are some ‘standardized’ facts – all of which come from the structure of the zodiac, bringing up the subject of inconjuncts (150 degree aspects) and that peculiar planetary formation known as a Yod.

Composed of two 150-degree inconjuncts which ‘point’ to a single position with the two branches of the ‘Y’ thus created being 60 degrees apart (in sextile, in other words).

With product astrology, the basic nature of the product’ is denoted by sign (and/or sometimes the house, but for that you would have to be using a non-Aries wheel chart). Take a restaurant. Food, as a ‘subject’ is considered to be 2nd house and basically Taurean in nature.

The first 150-degree inconjunct ‘branch’ of the Yod takes us to Libra, sign of all things appealing.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘we eat first with our eyes’? That is the Libran relationship to food and thus how food moves from ‘security through sustenance’ and knowing you’re not going to die of hunger today to to a thing of beautiful, esoterically airy (Libra-worthy) appeal worthy of ‘feeding the eyes’ (soul, mind, love affair…whatever).

If you’re a restaurant, your product had better appeal in the Libran manner. It must also comply with the Libra requirement for ‘fair play’ no matter what your pricing structure is. People don’t mind playing exotic prices (or at least that someone might charge exotic prices) for some particular kind of deliciousness which is particularly worth that fee.

That said, going back to the abstract of product astrology, it’s the 6th harmonic (aka 6th derivative sign) ‘requirement’ quality which needs to be combined with the Libra nature to pass muster.

(Or perhaps in the case of a restaurant, mustard.)

Against this we have the 8th house inconjunct – where the emotional allure comes from. With food (interestingly enough) that image comes from Sagittarius, which among other things speaks to why food which is “foreign” (Sagittarian) to any given native culture seems such an obvious way to go for restaurateurs. And why décor/atmosphere and that ever-Sagittarian game of ‘getting the word out’ plays such a huge part in the success of any food venture.

However…with a Yod, astrology teaches that it’s the midpoint between the fork of the ‘y’ and immediately in opposition to the ‘point’ of the Yod which provides the solution.

And with food, that realm – and therefore the product bond is Scorpio.

Oh yes…another expression: ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

Okay, so maybe heart and maybe through something else – but a guy’s gotta eat.

Besides, you get the point.

And more to ours is how Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Virgo substitute for Libra-et-al when the subject is video.

The product ‘bond’ is Leo – it’s when, and to the degree that we are able to melt with and inspire the imagination and creative capacity of the audience…with the term ‘creative capacity’ being expressed the Leo way – which is to say through imagination and or inner vision…which takes us back to the difference between the passive viewer and the viewer who ‘bonds’ sufficiently with the product as to become ‘loyal.’

And isn’t product loyalty everything?

All of which brings us to an interesting part of product astrology: branding. The ‘identity’ of a product is conceptually an ‘Aries function,’ which of course with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac directs us back to what the product is – the Taurean part of food and the Aquarian part of videos.

But loyalty…? This being a topic one could get a lot of debate about from astrologers, when it comes to loyalty in the marketplace the derivation indicators (in other words, where you look for your ‘qualifiers’ or ‘answers’) appear to be twofold. Some things are emotional – in my world, art is emotional, for instance.  But loyalty to a brand (as opposed to ‘branding,’ which is what the manufacturer does) that is defined as where the ‘idea’ of the thing becomes ‘fixed’ in the consumer’s mind as being one particular thing (hopefully your product). That sort of ‘fixed idea’ is an 11th sign derivative, meaning ‘where one seeks acceptance from society and the marketplace’ where the emotionality – the ‘what I feel comfortable with’ or the ‘trust’ in the product is a 12th sign, Pisces-type ‘emotional fallback’ (not to mention ‘secret love’) derivative.

In short, both of these derivatives should be applied to the Sun of the chart and the “invisible Yod’s” oppositional ‘solution point’ as well. Does your product satisfy those descriptors? If so, delineate the sign. Make sure its ruler is well placed.

Then look at the ‘extra points’ (asteroids, fixed stars, TNOs and so on). They describe qualities which must be satisfied, conditions and situations which will crop up or become factors which must coped with (or) compensated for in the life of the given product.

Next, look at any planets positioned in the derivative sign. Are they well placed vis a vis your product? This can well be a touchy question, particularly if your product is meant to ‘fix’ something as, that being true, there would be a “weakness” to begin with that the product is fixing.

(And yes, that even works with videos. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like boredom. When I get bored I want to fix that ‘I’m bored’ problem!) 

Just don’t get to complacent about this one: a planet positioned in a sign of detriment or fall can be a signatures of product liability. Or some glitch in the marketing or distribution department. It can even delineate a product which succeeds after a perhaps less than stellar market entrance.

