by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, November 27, 2015

December 2015: Changes & Aims

By night, a light burns brightly in a narrow street of France's Mont Saint Michel
(photo credit Ines Urdaneta, December 2008)
December begins with Francis going retrograde. No, not Pope Francis, the asteroid Francis - though in the world of ‘personal name asteroids’ (a lovely little astrological study entirely unto itself) it’s certainly worth noting that the name ‘Francis’ and asteroid ‘Francis’ came together in Pope Francis’ chart perfectly, as the asteroid is sitting right at the top of the Pope’s natal chart, making ‘Francis’ part of the image of how the world (i.e., the Midheaven/MC) sees him.

An isolated image from Pope Francis' natal chart showing asteroid Francis at the top of his chart, speaking to a life 'goal' which existed for the Pope when he was born, inclusive of the image the world would come to have of him.
(Pope Francis: December 17, 1936 - 21:00 (9 p.m.) ADT/+3 - Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Having taken up ‘watching’ this asteroid around the time Pope Francis was elected Pope, I’m not sure I can yet tell you everything about it, though there is a fairly evident quality of ‘care’ and ‘caring’ to be associated with asteroid Francis -  along with a quality of being willing to ‘stand’ for positions on things one cares about.

As for 6 Leo, being a first decanate degree the reference is to something about our Self (physical or otherwise) and/or our actions. That being the universal ‘basic’ for any first decanate degree, we then add in the observations made over uncounted years (by uncounted astrologers) about on this degree, and we arrive at some sort of choice or conflict between ability and pride. This can be our choice or conflict - or that of someone else which we are watching, going to be affected by, or responding to. Underlying the 6 Leo dynamic is a question of how well we know our Self ... and how well we deal with our own insecurities and vulnerabilities - those ‘soft spots’ in our plan, character or convictions being what we’re really going to have to deal with be dealing with as December starts out in the wake of Chiron just having gone direct.

(Remember that part?)

Any time Chiron is active by global transit (or in your chart as a personal transit), we know there is going to be some sort of ‘taking our medicine’ with regards to something we feel unprepared for, ill at ease with, or which touch in ‘incapacities’ or ‘inabilities’ - which when we add in the 6 Leo ‘how well do you know how your own insecurities function?’ already sounds like the makings of a theme.

(An uncomfortable theme.)

Fortunately, there is nothing about this sort of passage which is drastically dramatic. So unless this 6 Leo (or Chiron’s 16 Pisces) degrees are incredibly focal in your personal chart, these beginning of the month is merely likely to be or involve ‘more of the same’ situations which touch on our ability or willingness to care, be cared about (conveniently or otherwise) ... or to care about that which really needs to be cared about as opposed to that which we would like to be caring about.

In other words, December is going to start out with life showing us differences between preference and need - or between our priorities and those of others, or perhaps of life itself. With Francis going retrograde, the Francis energy is being turned ‘inward,’ telling us that we are at a point where we may need to care about our Self. Or who we are being. Or why we are being who we are being in this moment. Whatever the situation and though external details certainly matter, in other words, our ability to cope and grow as people is a greater emphasis which now calls on us to feel and care about that which isn’t ‘native’ to our cause or aim and which by any measure doesn’t feel like a ‘strength.’

Come mid-week (call it either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your time zone), the Sun moves from Sagittarius’ first decan into its second, effectively raising everyone’s level(s) of awareness, responsiveness and desire to be heard. And with this vibe being overlaid with a Venus in (late) Libra coloration, we should expect our attention to get drawn to responses, reactions and results (and the ability/inability to generate such things) as all sorts of exchanges of opinions, circumstances, ideas and objections salt and pepper our days.

(One might say all will be either well-seasoned or seasonal, depending.)

Then on Saturday the 5th, Venus moves into Scorpio - which if you’re up on your which-planet-does-well-in-what-sign lists strikes an instant note of either resolution (to endure) or hesitation (to start something) which is so typical of Venus’ transits of Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio (glyph chart)
December 5, 2015 - 4:16 (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
 Venus in Scorpio (text chart)
December 5, 2015 - 4:16 (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Moreover, as Venus is making this shift from the airy world of Libran ideas, ideals, perspectives and images into Scorpio’s viscerally intense realm of desire, need, cooperation and threat, asteroid Medea is going direct at 20 Aries. By itself Medea is a symbol of intensity and focus - which at 20 Aries combines Medea’s ‘I want what I want’ drive (which let’s remember, can just as easily be motivated by a positive as negative urge) ... that drive gets mixed in with the typical 20 Aries-type impulse to try, do or jump into something - the success of which lore tells us is based on how much we truly do (or don’t) know about what we’re doing or getting into.

Considering this Medea situation, it’s likely that Venus entrance into Scorpio will involve something which we are ‘over-invested’ in at some level, with the Venus part having the potential for sensible or ‘devil-may-care’ choices. There is a tendency under Venus in Scorpio to ignore where our desires are coming from, and for meeting up with, or being challenged by or getting into a situation where we witness or experience something which brings this lack of awareness (self-awareness) out. How could that happen? Well, someone could just ask us why we feel the way we do, getting us to stop and think about it. (Yes, sometimes metaphysics really is that simple!) Or maybe we’ll see someone else doing something very much like what we’re doing, but as it’s ‘offshore’ we can see the thing they’re missing or failing to take into account.

Venus in Scorpio also asks us to accept differences - whether or not we like them. Scorpio being a sign of ‘joint values’ and shared emotions, it’s virtually assured we will meet up with someone (or something) which causes us to need to work out some conflict - the process of which will bring us closer to an understanding of our Self and where we stand vis-√†-vis others and the world. In astrological opposition to instinctive Taurus, Scorpio is a sign which represents where and how and why our instincts get tested through things we can’t predict and have no control over.

Scorpio is a great leveler of emotions and expectations, representing all the many ways we project onto others (or life) and end up paying for, whether that payment comes in the form of money, embarrassment, frustration, rejection or with whatever effort it takes to move forward because by gum, we’ve gone and won a round in life. So it’s to be expected that during the days between December 5th (when Venus enters Scorpio at 4:16 in the morning, UT/+0) and the 30th (when Venus moves on into Sagittarius) we will all be meeting up with quirky moments which force us to reconsider what we really mean or want. Is it realistic to think our aims are ever really going to become reality - or whether we’re just trying to bully our way through something because we can’t face some lack of personal realism in the face of a world which plainly (for whatever reasons, good or bad) doesn’t agree.

We don’t always meet up with rejection under Scorpio, but Scorpio is that which says our premises will be tested - one way or another - along the line. With Venus moving through this emotional and fixed sign, the weeks of Venus in Scorpio will have some holding onto their positions or convictions for dear life, some people working out compromises as they come to understand or ‘see’ more, and some folks simply giving up on their beliefs, hopes - or even on themselves.

Venus in Scorpio can be a trying time when what we want most is acceptance and a feeling of validation (whatever that may mean) and when to an almost ‘magical’ ability we attract others who we tend to reject because they embody things about our Self which we don’t want to deal with. The aim is purification of our emotional positions and the unification of our thoughts, feelings and choices, and sometimes that ‘purification’ process involves letting go of or losing something we love very much.

Sometimes even too much.

Furthermore, with Plutino and dwarf planet Orcus going retrograde on Sunday, December 6th (the day after Venus enters Scorpio) that gives the whole Venus-Medea fixation-and-needing-to-get-perspective-on-self (or one’s choices, or your feelings) is occurring just before we are given to know by Orcus going direct, that like it or not, something can’t be changed.

