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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dateblog: January 2015

January 2015 by Sign
In terms of personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), January 2015 begins with three of the five (and we really shouldn't count the Moon in this discussion as the Moon changes signs about every couple of days) in Capricorn - a sign known for looking ahead and working to carry out plans ... and alternately, for loses (often of stature or reputation) and the reality of life's consequences and world/worldly responses - either for what we've done prior to now or what we're in the throws of doing (or trying to do) now.

By January 4th, that 'solidity' of thrust ... that's going to begin to change. It may not be obvious or evident in any giant way, but as Venus and Mercury move into Aquarius (with Mars already in Aquarius) the emphasis (and thus our mental space) is going to stop being so absorbed by or focused on hard facts and more prone to considering (read: zeroing in on) and responding to things as being relative to other issues, matters and details - much of which is going to be  basically pertaining to those eternal things which form the basis for our life: home, family, mortality ... the land, sea and sky, and all which comes from, or abides in any such location.

Just keep thinking 'basics.'

That shift (the shift in thinking and focus) is going to alter the flow of things. Mars in Aquarius - in pragmatic terms - often represents the motivation to get something done on a broadly unified scale even as it tends to impact, fragment and break apart that which may still be cohesive, but which no longer serves a positive function in that state ... which makes what's going to happen now in many ways dependent on what  what we have come into this period doing, feeling, and being motivated by. With Pluto having just entered the shadow of its 2015 cycle there are things which are going to change or be transformed - some of which at least are going to reflect Pluto's ongoing approach to fixed star Vega, charisma's star. That Pluto isn't going to conjunct Vega (exactly) during 2015 is actually a sign that more and more is going to change and that many of the things we have been 'enchanted' or moved by in times or years past are on the move. They're going to change - and no one can stop that change, insistent though they may be.

For the Mercury watchers (that would be most of us) there's another interesting note to attach to this Mercury-entering-Aquarius moment ... namely that as Mercury enters Aquarius (Venus having already done so), that's also the same date that Mercury will be entering its retrograde shadow as the Mercury retrograde which begins on January 21st (UT/+0) at 17 Aquarius will in time back down to 1 Aquarius - and from 0 to 1 degrees (the movement of one degree) is something Mercury does rather swiftly.

The net of this takes us back to that 'subtle shift' of attitude, 'vibe' or perspective mentioned in terms of Venus and Mercury exiting Capricorn in the sense that though there is a tendency for much of the world to hit the ground running on January 2nd (even if the Orthodox Church hasn't yet celebrated Christmas, meaning their holiday season isn't over yet!) ... that this year that 'hitting the ground running' is going to be colored or affected by the fact that pretty much the whole of January 2015 is going to be a 'hurry up so we can slow down' (or stop) exercise which will manifest in any of a billion ways, hastening and hustling us through the first couple of weeks so that come the 21st, we know what we're attending to.

Or at least waiting for. (At least that's the thought.)

 January 2015 by Element
And it's not like we're likely to be entirely unjustified. Looking at the month by element, both planets most associated with the rise and fall of lives, regimes, religions and plans in general (Jupiter and Saturn) are now both in fire signs. Added to that, Uranus is also in a fire sign, and since all three planets are in separate signs, what we have implied here is a grand trine (ongoing and virtually immutable) flow of energies which we will be living with until Jupiter exits Leo this coming August, describing a period of time where we can change things and change our approach to life (our 'relationship' to our world) ... or we can have our world thrust change upon us.

(Take your pick.)

That Uranus is going to perfect its conjunction to the lunar South Node this month promises fractious relationships, startling news/events and a number of personal breakthroughs - some of which may be fairly breathtaking (though what that means is individual - some people gasp long before others do!) ... and that it will do as Uranus - which is now in direct motion - is going to be beginning to "close in" on slower-moving Pluto in anticipation of perfecting the Uranus-Pluto square which has been with us now for quite a while symbolizing eruptions of uncontrollable, transpersonal events which are quite literally changing our world.

That square won't perfect until mid-March. But let's just say that the closer we get to Uranus perfecting its conjunction to the lunar South Node (which occurs on January 19th), the more flexing and innovative thinking is going to be called for not just in external life and in terms of what we do (or choose to do/not do) but in who we are - and because this event is currently traversing degrees 12, 13 and 14 of respective signs (with the conjunction of Uranus/Node occurring at 13 Aries-Libra)(the South Node being in Aries and the North Node being in Libra) this entire month is likely to be particularly focal for anyone who with natal placements at one of these degrees in any sign... if particularly (she says, thinking of people in the news) those among us with primary chart indicators (Sun, Moon, Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/Nadir) at 13 Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, followed by those with placements at 13 Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and/or Scorpio.

The first group will face or be facing issues directly. The second group will be facing them obliquely, which is to say that because 'Thing A' happens, 'Consideration B' becomes important.

As to the nature of this particular ripple in the works, this transit - Uranus/South Node - is about a 'shake up' (or shift) in how we relate to our own nature as well as that of others. And though the likes of those news makers (the two I'm thinking of being politicians) and myself (my Midheaven is at 13 Capricorn) are likely to be particularly impacted on a core and/or internal level, there are going to be plenty of things floating around for everyone to be bouncing off of (or around about) - all while possibly getting bruised by, or through the process of participating in doing all that relating, relational or relationship tra-la.

Also: none of this is optional. If you're thinking you'll just put everything on hold or hide in some mental (or other type of) hole, you certainly have the choice to do that but the world (that thing you're supposed to be relating to and working on your relationship with?) ... the world will have moved on without you, which brings this all back to the most important thing I ever heard one of my astrology teachers (Robert Hand, as it happens) say: use the energy wisely, lest it use you unwisely. 

Plus that's not all ... (she said, well aware that she may be sounding a bit like a late-night infomercial, which is ridiculous seeing as I'm about as bad at sales and marketing as any human being has ever been) ... January is also playing host to an approaching square to Neptune (in Pisces) by a Saturn which is newly in Sagittarius. That will set in virtually as soon as the new year dawns (read: on January 2nd), and it's likely to be felt as an on-and-off 'haunting' awareness which we're all going to also be contending with not just this month ... and not even just into March, as in the case of the current 'ramping up' of various Uranus/Pluto square pressures and situational anxieties. 

No ... with Neptune-Saturn, we're not getting off that easily: this transit will be with us in various forms through November of 2015, promising all sorts of issues having to do with habits and things we are habituated by - and the many forms of 'addiction' which riddle our lives and world, be that an addiction to a substance or a belief or a perspective on sex, love, work, money, power, violence, happiness, exercise, food, politics - or anything else. Saturn-Neptune contacts being always about reality versus hope and facts versus denial in favor of something "prettier" (or at least more appealing), this is the sort of lengthy square aspect which we would expect to manifest both in our lives and through things in life which effects lives on a global and somewhat 'indistinct' (or) 'impersonal' way or scale.

The Saturn side of this brings the effort to structure, restructure, limit or withstand to the table where the Neptune energetic will inspire ... and then again, also dissolve, whether 'dissolution' or 'dissolving' means eliminating that which stands between you and something (or two separate things) where the elimination of some factor, thought, issue is taken on either because of a depth of feeling which is not only not about the Self (Neptune = lack of personal or individual ego) or because that which we have been sure of comes to no longer function or serve a positive purpose.

Mind you, any of this can be positive: squares ask us to balance different functionalities, much as an engineer balances the substance and structure of a wall against the structure and function of a ceiling. Then again, any of this can be detrimental. And all of it (or any of it) can be hugely informative, most of all as to what the realities and facts really are ... as opposed to what we might want them to be, or what we were hoping they were or would become.

All of which is far more about us than others or our world ... which is probably worth a thought or two.

And fortunately (read: whether we like it or not) Mercury retrograde is going to donate just that dynamic to our universally human personal cause.

So we are going to be learning something going forward. But what are we about to learn - and learn about?

Monday, December 29, 2014

You Were Searching ...

Fixed star Alcyone as it appears in in the Pleiades Star Cluster
(photo credit: NASA, ESA, AURA/Caltech, Palomar Observatory, November 2009)

It being the end of this calendar year, I thought to write something a bit different ... something totally about you, the readers - and what’s been on your mind.

And how would I know what’s on your mind?

If you’re just a casual blog reader (which is to say, you’re someone who doesn’t write a blog) you may not know what goes on ‘behind the scenes.’ (And it’s certainly not necessary that you do!) But there are a few interesting noodles in that pot. For instance - when you set up a blog, not only do you get all the software tools needed to set up posts (or at least all the tools your blogging platform thinks you need) ... but at least at Blogger, you also get access to several pages of fairly non-exotic analysis reports.

Before you get worried, none of that data is at all specific. We-the-bloggers don’t know who you are, nor where any given comment is coming from.

But one thing they do give us is a list of search terms - you know, those things you type in your browser’s search bar which brings up the slew of options. Depending on what site you choose, a lot of those sites get ‘one liner’ lists of what you were searching for.

Yes, it’s data collection - if in this case (which is to say in the bloggers hands) harmless data collection ... unless you’re unhappy to know that from all I’ve seen it seems nobody uses capitals when they type a search string!

Anyway, those searches are the motivation for this post. I have a list of search terms and am just going to take a shot at answering or commenting on some of them. Who knows, this may even inspire some highly creative future search strings - to which point I have to warn you about one thing: Blogger (Google) only delivers about thirty characters (including spaces) ... which means a few of the missives I’ve collected got cut off, which is a shame as one or two of them looked intriguing.

But if you don’t know the question ... hey, it’s hard to write an answer.

Also - a little disclaimer here. Charts are a unified and connected set of factors: we are not solely our conscious (Sun) mind any more than we are fully defined by the (Mercury) way we speak, what (Venus) flavor of ice cream we prefer or what (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) things have happened to us along the way.

That said, I do love your search terms. So let’s try this on with a first handful of search terms ...

Pholus in the 11th House Natal
Pholus is a centaur. So as with all centaur symbols, its effects are first and last about our ability to deal with our own emotionalism, particularly when we have (or have had) any amount of factual or intellectually based training which could (and which maybe should) be what we rely on as opposed to flying off the handle or otherwise throwing the calm-minded baby out with the hot (or at least overheated) ‘idea of the thing’ bath water.

Specific to Pholus, this centaur quandary becomes a choice: as we choose to not take some challenge on thoughtfully, we imbed ourselves in some position about what ‘should be,’ ‘should be done,’ or how things ‘should work.’ Yet in doing that, we limit our Self by choosing not to use some ability we have worked hard to learn. Were we not so wrapped up in some emotionally protective position (which can but doesn’t have to have anything to do with how truly important or not important the issue is) as to instinctually fall back into older habits we would recognize the thing we aren’t doing is more important or far-reaching than that which we are ‘sitting on’ (or holding on to).

And as in mythic terms, that bias itself is poisonous - at least in (or to) the moment.

Taking that to the eleventh house, adding in the house concept adds the issue of Pholus either as that which drives us to cling to or retreat from (or possibly wall out) some idea, person, group, organization or other ‘collective’ which we ‘belong to’ or are ‘seen as’ (social groups, our society, a company or business association, etc.), all of which have to do with ‘fitting in’ and/or being identified and/or rewarded for what you do as an individual. Given this, Pholus in the 11th can manifest as whatever those feelings are which prompt us to hang back in spite of our ability to do, help or connect with others - or with some challenge or situation.

Or it can be the experience of having others (those we want to connect to) refuse to help us or join in some cause which ultimately proves ‘fatal’ (not necessarily literal) to something or someone’s aim, belief or position. Pholus in the 11th can even point to attributes and ways in which we sabotage our Self by not bringing our best understanding or knowledge or ability to the table because we think there will be some advantage to us in hiding it. 

2017 Eclipse Area of Path
There will be two solar eclipses during the year 2017. The first one will be at 8 Pisces and the second will be at 28 Leo. Here are the eclipse maps:

Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 (UT/+0) at 8 Pisces ...

an Eclipse Map for the Solar Eclipse at 8 Pisces which will occur on
February 26, 2017 at 14:59 (2:59 p.m.) UT/+0

... and the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (UT/+0) at 28 Leo.

an Eclipse Map for the Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo which will take place on
August 26, 2017 at 18:31 (6:31 p.m.) UT/+0
Mars opposition Ixion
Without reciting the whole Ixion myth (a post on which you can read HERE), in short Ixion represents some lesson or standard that we don’t learn or refuse to accept or hold ourselves to which, after multiple incidences, ends badly (for us, that is).

With Mars in opposition, assertion, assertiveness, actions, anger and/or ‘injuries’ (however you see the term) becomes the means by which Ixion is ‘set off’ (i.e., triggered) - and that could be your action or anger triggering your own ‘I don’t care I want it anyway’ Ixion tantrum, it could be someone else triggering you, or it could be your choice to do or say things which triggers someone else.

If this is a natal chart placement, as with all natal placements it’s important to note the sign on the cusp of the houses Mars and Ixion are both placed in, and how well or unhappily the planets ruling those signs are in the given chart. If one of those rulers is well placed and the other is badly placed that will tend to ‘color’ this configuration either positively or negatively, and with Mars being a personal (self motivated) symbol and a planet (not an asteroid, not a dwarf planet - a full-fledged planet!) it is likely that any native with this placement is going to face issues about control, through how this manifests will be individual.

Wherever we see Ixion we are going to be prone to some degree of feeling helpless - at least now and again. Ixion’s placement (by house) also tends to say something about where we tend to not like having responsibility. The real positive of this type of configuration is that with Mars in opposition there is an in-built ability to govern the Self which is admirable and often successful even if others fail to flourish. But signs matter a lot here. Given that Ixion is currently in late Sagittarius and how Ixion moves rather at a similar rate as Pluto does we know that there are a lot of people with Ixion in Scorpio out there, and if Mars is in opposition to Ixion in Scorpio, that’s going to mean Mars is (in all likelihood) in Taurus - a position which in opposition to Ixion wouldn’t have Mars-the-Assertive in its most altruistic mode ... and which could easily result in displays of defensiveness which are not the act of the noble warrior defending others but much more about personal feelings of vulnerability.

Does the Alcyone Star Change Over Time
The nature of fixed stars as star symbols doesn’t change over time any more than the symbolic meaning of Venus changes as it moves from sign to sign or degree to degree. Astrology is in some ways very much like playing with a color wheel: if we think of Venus as yellow and it’s in some sign we think of as blue, the result is green - which differs from what we would get if (yellow) Venus was in a “red” sign, which would give us an “orange” result.

So no - the meaning of Alcyone, a star which is both a mystical influence and one which is connected to the ‘point’ of any choice (i.e., its result or consequence) plus whatever ‘judgments’ evolve from there, some of which are likely to be strict or restrictive in nature.

As for its rate of motion, Alcyone moves slowly from degree to degree as all stars do. Currently positioned at 0 Gemini, Alcyone reached that degree in 1999 and will remain positioned at 0 Gemini until the year 2070, lending to the Alcyone ‘nature’ some measure of 0 Gemini’s habit of starting on the ‘dark side’ (or in some sort of “negative mode”) before improvement occurs and a more productive/positive note is adopted at a (Gemini) thinking level - a quality those with natal points conjunct 0 Gemini (i.e., between 25 Taurus and 5 Gemini) probably know a good deal about!

Sexual Aquarius Man in Lilith
Apart from the fact that this search snippet sounds rather like a personals advertisement, I admit it - I’m perplexed as to how a man (or a woman, for that matter) can be “in” a celestial point, be that Lilith or anything else until there comes the day when humans are residing on asteroids - in which case, I suppose someone could live underground (rather like hobbits do) and thus they could be said to be living in Lilith.