With videos, all of this starts with being able to ‘connect with the audience in their (Leo) creative mind.’ Where theatrical films are astrologically defined as something coming from our creative mind, video (television, advertising, the internet, modern media/social networking) appeal TO that mind.

Oh, and by the way, considering how commercial film enterprises are moving towards creating specific content to be released on platforms like YouTube (and the rest of them), the line which separates high powered professional work from that of start-ups and even amateurs is getting blurred.  That ‘blurring’ of the line is exactly what the universalist Aquarian Age is about, as a matter of fact – and not just in the area of products. We each and all now are being given the chance to (Leo) create our (Aquarian) product and live that freely unique and individually creative (Leo-Aquarian) life.

Which would be why learning the astrology of products and product releases seems apt.

So polarities count in products – as does how basic elements (earth, air, fire, water) change how objects will work depending on the element they’re in. These qualities – which sometimes get downplayed in personal charts – often define whether the product fits the time or not. As well, understanding the zodiac in terms of personal, interactive and ‘public’ or “mass market” signs…understanding the difference between appealing to the mind as opposed to creating from the mind are huge in product astrology – as is the associated (and equally theoretical) issue about why-and-how films and video, both arguably very similar products – should be astrologically ‘represented’ by each other’s oppositional signs.

Have fun with that debate if you want to. To this astrologer, the fact that the whole of our planet is getting digitized and ‘going electronic’ at the moment of the incoming Aquarian Age is the tip-off.

As in every astrological age, the sign of that age goes on the Ascendant - the
'aperture' of the is it any surprise that as we move into the
Aquarian Age all things electronic are moving to the forefront of our lives?

Film is art – it’s about the image. Video uses the image as a vehicle for consumerism. Astrology’s assigning video to Aquarius (because it’s an electronic medium) defines video as a connection. So it’s about what you’re ‘putting out there’ – which is the air sign way of doing things. Air signs are the ‘hinge’ which elicits the reaction, responses and whatever form appreciation takes.

Both Aquarius and its polar opposite sign (Leo) are about ‘images’ in the mind, but they operate differently. Film success comes when the ‘Aquarian mass market image’ is created through the film where internet/streaming video (which is really what is meant by the term ‘video’ in this discussion) is the machinery of the mass market and both are defined by the structure of the zodiac – which is why I keep talking to you about private versus public and individual versus interactive signs.

Aquarius is worldly, public, pluralistic, universal. Leo is not only individual it is the heart and soul of that which is created IN or BY the individual – or in the case of product astrology, a ‘manufacturing source.’

Most to our product purpose however is the idea that if we’re talking videos, then the ‘solution point’ is Leo. And that means that astrologically, the Sun of the chart is a ‘critical’ factor – as ruler of Leo.

Oh yes…and do throw in any and all placements (from planets to asteroids and so on) in Leo. Those bear looking at too – you’ll thank yourself later.

As for that ‘point’ of the Yod which we tend to think is the focus of product success but which isn’t the ‘solution’? With video the ‘starting point’ is Aquarian – a sign much in (dance) step (no, I couldn’t resist…) with the whole ‘electronic’ mass reach, marketing, social networking and the internet world of YouTube.

Just hold that ‘Aquarius’ thought, along with the fact that Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus – a thought I’d like you to hold onto while I re-divert (can you do that/) back to rounding up this ‘where to locate the chart?’ thing.

Getting back to the idea of Denmark as the country, we’re good there. It’s a time zone thing and seems defensible because of those upload points. That decided on, since you have to choose a city in Denmark to get any chart, simply because I write high fantasy and am famously fascinated by myths, sagas and fairy tales, we’re going to use Copenhagen - home of that Dean of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen - as our Danish city.

I’m sold. So on to the individual product charts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jamie Berry (Featuring Octavia Rose) – “Delight” (JSM)

(December 25, 2012 - Noon – Aries Wheel – CET/-1)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Product astrology starts with finding the ‘thing’ as it is portrayed in, and by the chart. Taking the chart for Jamie Berry “Desire” (“Chart #1”) there seem to be three right-off-the-bat interesting things: a Juno-Sun-Facies-Medusa-Pluto chain in early (and physical) degrees of Capricorn (structure, public achievement) and a general ‘scattering’ of planetary groupings through the chart.

This latter quality is fine if you’re a person – we often see such ‘scatterings’ in the natal charts of well integrated people with diverse hobbies and talents. But in a product, focus is key. If there are going to be aspects, let them be pronounced so that they can be gotten past, over or converted into a strength through packaging, advertising – something.

