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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jupiter Stations at a Gemini Full Moon

The Circus (Le Cirque)
by Georges Seurat (1891, oil on canvas - currently housed at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris)
The standard orb of conjunction is five degrees. And as of tomorrow (Friday, December 5, 2014) the south lunar Node will broach that five-degree orb of conjunction with regards to planet Uranus - which being already at 12 Aries (the degree Uranus will go direct at on December 21st, UT/+0) means the Nodes - which rotate backwards through the zodiac - will be entering 17 Aries on December 5th.

And why should we care about that? Well, with Jupiter about to station at 22 Leo on December 8th with Saturn (Jupiter’s astrological “partner” in all things building up or tearing down) currently at 27 Scorpio and about to move into 28 Scorpio as Jupiter goes retrograde, these two degrees - their metaphysical meanings, that is - are likely to intersect... and  overlap in somewhat different ways.

But first, a note on Saturn’s position. It matters here in particular because 28 Scorpio... a degree which concerns itself with ‘mastery’ (of self, of situations, of talents and/or inner conflicts) is the degree Saturn will go station/direct at during the earliest days of August 2015. And that metaphysically draws something a bit more substantial than a dotted line between this station/direct and August of 2015 in every and any area of life which has to do with structure or restructuring, building for the long term, social standing, achievement (that you have or that you want) and success as a functional form of self-stability in life.

As for Lunar Nodes, any time we see either node involved in anything the keyword which should come to the fore is ‘relationship’ - which may be the human kind and may simply be the relationship between one thing and another. In our individual lives the nodes denote our relationship to our life, to that big world out there, to people (and other tangible entities) ... and to all those things we want or want to achieve in life.

You know, depending on what we relate to - and how we do or don’t go about doing that (nodal) relating thing.

So as our story begins on Friday (December 5th), Saturn is finishing its traverse of 27 Scorpio, a degree which is said to have subtle and often unnoticed effects on everyone in terms of what they do - but such qualities are readily noticed by others. With Saturn in this degree some will be working hard to do that which exudes such qualities, some will be clamping down on things and some will be exerting some effort to understand how and why this cause/effect works with an eye to utilizing said dynamic for purposeful effect.

To be noted: this is one of Scorpio’s degrees which has a reputation for marked karmic results. In other words, if you do something with a positive aim which satisfies the Scorpio requirement that it be positive for everyone...then results may be good. But for those who are on the defensive or only really trying to have things ‘their way,’ to those who are trying to manipulate something to their own benefit because it feels like ‘survival’ (not necessarily literal) is at stake... them go the stale and woe begotten chips - you know, the ones which end up falling where they may.

As for that South Node we started out by mentioning, to have the South Node moving into 17 Aries awakens notes of high emotionalism... and at times some very short-sighted choices when/if what one might call ‘philosophical perspective’ isn’t adopted going in. Having a well-deserved reputation for taking the easy way through any issue, the South Node’s presence in 17 Aries may simply signal emotional self-indulgence. Then again, because this degree suggests perspective is key, some of us who are inclined (naturally or just at the moment) to take a breath and a step back before diving off cliffs (or into conversations, agreements or anything else) may find it easy to apply the Saturn brakes so that we are able to ‘take the temperature’ of the emotional waters around us - the ‘everyone involved here’ - and thus come up with a solution which does fix all in equal measure for everyone.

With Jupiter going retrograde and Saturn in direct motion until next March, there is a ‘parting’ of some ways implied here - and a shift, perhaps merely of priority. Saturn in direct motion is always about self-development at some level which is encountered through everyday life (as opposed to in our head). While Saturn remains in late Scorpio the issue is going to be about our internal vulnerabilities and fears and that which promotes or triggers, whether in real time or simple personal consideration. And no matter what happens, there are two sides to the situation - the coping with it in real time and the emotional underbelly of how it makes us feel.

And why.

Most important to us in this moment as Jupiter goes retrograde is some form of reflexive response to events, realities, information which tells us what is possible... and what isn’t - at least for now. There will be a response in the moment... and that which the response becomes over a period of days following Jupiter’s station, especially as (and after) Venus moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn.

Jupiter Station-Retrograde (glyph chart)
December 8, 2014 - 20:42 (8:42 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Jupiter Station-Retrograde (text chart)
December 8, 2014 - 20:42 (8:42 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
That date will be December 10th (UT/+0). From there things get more pragmatic - which can be a wonderful thing if you’re trying to get something done, if not so wonderful for those who would like to live in a world of holiday abandon.

But a lot can get done.