File under: intriguing but unanswerable.

Venus is in 3 degrees of Libra
When I see a search term like this, I always wonder whether someone is trying to look up something in their own natal chart or if they’re trying to understand someone they like (and who they probably want to like them).

Be that as it may, this is Venus in one of its two signs of rulership - so this is Venus in a potent position by sign, whether or not that potential tends to play out well, or not so positively (that part of the question being answered by where Venus is in the chart, the ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house Venus is in and how Venus is aspected by other planets and things like the lunar nodes).

As for 3 Libra, this is a degree likely to exhibit some of the unique or “alternative” qualities we associate with Black Holes as there’s a giant Black Hole at 1 Libra, so don’t look for this Venus to manifest as marked preferences for the classic and traditional  unless everybody else is decidedly non-traditional. Beyond that, this is one of those Libra degrees which calls for connecting to that which is supportive without taking away the necessity to act, lest nothing happen. 

Handled properly and supported by the whole of a productive chart, 3 Libra (and thus Venus in 3 Libra) can be a signature of achievement and success ... it just doesn’t guarantee it.

Aries Nasty Facts
When I saw this search string I laughed. I so wasn’t sure whether someone was looking for information on what their flaws might possibly be ... or if they were looking to hassle some personally known Aries person.

In any case, let’s be honest here - every sign has a nasty underbelly. That’s just the nature of internal sign polarities just as it’s the nature of opposition sign polarities.

As for Aries specifics, if the positive is assertion, the negative is aggression, violence, anger and self-righteousness. If the positive is self-motivation and self-direction, the negative is bossiness and presumptive judgment directed at others.  Confidence is another Aries positive - and one which can be utterly drowned out by stunning displays of Aries ego or some tendency to indulge in ‘it’s all about me’ bragging.

Does Alex Miller Astrologist Use Fixed Stars?
Not that I remember. Alex and I haven’t caught up of late (which is to say I don’t know what it’s working on at the moment) but to my knowledge he works a great deal with ‘personal asteroids’ and galactics (black holes,quasars, masers, etc.) ... but I don’t recall Alex working much with fixed stars.

Orcus Represents Betrayal
Not exactly - except in the sense that Orcus starts as a representation of finality, specifically the type of finality we might associate with death, be it physical or the ‘death’ of faith in an idea, the ‘death’ of a relationship or some project - even the ‘death’ of a job.

If it’s over, in the moment when we recognize it’s over and not going to rise again, that’s when we are dealing with the Orcus dynamic, a quality and the experiencing or grasping what has been lost as we wonder about what lies ahead because of that. Just the process of facing what can’t be changed is Orcus, as is the realization about what having something ‘set in stone’ may be.

You know, the inevitable consequences ... the possible ripple effects ... and all those things which may (or are likely) to happen as a result of something we have chosen, done, committed ourselves to ... all such things are part and parcel of the Orcus Effect.

So ... does Orcus represent the act of betrayal? Not unless it applies to us - which is to say, not unless we believe we have betrayed our own purpose, beliefs or standards. Orcus is not the act per se, which is why it’s hard to associate Orcus with betrayal.

But dealing with the consequences of a betrayal? Realizing that you have been betrayed?

Yes, those would be Orcus-like ... or if I may be allowed to coin a term here, such moments would be Orcusonian.

What is the Venus of 9-15-1979
As of noon (UT/+0 time) on the indicated date, Venus was at 27 Virgo 45.

Do you need a complete chart? If so, there are websites listed in the sidebar where you can cast a horoscope for free.

Constellation Aries
4 Major Stars in Aries Constellation
Aries is generally known for three stars, all of which were originally used for navigation purposes. The brightest of the three is alpha Arietis or El-Nath, a star astrologers know as Hamal and which was involved in the April 2014 solar eclipse.

Beta Arietis (beta Aries) is a star known traditionally as Mesarthim or El-Scheratain. Said to have a Mars (plus) Saturn nature, this star is said to bring tough or hard/harsh results where there is a lack of thought or consideration of consequences.

Botein is a star known to astronomers as delta Arietis. Traditionally Botein is also known as Nir al Botain, a name which was brought into Latin as Lucida Ventris (meaning ‘the brightest of the belly’) which gives Botein an interesting association with 41 Arietis, an Aries star well known in Vedic and Chinese astrology (if not in western/tropical astrology) under the name Bharani.

The term ‘major’ stars may or may not apply here as none of these stars are (for instance) considered royal stars as Antares or Regulus is. But in the constellation of Aries these are the four stars which by and large come to the top of the astrologer’s list, so I hope this answers the search.

JSM Dancer - Who is Justsomemotion
To the question ‘who is he?,’ I have no answer other than the obvious: a very talented guy who has posted some dance videos on YouTube.

And yes, I wrote about JSM - in last year’s New Years Eve post, as it happens.

But as to your search? He’s not here. But because I’ve seen this question so many times I did go into the back of the blog and turned over a few digital rocks to check.

He didn’t appear, cleanly binary floor or no.

So sorry ... I can’t help with this one.

Gemini and Virgo Sexually
Apart from having to resist the urge to stick a comma into that search string, and though I will guess that the searcher was thinking in terms of Sun signs, the generics here really apply no matter what set of planets or points is applied.

First of all, Gemini and Virgo are two signs which are natively in square to each other, which astrologically speaks to two very different tendencies: that of bonding together as a team and that which we might think of as two cars arriving at an intersection at the same time with both drivers wanting to go first. And that this should be true with two signs which are both ruled by the same planet (Mercury) is one of those things which really underscores how important astrological qualities like element and modality really are.

Virgo is an earth sign: the Virgo energetic works through tangible drives and tangible results with a lot of ‘working with what we have or can get our hands on’ strung between. All things Virgo pertain to things which can be done in terms of how it’s done, inclusive of function, functionality and morality, though nothing about Virgo intrinsically says any of that has to be positive. (You might think that, but no ... it just isn’t so!)
Against all this, Gemini is not an earth sign - Gemini is an air sign, meaning all things Gemini evolve from an idea and exist in theory or  as a concept.  Gemini’s world is all about ideas and anyone with Gemini planets will explore those ideas - within the Self and with others - in terms of the planetary energy Gemini is focused through.

Ceres Cancer 21.09
I’m taking the above search string to mean ‘Ceres at 21 Cancer 09’ with an invisible “What does it mean that Ceres is at 21 Cancer?’ stuck behind.

That declared, Ceres is both a guardian of those involved in a process and the importance of the process or plan itself. The mythic Ceres is often written about as a harvest goddess - but the astrological Ceres seems to have as much to do with how we get something from ‘seed’ to that ‘harvest’ as anything else.

As for 21 Cancer, it represents some sort of challenge to one’s nature (or with Ceres, to some process) which may look like simple rebellion - and if rejection of ‘that’ is all that’s going on, often not much in the way of positive outcomes tend to result. Better outcomes are found with this combination where plans get made and carried out with a set of aims having been decided upon which includes some degree of clarity as to why not just the aim but how you get there matters.

South Node conjunct Antares
The south lunar node being what is always ‘easy’ for us to do. It may be what we ‘know,’ or it may be what we were were ‘brought up with.’ It can even be something which we have a knack for - that informal and mysterious ‘knowledge’ which is just about who we are.

Wherever the South Node falls in our chart, that is an area of life we will find ‘easy’ - which isn’t to say it’s all good. Considering how the nodes always refer to our ability to ‘relate,’ (be that to people, a nation, ideas, career paths - or anything else), the sign that the South Node is in (and the planet which rules it) are always important, but something which is also to be taken in hand as the lesson of the nodes is to do that which isn’t easy and which isn’t hard - which may tell us all something about relationships in general.

In conjunction with Antares (one of the royal stars of Persia) the instruction is that things will go well providing we don’t do one ... little ... very particular thing - which with Antares is ‘obsess.’