Oh…one other thing about this chart? Terpsichore, muse and symbol of ‘dancing’ (whether literal or otherwise) is at 1 Capricorn.

That’s a big first clue about this entire triad of videos as products: Terpsichore is a main belt asteroid with an orbital period of 4.83 years. It’s having arrived in Capricorn is about as good a ‘debut’ for anything about dance at the public or professional level as one could want – especially with Pluto in Capricorn.

The Pluto in Capricorn period (2008-2024) is going to represent the phasing out, transformation and creation of a lot of businesses. Planets and points passing through Capricorn during this time represent opportunities for powerful accomplishments and product debuts along with equally impressive lessons in how not to do something.   

All of which brings me to Juno at 2 Capricorn, a symbol of self-discipline and investment in that which is important to us. Purely as an image, this Terpsichore + Juno is ‘the dancer taking a disciplined step’ (yes, I’m going to grow up to be a Sabian Symbol…) and with 1 Capricorn being more or less specifically a degree of ‘demonstrated knowledge’ and ‘versatility’ of structure, that supports the product.

It also seems to be well supported by JSM’s YouTube ‘liner note’:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Inspired by my great idol TakeSomeCrime, I started practicing. First just a few steps. In the beginning I thought that most of his moves are just impossible. Later I learned more and more and the first successes had become apparent.
Now... One year later... it looks like this...

Thank you for your inspiration...
Best Regards, JSM 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you were an astrologer doing product astrology and your client (JSM being our model here) came to you with the video and the above statement (worded somewhat less publically, one suspects), you would know the product is true to the chart’s primary nature.

But then we come to Juno. Juno at 2 Capricorn is not only the discipline invested to arrive at creating the product but on a more purely ‘product level’ is the need to manage all that individual standing in the world.

In other words, it’s one thing to put a video out. What happens after you click ‘upload’ and ‘post’ is a whole other thing. (Or whatever you click…I’ve never YouTubed, myself…)

There is a ‘breaking out’ which 2 Capricorn supports. But in that, Juno in this degree will also represent all which goes with being different or new against having the known and accepted paths to go by in building a product or product line.

As for product ‘qualifiers,’ Mars conjunct Eros/Kleopatra is an image of passion born of learning on display - a plus for any video and for a dancer. That this trio is placed across the Capricorn/Aquarian border (Mars and Eros in Capricorn with Kleopatra in Aquarius) is also bringing the product’s ‘strength’ to the public with a Kleopatra deftness.

Of course…there is that other part of the Kleopatra story – the thing with the asp – to think about. Yes, the perfect image of Eros passion and Mars strength-through-action is persuasive when it comes to dance. But with the Sun in Capricorn in this chart and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) conjunct Psyche (the mind) we know there are going to be at least a few tough challenges with this product which one must be ‘mindful’ of.

Considering Sedna is conjunct the South Node (in Taurus) we should also look to the Taurean ruler (Venus) for a delineation. Why? Because the nodes (north and south) are always about ‘relating to others or our world.’ The South Node is the ‘easy’ thing – it’s good to have a decent south node placement in a product chart, especially a debut product chart as that would be at least a suggestion that getting into the market isn’t going to be a battle-to-the-death hassle.

Plus we have to look at Venus (ruler of Taurus) anyway: Venus images the allure – the ‘vibe’ any product puts out there. In this case Venus is in 11 Sagittarius, a theoretically fine place for any sort of media as Sagittarius is about information in, information out – learning and teaching, gathering and putting it out there for others.

11 Sagittarius, by the by, is a degree known for skill, balance, cleverness in application and a courageous sort of athleticism…Or the courage to apply your athleticism. Or the courage to put your athleticism on display or ‘out there’ for others to see (oh, how Sagittarius, right?).

Arriving at 11 Sagittarius on Christmas Day (2012) Venus obviously ran over royal star Antares (at 9 Sagittarius) on Christmas Eve as Mars hit critical mass point, carrying this Mars ‘push’ energy into Christmas Day when in the chart asteroid Vaticana (at 10 Sagittarius) denotes a “solidification of” the ability to create what one astrologer calls ‘workable patterns’ which may not be technically original are nevertheless invested with such a degree of meaning that it will eclipse that which came before it.

To me this sounds just like what this video displays. JSM says he’s learned so much from TakeSomeCrime.

The killer here – product-wise – is Mars at 29 Capricorn. 29 is the last degree in every sign; for Mars to be here is fine in a chart which marks a result but you would probably not want it in the chart of a product you are launching unless this is the last in a series, a limited edition or something like that.

Love the song and video, though. Gosh...!

