by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Syrian Turmoil as a Global Mirror

 Chart for the Syrian Arab Republic
April 17, 1946 - Damascus (noon)

Syria has been having a lot of political problems for a very long time. Tales of brutalities, and of late atrocities, have emanated from Syria for years now.

 Map of Syria

With Uranus’ March 2011 entrance into Aries, Syrians took their cue from Egyptians and others, accessing social media as their way to provide a global window on their world. The Syrian government has done all it can to clamp down on such exposure, but video and Tweets and other bits of at least awful – if not frankly damning - evidence has gotten sent out.

That ingress of Uranus into Aries is all about our asserting ourselves. It’s about finding out who we are and becoming known to others, whether that happens because we finally stand up for ourselves…or maybe because something happens to reveal our true nature.

Or at least facets which have been hidden up until now.
In the case of Syria, its national Mercury stands at 0 Aries 29. So Uranus was pretty quick to roll over that point. And as it did, Syrian voices – on both sides – rose up in a clamor.

That it has become louder just lately (prompting reactions from various heads of state including President Obama) would seem quite in keeping with the 11 Gemini solar eclipse having either ‘set off’ or ‘blacking out’ (depending on how you think of it) the national Uranus at 14 Gemini. With Uranus in this chart stand Rigel/Kallisto (I’ll teach you how beastly I can be!)… and asteroid Hel with Aldebaran on the other – which is arguably ‘how difficult it really is to have integrity.’

From either point of view – citizen or leader -  that last would seem to be distressingly true, too.

That Saturn is taking its June 2011 station at 10 Libra and therefore conjunct Byblis/Ixion is – one hopes – a ‘turning point’ in some process where national forces feel entitled (Ixion) to do and defend something unspeakable (Byblis). That the June 15 lunar eclipse at 24 Sagittarius conjuncts a South Node (the easiest ting to do) which stands conjunct Sisyphus and Ras Alhague however…?

Lunar eclipses are always emotional high points (for good or bad) and they always bring one ‘back down to Earth’ (earth=reality). In Sagittarius, this is a particularly edgy point and though one would expect the ‘flash point’ of any lunar eclipse to be rather right on the day there is astrological theory to suggest that as the South Node is at 22 Sagittarius and the lunar eclipse is at 24 Sagittarius, a ‘flash point’ may precede the eclipse by two days – making it June 13th (UT/+0) instead of June 15.

 Al-Hamidiyah Souq
photo credit: Bernard Gagnon (March 2010)

Ras Alhague has a bad reputation. When used to the good it is a ‘strong reaction’ which is made for the good or so that things can ultimately heal – as when a difficult/dangerous (painful, costly, etc.) surgery is undertaken so that ultimately the life is saved.

Unfortunately, here we have Ras Alhague positioned with Sisyphus. And Sisyphus is all about those who have the opportunity to do good choosing not to do good at all.

Together, this doesn’t suggest a South Node/lunar eclipse combination likely to indicate anything particularly nice.

That the July 1st solar eclipse at 9 Cancer hits Syria’s Mirzam/Sappho, Alhena, Niobe, Scheherazade, Sirius and Hybris…? Mirzam represents the ‘bringing of a message’ whether or not anything is done with, or about the information. Mirzam/Sappho is thus a universal message.

Alhena speaks to ‘one’s purpose’ whether that be the destiny of courage or the mark of Cain.

Niobe is pride – pride which is ultimately self defeating. Where we see Niobe energized we see pride and braggarts who think they ‘have it all’…only to have that ‘all’ taken away from them.

Scheherazade is a teller of tales. The attempt is to enchant and to save your own skin.

Sirius is a star which speaks to ‘small actions which lead to large consequences.’ When we operate Sirius well, we recognize that even the smallest of efforts count. Because Sirius stands so close to Alhena we become aware that the degree of our true intent or focus, whether for good or bad, is a good deal of the energy which lies behind charisma.

Last in line here is Hybris. Having run across information which links this Greek term to what we think of as ‘entitlement,’ one would wonder what the difference is between Hybris and Ixion until you read the whole of the tale about Ixion and realize that one (Ixion) is a Plutino and that Hybris is an asteroid.

Hybris is thus moments when we meet up with our own entitlement (and whether we are “entitled to”) where Ixion’s form of entitlement is either part of our ‘fantasy nature’ or something thrust upon or enticed out of us. