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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

American Poli-ticking: Senator Mitch McConnell, Chart USA and the Cosmic Clock (redrafted post)

 Senator Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell, Jr.
(Official US Senatorial Portrait)

The US just held a big mid-term election. In this election, some of the Congressional power shifted out of the hands of the Democrats and into the hands of the Republicans.

Some things, however, remain the same. One of those constants is that Senator Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell (Jr.) remains one of the most powerful men in America. And thus, probably in the whole of our world.

Here's the chart for Senator's McConnell's birth date...


Senator Mitch McConnell - February 20, 1942
(Aries wheel - no time or location known)

With no known time of birth or specific town of birth, this chart is drawn as an Aries wheel - with zero degrees on every cusp. That's so that we don't think of this as a 'real' or complete horoscope. Not having the birth time for Senator McConnell made me think to it sensible to post this chart without any Moon - the Moon (with house cusps) being the most variable object in any chart.

As I went to do this, I realized I might be giving many a person quite a chuckle. After all, the Moon stands for (among other things) feelings. and how many of us think of politicians as heartless?

For the record, the Senator's Moon is either in late Aries or early Taurus. But without a time, we can't be sure.

Anyway...this isn't a blog about politics. Not even about  political aspirations. This blog is about how astrology works.

And why would this make Senator McConnell's chart such an apt pick for examination? Well, there is how the Lunar Eclipse of this past week (December 21st) focused on the Senator's Gemini Betelgeuse/MakeMake in opposition to the figure of Medusa as found in his chart.

This also suggests many things, among which may be  how easy things can seem in theory...but with Betelgeuse equaling ease and MakeMake being about bringing things into being...perhaps the Senator had a realization about how big a gap there was between legislation as proposed and that which got passed?

Or maybe...given Medusa sitting in opposition to the Moon of this figure (and thus conjunct the Sun, figure of vitality and life energy) he came to some new  recognition as to the difference between conservative theory and real life resurrection of the US (and world) economy?

Medusa is always a 'frightening truth.' It's one of the core precepts of the Medusa myth as a whole. (article on Medusa). But whether we 'see' Medusa or we 'are' Medusa...or that which we need to face represents the 'frightening (Medusa) truth'...that is always the variation.

This Lunar Eclipse has seemed to be a universal turning point in many a person's life. It isn't Medusa to all of us, but it seems to have been a moment of recognition which presents us with a struggle about who we really are, who we want to be, who we should be - or who we won't be happy not being.

Considering this was a lunar, not a solar eclipse (that is yet to come, oh joy!) there's also that lunar/monetary note which would be applicable in each of our lives, yes. But certainly a huge factor in the life of a powerful US Senator.

So...did Senator McConnell find out some 'fearful' truth? Did he realize something in his life was far more 'costly' than he (or his family, or his nation) could afford?

There is also how the Senator is a wealthy man who  holds power in a nation (and world) where millions are trying to keep the roof overhead and food on the table. Does the recent shift in Congressional power and/or some of the legislation signed at/around the time of the Lunar Eclipse have revealed something problematic? Is it personal? Is it Congressional? Is it national or international?

As the 2010 turns into 2011, a Solar Eclipse will hit the Senator's Lust/Vega - a 'charismatic championing of that he is fixated on.' This is a curious image in that it pictures the Senator's fixation on something which just as power shifts in the US Congress is proverbially 'wiped out' by the Solar Eclipse.

The opposition points to this Solar Eclipse? Those are  curious too. The Senator has Huya/Sirius in direct opposition to this eclipse.

Huya is a TNO - one of those objects orbiting waaaay out there beyond Neptune. But it's also a Plutino - a cousin of Pluto (yes) which by definition is under the orbital magnetic resonant control of giant blue Neptune.

In operational terms, Neptune is idealism vs. illusion with the question always being to what degree we deny our ego (1), how deeply we are vested in our ego (2), or whether we are able to acknowledge our ego, but be in service to others (3).

It's kind of the Goldilocks thing. It's odd, but where Neptune - and all things connected to or controlled by Neptune - are concerned, martyrdom and total self sacrifice doesn't work. Nor does being totally vested in our 'vision' of how things are "supposed" to be.

Neptune precepts require realistic acceptance. And thus anything controlled by Neptune begins on that basis.

Huya is an interesting example of this as Huya appears to be a quality we learn through great trial which we then use for the benefit of others. A 'rainmaker' god, Huya asks that we 'make rain' (improve things) for others and thereby become the recipient of their appreciation - or good times in general.

If you know anything about US politics, this could make you wonder as regards Senator McConnell, especially when we add in Sirius the dog star. A much beloved fixed star, Sirius teaches that small things can have big consequences and that sometimes we have to put our personal pleasure aside for the benefit of others. Or in this case, maybe a nation. Or the world.