Okay…next chart – I’m skipping to Chart #3 (Caravan Palace/”Brotherswing”) here…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Caravan Palace – “Brotherswing” (JSM)

(February 18, 2013 - Noon – Aries Wheel – CET/-1)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JSM’s ‘notes’ on this video are interesting in that he cites technical problems with his camera with the Sun of this video at 29 ‘critical’ degrees of Aquarius. That many (including yours truly) love the ‘paper effect’ which resulted and think it very artistic is very much Sun at 29 Aquarius conjunct Neptune just over the line in Pisces.

On the other hand, what with electronics being Aquarian beyond all, that the camera's electronics went to 'critical max' in the contrast department achieving this 'burnout' effect is also right on target.

With a product, any release chart at 29 degrees of any sign is also a general indicator of a ‘last in a line’ quality. This can make something precious or collectible, or it may indicate the product line is shutting down totally or going on hiatus so that it can be re-introduced later.

Why the product will no longer be available (or why new products of its type and ‘of this series’ will no longer be coming to market) is generally read through the ruler of the sign in which the Sun is placed, which in this case is Saturn and Uranus as the inception/outcome rulers of Aquarius. Saturn is presented here at 11 Scorpio and is on station – with that station pointing us to the 11 Scorpio solar eclipse of November 2014, indicating a major change of direction for the possible future of this product line which would take place at that time. With the ‘outcome’ colored here by Uranus/asteroid Lilith in Aries and all which astrologically describes their circumstances, there is some question of ‘willingness to take (or) bet on’ the viability of this product as a product, especially long term.

Aries ruled by Mars in Pisces (a softening influence) conjunct Photographica (the ‘look’ of the video), Amor (the ‘liking’ of something) and Mercury all point to questions of art versus commercialism… questions which evidently never bothered video #2, RSM’s hugely popular rendition of Parov Stelar’s ever-spunky “All Night.”

But one last word before I move off ‘Brotherswing’: I love this video. There are some moments when I swear I can feel this dance in the very sinews which knit my bones.

That’s connection.

You can dismiss it by saying that you know watching humans be human touches me. It does.

And watching them be human while being artistic and mortal, displaying their mortal quirks enthralls me…maybe because it is me.

All of which neither detracts nor adds to the prime and primal validation of connection here. That’s what a video is about. What it does when it connects is the magic – and the key to success or failure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Parov Stelar – “All Night” (JSM)

(January 18, 2013 - Noon – Aries Wheel – CET/-1)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Between December 2012 – when the ‘Desire’ video came out - and January 2013 Mercury and Venus both moved from Sagittarius (where Mercury is known to ‘scatter’ its effect) into Capricorn. That meant Venus was no longer just ‘putting the word out’ but setting the bar in a greater societal and worldly light. Venus in Sagittarius is entirely apt if the product itself is Sagittarian where Venus in Capricorn is about stepping out onto a public stage or into any arena where you can be held to worldly standards and where Mercury in Sagittarius may be brilliant, it doesn’t tend to be as ‘tailored,’ cohesive or structurally seamless – all of these terms being rather in keeping between the difference between  video #1 (“Desire”) and #2 (“All Night”).

But then we get to the real astrological factors which point to this release. On this date, Pluto was at 9 Capricorn with Terpsichore (yon dance muse) at 10 Capricorn, Venus and Juno (amounting to a demonstration of talent and dedication) at 11 Capricorn and Tantalus (signifying a ‘tantalizing’ quality) at 12 Capricorn – all with fixed star Vega (denoting charisma) stationed at 15 Capricorn.

Also in this chart: Moon-Eris-Lachesis – a combination in a personal chart might indicate a lasting (Lachesis) period of feeling (Eris) unsettled and ‘out of place with one’s own world’ which would manifest either physically or emotionally (Moon). The sign here being Aries, this works as a sign of the product as having the capacity to create in a ‘lasting stir’ or to ‘lastingly stir’ the audience, which may be entirely anti James Bond, but also a good sign in the world of product astro-analysis.

However there is another side of the Moon being in Aries, that being that given the nature of the product (a video of a person dancing) and how the Aries Moon could be a reference to the performer’s physicality or the ‘physical reaction’ they have to the video’s success – as in, what they ‘physically do’ in the wake of this video. Given that Moon-Eris escalates Eris ‘shaking’ to ‘sudden jolt,’ with Phaethon (immature insistence) finishing this grouping this may be an indication that this series of videos was just something the Artist wanted to do. Alternatively (though I dislike saying it), Eris-Moon in Aries could indicate some sort of injury. The cue here coming from third decanate degrees (degrees in the sign’s third/last ten degrees) this Eris-Moon fact is more likely to be JSM’s reaction to public response – and the delighted, ‘OMG you’re good!’ sort of response of the public as they’re feeling ‘jolted’ out of complacency.