That’s Orcus’ symbolic meaning - the fact that something can’t be changed, and our need to deal with the idea that something ... maybe about us, maybe about others, maybe about the times we live in ... something can’t be changed. That Orcus is a dwarf planet says this is something a bit ‘larger’ than the everyday thing which will be here and gone in an hour. And as a Plutino, Orcus always refers to something which was begun (or held onto) because of something alluring or particularly attractive about that thought, that goal, that feeling ...

... and then (as they say), we get the bill. Orcus in the moment when the fact that there IS a bill (a ‘cost’) for what we have done, and that yes, we’re going to pay it. That may or may not be a problem. It may or may not even be something which ruffles a feather or two.

The Orcus point is all about how as of this point, we have no more options - to which 8 Virgo adds a ‘coping’ quality, suggesting that the whole of this weekend (to some degree) is about efforts, limits and how we feel about the advisability of certain choices.

And no sooner does all this set up (like Jell-O or concrete, depending) than another meteor shower begins. This one is the Geminids, and the Geminids run from December 7th through the 17th. Named for the idea that the place this meteor shower appears to be ‘coming from’ (its ‘radiant’ point) lies in the constellation Gemini, the period described by the Geminids (December 7-17) is a natural time for all things which ‘draw on’ our Gemini issues or challenges. And as Gemini is the sign of mentality and all the things we think about and work at ‘piecing together’ properly (be that our plans, our schedules, our life, our priorities or just our understanding of something, right or wrong) ... this would be a time when wherever we stand with our Self (and thus with others) with regards to all things Gemini and how well things are working/not working throughout our life will come more into focus. Often such ‘points’ will focus on the aims and choices we have, and how well we are (or aren’t) coping with such issues, especially where they touch on areas we don’t yet know enough about, or where we are thinking we have ‘everything it takes’ to get some task done when in truth, we don’t.

Then there’s the fact that no sooner do the Geminids begin than Dionysus goes retrograde as Amphitrite goes direct on December 8th - all of which is still close enough to Orcus’ station to create some mutual station effects.

Dionysus by Sebastiano Ricci (1695)
By itself, Dionysus speaks to something which is both ‘sacred’ (whether in the strictly religious sense or otherwise) and ‘celebratory’ or ‘to be celebrated,’ which can refer to something of the moment, in the past or being anticipated in some near or far future. And as Dionysus is going retrograde at 22 Leo, not only are we being told that some form or ‘sense’ of this ‘Dionysus’ quality or cause in our lives is being turned ‘back’ on us, or causing us to reflect on whatever it is which we hold sacred or worthy of celebration. Maybe we’re questioning some belief or faith we have had in something or someone - or even our own ability. Or maybe we’re thinking we need to stop and consider someone else, whether in terms of something about their ability, how they act or what their priorities are. Given the Orcus influence, either something prior can’t be changed, something is changing at this point ‘ending’ something which has gone before - or as part of having ‘let go’ of one thing, something new and (hopefully) better is being adopted.

With Amphitrite going direct on the same day that Dionysus goes retrograde, there are some emotional notes being scribbled in the margin here about having to ‘get used’ to that which is new. Also known for temporary forms of evasion or avoidance, Amphitrite going direct here may symbolize ‘working around’ some issue, at least until we get some sort of bearing or better ‘picture’ of what we want to do.

All of this is happening with the Sun in Sagittarius, making this a natural time for finding and fixing glitches, mistakes and gaps either in information or comprehension. And with Mercury just finishing up its own transit of Sagittarius, that’s yet another clue about this time. In short, Mercury in Sagittarius speaks to an opportunity to achieve greater clarity and momentum towards goals providing we don’t exaggerate, lie, break any laws (man-made or natural), overstep boundaries or violate standards of thought, speak, action or expression beyond life’s normal  tolerances.

(Please note: that’s life’s normal tolerances, not OUR personal tolerances!)

As for when Mercury actually finishes its transit of Sagittarius and moves on into Capricorn (lowering the overall ‘temperature’ of things), that will happen on Thursday, December 10th at 2:35 in the morning, UT/+0 time.

Mercury in Capricorn (glyph chart)
December 10, 2015 - 2:36 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
 Mercury in Capricorn (text chart)
December 10, 2015 - 2:36 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
The shift of Mercury out of Sagittarius into Capricorn tends to be a change we all notice - even if not immediately - by the lessening of pace and the ‘heat’ with which things get said, read and comprehended. Capricorn being an earth sign means Mercury in Capricorn tends to focus on facts, as opposed to  Mercury in fiery Sagittarius, which often manifests as people discussing, debating, considering and arguing over theories, conjectures and possibilities (rather than known truths).

Of course, the reverse is true too: Mercury in Capricorn can sometimes be (or represent) a time when people tend to be sufficiently calm ... or so conservative ... even perhaps overly or rigidly rooted in some habit, structure, tradition or existent (‘status quo’) method of dealing with things that important new ideas or opportunities get missed.

How is that likely to manifest at this point? Well, with this particularly Mercury entrance into Capricorn occurring in square to the lunar nodes (with Hebe conjunct the North Node and Scheat plus Vesta conjunct the South Node) our relationships and ‘relationship’ to (North Node in Virgo) functionality either requires ongoing functionality or more ‘help’ or effort - that last being the Hebe part of the equation. With the North Node and Hebe both in a sign Mercury rules, there is also something of a ‘self feeding’ quality involved, as the problem with a t-square (which Mercury squaring both nodes certainly is) ... that problem is all about getting past the “I/me” quality of the ‘hurdle’ or the object at the ‘t’ in the figure (that being Mercury in this case) in order to get to the ‘goal.’

And here that goal is defined as South Node + Scheat + Vesta (all in Pisces). The South Node is something which is easy or understood to the point that it’s an easy option and to that extent, preferable. In Pisces, this is going to represent some form of emotional vulnerability or some feeling of vulnerability, one which MAY have to do with someone else (in other words, ‘I don’t want anyone to scare me because I get frightened’) ... and then again, it may be entirely about us - a situation which sounds more like ‘I don’t want to see/hear/think about XYZ because it’s just so unpleasant to think about.’

So at some level, this Mercury square is all about not wanting to feel ... or at least feel vulnerable, even if that’s only to one’s own feelings. To ‘get’ there, to get to that point, one would have to ‘get past’ Mercury at the ‘t’ of the t-square, and as the image at the ‘t’ of a t-square is 99 times out of 100 requires that we not think personally but rather from a perspective which takes into account (and understands) the whole of a situation from the position of its more ‘impersonal’ truth, this Mercury would seem to be some form of astrological notification that in order to get to where we don’t feel vulnerable, we have to get over some sort of deep rooted stand or position or ‘individualized’ perspective to one which is more universal.

And as always, since Mercury is involved, how we utilize all those Mercury attributes (thought, communication, approach, methodology) matters. And not to belabor this, but as pertains to that part of the Mercury challenge, with Mercury showing up at the ‘t’ here in the company of Hybris and asteroid Hel, there is an interesting indication that this challenge can be made even more difficult (that being the ‘Hel’ part of things) by thinking (Mercury = thought) of this in terms which pertain to an ‘offense’ against the sacred or ‘sacred’ standards.

