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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dateblog: January 2013

Year 2013 starts out with three planets (Sun, Mercury and Pluto) in Capricorn. That’s the reality of the astrology and about the reality we live in. We’re conscious of life’s realities (Sun). We’re (Mercury) thinking about what we need to do and all that’s needed to achieve our daily aims. We know there are (Pluto) facts we need to contend with and what we choose (or don’t choose) to deal with will in time determine how things turn out.

For the first few days of the month, Venus is in Sagittarius (orange) and Mars is sextiling Venus (at least by sign) from early Aquarius. It’s a sign of our having hope that things may yet work out but that there’s a lot which still (Mars) needs to be done and a lot depends on what else happens in this world.

It’s a bit of a recipe for ‘shall I…or shall I not?’ Do we base what we do on what others do? Or do we do what need to do in spite of society and other people simply because we need to do what we need to do?

Eris going direct on January 8th gives us a January 6-10 ‘window’ of indecision, interruptions and for many, general irritation. Venus getting to its critical Sagittarius point just as this occurs indicates our having to deal with that ‘dream’ we had which is now meeting up with life’s realities and many a situational consequence we have to contend with.

 Speaking of dreams, the Melk Benedictine Abbey Library in Austria is
definitely this booklovers' dream!
(photo placed in public domain by Emgonzalez)

Fortunately the New Moon (which is in Capricorn) will put many on the road to ‘getting the job’ done. A New Moon in Capricorn is great for motivation but not always great for waiting long enough to have all the ducks in the row, so watch out for stray details which may trip you up later.

On January 18th, a handful of TNO’s change direction, indicating unexpected events. Those who weather this day of ‘storminess’ through sorting through the feelings which are evoked rather than focusing on those parts of life they don’t control will do themselves a big favor. With the Sun and Mercury entering Aquarius a day later, seeing the ‘Big Picture’ and being the person who does their part and is appreciated/rewarded for same (as opposed to those who go in demanding their ‘price’) is the way to generate traction and forward momentum – an idea which comes to be ‘highlighted’ with the Leo Full Moon early on January 27th.

A full moon sets over Lanai in Hawaii
(photo credit: Vossman, April 2008)
For some, this will be a very self willed moment. For others, respect will be gained through showing understanding of others and ongoing circumstances.   

The last ‘act’ of the month goes like this: Jupiter will go direct - in Gemini – on January 30th. Granting Jupiter the ‘standard’ two days before, two days after “station window” which seems so useful, that means the Jupiterian ‘turn of the tide’ (or twist of fate?) mirroring our sense of proportion begins on the 28th – just as the North Node conjuncts Sedna. This is an indication that some of us NEED to let go of some sense of personal entitlement…AND that we can do so for the choosing.

How will we choose?

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