More and more as time goes along, if you’re in the media you hear this idea of needing to ‘jolt’ the audience. Oversaturation, the crazy abundance of places from which to get your media ‘fix’ have all made for a more savvy – and yes, jaded – audience.

Eris was discovered in 2003. Eris always represents something we haven’t thought of or experienced as yet. So maybe this ‘jolting’ us to the new is part of Eris’ overall function going forward as opposed to the previous (Piscean Age) theorem so rooted in Discord?

More to the product point, IF this Eris idea does work in media, then an equal Eris energetic is operational in ALL forms of products – which accounts for a lot of other product stories, good and bad. Specific to product definitions, Moon-Eris in Aries can indicate a lasting quality of ‘newness’ or the defiance of boredom (on the consumer’s part), which is definitely good for a song, a video – as well as applicable to anything from cars to clothing…maybe even hot sauce.

Just check that Mars thing. Mars (ruler of Aries) must suit the nature of the product and what it ‘does’ in a product chart.

In the case of JSM’s ‘All Night’ video, the release came with Mars in Aquarius – a definite plus for video as it would promise ‘fixed’ (lasting, enduring, long term) potential provided other things about the chart work well.

As for the Moon-Eris thing, that makes me wish I could ask all those people posting comments on YouTube whether they see something new in JSM’s dance every time they come back to see this video again. My guess is yes: Moon contacts to Eris often represent exactly that. And since Eris is going to be in Aries for a good long while yet…(I seem to remember it changes signs in what, 2047?)…I’ll just throw in what I would think of in a ‘standard’ sense with regards to viable Moon-Eris connections: the conjunction (Aries), the two sextiles (Gemini or Aquarius) and maybe the trine from Moon either in Sagittarius or Leo, although this might indicate problems with protracted product problems – anything from shortages to bad PR, you name it.

However since the sign is Aries here, this could also refer to the dancer himself, whether on the Aries physical or Aries 'Self' level. Given JSM’s statement about being occupied with lessons that could well be part of the Moon/Eris product reference here. After all, Aries is fairly famous for its stop-and-start tactic: a hurtle out of the starting gate with excessive strength of brilliance, the first ‘flame’ of which tends to waver when the reality of life first hits.

Some of us (she says, her Aries Ascendant taking no prisoners…) pause and come back.

Some of us – and some companies - just decide we have other priorities. Some other product should get our investment and support.

Moon-Eris cannot be ignored in this chart. With the ruling Mars conjunct Damocles-Kalypso at 18 Aquarius there is an ‘isolation’ factor suggestive of what is loved too much and being loved too much which as with many artists creates a duality of difficulties – the brilliance of the art against the artist’s ability to deal with public reaction to their art.

At some level there is a chain of factors presented with this picture which is about ‘consequences’ which are costly to learn. Oh yes…and this Mars at 18 Aquarius follows Icarus (haste) at 17 Aquarius, a degree which displays both the need and tendency to ‘escape’ normal bounds and which if frustrated can indicate problems – even physical-emotional (even psycho-sexual) problems in a natal chart. (This is where as an astrologer you get happy you’re working with a product and not a person.) This gets into the ‘other side’ of Mars in Aquarius – the ‘fixed’ quality which if you think of it as a sticky valve (which wants to stay where it is, whether that’s open, shut or dripping) indicates a ‘fixing in place of the (Mars) action’ because this chart is more or less ‘unsolved’ at the Leo end.

Remember? Video, as a product, requires a ‘Leo’ solution. And if we look at Leo in this chart, about all which is there is Circe the enchantress whose talent reduces others to ‘a mere animalistic state.’

Okay…so if we follow that, where do we go?

Leo is ruled by the Sun and like much else in this chart that means we need to look at the Sun exactly conjunct Mercury at 28 Capricorn…with 28 Capricorn as the highest numerical degree any planet is positioned at in the whole of the chart.

That rather tells us that this Capricorn Sun/Mercury as ‘where this ends up.’…it is the ‘numerical’ end of the line and result here. Yes, there is the inordinate power nexus in the Pluto-Terpsichore-Venus-Tantalus sequence. After all, it is coming from the degree Pluto will have gone retrograde at in April 2012.

And that’s sort of like firing a rocket with giant boosters on a remote-delay ignition timer…speaking of which, this ‘set’ of videos ends (with JSM’s release of the ‘Brotherswing’ video) when Saturn was at 11 Scorpio – the degree of the November 2013 solar eclipse.

Such things make astrologers like me wonder.