One more note on this ingress: asteroid Industria (meaning: industriousness, hard work) will also be going retrograde on this same date (December 10th), and that it will be doing so at 12 Leo underscores some sense which given the retrograde turns the ‘fortune’ or ‘fortunate’ qualities associated with 12 Leo inward, creating a situation in which we are forced to consider what these terms mean - and what ‘good fortune’ is, or is useful (or not useful) for, given everything else which begins to gel at this time. 

Moreover, we’re not done with that Sagittarian tendency to spread our wings and fly ... or to be flighty ... or to get carried away with things as Friday, December 11th is the date of 10:30 in the morning (UT/+0) New Moon at 19 Sagittarius, a degree known for fires and fiery dispositions which seem to be somehow at odds with the status quo.

You know, that status quo Mercury’s moving into Capricorn is going to have us thinking about - a subject we’re likely to think more about as Mercury enters the shadow of its upcoming (January 2016) retrograde on December 20th just as the Sun finishes its annual day of conjuncting the Galactic Center, giving us input on questions about what we are giving to the world, or of ourselves. And all of that would seem likely to be getting mixed in with this incoming New Moon cycle, a cycle which in being expressed at 19 Sagittarius is (if nothing else) about expanding our understanding of things, whether or not we expand what we’re doing or with whom we’re doing it. As a cycle, this New Moon round begins on the morning of December 11th and ends in the wee small hours of January 10, 2016. And with asteroids Scheherazade, Medusa, Lilith, Moskva and Tantalus conjunct this New Moon, we also know there are (Scheherazade) stories we need to understand and ‘stories’ to be told to others for a variety of reasons. Our general ‘aim’ is likely to be the ‘preservation’ of personal options and goals, whether that helps others or avoids unpleasantries (generally starting with ours). In this effort, Medusa and Lilith certainly can refer to things about our life our Self which we don’t want to know or discuss (or which we are frankly, scared of knowing about our Self). And those qualities of avoidance and denial may well figure in much which happens now and throughout the coming lunar month.

Wherever we see Medusa in the chart, we know there are questions of emotionalism versus the sort of intellectual facility (‘cool thinking’) we think of as common sense and the ability - and with Medusa, specifically the gaining of an ability - to think things through well enough that we can operate ‘in reflection’ of that which we have learned about our Self which allows us to conquer whatever form(s) of  inner ‘monster’ which keep us from being able to function in our most effectively well-balanced manner.

Next is asteroid Moskva. What Moskva will surely add is a quality of intensity, though its effects are variable. Besides being an obvious reference to the city of Moscow (or the country of Russia or people of that country), Moskva also symbolizes long term planning, a ‘honing’ of plans (or methods), the ability to ‘preserve’ and either the kind of intensity which endures, or an enduring sort of intensity ... with all of this tending to manifest through those emotional and/or intuitive senses astrology associates with the element of water.

And then there’s Tantalus, the asteroid which speaks to ‘meeting up’ with things which tantalize with the idea that we could ‘fool anyone’ (including ‘the gods’ as we perceive them), which could be a wonderful display of beauty, ability or artistry. Or it could also be something which is entirely disgusting, unacceptable and reprehensible.

With Tantalus, there are elements of comparison (sometimes jealousy) which weigh on decisions, with most of the ‘dangers’ associated with this asteroid coming from allowing ourselves to indulge our meanest, most bitter and/or hostile notions. Even if accurate, where such notions are involved, Tantalus is likely to lead to a ‘self-betraying’ or a ‘revealing’ of inner motivations - which could be very difficult ... or which, given the incoming holiday season could merely involve the usual struggles and questions about giving and receiving and who people are as opposed to who we might like to think they are - or ‘should be’ ... all of which in this sense says everything about our Tantalus, if less than little about them.

After the New Moon, a day or two passes. Then, just as the Geminids peak on Sunday/Monday, December 13/14, asteroids House and Eurydike go direct.

With House going direct at 0 Taurus, the day or two prior to this station (along with the days leading out of it) are likely to be affected by efforts to feel good even as one deals with people or situations which get us all stirred up.

These two effects (the good and the getting stirred up) can be linked through a single situation, but they certainly don’t have to be - and where they aren’t, or where the challenge side of things are more pronounced, we may well feel unsettled to some degree.

For some, this will come from some (Eurydike) ‘cost’ which life is asking us to take on. And with Eurydike’s station occurring at 7 Taurus, such costs are likely to be both physical and very much reflective of the cause-effect, ‘tit-for-tat,’ ‘reaping what you sow,’ ‘earning one’s keep’ or any other kind of consequential “equation” theory. Are we making decisions based solely on the moment or solely on the ‘me-and-mine’ theory? Are we aware (or willing to be aware) of differences in perspective, and how sometimes greater gains (and thus greater security) comes from sharing advantages or making sure all ‘sides’ of any question are both taken into consideration and attended to with a fairly equal hand?

As we move through mid-month and the Geminids end, Earth enters yet another meteor shower - the Ursids. Named for its radiant point near fixed star Kochab in Ursa Minor (the Little Bear or Little Dipper). As with all polar constellations (north or south) there are considerations (some call them ‘warnings’) which come with anything about Ursa Minor which basically amounts to a need to be balanced in one’s approach. As for Kochab, perhaps due to its far northern location there’s not as much written about Kochab as some stars, but the lore which is out there speaks of this star in conjunction with the human tendency to be too hard on ourselves and our abilities (or perceived lacks) resulting in negative feelings which can sometimes be overwhelming.

In starting on December 17th and running through December 23rd, this year’s Ursids may well go a bit more ‘distinctly’ in one emotional direction or the other as Pandora goes retrograde on December 19th (the Saturday before Christmas). Pandora’s stations tend to bring out moments and feelings of either hope or lack of hope, depending on where we are with our Self at the time. 

And with this station (and meteor shower) occurring during the holidays, it is very likely to reflect good and bad of the holiday season and all the social/societal ‘splits’ and feelings of estrangement the holidays always seem to exacerbate.

Moreover there is some level at which these two events (the Ursids and Pandora’s station) begins December’s core period of astrological activity.

With Pandora going direct at 27 Leo, the options of one’s moment (that which incites hope or disappointment, one supposes) is likely to have a quality of repercussion (consequence, karma) which can be both quite sudden and entirely confusing. Writings on this degree stress its interactive inner/outer quality, meaning things on the outside generate internal reactions which may or may not be in sync or reflective of what we’re doing, or what we need to do.

Plus, no sooner does Pandora go retrograde on that Saturday, but Sunday the 20th will dawns, with  asteroids Arachne and Sappho going retrograde and Mercury moving into the shadow of an upcoming (January 2016) retrograde.

Asteroid Arachne is one of those asteroids which embodies everything it’s named for very openly -arachnids are spiders and the energetics associated with asteroid Arachne embody everything spider-like from ‘webs’ to patience to stealth to the idea of ‘getting wrapped or caught up’ in things to the point you can’t ‘get out of it.’ To this, the degree of Arachne’s station - 25 Leo - adds notes which concern the need to ‘curb excesses’ and maintain a sense of balance (and, considering the time of year, perhaps budget!) despite desires and concerns which test our personal ego.

That Sappho is stationing at the same time (and also going direct) speaks to a universal quality and all the philosophical pluses and minuses which go with being ‘one of many,’ whether that makes us feel ‘invisible in a crowd’ or strengthened by ‘being one among’ that many feeling some effect. There is a quality of being moved, as well as an ability to touch others associated with Sappho which is often thought of as taking the form of artistic work, but it can also represent something we work to express openly and universally - and which in combination with Arachne could refer to something ‘arresting’ or sufficiently beautiful or stunning to get some measure of attention.