 US Capitol Building, Washington DC

Being that Solar Eclipses begin their work six to eight weeks prior to the actual event, I leave it to you (and the pundits) to think about what this means as regards a major Republican player in the US Senate.

But the real reason I thought it was interesting (and maybe important) to post this blog (which obviously met up with a little Mercury retrograde snafu - hence the re-post) is because come Gemini time 2011, we will have the first of two Solar Eclipses (and one Lunar Eclipse) inside of two months.

This first Solar Eclipses will occur at 11 Gemini.

And Senator McConnell's Jupiter...? It's at 11 Gemini. Moreover, this Jupiter is in a perfect trine to Mercury-Icarus at 11 Aquarius.

Mercury-Icarus is a 'too quick' to say or act or think signal if we ever saw one. Being in Aquarius, we can bet this is social,  societal, economic, systemic....or having to do with acceptance. What we 'do' in an Aquarian setting often causes our star to rise...or fall.

Aquarius also signifies every type of system from schooling to plumbing to governance to electricity, communication or humanistic.

But it's Senator McConnell's Jupiter being conjunct Pandora and Orcus which makes this all so...worth note.

Pandora is that 'box of ills' which curiosity gets us to tinker with despite knowing that we shouldn't.

Orcus is a symbol of the consequences for things done which can't be undone.

Considering that eclipses (particularly Solar Eclipses) tend to reveal things which are hidden and wipe out things we have decided to rely on even if we know we really should be doing something else...what does this mean?

Does an eclipse here mean McConnell's beliefs will change in some dramatic or drastic way? Maybe. And lets not forget - eclipses manifest in many ways. Personal, professional, public and private. So we probably won't ever know the whole story (unless he writes a memoir) ...but it's likely we will see some of what this very public figure encounter and does.

Again...counting on the fact that Solar Eclipses tend to start manifesting six to eight weeks in advance, what with this Gemini Solar Eclipse being scheduled to happen on June 1st, that suggests we should all set our political alarm for early April - pretty much right after the equinox and Aries ingress.

Again, this is neither vote nor comment for, or against the Senator. We are just all about to see how astrology works. A cosmic clock is ticking, and as we all know, the cosmic clock waits for no one!

A few words here to those arguments about whether the lives of celebrities are "public property." We're not doing that. Major political figures are certainly people. But what they do (or don't do) can literally change our world. Those charts, we deserve to watch.

Jupiter is a symbol of knowledge, the intrinsic rights or correctness of justice and judicial proceedings...and a prime if not primal indicator of wealth. Without meaning a whit of insult to the Senator, this eclipse will affect him...and thus America as a whole.

One more note here...which is probably the benefit of this blog having gone through a Mercury retrograde rewrite. Remember Chart USA, the chart of modern America as (re)unified at the end of the Civil War?

 Chart USA
 Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, VA

The second of the 2011 mid-year Solar Eclipses will occur on July 1st at 9 Cancer. This hits the 10th house (governmental) Mars of this Chart USA. That 'early April' political alarm we talked about also syncs well with the 20 Aries Sun of this chart.

Oh, hmmm....the next solar return for Chart USA (which  takes hold on April 10th) will be an interesting one. Meanwhile, a whole series of blogs was written on this chart. You may want to go back and read some of them to get a feeling for how the Mars of Chart USA really works. Here's a link to PART ONE.

Of course, the synchronicity of Solar Eclipse #1 hitting the Senator's chart and Solar Eclipse #2 hitting the 10th house of Chart USA may be coincidental.

Then again, this is not a very coincidental solar system. So this April-May-June-July is likely to be say the least!

By the by...if you're a regular at this blog you know how this post went up, and promptly got pulled back down. My civics was a little off (I'm so not a poly sci major!)...but maybe in the interim, it's taken on even more focus.

One hopes, at least. you know, the real reason this post went back up was because of an email I got from a reader named Fong, who wrote to tell me what the blog had meant to her (and through her, her family) and to wish me luck with being a book author.

But besides all that, she'd missed seeing the post on Senator McConnell and was a little sorry that had escaped her.

It was all very lunar eclipse - as this past week or so has been for me and countless others. Not only had I gotten in touch with my own feelings but in communicating what I had realized about myself, I had connected better with others. That's the universal sort of meaning we associate with eclipses. The Lunars are emotionally based, the Solar Eclipses, more life and 'the theory of life' intellectually based.

So Fong - here's the re-post. I hope it was worth the wait!

A final few words here: for more on Huya, here's an article on Huya posted at Daykeeper Journal. And yes, it has occurred to me that maybe a look at the charts of other influential politicians could prove educational.

If I can get there, I will.

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