The raw appeal of the Pluto-Venus sequence funneled through Capricorn speaks to ‘charismatic achievement’ with an appeal based in some sort of  visceral (Tantalus) almost indefinable reaction – not to mention Terpsichore as muse of dance. In fact, since we would guess that a lot of different kinds of products were released on this date, provided they ‘dance’ as artistically in their own field, perhaps they will have done as well.

I, however, choose to be amused by the idea that among other things, Capricorn is the sign of human structure, our bones and the ability to have ‘standing’ in our field. (What, like a person standing their demonstrating their art?) No, I know nothing about anything with regards to dancing (except stamina) which would be Capricorn, but the fluid lankiness of the dancer’s movements do seem to call attention to his structure – even if it’s through his grace of ability not to have to be burdened by it.

You may think all that just admiration. And yes, it is. But it is also astro-delineation matching the product to the planets.

Still and all, probably when all is said and done the most important signature in this chart is Sun/Mercury presented in ‘fusion’ at 28 Capricorn, a degree known for confrontations with weighty matters and responsibilities which arise from where you are in life.

Because Capricorn and Aquarius are both ruled by Saturn (remember way back up somewhere in this, The Post Which Ate Greater Paris I was talking about this…?) and particularly because this is a business (i.e., Capricorn-Aquarian) question we’re discussing, this Capricorn Sun/Mercury ruled by a Saturn in a sign (Scorpio) ruled first by Mars (and then by Pluto as the symbol of the Scorpionic ‘outcome’)…we are pretty much directed back to the Aquarian Mars sitting at the ‘point’ of the Yod.

BTW…: If this was the Moon we were talking about, you would follow it back too. Why? Because much in keeping with the Moon’s implications in a personal chart/natal with regards to nutrition, bodily functionality and food as ‘what we take in,’ so in a business (or product) chart, the Moon is always an emblem of ‘business money.’ Sign, house (if you’re using timed, location-validated data) – it all counts.

As for that Mars, when we look at Mars in Aquarius as a modifier of the Sun (through Saturn) it becomes the societal, social and (oh yes, by the way) income stuff of life. With Damocles-Kalypso (the thing which gets a lot harder once you get into it and only your real love of the thing is going to carry you through) lurking nearby and centaur Nessus at the end of the numerical chain, one might well think ‘product life’ or the ‘life of this product’ was an effort started prematurely or without full preparation or consideration.

There’s just some ‘missing link’ or (airy Aquarian) thought “missing” here – at least at the time of release. On one hand Nessus’ position promises a fairly swift education, which in business is sometimes good and sometimes dreadfully painful.

Then again, Nessus at the end of a chain also indicates ‘it could be done/happen again.’

Which is where I’m going to stop this discussion. (Shocking, yes – I know.)

Okay…well I’ll stop after I say that it is the completion of this Yod through various things in this chart - hinging on the Sun’s rulership of the Yod ‘solution’ with the Sun at that ‘highest degree’ in the chart which gives you half the information. The other part is of course that truly telling Venus-Pluto-Tantalus-Terpsichore-Vega chain which ultimately (by sign) “leads” to that Sun.

It all first together. It ‘works’ – which is what you want from a product, right? Products must ‘work’ for what they are. So should their charts.

One other item: if you begin working with product astrology you will find there are periods of time when it just doesn’t seem that things line up at all. Considering some of the objects we’re talking about take hundreds of years to go once around the Sun, you probably don’t have time to wait for them to be in ‘perfect’ position, either.

Probably twenty years ago I sat in the gracious and expansive living room of one of American astrology’s great, great names – Marion March. Marion was hosting classes at her house in those days, and a feisty teacher she was, at that.

She would hate the work I’m doing these, frankly – she was just not an astrological modernist. But she did say one thing I’ll never forget. Standing in front of us impeccably dressed and bristling with energy, she surveyed her gathered class and raised a finger of warning, informing us in her strongly accented if clearly enunciated English of a fact which comes first, last and always in astrology:

There are no perfect charts.

Such is life, too. Life imitates art, art is a manifestation of life and all exists as the unfolding of time space.

We’re all products, if you ask me.

More to the sense of this post however (you’ve read this far, right?)…give me just a bit more and you may see why I stopped delineating when I did.

I am coming from somewhere about this – and it isn’t just the back side of Uranus.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What this post is/has been is realistically just a… well…dance through the basics of product astrology. It came upon me to write it pretty much just as noted, after which I got to thinking about how at some level we're all entrepreneurs in this incoming Aquarian Age.

And maybe as people we always have been. But as I've said's the awareness which counts in such things. We now become aware as we get so many new technologies which afford us the opportunity to be on an equal footing (dance or otherwise) with everyone else in the world.

That's Aquarian universalism.