However... give how Mercury is just entering the ‘shadow’ of the degrees it will retrograde over-and-through come next month (January), there is some very traditional astrological reasoning which would suggest that while some will take a stand at this point (or perhaps make a mark, create an impression or initiate some effort) and some who will succeed in striking some ‘universal’ chord, there are others whose efforts may begin now but not ‘bear fruit’ or otherwise become ‘effective’ until Mercury comes out of its January 2016 retrograde - and that’s just as valid a path as anything else.

And that ‘universal’ part fits asteroid Sappho just perfectly, and Sappho is all about the universal (or Universalist’s) appeal. That’s worth reminding ourselves of - and even more worth remembering in this moment as astrology is entirely universal ... and at the same time, absolutely individual, which is why astrology itself is astrologically identified with the sign of Aquarius, a sign which defines all things through that very same individual-collective, concave-convex sort of metaphysical lens.

Sappho (Sapho) by Gustav Klimt (1888-1890)
And in the end, all of that does additionally say that to live in the Age of Aquarius is to both live in ‘an astrological age,’ and to live in an age where at some point, astrology is more than highly likely to be adopted by mainstream thinkers.

In any case, back to Sunday, December 20th, a date on which the Sun is just finishing its transit of Sagittarius, which with Mercury just entering its shadow could be described as ‘one last push’ before ‘things’ get (Sun in Capricorn) ‘set in concrete.’

And by ‘things,’ we mean all sorts of and manner of things, be they what we’re doing, our holiday plans and/or schedules, the things being done...

In other words, pretty much everything.

Yet that’s just our ‘side’ of ‘things’ - the ‘what we are able to do, plan/plan for, or contribute to’... a set of ideas, concepts and (Sagittarian fire sign) theories which may or may not hold metaphysical water as come the end of the week (and Christmas) we get a Cancer Full Moon and the always unpredictable qualities of Uranus going direct.

But before that happens, the Sun will be moving into Capricorn. The date for this ingress is December 22nd, and as the Sun reaches Capricorn at 4:49 in the morning (UT/+0 time) it also marks the Capricorn Solstice and the moment when northern hemisphere days (in terms of hours of sunlight) start getting longer and when southern hemisphere days (ditto) begin getting shorter on a day by day, ever so gradual basis.

Sun in Capricorn (glyph chart)
December 22, 2015 - 4:49 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Sun in Capricorn (text chart)
December 22, 2015 - 4:49 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
As happened when Mercury moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn, the Sun’s shift from Sagittarius into Capricorn is often noticeable - if generally for different reasons. Representing our mentality and all we do with-or-within that mentality, our Mercurial observations and ‘sense’ (mental sense) of life’s pace and people’s tone tend to be just that - observations of whatever is going on, or not going on around us. But with the Sun, what we’re talking about is our life and life itself - which in this case involves ‘life’ moving from a fire sign which is part of the third quadrant (Sagittarius) into an earth sign which initiates the activities and gathering of experiences we associate with quadrant number four.

The fourth zodiac quadrant (and thus the life arena associated with it) is NOT personally interactive. Where third quadrant signs are about you-me-and-the-other-guy talking to each other, fourth quadrant signs speak to world and life situations and how we, as individuals, respond to them singularly or as part of a group or greater movement. There’s still an ‘outward’ focus - that would remain true whether we were talking about third or fourth quadrant signs as both are naturally positioned in the upper half of the ‘natural’ zodiac wheel. 

But they are very different. Fiery Sagittarius is all about the idea, the discussion, the merit or theory of the thing where earthy (and earthly) Capricorn is all about the reality, the durability, the reliability and intrinsic quality of anything, act, structure, person or reputation - and the real life consequences for failings and successes, purposeful and otherwise. Often known for striving as well as strife, the Sun’s passage through Capricorn is a time when life’s realities and the realities of our life (in particular) become that which we focus on.

And in doing so, we realize that work needs doing, and what the work is which really needs to be done. As the Sun (or any other planet) moves from Sagittarius and the third quadrant into Capricorn and the fourth, reflecting on things, discussions and the use of one’s accomplishments or positions or thoughts on the matter as a pedestal (or soap box) to stand on become less useful as fourth quadrant signs (and houses) are all about our interaction (as an individual) with the world as it exists in this moment (Capricorn), some collective or societal force, opportunity or system (Aquarius) and our emotional understanding of who WE are (Pisces) with regards to ALL of the above.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign. That means it’s ‘mode’ of activity inclines us to act (or try something) and to learn from the result. This can get things done, but it can also represent actions taken without understanding all the consequences. Known as a sign of leadership and achievement, the Sun in Capricorn is a time when ‘dreaming big’ and ‘big dreams’ meet up with the reality of one’s willingness to do the hard work over time, dealing with problems and challenges as they arise. Ruled by time-oriented Saturn, Capricorn is a sign as prone to having us think about where we are in time and what we want for our future as to moon over those ‘good old days’ long passed (and imperfect in their own day) which nevertheless, in the eye of memory’s nostalgia seem so wonderful or carefree.

It’s a well-worn habit ... a tradition if you will, to think in terms of days gone by where Capricorn is concerned - in part because Capricorn always (however subtly) refers to achievement, and thus to all those things we’ve already done which in whatever way, for good or bad, have contributed to the bringing us to our current day, our current place, this day in time.

As for this particular ingress, it contains two t-squares, one of which involves the Sun ... and the other of which involves Uranus - which we care about particularly in this moment as Uranus will be going on station as of the 24th (by conservative estimation) to go direct on December 26th - all of which is just few days from the date of the Sun’s Capricorn ingress.

Looking at the first t-square (top), this one has the Sun and Tantalus positioned at the ‘t,’ describing situations and personal dynamics which are likely to be rooted in, or cause us to want something we feel entitled (Tantalus) to, whether or not it is ours to have, do, assume or say ... and even whether our position has any positive moral or ethical merit.

This is both a personal and universal nuance of this moment - and to some degree, a coloration which will hold for the entire (December/January) month of Sun in Capricorn. That this t-square ‘begins’ with the North Node in late Virgo and Hebe (support, supportive sustenance) at 1 Libra suggests good intentions or a feeling of ‘goodness’ behind many of our efforts - and with the ‘object’ of our efforts being described as the South Node in Pisces being conjunct Maximov and Scheat, a combination which speaks to a ‘maximum’ or maximal denial or effort to deny which comes more easily (South Node) to the majority of us than otherwise.

Because we’re talking about the Sun at one of its two solstice points, this is (as discussed) the Sun changing zodiac quadrants. So there is a sense at which this ‘quarterly’ ingress chart - as with all (solar) quarterly ingress charts speaks to the immediate period at hand (the 22nd of December), the ‘solar month’ of Sun in Capricorn and the three-month ‘zodiacal quarter’ which in this case would begin on December 22nd and end on March 20, 2016, that date being just eleven days after the March 9th solar eclipse at 18 Pisces.

As for the nodes being part of this image, the North Node at 26 Virgo speaks to a necessary focus (the North Node factor) on our relationship to intuition and whether we can trust, should believe or whether we should proceed on the basis of what we intuit at this time. For all that it’s a very pragmatic earth sign, Virgo having a Pisces polarity speaks to the known Virgo capacity to live in some personal fantasy, particularly when reality or more realistic thinking would place more responsibility on some particular person than they are prepared to, willing to or capable of dealing with.