And with Antares currently positioned at 9 Sagittarius this tendency is strong, as 9 Sagittarius is known for its fiery and enthusiastic - sometimes over-enthusiastic (read: over-focused) qualities.

So we put these ideas together and come up with the following: to have Antares conjunct the South Node makes it easy to get over-focused on things, on people, on how you feel about things or people - and none of that is likely to help. Depending on the placement/sign of Jupiter in such a chart, someone with this sort of placement might also be charismatic (though they may not know it). Or they may become someone who comes to rely on their charisma as a way to get along ... which lore says eventually won’t be ‘enough.’

(By itself, that is.)

Solar Eclipse Scorpio 3/9 Axis
Any solar eclipse which strikes a cusp (axis or otherwise) ‘explodes’ the current perception or operation of that house, often through something which you can directly attribute to meaning(s) associated with the planet which rules the sign on that cusp.

As with all solar eclipses, whatever comes of that ‘exploding’ the old (which makes way for the new, however happy or reluctant we are about it) will take a full three years (36 months) from the time of the eclipse to either come to fruition or ‘stabilize’ either in reality and real time or as a concept we’re willing to pursue to its aim. Also, the more tightly we try to hold onto or preserve the ‘old,’ the more difficulty we are likely to experience.

And that’s (in all likelihood) a bit of a challenge here, as Scorpio is well known for its difficulty not so much with physical change as with changes of an emotional nature (or the nature of one’s emotionality). It’s somewhat easier if we are the one initiating the change and somewhat more problematic if change is being thrust upon us.

At least that’s what we feel - with there truly being some chance that a solar eclipse striking either end of the 3/9 (mentality versus expansion) axis being a peculiar situation where you can see where something else might be better, but you can’t quite get there emotionally - and the process of understanding that (on the inside) as well as what you are doing/trying to do on the outside becomes a long-term dual journey. As well, depending on which end of this axis line is struck, something which is already in progress may be abandoned - at least for now or in the form that it is in.

As always, all things Scorpio test our understanding of Self, our will to be who we are (and to make something of that) while recognizing that the difficulties we encounter through others (however that may manifest) may well be about them, but at the same time it’s also about us - we attract people, things and situations which test our capacity, our tolerance and our (emotional) willingness to develop our Self so that others will want to “fight” with us - not against us.

* * * * * * * * * *
So that's it for now, leaving me to close with a sincere hope that we all enjoy a safe and happy beginning of 2015.

Here's to life, love and peace!

* * * * * * * * * *

(P.S. this was fun for me - so you keep searching and I'll see about working in some time to post signposts along your road!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pallas in Sagittarius

A sunrise view from the Gamrig to the Lilienstein in one of Switzerland's national parks
(photo credit: Merops, Occtober 2012)
Not everyone seems to feel (or pay attention to) Pallas changing signs. But even if you’re not a died-in-the-toga Pallas lover, as asteroid Pallas is entering Sagittarius but a couple of days behind Saturn ... and since Pallas travels through the zodiac at a faster clip than Saturn (a fact easy enough to understand as it only takes Pallas around four years to go once around the Sun and Saturn takes some twenty-nine years to do the same thing) ...well, let’s just say it’s worth mentioning.

(And if you didn't read the post on Saturn in Sagittarius, that may be a good place to start - it's the post just prior to this one.)

Yet the truth there is that this isn’t just a Saturn thing. The day before Pallas moves into Sagittarius on December 27th, Pluto will slide across the digital line into it’s 2015 area of affect - it’s ‘shadow’ if you will, though Pluto won’t be in actual retrograde motion until next April 17th, should you care - which if you’re a United States citizen means caring may be in order as Pluto going retrograde on the 17th means it’s station begins on April 15th (America’s annual Tax Day for individuals) if only because odd and  unanticipated things are associated with the period around the time of Pluto’s station. So if Pluto’s degree of station (15 Capricorn) applies to your personal chart, this could indicate an interruption which makes it hard to get taxes filed.

It’s also - because Pluto is associated with problems where ‘values’ are manipulated or denied - a moment and set of days where that we do out of avoidance (particularly out of some sort of avoidance of responsibility or standards which support responsible actions and choices) can come back to haunt us.

But that’s then, and at the moment all we need to deal with is Pluto’s symbolic ‘opening’ of it’s next year’s business, which means we will either now be turning to things which will carry on into next year, whether or not that happens because we relinquish some sense of Plutonic control or conviction we’ve been holding onto or not.

And yes, that may happen - that’s one very sensible way to think of Pallas’ shift into Sagittarius happening in concurrence with Pluto beginning its next year of ‘work’ as Pallas catches up with Saturn - which is really the crux of the astrological affect which will color and crest the period of December 26, 27, 28 and 29 in particular, give or take the fact that Pluto will be going on to do its Plutonic thing from the 26th forward.

As for Pallas, Pallas is an emblem of intellectual wisdom either gained or applied through, and with perspective. Pallas is not passionate - which puts it right in there on Saturn’s side of the astrological ledger and pretty much in opposition to Pluto’s notoriously fervent effects ... which is an entirely different way to see this transit cluster, namely as the realization or determination that some situation or effort which is filled with passion and everyone’s desire to have it work out the way they want it to can’t be dealt with except through cool perceptions.

By sitting in conjunction with Saturn at 0 Sagittarius from the 27th through the 29th, Pallas invites us to think things through on the ‘Saturn level’ - which is to say, cost versus benefit and through the eyes of a realistic mind which knows (despite all the wanting) that the goal - as with most desirable goals - will take time.

Some people may be very unhappy with this fact. The degree 0 Sagittarius is known for substantial understandings and knowledge - but also for impatience and often enough, intolerance, particularly where someone disagrees (or is simply not enthralled) by our perspective, philosophy, aim, product or plan. Yet at the same time, this is a degree which is able to learn and which is known for practical and often quite pragmatic native abilities with finicky or exacting ideas, which with Pallas and Saturn present may surface as a review which seeks to find imperfections or errors based on assumptions of how things should work - which isn’t always the way they work in real time.

Pallas will be in Sagittarius from now until April 8, 2015. During that time, apart from the Saturn conjunction, Pallas won’t be meeting up with other planets, that being something of a statement about how perspectives on many issues will now be freed to develop independent from all else - which may include some facts, and which may at times lack any sensibility of compassion.

Pallas is not a ‘feeling’ emblem. It’s sufficiently devoid of emotionality that some will think of Pallas as a point which is ‘cold’ or as feelings and all we think of as ‘normal’ human emotionality is not in the Pallas definition. If anything, this tendency is exacerbated by Sagittarius as Sagittarius is a fire sign which is all about ‘the vision’ and how things ‘could be.’ In everyday settings, this is likely to create a few problems as one person follows one line of logic and someone else follows another, and with the proximity of Pallas’ sign change to change-prompting Uranus’ having gone direct on the 21st we shouldn’t be surprised if those changes take the form of some other ‘side’ or the voice which hasn’t been heard from, the thing which hasn’t been said, the player thought long counted out ... all those ‘other sides’ and other perspectives now count at least in terms of our ability to know and understand their perspectives.

Ultimately all the positives (and yes, the negatives too) will come out in the Aquarian Age wash. And what with Aquarius being the sign of universal perspectives and Sagittarius’ derivative third sign(any third derivative being about ‘expression’) that suggests that as it transits Sagittarius, Pallas’ impartial ‘vibe’ will provide some measure of logical stabilization, be that of images, proposals, relationships and conversations and whether that which is being perceived OR felt is about someone else - or with regard to some situation we’re in or trying to understand within our Self.