If you want to learn product astrology, I suggest practicing on some known winners and losers – that’s how I did it. I started with film and television because that’s what I was working in, and I still work in it, so it still gets my best share of product work, though I have branched out substantially. (That’s how it became evident that each industry has it’s ‘success quirks.’)

Also - as for release or launch dates, not everything is as handy and easily researched as it is on YouTube (give or take upload points, but that's okay). From experience I can report that many companies are perfectly happy to give you the date if you write and request it, however. (Ah, the beauties of email!)

At the most general level, just remember: to get the right answer to basic product success, start off with the right Yod – which is where books of astrological keywords (there are lots of them – I use Munkasey’s ‘Astrological Keywords’) come in. No – you don’t have to know everything. Often, you just need to know what book to look in. (Or which astrologer to ask.)

While I was writing this post it occurred to me that with the onset of the Aquarian Age, more and more of us are going to be going into business for ourselves, establishing our presence online in some way – and so on. If you understand that astrology works because it is a general cipher for time-space then it becomes evident that the opportunity to pick the date, location (and time, in many cases) to launch a product or start a business is akin to being given the opportunity to choose a natal chart. Granted, no chart is perfect, but as JSM’s video’s have demonstrated, there are energetic ‘street signs,’ if only we choose to read and heed them. was December 23rd by the time I got this post set up, and my thought was that because this is my 'New Years post' I’d leave you with an Extra Credit Question. I know a lot of people who read astroPPM know astrology at various levels, so I'm just curious...I wanted to hear your theories.

Or at least that's where I was on December 23rd when after thinking about the many viewer comments asking for more JSM videos.

So I concocted the following question:
Is there any astrological way to use these three video release charts to determine whether (or) when there might be more releases by JSM?

That was December 23rd, mind you.

And after December 23rd (in my world) comes December 24th - Christmas Eve.

So there I was on Christmas Eve morning having barely reported to my computer with coffee cup in hand when the mail shows up.

And the morning email starts with a cheery little missive from YouTube.


Yes it was a Christmas card, but YouTube was merely playing postal Santa for JSM, who had just uploaded a new video.

Aw shucks, guy. Here it was...barely twenty hours after the digital dust had settled on my setting this post up the first time and....

No, I didn't gag on my coffee (What? Waste good coffee?) And yes, from the moment I saw that email I knew I was in for a cavort through what was at that point the last third of this here-now post.

And still I laughed.

(They're all mad, I tell you!)

Why did I laugh? Well...if you remember Mars opposing Uranus on Christmas Day, that means the 24th was the start of all those sizzling Uranian "crossed wires."

Despite this, I didn't spark or short out. I was a bit startled - but not entirely, for reasons I promise to explain in a second. In the meantime, YouTube had notified me that I needed to be (Uranus) flexible and get my (Mars) Self back to the typewriter (I apologized profusely to my paws) and make (Uranus) changes - namely those you are reading now, which reminds me of HOW important it is with any kind of 'event' (or electional chart - product or otherwise) to check for stations within 3 to four days of the nominated date.

And since there are no coincidences, I guess JSM's upload was meant to remind me to tell you this. (Bravo - synchronicity at it's most digital.)

As for what I did 'know,' that goes like this - and this is theory work. I don't know of anyone in astrology working with this stuff in depth.

It's basically the quality of working with that 3-D continuum we call time-space. As we work with time space astrologically (which is to say numerically) it really is just pretty much math. Exotically long-winded math? Maybe. But really just add-subtract-divide math.

And that means you should be able to do all the normal math things with any time/space 'positions' once its tendered numerically. Essentially this is the theory of Davison relationship charts - a chart which isn't you, isn't me, but a chart of the relationship as it exists expressed as a mid-point in time and space between your nativity and mine. Davisons have been around (that I know of) for about thirty or forty years. They're accepted. What I do with them is the experiment - though I haven't seen it fail yet.

Here's the theory: since we know the original three videos (or you can use any 'established sequence' of products) they become a 'unit' - if this were television we might call it JSM's 2012/2013 "season."

So we take those three charts and, using two at a time, get them folded together as Davisons, ending us up wit one 'unit chart'...which would be this, a horoscope I'm calling the 'JSM 2013 3-Video Davison' to distinguish it from anything/everything else:

 JSM 2013 3-video Davison Chart (version 1 - simple wheel)
January 27, 2013 - 11:00 p.m. CET/-1
(Aries Wheel - Location Not Specific)
JSM 2013 3-video Davison Chart (version 2 - extra points)
January 27, 2013 - 11:00 p.m. CET/-1
(Aries Wheel - Location Not Specific)
(Yes, I know...the way I fold and staple time/space like some toy you'd think I was performing time-warp origami.)