And yes, the problem is often telling one from another. In other words, is the problem that someone is truly incapable of something (or coping with something) or whether they are coping out, being lazy, choosing not to care or otherwise opting to choose some form of a lack of responsibility as opposed to having any real incapacity or lack.

Against this - on the Pisces side of the equation - we have 26 Pisces, a degree which is known for manifesting both sides of the Pisces duality at once (which is always tricky) by embracing both the emotional militant side of Pisces and the better-known Piscean aura of non-violent goodwill towards all. In conjunction with Maximov, we can expect a ‘maximal’ display of this conflict. And since this is the South Node positioned in Pisces, this conflict, a conflict which really exists within the Self, can ... and probably will be projected onto others now - and to some degree throughout this zodiacal quarter by those who don’t like taking responsibility for their own unhappiness. Scheat-South Node is a sign of the ease with which some will choose to project their dislike or fear of responsibility or lack of compassion onto others - or the fervency with which such acts will be denied.

That doesn’t make it true, mind you ... but you shouldn’t be surprised to hear such claims from people near and far.

As for the second t-square, this one features the image of our ‘revolutionary times’ - the long term, multi-year Pluto/Uranus square we’ve all be living through. With Pluto conjuncting Vega at this ingress, the lack or loss of charisma, whether that we project or that we perceive in others - is being shown to be ‘our problem’ as well. So whatever is ‘going wrong’ or presenting itself as a challenge is neither solely about ‘them’ or only about ‘me’ (our individual Self). And in fact, with Charybdis conjunct Child at 16 Capricorn and very much conjunct Vega/Pluto, our taking any ‘easy way out’ or ‘acting childish’ (referring to childlike whim or a child’s lack of understanding, not physical age) speaks here as a warning that where we fail to understand, or where we fail to learn better, undertake that which we are not well-versed about ... how all these things will come back to ‘bite’ us.

As for Mercury conjunct Pallas, that is an indication of an option or ability to get a better perspective - whether on ‘things’ or on Self. Positioned at 18 Capricorn, the ‘down’ side here is a strong chance that either instead of working/continuing to work on gaining that perspective that we will instead pick quarrels or choose to fritter away advantages through playing ‘games of chance,’ whether those games are the ones we play in a casino (or similar location) or those we play with our Self and our relationships with others ... or even our ability to relate to them - or their ability or willingness to listen or relate to us.  

The ‘object’ in this t-square - one which as stated is important because it involves Uranus - is Uranus at 16 Aries (a degree which involve nature and the ‘natural process’) and Alphecca, a star which is said to stand for life’s fruitfulness and what we gather, gain or receive as opposed to that which we assertively go out to ‘get.’ With Uranus representing the forces of change, insight, modernization and the general idea of ‘breaking through’ or ‘breaking out of’ old patterns, molds and attitudes, the process we would associate with this Uranus/Alphecca conjunction ... the changing, the innovating, the coming to see things in a new way ... that has already hit its peak over the past few years. But the more basic energy of evolution versus revolution (the Pluto/Uranus square) is ongoing and will remain ongoing for a while yet as Uranus and Pluto won’t exit the orb of this transiting square until mid-2018.

But the ‘cracking’ of those durable or enduring ‘shells’ or ‘defenses’ which will lead to the sort of transformations Pluto (in particular) is noted for ... those have theoretically already happened.

In looking at both t-squares, it’s probably useful to note that there are two forms of ‘denial’ being cited here: Scheat in the solar t-square’s ‘goal’ position and Black Moon Lilith (at 13 Libra, conjunct Terpsichore at 11 Libra) in the uncomfortable ‘motivating’ position in the Pluto/Uranus t-square. Both refer to something which tends to be denied, though Scheat generally refers to something so ‘accepted’ and part of the social fabric or human nature that we think of it as part of life’s ‘backdrop’ where Black Moon Lilith tends to be more situational, pertaining to current events and of-the-moment situations.

So it’s the denials (or the process of ‘denying’) which ... according to this astro-statement ... is a driving force behind day-to-day trials while life’s greater considerations have to do either with events, ideas and situations which challenge something we would like to deny, or some ‘emotional status quo’ on the part of society which is creating an ‘exclusion’ where we (as an individual) are concerned.

All of this applies to the moment, the Sun’s entire transit of Capricorn and on a less obvious level, to the next zodiacal ‘quarter,’ that of Sun in Capricorn, Aquarius and then Pisces which begins now and ends when the Sun reaches Aries (the next cardinal sign) on March 20, 2016.
Meanwhile, as the Sun moves into Capricorn it joins Mercury here. And with Mercury already being at the end of the ‘teen’ degrees as the Sun arrives at 0 Capricorn, as some feelings of being scattered or frazzled give way, feelings of determination and the sense or ability to determine (or make choices, or opt for and/or establish new priorities) takes shape within, even as we finish up with much which needs doing in advance of a Christmas Full Moon at 11:13 a.m. (UT/+0) at 3 Cancer.

Full Moon at 3 Cancer (glyph chart)
December 25, 2015 - 11:13 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Full Moon at 3 Cancer (text chart)
December 25, 2015 - 11:13 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
As with all Full Moons, this one speaks to something, or a phase of activity coming to ‘completion,’ which all the activities of Christmas would seem to fit well enough - and for those who get frantic about the holiday, having a Full Moon on ‘the day’ tends to say the important things will get done on time.

Of course, that may just mean we get to redefine what ‘important’ really means, too - especially as 3 Cancer is a degree which focuses on family and that feeling of family, hearth and having a home from the perspective of what we do if we have to do without the ‘traditional’ and have to adapt and create some sort of ‘holiday theme’ for our Self.

Contributing to this concept are two grand trines which come with this chart - and the holiday as a whole:

The first grand trine (top) centers on the Moon, Neptune-Fomalhaut in Pisces and Juno-Sisyphus in Scorpio, which among other things speaks to the (Juno) ‘control’ of or ‘protection’ against various kinds of snarky, nasty, even rancidly unacceptable behavior which some people (of the Sisyphus type) seem fully capable of giving themselves permission to embody.

With Neptune-Fomalhaut involved here and with the figure being a grand trine, whatever status people come into this time with will like as not hold true - a transiting grand trine is a figure of ‘ongoing energy’ which if not specifically countermanded or contradicted in a particular or specific natal chart (of a person, place or thing) ... isn’t going to change. So the good is still good and the bad is going to continue being bad for the moment...

...except for one thing. If it counts (or if it makes you feel any better): Fomalhaut being in a Full Moon grand trine which specifically involves the Full Moon in question is a metaphysical checkpoint of a metaphysical and (eventually) karmic kind.

How so? As one of the Royal Stars of Persia and as with all of the Royal Stars of Persia, Fomalhaut promises success only when we avoid one very particular human attribute. And in the case of Fomalhaut, that attribute is ‘corruption,’ particularly of the emotional or emotionally-based kind. The requirement here, in other words, is to neither act with the intent of ‘corrupting’ someone else (their needs, efforts, beliefs, goals, personal standards or whatever else), or from a perspective which is corrupted - which is obviously the really hard part as none of us are particularly adept at maintaining a strict perspective on the purity of our perspective.