One other thing is afoot as of the latter part of this week, and that’s Ixion (nobody’s favorite Plutino) perfecting its conjunction with Ras Alhague ... if any conjunction of Ixion and Ras Alhague could be said to be “perfect.” Both of these symbols have a dark side, with Ras Alhague playing the part of the choice between healing and harming and Ixion being a habit we each have stuffed somewhere in our personality which drives us to think we can ‘get away’ with something - which eventually proves to be our undoing, or at least the reason our aims tend to fail.

Yet this is also an opportunity - one which will occur either in several parts (perhaps representing steps in a process) or which pertains to separate issues we learn about in turn, representing the ‘healing’ of some injury of confidence or inner gap of understanding. We’ve met up with this combination before, mind you - it’s first instance (in recent history) began back on February 22nd when at least several trials many if not most of us are still dealing with came bubbling to the surface.

Have we learned anything new about that situation or possibly from whatever we were doing at that time? Maybe, maybe not. If we have, Ixion ‘returning’ to the scene of the stellar crinkle (one hopes there's no crime involved ...) is likely to come as a poke from life to see if we’ve really, truly learned whatever it was we needed to learn.

Or ... are we now primed to trip ourselves up - again?

This Ixion-Ras Alhague combination which can be fractious and irritating even when (if) the outcome is going to be positive in time has been with us a long time, having started back in 2010 and set to be with us (with period high-and-low points) until late October, 2016.

Pallas Athena by Franz von Stuck (cropped)
As for what we need to learn or how we go about learning it and why we have some tendency to do time and again which don't pan out well for us, that would be a great thing to get some Pallas perspective on, though with Ixion-Ras Alhague in this mix it’s just as likely that with some people (and as this pertains to certain issues) the old ‘try, try again,’ mantra will simply get used because ... well, because.

And whatever tripped us up before will trip us up again.

So... will we learn - or learn better - about things during these next several months? Maybe. Starting from where we are, as we do we increase the chance that we’ll know how to handle things when Pallas reaches Capricorn.

And if we don’t, we merely put off until tomorrow that we could be learning today, postponing the success, the validation and the rewards we think we want ... which may be why we now need perspective, and what we need perspective on in our short run.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturn in Sagittarius

Taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, Saturn looms large in the foreground with
our beloved Terra Earth but a distant dot in space.
(photo credit: NASA, JPL, Caltech, 2013)
As Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac, Saturn’s entering Sagittarius indicates a shift into the 9th derivative phase of everything which requires focus, discipline/self-discipline, structuring, responsibility, dedication and/or diligence.

It’s also the place in our individual Saturnine process where (and when) we come to feel like we can finally see our goal. It’s right there. It’s right ...

And then something happens.

Why would something happen? No, it’s not because Saturn is out to get you (even when life feels like it) and it’s not because anyone just wants to rain on your parade.

So why would something happen? That’s because Sagittarius, being the 9th sign in the zodiac is the sign right behind Capricorn (zodiac sign number 10), Capricorn being the sign of accomplishing the success which then ‘pays off’ in Aquarius (zodiac sign number 11). And that’s important because Saturn rules Capricorn, which makes Sagittarius the 12th derivative sign to a sign Saturn rules.

The 'natural zodiac' wheel
To work with derivatives, start with the sign you are looking to find the derivative of. Counting
that as "one," go counter-clockwise around the wheel (as the signs are numbered here) until
you arrive at the 'derived' sign of influence.
Sagittarius is about expansion - the expanding of what we know, what we want to know, our sphere of influence, our understanding of our Self. In being the opposition sign to Gemini (the sign where we are asked to think things through, make a choice and construct priorities and plans) Sagittarius is also the sign where we meet up with people and things which may further contribute to our (Gemini) choice-and-plan ... or which may challenge it or point out it’s chinks or flaws, causing us (more often than not) to go back and review all our Gemini (and 3rd house natal) choices.

Sometimes we return to Sagittarian mode and stand up for ourselves, which wouldn’t be unlikely moving forward as Saturn is all about standing up for Self and the ‘standing’ of the Self as Saturn is astrologically all about structure (including backbones, real and proverbial) and the process of re/structuring ... some of which will happen over the next couple of years as we (Sagittarius) expand what we know or understand and see the benefit of building for a future, or bringing our past up to date.

(Or at least working on it.)

And about that ‘Sagittarius as the 12th sign to Capricorn’ which was cited because Saturn rules Capricorn. First of all, ‘rules’ are a big thing with both signs: Sagittarius covers the theory of law and Capricorn (hence Saturn) represents the reality of it - the rewards and consequences both for breaking a law and whatever the consequences for a given law may be whether planned or otherwise.

What isn’t in this mix however is politics, politics and all of its highly verbal operations being Aquarian and 11th house. (Which yes, does mean that the age we are now entering - the Aquarian Age - is going to end up being highly political and less based on the universal faith or the universality of faith, that having been a ‘last Age’ theme).

However ... Saturn itself (as opposed to Capricorn) is quite often a tinge political - and being the ‘in door’ ruler of Aquarian, that makes sense.

Why bring all this up? Because Saturn will be traversing the 12th house to its ‘sole ownership’ sign of rulership (Capricorn) at the same time as Saturn is - by moving through Sagittarius - also in (and therefore activating the 11th derivative to the other sign it rules: Aquarius.

What this amounts to is a crib sheet which says that during the whole of the period which starts on December 23, 2014 (at 4:34 p.m., UT/+0) and which ends on December 20, 2017 (when Saturn moves on into Capricorn) we can expect substantial successes and structural challenges where/when we test our own limits and our own (Gemini) ideas. And since wherever we see Saturn we earn what we get and get what we have earned, there are likely to be any number of debates both with our Self and with others - often in public as the public airings of opinions and getting ‘out there on the record’ are essentially a Sagittarian forms of sport.

But more to that derivative concept: the 12th to any sign being where we are emotionally tested or tested on our ability to accept our own feelings and our feelings about emotions (got that?), with Saturn moving through the 12th sign to its own Capricorn ‘home base’ (so to speak) is to virtually guarantee that we will - each and every one of us - have, or run across some sort of gap or glitch which we will react to for however short or long a time depending on your personal relationship to that which is hard for you to face. When that happens, the extremes of response will be at one end a fervent sort of frigid rejection and at the other a determination to accelerate some process in the name of necessary in spite of how we may or may not feel about it or about how it might affect us personally.

At the same time that that’s in play we will also experience Saturn being in the 11th derivative sign to its other sign of rulership (Aquarius) makes a reference to earning results, inclusive of whatever might prompt us to want to work towards some particular result and all that we are challenged by along the way. As with all eleventh derivative signs we will all be called upon to balance that which distinguishes us against that which distinguishes us from others. And at the same time that we’re doing that, we’ll also be having to satisfy that uniquely  Aquarian requirement that we balance the idea or ideal against everyday practicality and universal functionality - all without fracturing or breaking society’s structures into layers, classes, castes or anything else which embodies some sort of exclusion.

Saturn enters Sagittarius (first ingress, glyph chart)
December 23, 2014 - 16:33:59 (4:33:59 p.m., UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Saturn enters Sagittarius (first ingress, glyph chart)
December 23, 2014 - 16:33:59 (4:33:59 p.m., UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
As Saturn enters Sagittarius it may well also be useful to note that Saturn will be making this ingress not once but twice, as Saturn will reach 4 degrees of Sagittarius by next March, go retrograde, and then back into Scorpio...

Saturn retrogrades out of Sagittarius (glyph chart)
June 15, 2015 - 1:35:31 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Saturn retrogrades out of Sagittarius (text chart)
June 15, 2015 - 1:35:31 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
...for just about three months between mid-June and mid-September before going direct on August 2nd (UT/+0) and re-entering Sagittarius on September 15, 2015.