So back to that split... Jupiter and Saturn have both been in direct motion since late July, and now Jupiter (growth, expansion) is going retrograde. For some, this marks a ‘high water mark’ on growth or growing something for this season, this year - or maybe forever.

Imaged by Sabian 143, “In a circus the bareback rider displays her dangerous skill’ (hence the header on this post), that which Marc Edmund Jones refers to as ‘the audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence’ is importantly described as being a “her” - which in metaphysical terms refers to something which is ‘contained,’ or responded to, often with a dash of previous experience or knowledge (right or wrong, current or not current) figuring in the choice - which here is to ‘display’ (reveal, show, demonstrate) something ‘dangerous.’

But dangerous to whom? Because 22 Leo falls in the last third of the sign we know this is not an ‘individualist’s’ degree. So it’s not ‘about’ us individually, though it may well pertain to something we have done, which we have ‘put out there’ (into public view) or which could simply affect us if it does or doesn’t happen...which in Leo could make us dread something which could go wrong in light of same, evoking a case of the ‘What if?’s.

This one-direct, one-retrograde which squares by signs but un-squares by degree once Saturn reaches 28 Scorpio (an event which occurs on December 6th as Jupiter is formally on station). And that suggests coming to some understanding out of a juxtaposition of (Saturn) that which we must yet do (and perhaps learn how to do). and that which we know we can’t go any further with - at least for the moment (Jupiter).

And there’s still more to see here. For instance, if you’re up on your ‘this month in astrology’ doings (and if not, you can link back to this month’s Dateblog post to catch up) you’ll know that Uranus is going to be going direct on December 21st. The operative question here being when will it go retrograde again, that answer will be-and-become that Uranus will go retrograde on July 26, 2015.

That’s a week or so before Saturn goes direct at 28 Scorpio on August 2nd and about two-and-a-half weeks after Jupiter exits the shadow (on July 6, 2015) its now beginning to retrograde back into.

That's three sets of major astrological 'loops' which connect our current December with July-into-August of the year which soon will dawn, which indicates a lot going on. Some major portion of same (the Saturn and Jupiter parts) speak to places in our life where we have operational choice (and let's please remember that not choosing or choosing not to do something is also a choice). Against this there are things which are totally Uranian and not under our control - nor are they predictable. The 'rule' of lore with Uranus is to accept that which we don't control (part one) and to flex or be flexible (literally or figuratively) as we marshal our Self to respond to life despite our misgivings, using the Uranian imperative to break with or break through some sort of personal limit that we have probably set for our Self.

Some of us (of course) will think we can 'escape' any need to try. That would be Uranian as well, and only you know whether your current choices represent a status quo or some sort of personal 'breakthrough’ or not.

Just remember - if you're not 'flexing' vis-a-vis where you have been, you're probably resisting, which with Uranus is that which tends to create the greatest 'breakage.' Of all the astrological symbols, Uranus, Eris and Mars may well be the three which make their negative effects most obvious when we're off-track or refusing to utilize the energetic.

Or to put it as master astrologer (and nice guy) Robert Hand has said: use the energy wisely, lest it use you unwisely.

With Uranus in Aries getting ready to go direct in a degree (20 Aries) which if nothing else images our standing at the edge of a great change which we can only join and not avoid, it is likely that those who fritter now will have some sort of 'news' unexpectedly ‘broken’ to them. With Uranus and Saturn the joint rulers of Aquarius and Mars now in Aquarius, such news will effect what we do, bring focus to the effect what we do has...and make it plain what needs doing.

And separate from that, what we need to do.
As for who is going to be most affected by Jupiter’s ‘turnabout,’ we can start with a range of degrees: 17 through 27, that being five degrees to either side of Jupiter’s station at 22 degrees in Leo. If your Ascendant falls in this 17-27 Leo district, this station will affect what you do, how you go about doing it, or possibly your physicality. If your Ascendant falls between 17-27 Aquarius, that means your Descendant is in the focal Leo zone, emphasizing relationships with others beyond what we’ve already seen.

Either way, try not to overdo things. Jupiter going station on any natal point can be very, very good - and then again, very, very awful.

It’s just not subtle.

So we need to be - subtle, that is. Even if you’re a professional performer used to plying your craft on-stage, it’s easy to go overboard at a Jupiter station and easy to be seen as going overboard, which asks us to enjoy, but not at someone else’s expense.

As for the Midheaven and IC (or Nadir - the bottom most point in the horoscope), Jupiter stationing within orb of conjunction to the MC or Midheaven brings all into public view with particular references to societal standing, achievements and career path or something you’re striving for while Jupiter stationing at the base of the chart can mean a change of residence, changes within the family structure or some form of powerful movement.

Beyond that, here’s a chart... 