Plus there is always the fact that those among us who hold a perspective they know is corrupted (or which they intend to use in the corrupting of stability or the happiness of others) are unlikely to give two hoots about Fomalhaut.

Fortunately, Fomalhaut is an equal-opportunity Royal Star. So those who do ill now will surely experience ills, whether in short order or long.

As for the second grand trine, unlike the figure the Moon is involved in which focuses on ‘low’ (early) water sign degrees, this one is in ‘high’ earth sign degrees, indicating ongoing worldly expressions and experiences which we all will be reacting to, responding to, or participating in without any of us being particularly ‘in charge’ or - as is typical of grand trines - being able to change things on any global or overarching level.

As for the symbols involved, this grand trine links Sedna-Capulus-Algol (in Taurus) with Mercury-Lumiere-Hidalgo in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, describing a dynamic which while enlightened or enlightening on one hand (Mercury, Lumiere, Hidalgo) is also very pointed and potentially vicious if it gets out of hand (Algol), capable of deep cuts and ‘cutting’ processes which separate knowledge and/or functionality (Capulus) and difficulties with the difference between what life really is and ‘what we were taught life was going to be like’ (ingrained expectations) and those visions of what or how we feel ‘entitled’ to live, operate or be treated, reflecting dwarf planet Sedna.

That all of this occurs during the ‘allowance’ we give to any planetary station (with the planet in question here being Uranus), none of this is likely to be ‘normal’ or reacted to normally. We should expect surprises: the good, bad and merely unexpected … and we can expect this particular grand trine’s effects (which began on the 23rd) through January 17th, 2016 – almost a month from now.

Uranus Direct (glyph chart)
December 26, 2015 - 3:54 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Uranus Direct (text chart)
December 26, 2015 - 3:54 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
And where Uranus is concerned, flexibility is a key. So if plans change, if someone unexpected drops by, if the weather is bad and the power goes out, all of this should be thought of as the ‘gift’ of the moment. Uranus’ station plus a Full Moon can be an entirely liberating moment which allows everyone to throw off their cares and have a moment of fun.

Then again, it could represent a moment when bottled up feelings get triggered, manifesting in outbursts, impulsiveness and even one of those ‘naughty, not nice’ arguments.

Dealing with tension, how (and how well) we do or don’t deal with tension is one very typical manifestation of any Uranus station - as are sudden or unanticipated changes in a status quo. Combining Uranus’ ability to represent the unpredictable with the standard upwelling of feelings and emotional situations which occur every month around the time of the Full Moon describes this year’s Christmas holiday as one which heralds changes, one which exists as a moment of (Full Moon) emotional fulfillment in a period of ‘changing times’ and an opportunity to break out of some rut, routine or long standing habit in making something new, something better, something different out of our life - and how we see that life, both personal and individual and as a whole.

Between the time of the Christmas Day Full Moon and Uranus going direct on December 26th at 3:54 in the morning (UT/+0) the Moon - of course - will have kept moving. (The Moon moves, on the average, about 1/2 of a degree every hour.)

And that means Uranus’ station will occur with the Moon having moved from 3 Cancer to 12 Cancer, forming a grand square.

In this grand square, the Moon conjunct Sirius is an image of ‘feeling brilliance’ or the sort of self confidence we all tend to feel when we’re ‘in our zone’ and feeling like we know what we’re about. Yet with this Moon/Sirius in opposition to Pluto-Vega, what we feel may not fit with the wants, needs and schedules of others. Moon/Pluto oppositions are known for their intensity, so whatever happens now matters to someone, whether or not that person is us.

Grand squares tend to be difficult or trying. So while the period of December 24-28 (the whole of Uranus’ station, including its allowance) is likely to be unpredictable, the specific day of Uranus station - the 26th, which includes the Moon moving through its opposition to Pluto, is likely to have a few unwanted, headache moments. Some of these will end up being beneficial, as grand squares do offer us something of a ‘hidden opportunity’ to get perspective on what we are doing and why (or how well) we are doing it. But for many, grand squares come and go as days when there’s more to do (or deal with) than we tend to be utterly delighted about, and no matter what we do, we tend not to ever get it all done.

All of which may be another form of Uranus’ lesson to us about stress and flexibility, and both the human will to try and the equally human necessity to acknowledge and understand our mortal limits - the effects of which are likely to spread within us (and our ‘personal sphere’) if nothing else.

Why would that be? That would be a reflection of the fact that Klotho - one of the Fates, and she who symbolizes the beginning, the inception, the idea, the seed, the first attempt - Klotho is going retrograde at 28 Leo on the same day Uranus goes direct. So what ‘starts’ now is bound to continue simply because this is an ‘initiation point,’ but that continuation - at least until next March 24th (when Klotho goes direct again) is going to go on ‘within’ as we reflect on situations, dynamics, actions and relationships.

Klotho plus Uranus can equal inspiration, motivation, discovery or confrontation with input or circumstances which change our status quo - sometimes quite dramatically. And as the grand square in Uranus’ station chart very much typifies the ‘typically atypical’ Uranus situation which surprises or is surprising in such a way that we become (at least for a moment) a bit ‘flat-footed as something ‘interrupts’ (changes) our thought pattern or plans, so does the planetary picture known as a ‘kite’ in this station chart also signal some sort of opportunity.

Kites are interesting astrological ‘critters’ in that they tie together something known and ongoing (the grand trine which makes up the ‘bottom’ of the kite formation) with an opportunity to reach and achieve something more. Or maybe something new and different, with that ‘different’ theory being very much in keeping with the nature of the astrological and astronomical Uranus. (After all, it is the only planet which goes about its life in our solar system rolling along on its side, right?)

The ‘rule’ with a kite is that we ‘steer’ ourselves towards our goal or that new possibility through the planet(s) at the ‘tail’ of the kite - which in this case is Jupiter in Virgo plus the North Node, a combination which speaks to doing things we aren’t quite comfortable with (or doing something known in a manner we aren’t used to or entirely familiar/comfortable with) which left to our own devices we might very well find ways to avoid. That last comes from the North Node being involved, and we humans are notorious for not wanting to tackle our ‘North Node jobs.’

If we don’t, or when we resist getting to them for a long enough time, our lives ‘break out’ in problems (and often illnesses) associated with the South Node - which here is pictured conjunct asteroid Maximov (for maximum effect, no doubt) and is positioned at 25 Pisces, a Pisces degree known for some rather Scorpio-like overtones as 25 Pisces is driven by questions and issues of power and sexuality, two very Scorpio subjects. Yet the Piscean emphasis isn’t on the achieving of power or proving one’s sexual allure, but rather on courageously dealing with whatever vulnerabilities we/others have because of issues of power, control or sexuality. The issues may be ours, in which case the ‘goal’ would be dealing with our desire for power or our feeling so powerless (whichever applies). Or the issue may be someone else’s, in which case we may be involved either in some effort to stop some rampant display of power or efforts to take control ... or we may be trying to help those who have been ‘maximally’ affected by the desire for power, sex and/or control to the point where they are heavily (maximally) affected.

Usually the grand trine at the bottom of the Kite refers to our ‘tools’ - that which we are bringing to the effort or opportunity we see. In this case, that grand trine is in earth, so our tools are real-time, reality-based things - we aren’t operating with ideas, theories or persuasion, but with our hands, our time, our efforts and real things. And to go with that not-quite-comfortable North Node/Jupiter, we have a not-quite-happy Sedna-Capulus-Algol which can represent that we are wiling to ‘cut off,’ as well as that which we are/are not willing to not have access to (or to deny to others).