Saturn's 3rd (final) Sagittarius ingress (glyph chart)
September 18, 2015 - 2:49:12 a.m. (UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Saturn's 3rd (final) Sagittarius ingress (text chart)
September 18, 2015 - 2:49:12 a.m. (UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Looking just at the first ingress, Saturn is conjunct dispassionate Pallas in a degree which speaks to ‘mastery’ (28 Scorpio) whether we have it or not - which again points back to that Saturnine ‘have you earned it?’ quotient. With Sedna at 24 Taurus (and retrograde) in opposition to Pallas but not Saturn, we all have something we’re unwilling to give up which is holding us back, just as we’re all perfectly able to see someone else doing the exact same thing - and guess who we’re pointing fingers at?

Right ... probably ‘them’ for something we are in our own (perhaps distant) way equally enmeshed in, consumed by or (self)righteously devoted to - probably for reasons which go back to the basics of who we are, how we were raised and with what values and so on.

This ‘inner’ knowing or perspective on something we are doing ... and probably something we’ve done in the past as well ... to some degree this holds us to standards now just as to some degree we are proceeding in spite of not yet having sufficient experience or ‘maturity’ with something to be completely sure we know either what we’re doing - or that how we’re doing it is going to get us where we really want to get to.

We also know (this being purely Saturn) that it’s going to take time to get anywhere ... even if once we get there we realize that’s not where we want to be, at which point we’ll pack up our lesson learned and move on.

In keeping with regular astrological theory, retrograde passes (such as the one we’ll see this next June as Saturn moves back into Scorpio) tend to be personal - and this one is unlikely to be anything different, although with Saturn itself now in opposition to Sedna while also in opposition to the Moon and Mercury at 4 Gemini (a degree known for insight and interactive perception) even though Sedna isn’t conjunct the Moon and Mercury suggests being of ‘split mind’ - or at least attention - though why that is would be up to specific circumstances, specially as Saturn is also trine Vesta and the lunar South Node as this ingress gets made.

It would seem a moment of inner caution, though why that would be is entirely personal. It could be something small like dreading having to clean out a garage or going to the dentist. Then again, it could be something which - especially with a lunar node involved - plays on or through some relationship, be it person or that you have to some subject, effort or avenue of undertaking which has for good or not-so-good gotten out of hand.

It will take a couple of months from June for Saturn to finish retrograde and get back to it’s Sagittarian ingress, but once it gets there come September 18th, we will certainly know some form of ‘workable versus unworkable’ (Saturn trine South Node at 0 Aries) and that we are either ready to proceed with some furthering of some cause or that we need to proceed according to some new tact or tactic, the Saturnine reality of which we are ready to begin working on now. However ... that Saturn is not just opposition Sedna (which in its own grand trine to Ceres and the Sun reads rather as a status quo, personal allegiance (or) vision or tradition which we don’t want to let go of but may need to)... but that Saturn is also in square to Mars at 25 Leo?

Saturn and its largest moon, Titan, which is some 3200 miles or 5150 kilometers across.
(photo credit: Cassini - NASA, JPL, Caltech, SSI)
Well, this is Saturn coming into Sagittarius and ‘committing’ to the full transit of Sagittarius as the object of a t-square with a Leo Mars as some ‘hurdle’ we have to get past - and in this case the hurdle is related to not just an individualistic highly biased (whether pro or con) Mars expression with regards to problems of pride, ego and luxury and/or luxurious self-indulgence, often to such an excess that the gift itself runs out.

Thus some come to Saturn in Sagittarius to forge ahead while others come to Saturn in Sagittarius to pay the price for what they’ve done ... a thought which leads to why those responsibilities spoken of in connection with Saturn must be those we owe others because we owe it to our Self.

That's the Saturn if Sagittarius premise - that we owe it to our Self to be someone who not only learns what they need to learn (i.e., to survive or get ahead) but how to their utilize skills, knowledge and conviction such that by the time Saturn reaches Capricorn and Aquarius, things we have put to work (and worked through) during this learning phase become the foundation for becoming someone capable of manifesting greater successes as a human being ... not merely as someone others see as manifestly successful. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Uranus Direct, a Capricorn Solstice and the 0 Capricorn New Moon

A mosaic made from multiple copies of 'Optimal Motion' by Henrique Matos
(oil on canvas, housed in a private collection, no date given)
The days prior to Uranus going direct are always a bit... quirky.... unusual... in a way which is singularly vital yet unpredictable. Uranian times call upon our adaptability and flexibility - generally when we least expect it, which would also be very Uranian.

In our current cosmic case of situation, Planet Uranus is going direct on December 21st at 22:46 (10:46 p.m.) UT/+0 time. And considering how that time is negligibly (certainly in celestial terms) prior to the Sun entering Capricorn at 23:04 (11:04 p.m.) on that very same day, for all intents and purposes these two events are generally unified.

So what might that mean in a metaphysical sense? Considering how the Sun’s Capricorn ingress is astrologically our moving into a zodiacal mode which focuses most of all on the world, our identity in that world and efforts being made to mold, change or re/create the terms and rewards for that standing, it seems a tiny bit odd that human society has apparently managed to schedule it’s largest annual slew of everybody-gets-a-holiday events throughout the first half of Capricorn - though that does of course reflect how our current calendar year was organized, and just who did the organizing.

In other words, we all tend to favor our own priorities. It’s natural. Not necessarily right for everyone, but yes - entirely human.

As for this next little period ahead, there are actually not two but three different astrological events happening in quick succession: Uranus goes direct at 10:46 p.m., the Sun enters Capricorn at 11:04 p.m. - and just about two-and-a-half hours later (which would now be December 22nd), we get a 0 Capricorn New Moon at 1:37 in the morning.

Taking these items one by one (at least to begin with) Uranus going station-direct is always a sign that the changes we have been undergoing on a personal, internal, intimate or psychological level will now be ‘turning outward,’ meaning two things. One: we will ‘bring out’ of our selves (or reveal) that which has changed about us over these past few months. And two: we will adapt and proceed with some sort of renewed focus (positive or negative) going forward, dealing with unpredicted external circumstances as we go.

So far, so good ... not exotically complicated. Even the idea that Uranian station periods (which here would minimally cover December 19th through the 23rd) ask us to be flexible about things isn’t hard to understand or deal with, though Uranus stations do on occasion manifest as ‘outbursts’ and ‘venting’ of various kinds - be that an explosion, that jolting cheer which produces utter shock when you walk through the door into a surprise party (hopefully for you) or some very lucky break which takes the pressure off of some system which would otherwise have ‘blown’... or someone who simply ‘blows you off’ in some unexpected, even erratic manner.

As for the degree of this station - 12 Aries - that has a very home/homey quality coupled to a rebellious, stand-alone quotient with any one of us preferring ‘the known.’ Wherever we see 12 Aries we tend to see people prioritizing those they think of as ‘their own,’ be that their family, a profession or professional organization or anything else, be it  members of your own culture, fellow citizens of a nation or those who believe any given religion. Given this, and given Uranus’ tendency to bring out that which is unique whether that uniqueness is good or bad this is a station which will bring out that which is wonderful and special, that which is quirky as well as that which is entirely dislikable or even despicable.

It’s just not predictable - and that’s the Uranian point. Uranus teaches us awareness through disrupting our status quo, through events which embody the old saying ‘the only thing which is a constant is change.’

This is an energetic about adaptation and about not getting into a rut. In fact, the more dedicated to some rut we tend to be, the more problematic Uranian periods become - which is probably why the person who introduced me to astrology (long, long ago) defined Uranus thusly: Uranus is everything which guarantees that if you live in a rut you will occasionally be forced (or inspired) to redecorate that rut.

In other words, even that which lasts a long time changes its methods... or its packaging from time to time.

As for Uranus in this 12 Aries mix, it pays to remember that Uranian energy can break some current momentum or emphasis and turn us towards whatever its position (in this case, 12 Aries) describes ... and then again, Uranus can break us out of whatever situation degree lore would describe.

Plus since this is Uranus, nothing about the actual dynamic (the energy which does the ‘changing’ of things) is predictable - hence why Uranus is equally associated with surprises and shocks.