If you are born between any of the date spans indicated, that planet is in aspect to Jupiter’s station in your natal chart, so you can expect to ‘feel’ this Jupiter station more acutely than others.

If you're in the 'Saturn group,' things may be difficult now for any of a million reasons, and you're likely to be feeling  challenged - as much by your own need to validate yourself in your own eyes as anything else. Those who persevere in an evenhanded manner in spite of challenges (learning as you go) will in time get somewhere with their efforts even if that ends up not being where you might expect to end up as you start out.

As for those in the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto groups... well, these are transpersonal planets, so by definition there's a quality of having to learn from (or react to) that which happens now and which may well need to happen going forward. Those in the Uranian group will face questions where flexibility and a willingness to see or do things differently require a delicate touch and a definite lack of haste (lest things be made worse), against which there will be a temptation to escape or evade responsibilities - which may seem a happy solution in the short run but which will likely seed long term instability. Meanwhile, those born during the noted Neptune years will simultaneously be coming to a far greater understanding of how life really works (never mind societal PR) while letting go of things, places and activities which are no longer worthwhile - a far cry from that which most of those with Pluto being affected are going to feel. This group is highly likely to be/have been in the midst of building or rebuilding (depending on your individual life path) when something different, challenging and transformational has come upon them. Since Pluto is in the latter third of Leo during the period indicated, questions generally center around effectiveness with others and in a world which having changed now requires that these people alter their perspectives and goals accordingly - and not all of them are liking it. With Pluto, cooler heads win and knowing all the facts (not just those you like) is the basis for creating workable and worthwhile solutions.

But no, they aren't always what this group of natives like.

Moreover, with all of this said, NONE of it is only about Jupiter's symbolism, as Jupiter is still involved in a ongoing grand trine.

This trine has changed some since we last talked about it... asteroids do come and go. But at the Jupiter end of things, Jupiter and Niobe have been a standing pair of late... which considering Jupiter as a thematic ‘grow and accrue until enough becomes  too much’ and Niobe as she who was sufficiently overblown in the go department as to compare herself to the Olympian immortals (which is as bad a bet as you could make back in the good ol’ Greek mythic days) which got all her children (read: everything she had ever created) shot down by truth (Apollo) and wisdom born of reflection (Diana).

It’s just not a moment to lie - or even boast, one suspects. And for those who others or themselves?

Things could get ouch-ish.

That the South Node is conjunct Pandora and Eris virtually guarantees a smattering of things which (Eris) unsettle the status quo and (Pandora) rattle hopes as we (Pholus-Ras Alhague-Ixion) try to pull away from, or otherwise separate ourselves from something that we have (Echo) been a part of (or dedicated to) but which because of our ‘slavishness’ to the ‘idea of the thing’ as opposed to what it means in reality and modern, everyday time has come back to haunt us.

Even if it’s only in guilty conscience, there’s something we regret, and (Sun-Mercury) its unlikely we have (or have had) sufficient perspective to see what we need to see. (Yet.)

And whatever this all pertains to, it ‘hinges’ on whatever we are most fixed on in terms of where we want to ‘grow’ our life... and whether that is in, or out of proportion - not in our eyes, but in terms of that which is ours to have by eternal Nature.

One more thing to think about here - that being how all of this happens just in the wake of December’s Gemini Full Moon, which like any Full Moon is a sign of emotional emphasis, whether that’s you feeling something specific (or feeling something about something specific) or a general social-societal ‘feeling’ which to one degree or another we get swept up in, or affected by.

December's Full Moon at 14 Gemini (glyph chart)
December 6 2014 - 12:28 p.m. (UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
 December's Full Moon at 14 Gemini (text chart)
December 6 2014 - 12:28 p.m. (UT+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
In fact, because that Full Moon occurs at 12:38 p.m. (UT/+0) on Saturday the 6th and because Saturday December 6th would be part of the ‘station allowance’ we give to celestial objects as they go in or out of retrograde, whatever the ‘rising tide’ of Full Moon feeling represents in your life (and that of others) will be part of what’s leading into your experience of this Jupiter ‘turn’... which in turn might lead us to wonder whether, considering how this is a Gemini Full Moon, whether a lot of us will be changing our mind about things about now. Or to put it in a way which might fit more easily with what we’ve been musing about with regards to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranian cycles, maybe it is something which occurs around the time of the Full Moon which brings us to understand (or ‘see,’ whether literally or figuratively) why it is that we need to put the growth-expansion portion of our program on hold in favor of doing something of a more (Saturn) ‘work/effort’ nature before we move on.