And all of this trines Icarus/Mercury at 22 and 23 Capricorn, a combination referring to something said or done (like as not) prematurely or without thinking something through - and which is of issue (and probably somewhat focal) at this time for the simple reason that there is a t-square in the Uranus station chart as well as everything else, and that t-square focuses on Mercury.

With Typhon (primal, basic issues), Arcturus and Spica listed as the motivation in this t-square, something basic is of concern and we need to (Arcturus, Spica) do something about it.
So with Icarus-Mercury at the ‘t’ and with Icarus being a well ‘known’ commodity which (to borrow from the old saying) ‘leaps before it looks’ - is this entire Uranus station centering around haste?

It could be. And though that could be something simple like the holiday souffl√© coming out like misbegotten soup, this could also be an indication of that we do (or which has already been done) which represents our having ‘jumped’ - or even ‘jumped ship’ before we should have. Icarus carries with it the idea of ‘thinking you know enough’ when we don’t, and as Mercury is the astrology’s hallmark symbol of thinking, mentality, the thought process and decision making, this would seem to be either a ‘sticking point’ or a problem in the whole of our process or ‘the’ process as pertains to something we are considering, confronting or entertaining at this time.

With Europa going retrograde at 0 Virgo on the 17th (the day after Uranus goes direct), there is also something about ‘getting carried away’ to be factored in here which for some may simply be about friends and family staying over and an extended celebration which we ‘go with the flow’ about while also being a bit overwhelmed by - these two trends being very Europa by nature. The idea of Europa centering around ‘getting carried away,’ it’s going retrograde in conjunction with Royal Star Regulus can also have us reflecting on how we may even have gone ‘overboard’ in one way or another, whether in a good or iffy causes.

The Rape of Europa (mother of Rhadamanthus)
by Antonio Carracci
With Regulus only having moved into Virgo back in 2011 (fixed stars do move, if very slowly) we are still all adjusting to this shift. Obviously a relative few people (thus far) have been born since this shift took place, and as the last time Regulus changed signs (i.e., when it move into Leo) was back in October of the year 157 BCE, everyone else (and all their parents, grandparents and great-great-great-grandparents) were all born with Regulus in Leo.

How would effects differ? Well, remembering that Regulus is another of the Royal Stars, like Fomalhaut it too promises success only if a particular human trait is avoided, and with Regulus that particular trait is obsession.

Under Regulus’ long tenancy in Leo, we the human folk on this planet have learned that while we can care about our Self and be interested in our personal development, in the end we also owed something to society - our society or world society as a whole. Now, with Regulus in Virgo, the lesson becomes more about how we owe it to our Self and our own future (or the future of our children, our nations, etc.) to care about others, particularly those who are hapless, helpless or victimized, lest we become the hapless victims of our own obsessions as to what we want and how we want it to be or be done.

But there’s another idea which seems worthwhile to think about as well. With Regulus the star no longer ‘sitting’ in Leo, its ‘mandate’ has been lifted as that pertains to the sign of Leo - which as noted is the sign probably 90% (plus) of earth’s human population still has been born under and thus is energetically ‘colored’ by. This has had the effect of ‘affording’ everyone born under Regulus in Leo to ‘fly solo’ when it comes to the Regulus in Leo mandate concerning the need to balance development of Self (and investment in Self) against making a contribution to society and others.

And if you think about not just what has happened since November 2011 when Regulus moved into Virgo when it comes to that particular discussion, it would seem pretty clear that not all efforts prior to that time were ‘equal’ and that those inequalities are now revealing not just the ‘obsessive’ interest in/attention to Self with which they were achieved, but that that society itself has been undermined by such choices.

This trend is likely to continue. What could stop it? Transits to any given natal chart - that of a person, place (city, nation), thing (product, corporation, etc.) - especially transits cast by astrology's transpersonal planets. (You know, Pluto, Neptune and - oh yes, Uranus).

Those will change this tendency - but not eradicate it, other than where someone (or some entity) recognizes gains to Self to be garnered through benefiting all, which would like as not lead to more of a win/win here. Apart from such transpersonal transits however (and not everyone experiences all of them)other than when comes the day where all those born under Regulus in Leo have passed away, this Regulus question and test of Self/Self worth is going to be with us.

Royal Stars are just like that.

Also, just to extend the thought here: with Regulus in Virgo and the lunar nodes (which means the eclipse cycle) having just backed into Virgo/Pisces (with the North Node in Virgo) we are also going to be seeing variations on all such consequences (violations of the Royal Star premise) for the next year plus until mid-2017 when the eclipse cycle moves backwards into Leo and Aquarius.

And there is something of an astrological irony-yet-to come (for those who like that long distance/planning ahead sort of thing…) … the first solar eclipse which effects that change is the one which will occur on August 21, 2017 and hit Regulus by conjuncting, being that this eclipse will be at 28 Leo.

You know – the same 28 Leo Klotho is going station-retrograde at even as Uranus stations and goes direct here in December of 2015.

Is this a hint? Is whatever ‘begins’ as Uranus goes direct linked to matters which will be transformed come the latter part of 2017 - and if so how?

As always, such things mean more (in a personal sense) to those whose natal charts are going to be directly affected by such events. So mark your calendars and here are the lists for the degrees affected by both 28 Leo and 16 Aries, the degree of Uranus’ station. These trends are likely to play out on world stages both big and small, and the astrological teaching on all such subjects remains the same. The shortest way of saying it is that nicely and concisely said by astrologer Robert Hand long ago: use the energy wisely, lest it use you unwisely. Put otherwise, astrology teaches that wherever we see a possibly difficult or challenging transit, aspect or event, we should look at its dynamics - the positive and negative - as the playing out of our use of an energetic pie chart.

In other words, the more of the ‘pie’ we purposefully use to the positive, the less of that energy is out there to come back to ‘bite’ us. (Which though unpleasant, seems fair in the case of a pie chart.)

So here are the degrees - the definitions of aspects (in brief) follows:

28 LEO
23 Leo-3 Virgo: conjunction
23 Aquarius-3 Pisces: opposition
23 Sagittarius-3 Capricorn (or) 23 Aries-3 Taurus: trines
23 Scorpio-3 Sagittarius (or) 23 Taurus-3 Gemini: squares
25 Gemini-1 Cancer (or) 25 Libra-1 Scorpio: sextiles
26 Pisces-0 Aries (or) 26 Capricorn-0 Aquarius: inconjuncts
26 Cancer-0 Leo (or) 26 Virgo-0 Libra: semi-sextiles

16 ARIES (Uranus)
11-21 Aries: conjunction
11-21 Libra: opposition
11-21 Leo (or) 11-21 Sagittarius: trines
11-21 Cancer (or) 11-21 Capricorn: squares
13-19 Aquarius (or) 13-19 Gemini: sextiles
14-18 Scorpio (or) 14-18 Virgo: inconjuncts
14-18 Pisces (or) 14-18 Taurus: semi-sextiles

Conjunctions are where we are confronted by something which is ‘with’ us or even within us. We have no choice - it’s something we will have to deal with or cope with on a priority basis. Conjunctions, whether by solar eclipse or by a transpersonal planet (of which Uranus is one example) such conjunctions change our sense of being, feelings of value and often enough, some day to day aspects of our life. These changes occur in terms of or to how we ‘operate’ in terms of the object in the natal chart being conjuncted.

