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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Uranus goes Direct

Uranus Direct

This is going to be a really wacky post. Maybe not to you, but to me...yes!

But then, it should be. Why? Because Uranus symbolizes all which is odd, funny, bizarre, shocking, surprising, unexpected or unconventional.

Uranus also represents the heart and soul of all which makes us unique. So my version of wacky shouldn't be your version of wacky. (And if it is, leave me a message - we should talk!)

More importantly, that 'odd, funny, bizarre...etc.' list should imply something else - the part of Uranus symbolism most important to us individually: the more comfortable, complacent or married to some 'business as usual' status quo we may be, the more disorienting, disruptive and sometimes disturbing are the effects associated with Uranian timing.

Ah yes...a little good with a edge of 'oops!'

Of course, this news can't be all that entirely unexpected. After all, since there is restlessness, anxiety, shocks and surprises good and bad in this world, something astrological has to stand for it in symbol form, right?

That 'something' would be Uranus, the planet which rolls around the Sun like some giant, icy bowling ball. No being upright and spinning like a top for ol', this planet has to do everything differently.

Interesting how astrology noticed that close to a hundred years before scientists understood that sideways would be the way planet Uranus rolls, don't you think?

And whether we're stale, bored, feeling limited or cooped up...or if we're totally dug in and refusing to change our ways...

Anyway...this comes down to one of those quirky life rules - namely the idea that we don't get to go through life redecorating the same old rut!

That's actually how Uranus got explained to me when I was just a young, pencil-pushing naif of an astrologer. Uranus, he said, will at the very least make sure that you change ruts once in a while. 

And what happens in your life, how Uranus manifests for you, that has a great deal to do with how you deal with or embody the principle of change. You're going to change. So what does it take for you to evolve?

Some of us need enough pressure to rip us out by the roots. Or blast us out of our hard-headed mindset.

Whatever it takes, that dynamic gets logged in under the Uranus column. And just in case you're one of those people who really likes being footloose and free, without a care, unbound by rules and unfettered by repetition?

For you, Uranus represents a whole other basket of goodies. When Uranus comes along in your life you get confronted with the need to build, structure and adhere.

Got the point? Whatever you are, Uranian forces are what it takes to effect change. It can be fun, or it can be fearsome. You can feel like your on an adventure of discovery or being thrashed by a trash mill.

What's the purpose? Uranus is ultimately about growth. About keeping ourselves fresh and vital and interested and (oh yes...!) interesting! Heaven forbid life should be boring. Heaven forbid WE should be boring!

But sometimes we are. Sometimes life is. And that's when you feel Uranian energy as an itchiness, an anxious restless nervousness which won't let you rest. People who don't deal well with Uranus as well as people who have it prominently placed in their chart know this energy really well. All too well, most likely!

As for the rest of us, the Uranus urge comes and goes like some unbidden prompter: life as an anarchist, cattle prod or surprise party.

And let's not forget - what you call anarchy may well be what someone else calls a party. In such differences lie the friction which leads to discoveries of a hundred different types...some about other people, and sometimes about ourselves. 

In a wacky little nutshell, it's all Uranus. And now at a Uranian 'turning point,' don't be surprised if 'turnabout' becomes fair play. That's most likely if Uranus' taking a station at 26 Pisces aspects your chart square on, but considering that Uranian moments such as this one often needle many and shock a few, don't be surprised.

And what else does Uranus going direct on December 6th at 26 Pisces tell us? Besides how Uranus in the latter part of Pisces can produce quirky humor and a lot of bizarre choices...besides that, there's a couple of other things.

First is that circumstances which may either ignite changes or french-fry us emotionally are in progress. Twenty-six being a third decanate degree, like all third decan degrees of any sign (the third decan being the range between 20 and 29) ...we aren't in control of what happens. We just get to react.

And given this Uranus in Pisces - a very emotional sign, one can figure there's a lot of feeling and reacting going on!

Then there's the fact that this is Uranus symbolizing the types of changes going on. Many will be unanticipated. Some will be just shocking. And some will involve that which cannot be predicted.