Speaking of shocks, Uranus is often also associated with any and all things electrical from static electricity and light bulbs up to and including power grids, lightning storms, electro-magnetism and the internet ... inclusive of piracy and everything else which can be transmitted or done through internet or other electronic means. Uranus is associated with the formulation as well as the disruption of groups, income streams and associations, be they that seen in an alliance, partnership, marriage, government or corporations or situations like that Sony Pictures. The entire Sony fracas, from the hacks to the thefts to the spilling of information and everything else - all of that, especially in its broad-scale nature where everything ‘explodes’ from a single nexus - is typically Uranus, just as all the back and forth and need to ‘manage’ the problems caused by the Uranian hack is very much Juno, with Juno having just gone retrograde at 17 Leo earlier this week, its forward to retrograde motion in this (Sony) case at least the indicating a shift from a real world, real time actual ‘what’s happening, what’s happened, and is it still going on?’ phase into a more internal and internally reflective ‘what am I going to do about what has happened’ Juno retrograde mode with the intersection of same (what is management doing to manage this?) occurring during Juno’s station complete with legal communiqu├ęs going out as Juno went retrograde trying to ‘retrograde’ (read: mitigate) damage already done.

But even though they did that - and this is a classic lesson in astrological asteroid-versus-planet thinking, though the legal demands were made, as Juno’s station ended the story ... and the damage, disturbance and disruption ... remained (and remains) unsolved, continuing to ‘vibrate’ as it creates not just the kind of prickly insecurity Uranus - a planet whose symbolism always has something to do with something beyond our control - is uncomfortably famous for, but also the need for ‘updating,’ focus and modernization (adaptation to what the world is at this point) which Aquarius is all about ... and which Uranus and Uranian events tend to enforce.

A summer Solstice Sunrise over Stonehenge (photo credit: Andrew Dunn, June 2005)
This even applies to an even more basic point: as more and more of our lives and our businesses (personal, national and international) become electronic, the more everyone should pay more attention to Uranus cycles ... And considering how we are now in the Aquarian Age (albeit still in the clarifying period of its increased dawning) ... Uranus is bound to be astrologically more important, seeing as it’s now the ‘outcome’ ruler of the Age.

And of course the other ruler (the baseline and foundational ruler) of Aquarius is Saturn - so all the issues of responsibility and rules and the debating going on about who has violated whose right to what is also very emblematic of so much which is goes on, far and wide ... and in our own lives.

All of this means that whenever we see Uranus ‘doing anything’ (astrologically, that is - let’s hope the actual planet doesn’t do anything odd) we should think Aquarian and think societal and think electronic, systemic and in terms of ‘whole’s versus factions and the energies of resistance against those for unification. Amidst this, stations and pattern junctions (such as Saturn moving into its 2015 shadow as Jupiter goes on station) are moments when things ‘take a turn’ and thus when sometimes things unseen come to light. So with Uranus now going direct, in particular because Uranus and Saturn energetics are linked in things societal, corporate, marketplace, income-oriented, mass market, systemic, universal and Aquarian ... we are going to see a continuance of odd - and sometimes tragic events.

It’s a balance, the good with the awful. But even more importantly, with the astrological subject being Uranus, it is that which we refuse to see which is at the crux of our problems collective and individual.

With Uranus in Aries, especially now with Uranus conjunct the lunar South Node, which at 16 Aries says it’s easy (and likely) that most of not many of us are neglecting our part in things (or in the cause of things) or some other internal and personal attribute which we don’t want to, or simply haven’t thought through. With Mars (ruler of Aries) sitting at 12 Aquarius as Uranus goes direct there’s an indication of friction and fractious-ness which is born of some inability to reconcile some idea with some action - be that wholly on our part or in terms of what someone else has already done.

Some will sit around and puzzle through their quandaries. Some will simply be distracted now. Others will act, motivated by what they think of as some shift or change which is their ‘opportunity.'

Then again, there are some who will simply cut and run. That grand trine in fire we have been talking about throughout the month is still with us...

...and in parallel with that ‘still with us’ comment is representing a continuing if somewhat painful ‘enlightenment’ (Eris) process which with the Jupiter (learning) process now pointing to what we have to learn - all of us (no exceptions) - is itself a highly Aquarian (and therefore Uranian) process.
We matter. But so do ‘they,’ ‘them,’ and ‘that’ (whoever or whatever ‘they, them or that’ are in your world). And we know that - plainly we all have some vision in our heads or souls as to what could or should be, and Ixion-Ras Alhague-Echo speaks to the conversations on that ... specifically conversations and ‘Echo’ed conversations meant to either (Ras Alhague) hurt or heal, depending on who we are and what we’re talking about, with Ixion providing us all with just that certain twang of gut-niggling as we wonder whether we’re fixing things, or screwing them up (again).

Eventually we will break out egocentric patterns. Uranus is part of that process. But it may not be now ... (read: the grand trine we keep discussing in its many and varied forms doesn’t dissolve until just before New Years) ... and we may not be ready to deal with the Self we would be if everything was open for above-the-table examination.

We will get there in time - even if that above-board examination we make is with our Self about our Self and how we have or haven’t been (Juno) doing things, (Saturn) earning the right responses and/or (Jupiter) thinking them through from all the perspectives we need to be considering.

But yes, it is a process - part of which involves this Uranus/Solstice connective.

As for the Solstice side of things, being that the Sun is changing signs mere minutes after Uranus goes direct there’s virtually no difference in the chart or aspects being cast within that horoscope. But the idea of solstice does add something of an ‘at extremes’ note to Uranus’ station seeing as that’s what the Solstice is - an ‘extreme’ of perspective on Earth (or earth-bound, mortal matters) as we ‘view’ them from our mind - you know, the Sun.

(About now, those of you who read my fiction work are beginning to go ‘oooooohhhhhh....’ and yes, life is about what’s in our Mind.)

But fictional and epic fantasies about getting to know your own Mind aside, Solstices are another form of ‘change of direction’ in that whether they’re the Solstice which in your hemisphere marks the shortest night and longest day, or that which marks the longest night and shortest day, we humans have, as a race learned to have faith that things will change once we move past this point in time. 

A 'yearly' diagram of the Earth's orbital tilt
(diagram credit: Tau'olunga)
In the case of the Capricorn Solstice, this is the zodiac’s shift from the six signs which lie to the right of the “natural zodiac wheel” (Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius) to the six signs on the left: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini - which is both a shift from a more collective interactive style to one which is ‘me ... world’ and on which asks that we think of things more in terms of who we are, what we stand for and what we are seen as, who we can be on our own and how the uniqueness which is that can be brought to bear on opportunities and problems...and what it takes to be the individual individual (yes, it’s back to that Aquarian collective/individual theme) and learning how to do (or choose to do) just that.

So there is a note of ‘getting past’ some point or perspective involved here, though how that manifests is going to be highly individual - and because a Solstice is a truly ‘global’ function, in combination with Uranus going direct we should expect a lot of changes ... some of which we will initiate, some of which will be initiated for us (by circumstance, by realization, by any of a number of means) ... and any (or all) of which may come together as a change of our own (Sun) conception of who we are.

Or who we can be when all the shells are broken away from any ‘fixed’ identity we may have held on whatever level ... and why any of that matters at any ... if not every level. Gone will be the temptation to wile our whiles away on some notion we want to dither or tinker with: Capricorn is earth, Capricorn is pragmatism, Capricorn is all about consequences and results, the paying of the piper as well as the being crowned with accolades which goes with so many layers and doings and considerations within the intricate inter-weavings of our lives.

And thus with our individual consciousness set to ‘realistic’ as our world goes all earthy and bottom line we meet December’s 0 Capricorn New Moon.