Oppositions are when we face something external or new - something not already part of our ‘world’ or daily vision. Oppositional forces can come from others (singular or plural) or from laws, societal progress (or the lack thereof) or anything else. We do have to deal with the questions posed by oppositions - especially those posed by a solar eclipse or a transpersonal planet (like Uranus), and most frequently we learn a lot (about ourselves and life) through the process of doing just that.

Sextiles refer to opportunities which we can choose to take advantage of, or not. A Uranus transit which brings about a ‘sextile of opportunity’ may not last long, may be inherently risky, or may simply represent something unusual in your life. Sextiles do not ‘compel’ us to do things, but they do teach us more about what we value through causing us to think about what matters to us most.

Trines used to be thought of as ‘all good’ - and yet are not exactly that. Representing ‘unchanging circumstances’ (or energies), your ‘standard’ trine speaks of something which will just go on and on, pretty much in spite of what we do (or don’t do). However - trines do change, and if we were looking for an astrological indicator of such a change (which can change a positive to a negative or vice-versa) we would look to something like a transit from Uranus (such as Uranus trining at its station) or a transit from a solar eclipse.

To go with (or as an offset to) the old theory about Trines being ‘all good,’ modern astrologers have also realized that astrological squares are just not all bad. Yes, they require effort, and yes, they require changing old habits or methods of doing things (or maybe the whole of what you’re doing). But from such efforts come knowledge and ability - those things with which we build our successes going forward. When ‘hit’ by an eclipse or by Uranus, natal squares tend to react one of two ways, depending on whether we have been working or ‘coasting.’ Either way changes are going to be experienced, but those who have been consistently working with the precepts presented by squares in their natal chart will end up emerging from their challenges more easily than those who have been less diligent.

Inconjuncts are about adjustments which – somewhat in keeping with the reduced orb of aspect (2 degrees either way) - remove some options, whether they’re in use or not. Looked at generally, inconjuncts are more about the ‘how’ we’re trying to get to our goals or ‘where’ we think our rewards are going to come from than what we’re really aiming at, once you get right down to it, and the difference between Uranus stationing in an inconjunct to one’s chart as opposed to a solar eclipse hitting by inconjunct – for most of us – is going to start out by manifesting either as a once-and-done Uranian event or an evolution or process which changes things (or everything) in some uniquely special solar eclipse sort of way. Beyond either experience however, are long term changes which come as a reflection not just on why we had to change or what needed changing, but what we learned about the process of change as we dealt with whatever we were facing.

And last (but never least), semi-sextiles are related to efforts which don’t go the way we think they will, repercussions and consequences we hadn’t planned on dealing with and a general sense of being tripped up either by that we didn’t do, the thing we didn’t quite do correctly (‘corner cutting’ is a polite way of putting it) or the thing we were just sure was right which isn’t. Sometimes a sore point, sometimes an ego bruise, sometimes typified by frustration, to have Uranus station in such a position as to sextile your chart is to be ‘shocked’ with some event which changes your trajectory, whether that’s physical, mental, spiritual or action-oriented … where to have a solar eclipse do the same thing would likely be experienced as a period of time where things simply don’t ‘happen’ or when nothing is (or turns out) as you thought it would, prompting a period of serious consideration and some changes in direction, effort or priority.

So there’s that. As for the last astrological event of the month (and thus of the year, as we are in December) is Venus moving into Sagittarius, an event which occurs on December 30th at 7:18 in the morning (UT/+0).

Venus in Sagittarius (glyph chart)
December 30, 2015 - 7:16 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Venus in Sagittarius (text chart)
December 30, 2015 - 7:16 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
With the Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius can be looked at two ways: we can remember that while we need to deal with life’s realities, we still also need to have faith (Venus in the 12th house/harmonic position to the Sun) … and we can recognize that in order to garner (earn) the responses and rewards we ultimately desire in life, how first we need to have some realistic view of who we are, what our vulnerabilities are, and how the sense of vulnerability may or may not actually match the truth of the situation, with the obvious corollary (figuring out where that difference between our ‘gut feeling’ and the actuality of the situation comes from in our life) counting – like as not – for more than we want it to, all of which expresses the Sun in the 2nd house/harmonic position to Venus in Sagittarius.

That said, either way the cookie (or crumpet) crumbles and entirely apart from the above, Venus in Sagittarius is also (among other things) a dip stick check point on choices, plans and ‘things we thought about XYZ subject(s)’ which have their origin back in April-May of 2015.
Venus entering Sagittarius with Plutino Huya seconds ahead and Niobe/Achilles three degrees beyond also images the fact that there is something we either need to do … or have/will have the opportunity to do in short order which calls not on our obvious strengths, but things we have learned ‘the hard way’ and that which, despite whatever negative effects, we have come to utilize in some positive manner, either by using such experiences as opportunities to gain perspective or insight from, or as some sort of motivation which has caused us to bone up or hone some sort of skill, talent, or aptitude.

Not that everything is altruistic or guaranteed to be integrity-clad at the moment. With Venus entering Sagittarius in opposition to Sedna conjunct fixed star Capulus (with snark-prone Algol standing by) this ingress may well be an ‘extension’ of that which occurred as the Full Moon moved through and Uranus went direct on the 25th and 26th in causing us to ‘cut’ (Capulus) with something given some (Algol) response to something (either on our part, or on the part of others).

Is any of this fatal, final or to be taken overly seriously? Well, with fixed star Alcyone in opposition to Venus’ ingress at 0 Gemini this is a time when we may well gain insight on how others think or believe (which is always useful). Plus things which have been happening over these past few days (as Venus opposed Sedna over the holiday itself and now moves away) may be the source of some ‘learning better,’ which is a more positive version of Venus in Sagittarius with the ‘reward’ being a better (Sagittarius) understanding of who or what you were dealing with.

So there you have the tale of December, 2015 – in mundane astrological Aquarian Age terms, that is. Let’s hope we all make the best use of the opportunities presented while remaining realistic about how problems cannot be fixed until they are recognized, named, acknowledged, rooted out and dealt with not as we want to deal with them, but as they need to be dealt with - which unbeknownst to us would be an opportunity to learn better and through that become more effective, respected and successful in our own eyes and those of others, whether we know it or not.
That is, after all, the Aquarian Age way.

See you next year ... or you know, just before New Years festivities kick off (in other words, while everyone's still sober). Until then, be well - and remember: where Uranus in Aries is concerned, flexibility about who we are and what life actually is (and isn't!is always best. Whenever you see Uranus as an indicator, expect intensity and clarity - though not necessarily agreement. Changes can modernize and rock our world ... then again, the process of getting there may feel a bit like sticking your head into a bee hive.

The Uranian principle is that which concerns when, how and through what we learn how when we insist on living or feeling a certain way, how that very 'solid-feeling' determination can either suddenly become brittle or the sort of limit which ends up with our finding ourselves on the wrong side of worthwhile opportunities. Uranus teaches that while individual ability is precious, individuation for the simple sake of differentiation often ends up somewhere we never intended to be - and how our determination to limit ourselves doesn't just rob us of the opportunity to experience the fullness of Life's offerings, but also attracts that 'Uranian factor' which changing our parameters, methods and perspectives whether we like it or not, freeing us up so that over time we have a far better chance of fulfilling our greatest and most astonishing potentials.

And yes, change can sometimes be a trial. Even scary. But if the outcome can provide a path to a better integrated existence, why would any of us resist?
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