Some of us will rebel at changes now. How DARE anything change! Some of us will just be enormously and inordinately upset.

But who are we upset at?

Lest you get into finger pointing (which is likely to be very, very tempting for some!) whoever or whatever you would be pointing your finger at - be that a person, company, system, rule or anything else...that's not in control either. Life, changing times, evolutionary forces - if you were to be able to ask, you'd find every one of these folks and entities think life is on their back too.

The whole idea that nobody is wrong can be totally shocking. Then again it can be illuminating.
It’s all a little like lightning.

Lightning_hits_tree by NOAA (2001)

Lightning hitting a tree – photo credit: NOAA (2001)

Another aspect of the specific degree here (26 Pisces) is that by nature it is emotional. Pisces is a sign which tests not just our emotional standing, but our ability to deal with emotions – ours, and those of other people. Part of this test is just our emotional tolerance – do we feel safe enough to allow ourselves to feel or be emotionally vulnerable or involved? Can we do that and still maintain perspective, maybe as a parent, spouse or friend? How about as an emergency worker, health caretaker or in some sort of crisis?

Where we are weakest, that’s where life tests us – life’s purpose always being about making us bigger, stronger and more adept. Where we’re strong, we don’t need to grow. Or maybe we’re maxed out in our growth potential.

So life always prods our vulnerabilities.

Is that fair? No! But is that life? Yes!

Plus…not to put to fine a point on things, but  Uranus is going direct in an exact semi-sextile to Neptune/Chiron. That’s a pretty good description of an extra-special test. Or even testiness, in some cases! Neptune/Chiron can be the need to go without. Or the need to care. Or the need to ignore how much you really don’t want to deal with the truth.

It can also be the urge to damage the Self, whether through self sacrifice or an abandonment of hope. So don’t be surprised to hear this is a trying time for many…that would be natural, actually, considering this ‘turn of events’ is also one made to call upon our compassion.

The good news is that if we actually try and deal with things which crop up now we can even surprise ourselves with how capable we really are.

And yes, there are those who will be disappointed to realize they can actually ‘do’ what they’ve been trying to avoid doing!

It’s a funny sort of moment, this one….

webUranus in a comparison with Earth and Earth’s Moon
photo credit: NASA

At the bottom of it is a curious sort of problem posed by Neptune/Chiron being specifically in Aquarius with Uranus being in a Piscean degree which has a reputation for being centered on two things – materialism and religious beliefs, either of which can now be taken to, or defended as of one’s very life is at stake.

That this station takes place at 1:51am (UT/+0), only a few hours after the Sagittarian New Moon occurs at a degree also known to focus on money (especially when people aren’t able to get beneath that to the real question of values)…this would tend to say that issues of the moment center very much on values. What are they? Do we agree? Are we in sync with others on what’s important and what’s merely a flight of conceptual fancy?

Whatever happens, that this station takes place in the weeks prior to an eclipse and with Mercury about to go retrograde cautions us not to act in haste, lest we repent in leisure. What happens now may lead us to considering a few regrets in life yes, but better that we should work through them thoughtfully and come to a decision as to how to proceed in life than to do something now we may regret later.

Remember, it’s okay not to know. Considering all that’s going on astrologically, this would be a time when like as not we simply won’t know all the answers. Admitting that may seem dangerous, but so long as it’s honest…

…We can’t be happy in a world or a life where we aren’t honestly dealing with what's true, realistic and forward looking. Good, bad, ugly and glorious, this is a revealing time and a time which reveals stuff not about ‘them’ …no, no matter what we'd like to think think (or what we’d like them to think!) the reality is that we're the ones who need to change.

All of us. And how shocking is that! The joke is really on us if we get it here - and it's absolutely on us if we don't get it that it's what we don't deal with in and about ourselves which are our own worst traits come to life AND what fosters all we say is so bad, sad and regrettable.

It's our world - so the world doesn't have to change. We do!

(And so ends my odd blog on all things odd!)

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