In all of this, the Full Moon’s position at 14 Gemini adds a curious note about deception and things which are dishonest and even dishonorable which are about ‘toying’ with others or being ‘toyed’ with - all of which is complicated by this degree’s tendency to embody or elicit fakery and the sorts of ‘false fronts’ which deflect attention away from the some thing far more important. Obviously this isn’t a problem in the chart of a stage magician whose work is to deceive the audience, but if or where people are simply using position or advantages they have to ‘toy’ with a situation or people’s feelings (remember, this is the Moon we’re talking about), things could be problematic - and yes, highly emotional all around.

Given the t-square with Chiron at the ‘t,’ there is nothing anyone knows in this moment which is a proper or sure-fire choice. And since all t-squares describe lessons which require that we work “through” whatever is presented to us at the ‘t,’ we’re going to have to figure and understand and emotionally own that there is no known hard-and-fast “answer” to whatever is manifesting in loud (Jupiter) bas relief...and how that means we will have to learn as we go if we are ever to achieve that success which in this moment is being pictured by Aldebaran + Moon + Rigel... the sum of that success (Aldebaran) which can only be achieved through integrity and those choices which we (Rigel) learn to apply though (Moon) emotional integrity.

However... for the astrological record, let us also note that in this Full Moon figure, all that ‘success’ - the Gemini components of Moon, Aldebaran and Rigel - in being in Gemini is subject to the position of Gemini’s ruler...which would be Mercury.

At the moment of this Full Moon, Mercury stands at 13 Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun. And whenever we see Mercury conjunct the Sun, we know that our (Mercury) thinking is lacking in perspective - and that’s even without this pair being presented in Sagittarius, a sign about ‘seeking’ with earnest fervency, to say the least.

Plus this Sun/Mercury pair is conjunct royal fixed star Antares, a star which represents the oh-so human temptation to obsessions and obsessiveness in the ‘name’ of ‘right-ness’ which always fail if only because success in whatever that situation is requires perspective of a type which is incompatible with the obsessive fixation of our mortal passions.

With asteroid Child present, we may indeed act childish during these days. Or maybe we’ll come to learn more about what children are saying. Or what they mean to us - and the difference between what they mean to us and who those children may be as individuals. With Echo in this Sagittarian mix we cannot simply function on rote - we have to think, and think as an individual. Or maybe we’ll need to reconsider something and through that we’ll change our mind about something and stop ‘Echo-ing’ others because we discover our own voice, our own opinion, our own willingness to see something a different way or in a different light.

Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse (1903, oil on canvas)
On one hand this Full Moon figure stands on its own. So there will be levels of this which is simply about your home, your life, your family, your need to get those chores done or whatever else is boggling your brain at the moment. But there is also that part of this Full Moon energy which is very much part of a bigger picture - ‘our times,’ one might say. And at that level this Full Moon, with all its internal emotional quandaries is part of a greater Jupiter (and Jupiter-Saturn) pattern, a pattern which applies to how you want to live personally - and to what is going on in our world which makes that personal desire that much harder...or easier.

Considering that Saturn and Jupiter are astrologically thought of as ‘partners’ to the Sun in all our worldly and more or less intellectual or ‘matured’ aspects of life (against Venus and Mars as the ‘partners’ of the Moon in all things feeling and emotionally valued) there is going to be a strong emphasis on things which are ‘going on’ or which we feel are ‘going on’ - which may be a reality or merely something we’re feeling.

Whichever way that goes, it all comes back to why we (Moon) feel that way... and how much we (Jupiter) know, (Sun/Mercury) understand... and are (Saturn) willing to hold not others, but ourselves to that which we know should be right, (Juno) regardless and (Uranus) apart from how we personally feel.

How we deal with that will probably spell out one thing now, in the shortest of short runs... and something else in the light of a next year which comes to pass. Whether we are willing to understand not just our cause(s) but what it takes to create some desired effect(s) is the task of the Now and moving forward... and a lot of it, we control. We can build. Jupiter and Saturn always represent aspects of our Self that can be utilized as assets if we treat them as such, though in being planets which orbit beyond the asteroid belt we understand they involve things which are not just about our Self or what we want. We can study all we want in isolation, we can work all we want in isolation but ultimately, to satisfy Jupiter and Saturn - planets which together rule the zodiac’s four most worldly signs (with a little help from Uranus and Neptune). In saying that we also say that whatever Jupiter and Saturn represent comes to fruition and ultimate fulfillment through worldly ‘exposure’ of some sort. They require that we learn to navigate with others. With society. Through ‘the system,’ whatever that may be.

And what that means... and how we need to go about it?

That lies at the heart of things which happen now and which need to happen going forward, sometimes because of how we feel... and sometimes in spite of it.

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