by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, December 7, 2012

Astro-Observations on Egypt’s Morsi

President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt (right) with the UK's David Cameron
(photo credit: Stefan Rousseau, Open Government License v1)

I was watching the news today, and there was a story on the unrest in Egypt. So, though it took a bit of doing (mostly geographical) but with the fracas going on in Egypt, it seems sensible to look up the chart for Egypt’s President, Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi was born August 20, 1951 in a small town north of Cairo which you’ll find listed some places as El-Adwah, but which is actually Al-Idwah. (Such changes are common when moving from Arabic to English.) There being no birth time available, here is his chart cast as an Aries wheel.

 President Mohamed Morsi
August 20 1951 - Al-Idwah, Egypt
(Time unknown, Aries Wheel)

Morsi came to the Egyptian presidency as of June 30, 2012, just a few days after Venus went direct at 7 Gemini and a month after the solar eclipse at 0 Gemini.

That solar eclipse trines Morsi’s Saturn exactly. It also sextiles his natal Mars (at 1 Leo) within one degree. That – obviously – says these two planets are in aspect, which they are. The aspect is a sextile, and that sextile describes President Morsi as someone capable of understanding others, and equally capable of wanting to, thinking he should and being willing to impose his will on others.

Interestingly, this same eclipse is also in an out-of-sign opposition to President Morsi’s natal Juno. Positioned in late Scorpio (26 Scorpio) and conjunct Tantalus, this would seem to be the trip wire which has now been tripped as Juno/Tantalus in late Scorpio is all about being willing to do what is necessary FOR others, with that you do TO them (or against their wishes) being a fatal sort of error.

This would be emphasized in Morsi’s having taken on the Egyptian Presidency by the Venus station/turnaround. Though there is no planet in Morsi’s chart at this degree, Venus having gone direct at 7 Gemini would be conjunct Aldebaran (integrity) on a global level. And since 7 Gemini is conjunct Morsi’s Moon/Eris in the “I Am” sign of Aries, thus we have a rather perfect demonstration of how Eris functions well when we fight for social causes and not so well when we try to do only for ourselves. Conjunct a strong Aries Moon (which would give Egypt’s President a very self-prepossessed quality anyway) this would of course backfire the minute he announced that he was giving himself additional power.

That trouble has broken out now seems not startling, considering that November’s solar eclipse at 21 Scorpio would have smacked the President’s Juno…and (oh incidentally) his natal Edisona as well.

He had a bright (Edisona) idea? Solar eclipses tend to bring out anywhere in our life where we have strayed from propriety or proper behaviors. One guesses that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

The next act should happen fairly quickly as Uranus will be going direct on December 13th at 4 Aries, conjunct Morsi’s Moon/Eris. 4 Aries is also within the 5-degree standard orb to oppose Morsi’s natal Saturn.

It hardly sounds like a moment for him to be taking a bubble bath.

One other interesting note to add here (this being not a conclusion-loaded blog post, just an observation) is that President Morsi has Chiron (retrograde) natally placed at 26 Sagittarius, a very (very) special degree as that was the degree of the Galactic Center when he was born.

This Chiron of his is in a grand trine with the Sun in Leo and Sedna in late Aries.

And that means – in particular the Chiron part of this? – that Mohamed Morsi is a man who tends to see his vulnerabilities (and probably his mistakes) more clearly in retrospect. His Sun, being conjunct Circe (being under the spell), Deucalion (finding the moral path), Lust (over-focus) and Amphitrite tends to say that (Amphitrite) he can persuade himself of many things…and that he is capable of feeling entitled to creating rules for himself. Especially with Sedna involved, this will tend to have him putting himself into situations where he involves others. And given the grand trine, this is not a dynamic (life habit) easily broken.

However…Jupiter opposition Neptune…this is also not a man who can wholly count on others. It’s to be sure that he has been betrayed and lied to, probably to the extent that part of why he does what he does in making up his own mind about what he’s going to do is at some level, a defense mechanism.

There is one other thing to note here: the North Node is currently transiting 26 Scorpio – the degree of Morsi’s Juno. Since the Nodes always represent society or relationships or our relationship to society, what with all the eclipse action it’s not surprising that this would be a time when things are in an uproar. As the North Node counts backwards to 25 Scorpio (which happens about the time Uranus goes direct) that will have the North Node conjunct Tantalus.

The mythic Tantalus was punished – severely – for his acts and bad choices. The crux of that punishment was not about what he did to humans, but what he tried to do to Olympian gods who came to his house for dinner. (No, you don’t want to know what he did!) In astrological terms, what this refers to are the esoteric questions of how others react to us when we take advantage of the opportunities we are given in this life.


Juno is about the ability to ‘govern’ one’s ‘home.’ It can be about how we run our real world home, yes. But more often, depending on sign and house of placement, it’s about whether we’re at home in our skin or ‘how clean we keep’ our mental home – our basis for thinking.

This isn’t settled, no. And unfortunately, we have no birth time for this nativity. But it would appear that in the world of being a ‘ship of state,’ President Morsi will right, or sink himself.



  1. Great analysis of a chaotic and troubling situation Boots! Also, as the N. Node clicks into 25 degrees Scorpio and Uranus goes direct, there will be a new Moon (new beginning) next week Dec 13th, at 21+=22 Sag.( A Chinese Laundry). Dane Rudyar says of this degree, Self-containment and integrity of collective identity. The movement toward democracy must include all "the people"(Moon) with the same cultural background to survive in a changeable environment (Uranus direct), so to forge a collective identity for good of ALL the people. Lets hope to see this fledgling democracy be all inclusive to take flight, otherwise remain a broken winged bird.

  2. You're absolutely right about the New Moon, which will be at 21 Sag 45, and that will set off Morsi's Chiron. HOWEVER...considering that his Chiron is so tightly bound into the natal grand trine, I doubt we'll hear anything promptly - that would be the "retrograde effect" from the Chiron. But I would expect that New Moon to start a new "clock" of "re-considerations" in his world...or NO reconsidering, depending. Sun/Sedna being involved in that natal trine makes me wonder if this is a man who can let go once he latches on to something he wants - "wants" being the operative Leo (Sun) word.

    In his chart I wouldn't take the Moon to be 'the people' per se, because it's in Aries - I'd think the Egyptian people in his chart are far more likely to be the Nodes. But Eris/Moon in Eris, trine his natal Mars DOES make Moris an excellent spokesman FOR the people - and obviously when he stopped fighting in their name and instead turned around to "rule" them (fight their will to be individually free) that flipped Eris into its more destructive mode.

    Which is a lesson to us all, no question!

    As you probably can tell, I wrote all this while listening to the news. A longer and more in-depth examination of this situation is probably merited and should involve the current chart of Egypt and the chart for Morsi taking power. I'm thinking of posting a question in a public pro-astrology forum to see if anyone has Morsi's birth time, too. One hopes he finds a productive path forward for himself and the Egyptian people and their nation - for me, that's the bottom line.