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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pallas in Sagittarius

A sunrise view from the Gamrig to the Lilienstein in one of Switzerland's national parks
(photo credit: Merops, Occtober 2012)
Not everyone seems to feel (or pay attention to) Pallas changing signs. But even if you’re not a died-in-the-toga Pallas lover, as asteroid Pallas is entering Sagittarius but a couple of days behind Saturn ... and since Pallas travels through the zodiac at a faster clip than Saturn (a fact easy enough to understand as it only takes Pallas around four years to go once around the Sun and Saturn takes some twenty-nine years to do the same thing) ...well, let’s just say it’s worth mentioning.

(And if you didn't read the post on Saturn in Sagittarius, that may be a good place to start - it's the post just prior to this one.)

Yet the truth there is that this isn’t just a Saturn thing. The day before Pallas moves into Sagittarius on December 27th, Pluto will slide across the digital line into it’s 2015 area of affect - it’s ‘shadow’ if you will, though Pluto won’t be in actual retrograde motion until next April 17th, should you care - which if you’re a United States citizen means caring may be in order as Pluto going retrograde on the 17th means it’s station begins on April 15th (America’s annual Tax Day for individuals) if only because odd and  unanticipated things are associated with the period around the time of Pluto’s station. So if Pluto’s degree of station (15 Capricorn) applies to your personal chart, this could indicate an interruption which makes it hard to get taxes filed.

It’s also - because Pluto is associated with problems where ‘values’ are manipulated or denied - a moment and set of days where that we do out of avoidance (particularly out of some sort of avoidance of responsibility or standards which support responsible actions and choices) can come back to haunt us.

But that’s then, and at the moment all we need to deal with is Pluto’s symbolic ‘opening’ of it’s next year’s business, which means we will either now be turning to things which will carry on into next year, whether or not that happens because we relinquish some sense of Plutonic control or conviction we’ve been holding onto or not.

And yes, that may happen - that’s one very sensible way to think of Pallas’ shift into Sagittarius happening in concurrence with Pluto beginning its next year of ‘work’ as Pallas catches up with Saturn - which is really the crux of the astrological affect which will color and crest the period of December 26, 27, 28 and 29 in particular, give or take the fact that Pluto will be going on to do its Plutonic thing from the 26th forward.

As for Pallas, Pallas is an emblem of intellectual wisdom either gained or applied through, and with perspective. Pallas is not passionate - which puts it right in there on Saturn’s side of the astrological ledger and pretty much in opposition to Pluto’s notoriously fervent effects ... which is an entirely different way to see this transit cluster, namely as the realization or determination that some situation or effort which is filled with passion and everyone’s desire to have it work out the way they want it to can’t be dealt with except through cool perceptions.

By sitting in conjunction with Saturn at 0 Sagittarius from the 27th through the 29th, Pallas invites us to think things through on the ‘Saturn level’ - which is to say, cost versus benefit and through the eyes of a realistic mind which knows (despite all the wanting) that the goal - as with most desirable goals - will take time.

Some people may be very unhappy with this fact. The degree 0 Sagittarius is known for substantial understandings and knowledge - but also for impatience and often enough, intolerance, particularly where someone disagrees (or is simply not enthralled) by our perspective, philosophy, aim, product or plan. Yet at the same time, this is a degree which is able to learn and which is known for practical and often quite pragmatic native abilities with finicky or exacting ideas, which with Pallas and Saturn present may surface as a review which seeks to find imperfections or errors based on assumptions of how things should work - which isn’t always the way they work in real time.

Pallas will be in Sagittarius from now until April 8, 2015. During that time, apart from the Saturn conjunction, Pallas won’t be meeting up with other planets, that being something of a statement about how perspectives on many issues will now be freed to develop independent from all else - which may include some facts, and which may at times lack any sensibility of compassion.

Pallas is not a ‘feeling’ emblem. It’s sufficiently devoid of emotionality that some will think of Pallas as a point which is ‘cold’ or as feelings and all we think of as ‘normal’ human emotionality is not in the Pallas definition. If anything, this tendency is exacerbated by Sagittarius as Sagittarius is a fire sign which is all about ‘the vision’ and how things ‘could be.’ In everyday settings, this is likely to create a few problems as one person follows one line of logic and someone else follows another, and with the proximity of Pallas’ sign change to change-prompting Uranus’ having gone direct on the 21st we shouldn’t be surprised if those changes take the form of some other ‘side’ or the voice which hasn’t been heard from, the thing which hasn’t been said, the player thought long counted out ... all those ‘other sides’ and other perspectives now count at least in terms of our ability to know and understand their perspectives.

Ultimately all the positives (and yes, the negatives too) will come out in the Aquarian Age wash. And what with Aquarius being the sign of universal perspectives and Sagittarius’ derivative third sign(any third derivative being about ‘expression’) that suggests that as it transits Sagittarius, Pallas’ impartial ‘vibe’ will provide some measure of logical stabilization, be that of images, proposals, relationships and conversations and whether that which is being perceived OR felt is about someone else - or with regard to some situation we’re in or trying to understand within our Self.

One other thing is afoot as of the latter part of this week, and that’s Ixion (nobody’s favorite Plutino) perfecting its conjunction with Ras Alhague ... if any conjunction of Ixion and Ras Alhague could be said to be “perfect.” Both of these symbols have a dark side, with Ras Alhague playing the part of the choice between healing and harming and Ixion being a habit we each have stuffed somewhere in our personality which drives us to think we can ‘get away’ with something - which eventually proves to be our undoing, or at least the reason our aims tend to fail.

Yet this is also an opportunity - one which will occur either in several parts (perhaps representing steps in a process) or which pertains to separate issues we learn about in turn, representing the ‘healing’ of some injury of confidence or inner gap of understanding. We’ve met up with this combination before, mind you - it’s first instance (in recent history) began back on February 22nd when at least several trials many if not most of us are still dealing with came bubbling to the surface.

Have we learned anything new about that situation or possibly from whatever we were doing at that time? Maybe, maybe not. If we have, Ixion ‘returning’ to the scene of the stellar crinkle (one hopes there's no crime involved ...) is likely to come as a poke from life to see if we’ve really, truly learned whatever it was we needed to learn.

Or ... are we now primed to trip ourselves up - again?

This Ixion-Ras Alhague combination which can be fractious and irritating even when (if) the outcome is going to be positive in time has been with us a long time, having started back in 2010 and set to be with us (with period high-and-low points) until late October, 2016.

Pallas Athena by Franz von Stuck (cropped)
As for what we need to learn or how we go about learning it and why we have some tendency to do time and again which don't pan out well for us, that would be a great thing to get some Pallas perspective on, though with Ixion-Ras Alhague in this mix it’s just as likely that with some people (and as this pertains to certain issues) the old ‘try, try again,’ mantra will simply get used because ... well, because.

And whatever tripped us up before will trip us up again.

So... will we learn - or learn better - about things during these next several months? Maybe. Starting from where we are, as we do we increase the chance that we’ll know how to handle things when Pallas reaches Capricorn.

And if we don’t, we merely put off until tomorrow that we could be learning today, postponing the success, the validation and the rewards we think we want ... which may be why we now need perspective, and what we need perspective on in our short run.

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