Anyway, you run detailed transits to the Davison. And by treating the 3-video chart as a form of time/space "natal chart," you should be able to watch natural time patterns (transits) apply and unfold.

You know...the sorts of things which could be very useful for planning advertising and such.

The funny thing is...when I originally cast this Davison (somewhere around the 15th in the middle of compiling charts) exactly this question of 'is JSM going to upload another video at Christmas?' came to my mind.

People, after all, tend to act in cycles too. It's why we like birthdays. More to this case, I saw the transits to the Davison chart on December 24th and 'knew.' (Trust me, this was an interesting moment of conversation at my desk). But since I try to keep experimental stuff out of the blog, when I originally penned this post I left that out.

And now I'm confessing. And yes I know, more research needs doing.

One last note on this chart before I traipse on...I particularly like how astrologer Dane Rudhyar ends his comments on the Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Davison chart (8 Aquarius: A flag is seen turning into an eagle) with 'We have here the ACTING OUT of a vision."

How better to refer to a dancing video created by the dancer himself? 

As for the chart for the latest release - Parov Stelar's "Josephine" (JSM) - it looks like this:

Parov Stelar - "Josephine" (JSM)
(version 1 - simple wheel) December 24, 2013 -  noon - CET/-1
(Copenhagen, Denmark/Aries Wheel - Location Not Specific)

Parov Stelar - "Josephine" (JSM)
(version 2 - extra points): December 24, 2013 -  noon - CET/-1
(Copenhagen, Denmark/Aries Wheel - Location Not Specific)

...And here is the link to the video. (Does that floor ever get dirty? Maybe floors just respect dancers more than the rest of us and stay clean for them?)

Parov Stelar – “Josephine” (JSM)

And yes, it's such a nice gesture - a Christmas gift to the world. What's not to love?

Beyond that, if anyone wants to take a shot at the above chart to delineate the future of this video and/or outline some theory on how it might apply to the three-video Davison, Extra Credit points are still up for grabs. So let's have those theories and explanations!

Before you go hunting though, allow me to just tell you: Terpsichore is at 23 Aquarius. (Yes, I know you're going to look. And if you do, remember that Terpsichore is as much about the ability to perform as the form through which one is performing.) More interesting to me personally would be that the North Node, then Saturn in the 3-Video Davison have just been eclipsed.

Not that I'm anything but the astrologer around here to say such a thing...(pays way too much attention to an unbroken fingernail). But a girl's got to hint about what a girl's got to hint about!

Whatever all that comes to I wish JSM well while extending my best to you and yours in - and for year 2014. I hope you find a few of these ideas helpful either now...or maybe down the road. If you’re planning on opening a business or putting a product out into the world, I invite you to try them out – or by all means, find an astrologer familiar with product astrology to help you with your release or product launch.

There’s an expression in the real estate business which most of us know: location, location, location. Product Astrology (as a subset of Electional Astrology) changes that some, but the theory is pretty plain and by applying common business-astro sense (such as using solar charts to look ahead at possible business) thus we begin to realize that not all times are ideal for all products and work towards making the best of what we currently have available.

After all, what is a chart if not a location in the vastness of time/space? And when you get to elect when that time is, isn’t that your opportunity to use the real estate reference in getting the best time/space address you can get?

And now to a few disclaimers, thanks and huzzahs…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Legal and Retail Stuff

Music by Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace is in wide distribution. Music by Jamie Berry is available online through SoundCloud (

All rights to videos, music and performances belong to the artists as posted on YouTube and elsewhere.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


To JSM (should you ever read this post),

Hopefully you understand it would never be my intention to marginalize your artistry (or you as a person) by looking at your video performances as 'products.' Though you and I don't know each other, being someone familiar with Hollywood’s media ‘machine’ and wary of being turned into a ‘commodity’ myself (by anyone, the reasons for which will like as not be more real once the book talked about above – ‘Pinocchio Girl’ – gets into people’s hands)...and I can just imagine what might have happened when ‘All Night’ went viral. I hope you’ve met up with only the good parts of public awe and admiration. (And that your studies are going or have gone well.)

Speaking of education…as for this post, my aim is to show people more about what astrology can do and to pass along theories and techniques. Hopefully in time everyone will learn more about both science and metaphysics and benefit from studies like this, so my thanks for your patience and kindly tolerance in the meantime.

To you personally, my lasting gratitude – from one artist (and person) to another. Thanks, guy. The dance is wonderful, your willingness to put it out on YouTube gets my applause and I totally 'like' your taste in music. Grazi, merci et danke!

- Boots

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a Vibrantly
Fabulous 2014, Everyone!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *