by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A 25 Gemini Full Moon

A dancer (name unknown) photographed at the Laban Dance School in November, 1929
(photo courtesy of the German Federal Archives)

Upon realizing that the December 2013 Gemini Full Moon would occur within hours of Uranus going direct, my first mental response was ‘uh-oh…’

Then I realized that this is a GEMINI Full Moon. An air sign Full Moon. So while the Full Moon may bring the ‘how deeply I feel about…’ to high pitch, the avenue…the means of release is going to be airy.

And that means fervency. Or perhaps distraction. Or the blinding glare of one of those ‘light bulb’ moments – which I say even if Aquarius tends to be more light bulb-ish than Gemini.

The point here is that it is the idea OF the moment which is likely to be highlighted by any such air sign Full Moon. So if we think of Uranus as not the intention to create the explosion but the energy which erupts or which is vented or liberated at the moment of explosion, this suggests that the Full Moon at 25 Gemini which will occur at 9:29 a.m. (UT/+0 time) on December 17, 2013 - spare hours before Uranus goes direct at 5:40 p.m. – is either going to be a doozie…or that it is going to indicate an event, a moment, a recognition, a decision which in turn leads to Uranian or Uranus-type energetics.

So…what is this about, this Full Moon/Uranus connection?

Associated with anything which could remotely be associated with ‘dancing’ (a fact I rather love, having during this lunation fallen back in love with dance, something I haven’t done literally for decades) 25 Gemini can manifest literally or, if we think of the whole Full Moon/air sign concept it could manifest as a moment which makes us ‘dance’ or (having fun with the concept here…) which would make our head ‘spin.’

Nimble brains, nimble (Gemini) feet and hands, deft thinking, timely statements, taking advantage of opportunities – anything which is about our mind’s ability to ‘dance’ is apt here. There is a quality of being willing to compete also present in this degree, but here the competition is much more in fun than at other times, much more about simply doing what I can do because living is so often a process of feeling ourselves operating at the mental level – that getting it done, that seeing it all come together, that seeing the advantage in some particular direction or plan.

So this whole incoming Uranus station could be a very productive time.

We can also say that, according to the timing we are being given (the UT/+0 timing of the Full Moon preceding Uranus’ doing direct) that since the Moon’s phases often tend to act like ‘timing’ mechanisms - AND since station theory tells us that anything which happens prior to the actual moment of the station pertains to something yet to come where things which happen after the moment of station tend to refer to that already done coming to fruition and/or winding up…

…all of the above tends to move us towards thinking of things yet to happen. And that there are things yet to happen.

Incoming: important changes or shifts of direction. (Flexibility suggested.)

On top of its ‘dancing’ quality, 25 Gemini is additionally known for intellectual skill, far-sighted visualization, high levels of concentration (or in this case perhaps ‘concentrated focus’).

Quite the list, eh?

One other (curious) note to add here: this degree 25 Gemini that we’re talking about? It’s not all that good in business.

 Fractured, fissured, unique and starkly impressive, moon Miranda lives up to the
iconic and unbounded reputation of its parent planet, Uranus.
(photo credit: Keele Astrohysics Group, NASA)

Which I guess means we had all best watch what stage we’re dancing on. The big challenge metaphysically seems to be utilizing the ‘broad specter’ (and generally impersonal) Uranian energy at the same time as the very personal lunar energy. How to do that?

This is indeed an odd combination. One way to handle it is to do something which affects many, remembering that when we get to the ‘general’ and ‘those I don’t know personally’ we’re in Uranus territory, which combined with Uranus as being associated with electricity gives us the perfect image of the internet.

So…knowing I’ll make YouTube very happy by saying this, if you know of any dancer with a video to release, you might suggest they consider December 17th as their release date. I have a whole other post about such things warming up, but for now, this is a definite Full Moon concept.

And remember – the metaphysical concept of ‘dancing’ is about deftness and ability, not how well you tap your toes. The lunar (feeling) idea here is rhythm. We want things to function in a rhythm, and where our life rhythm is together, all goes well. Where it isn’t, it doesn’t go well. That may be something we’re conscious of…then again, we may not be.

Which is a whole other way to see this time.

What do I mean by that? Just this: if you think things are hinky-dinky and this isn’t a time when you feel like things are opening up for you and all such joy? Then the answer is ‘think bigger.’ Think beyond the bounds of Self or the bounds of what you know now. Make your circles bigger, not smaller. Think more about the quality of what you do – don’t let yourself be distracted by what others are doing, saying or may not like.

Uranus is always about changing the status quo. So some of what happens now comes from what your status quo is as an individual. It’s an odd quirk that…how Uranus represents the very heart of the impersonal, the mainstream ‘idea’ as well as the individual and the need to be unique and differentiated. And one of the things this Full Moon may do is bring us to understand how both those qualities are important. In other words, if your life is out of balance you’ll find that out through things which happen or the ideas which now occur to you. And from that, you’ll begin to…you know…change. And you’ll do it because you know this is the (Moon) time to do it. You’ll do it because you know that it’s (Moon) the time to (Uranus) change and get more with an ‘individual program’ (there’s that Uranian and 25 Gemini ‘dancer’ sort of ‘trained stricture’ for you) which will get you where you want to go.

Of course as we say that, it bears reminding that ‘purely’ individualized Uranian energies can be disruptive. And that’s a fact which speaks well for that which we have planned over time, but is a little more iffy for those spur-of-the-moment things. They may be innocent enough, but will everything they touch off or which you encounter along the way be so benign, pleasant or easy?

Mind you…none of this has to be even vaguely problematic, nor does it have to be productive. With Mercury traipsing through Sagittarius there is a lot going on whether that’s in the world, in your life or merely in your head.

With Venus about to go on station in Capricorn this Full Moon moment may indicate a ‘breaking’ with what you’re doing – a stepping back, a taking your leave, a going on holiday vacation. Seeing this is Venus we’re talking about, everything which goes into the transacting of our social/societal mode is on the table now. And with Uranus in this mix, that would seem to start with suggestions about electronic banking (digital finance) as well as things like power grids, electronics in general and deeds of commerce, tracking and travel.

But it’s more than that. There’s an aura which comes with this image of the Full Moon which suggests the need for careful planning and how plans carefully played may have gone astray – and how now is the time to embark on a little reworking, refining, making sure things are working at they should, particularly at any ‘structural’ level.

And with that notion we get a few particulars which are probably best seen by starting with a chart of the Full Moon itself.

So we have Moon opposition Sun here with the Sun at 25 Sagittarius, a degree which in simplest human terms is most easily defined as our ability…and maybe our tendency to get carried away by ‘the idea of the thing,’ whether that’s personal or societal or maybe having to do with some ideal, some story, some proposal, something you’ve heard, some foreign culture or image, some body of theory or law - anything Sagittarian.

Given this, we’re either ‘dancing’ because we’re “faced” (opposed) by someone who is carried away with something… or perhaps by the results or consequences of our having gotten carried away…who knows. There will be some tendency to (Gemini) mentally isolate our (Moon-ish) selves in what we would like to (Moon in Gemini) THINK is true…and if that means we have to ‘blame’ or project onto someone else in order to square things with our Self…?

Yes, some of us will do that, much to the consternation of others who will – of course – see them as the person who is getting carried away. (See how that works?) Then again, some of us will examine our own (Moon) thinking (Gemini) in order to see what isn’t working and not whether it could work, but whether it’s likely that it will work, given ‘other’ parameters.

In other words, it’s not unlikely that some clarity or perspective which wasn’t apparent before will now crystallize. This would be very in keeping with Uranus (and therefore Uranus’ station), though the more sudden and ‘bubble-bursting’ your ‘clarity’ is, the more that will tend to ‘shatter’ (shatter being a Uranian term) some piece of your status quo.

Juno in Aquarius trine (blue line) the (Full) Moon at 25 Gemini asks what we have surrendered in ‘dancing’ for society. What this trine represents is a lever, with the question being whether life is controlling you and where you are or aren’t using and/or embodying your most universal appealing or ‘profitable’ attributes. Not highlighted (but certainly in this image) is the trine from Juno to Saturn at 18 Scorpio, an unfortunate notice where and if you have preserved or protected moral cowardice.

Meanwhile, the Sun is also trine Eris.

With Discordia (Eris) at 21 Aries, this brings the ‘carried away’ energetic into an unimpeachable connective with “a disturbance or shakeup” which has to do with the desire to be open (so as to be appreciated and validated) against a sensitivity which can well be detrimental and a naiveté prone to…well…getting carried away (over influenced would be another way of putting this).

Eris is in Aries. That’s personal. That’s about us. That ‘me-ness’ will surface in whatever ‘department’ of the chart 21 Aries falls in natally for you. (And if your astrology skills are up to adding in where 21 Aries falls in your solar return and current lunar return AFTER you relocate this Full Moon chart to your own town to see where the Moon falls, so much the better.)

But this is no ordinary Eris in Aries moment. (As if there is one?) No, this Full Moon has Eris in a t-square.

This t-square originates in Eris (in Aries), squares at Jupiter/Lilith in Cancer (which sounds like a rejection of/by others - or perhaps rejection of some factor regarding one’s family, culture or upbringing) and is ‘rewarded’ by Ceres at 17 Libra – a ‘plan’ with regards to others personal or impersonal (Libra).

And that plan involves some sort of communication – which itself is very Gemini. Said communication can be kind or snarky, loud or soft, giving or demanding. It can encompass anything. With Eris in the ‘I/Me’ sign of Aries, chances are there is a ‘need to do’ or ‘act’ involved here though there is a chance that this t-square could involve waiting until some sort of something which has been ‘denied TO you’ is made available, arrives, is delivered or…(yes!)…connects to you or communicates with you.

Or until you are willing to deal with it. Those who are in a ‘dealing with it’ position at the time of this Full Moon are particularly likely to feel restless or distracted, barring anything else. Through this time, knowing you have attended properly to the ‘basics’ that life requires of you or ‘demands’ is also important.

Note: the term ‘demands’ does NOT refer to finger wagging or deadlines, rather that which you need to do in order to keep life in decent order. You know…like turning off the bathtub faucet so you don’t cause a flood. 

(Yeah…that stuff. Mucho mundane.)

On a greater scale this t-square is, at some level, an expression of the need we all have to ‘get over ourselves’ about something. What that is? That’s up to you. On the whole though…if we deal with this Full Moon-Uranus time not so much as something so (Aries) personal as akin to a rite of human passage, we stand to benefit at least by understanding what we need to do and why we need to do it. After all, Uranus (plus) Moon on the astrological level means nothing less than ‘profitable mortal evolution.’

You know…ours.

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