The 0 Capricorn New Moon (text chart)
December 22, 2014 - 1:35:49 a.m. (UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
The 0 Capricorn New Moon (glyph chart)
December 22, 2014 - 1:35:49 a.m. (UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
The image for 0 Capricorn given by the Sabian symbols is ‘An Indian Chief claims power from the assembled tribe,’ which astrologer Marc Edmund Jones referred to as ‘the power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership’ and which astro-philosopher Dane Rudhyar elaborates on by pointing out that the word ‘chief’ comes from the Latin ‘caput’ for “head,” and that from this flows a situational fate which we must all face in some way in our own lives - the taking on of responsibility over (or for) others, and how that is both a conversation within the Self as we govern our own use of whatever power is accorded us as well as an ‘ultimate’ form of test as to how we view our friends, our society, our world.

Which yes, does sound Aquarian, except for the fact that it is what we do and who we are under the auspices of Capricorn (and thus the lunar month delineated by the Capricorn New Moon) complete with our ability to regard our friends, our society and our world which is the ‘cause’ which creates the Aquarian ‘effect’ ... and since both signs are ruled by Saturn (Capricorn wholly, Aquarius as a foundational imperative) ... that means that what we feel we need to do or which our feelings drive us to do over the next ’ for power will contribute to what happens after that.

You know, when the Sun (life) moves on into Aquarius.

As for the horoscope for this New Moon, it too has an image of ‘standing apart’ as the Sun and Moon conjunction doesn’t aspect any of the other planets in the Ptolemaic sense (i.e., using standard aspects only).

And that rather suggests that the feelings which come upon us around the time of this month’s New Moon will be mostly those associated with the degree itself, which lore tells us will be centered in our most inner concept of who we are. Therefore, what with this being a Capricorn degree with Capricorn being all about the determination to ‘get it done,’ whatever ‘it’ may be, whether we are or aren’t supported, whether others do or don’t agree with us, many if not most of us are likely to remain structured by an inner notion which (at least at the moment) is colored by Capricorn’s ruler - Saturn - being at 29 degrees of Scorpio, a degree which ‘compiles’ and which tends to hold onto things until the very last moment - which may account for some of which we’re all going through right now as 29 Scorpio is also where (at the moment) we find fixed star Toliman.

Known alternately as ‘Bungula’ (which sounds a bit like a board game gone awry), Toliman is typified by Ebertin as having a ‘Jupiter-Venus’ nature, though whether this represents a very (very) good thing in a chart or something which is sufficiently unmotivated as to be or become overburdened (or ‘confronted by fortune’) seems to be highly individual and much the function of what house this star falls in and the planets (etcetera) which aspect it. Along with that of course, there is the question of the degree Toliman is currently resident in, which in this case is 29 Scorpio, a degree known for its powers of observation, investigation, research and insight (and the like), all of which are employed in the furthering of some personally attractive focus.

Toliman has been in 29 Scorpio since 1962, a fact both educational for those interested in generational differences and donated to this effort as a way to think through why those born prior to this time (the earliest of the Pluto in Virgo tribe plus everyone else born prior) are reacting to things now as they are (in present time) and why, as we seem to be hearing and seeing around the globe, attitudes seem to differ among those born since that time.

(And in case you’re wondering, Toliman will change degrees again in the 2043: set your calendars.)

As for Saturn being in conjunction with Toliman, that rather depends on whether you have come (in)to this time being someone who has been holding back (or not) and specifically how that relates to your aims. This combination will tend to add a certain 'coolness' to certain interactions - which can be fine despite what we tend to think about Scorpio.

Well, actually exactly because of it. The whole Scorpio mythos works best when it's applied thoughtfully in order to evoke useful emotion, not when we're reacting to it  - unless of course, we're just stirring others up in order to avoid facing some truth (read: emotional or emotion-provoking truth) about our Self ... in which case, monkeying with others is merely a way to set ourselves up for an apt case of karma. 

Any Moon - new or otherwise - in Capricorn does carry with it a message of assertiveness and some degree of tendency to de-prioritize some of the traits the Moon is best known for: tenderness, kindness, compassion ... all those things. It’s not that they don’t matter, and it’s not that someone isn’t capable of quality emotionality - it’s a matter of priorities. Lunar qualities seem to be a ‘best fit’ when the metaphysics of such energies surface as feelings which reflect what is going on. And because Capricorn tends to be a sign which is both (a.) visible and (b.) of the tendency to be of an ‘do first and reflect later’ ilk, that can make for a few challenging moments -  and moments of being challenged, whether by others or some factor not yet taken into account.

And when it comes to the ‘unaccounted’ of this New Moon moment - which may account for where we are and may point to what we need to do either separately or as pieces of a process - at the moment (of this New Moon) two things would seem to stand out, as imaged by two New Moon t-squares:

Ordinarily t-squares are shown in red - I used yellow on the second
just to make them easier to see.
The more ‘obvious’ of these two t-squares is the one in red which begins with the North Node in Libra and moves ‘through’ a ‘t’ (the challenge) which is composed of Venus-Pluto at 12 and 13 degrees of Capricorn ... with the ‘object’ of our effort being Uranus-South Node in Aries (read: getting to where things are easier for us to accomplish).

This sounds like a short term goal, and that shouldn’t surprise us, seeing that this is a lunation cycle we’re talking about. Uranus will go direct now and be direct for months and the Capricorn Solstice is one of only two solstices Earth experiences every year. Against this, lunar cycles are multiple and many, representing our daily lives and the steps we take (forward or backwards) in our effort to solve larger puzzles and reach larger goals. They’re important as they represent our being ‘present’ in our own lives and thus focused on our own opportunities.

But in the end, lunar cycles will always have a quality of transience, the ‘fleeting’ of moments amidst all else which is life.

This month we’re apparently transfixed on something (which is probably represented by fixed star Vega at 15 Capricorn and very much part of this t-square) which we hold dear. With Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) at 29 Scorpio, we both want the cooperation of others and fear what we will think of ourselves if we don’t get that and thus aren’t able to proceed upon some path or with some aim - good or bad - which we are (Pluto-Venus) passionately embraced by.

The lesson of any t-square is to understand how what is important to you is also important to everyone else - and that means everyone.

There are no ‘sides’ in t-squares, in other words. If it isn’t important to ‘them’ or isn’t consistent with the viability of all involved, the t-square quandary isn’t yet solved.

One other thing about t-squares: they join objects in signs of disparate type. In this first New Moon t-square we’re looking at air, earth and fire, but no water.

That’s another thing to understand: no water means no emotionalism or ‘feeling nature,’ which may seem antithetical to a lunar cycle, but is really only a descriptor which suggests that getting past or through the given question (this Nodal-Venus-Pluto-Uranus reference on our aims) doesn’t involve or shouldn’t involve a lot of emotionalism. And Pluto is involved here ... though we tend to react passionately where we see Pluto involved, that’s seldom a productive choice. (Read: very seldom.)

As for the other t-square, that one starts with Sedna (retrograde) in Taurus and which is challenged to  move ‘through’ or ‘past’ Jupiter (retrograde) at the ‘t’ in order to reach Pallas in Scorpio - the meeting of the dispassionate perspective and emotionality which seeks a feeling of competence, belonging and approval of and (importantly) from others, though not for its own sake, but so we feel at home and comfortable with and within our Self.

This is a t-square with no air in it. So we will either not think about something we should be thinking about (or thinking through) and that’s the problem ... or we’re supposed to go with the vision without a ton of over-thinking.

And which one is which ...? Well, that’s about you. If you encounter problems, you now have a crib sheet to get you through your day(s), even though part of the challenge of something like Uranus-South Node (which is going to be with us for a wee bit, by the by) is that while there may be great leaps of ability and great accomplishments, there can also be a little jumping too soon and snarling before you find out that what you’re protesting is actually something you like and probably want.

With that said, have a nice Uranus station and enjoy your Solstice - may they bring you good news and surround you with the best of all things: those you care about and who care about you.

Just don’t be surprised if something surprising happens. It could.

Then again, you never know ... you just may be the person who surprises themselves about now.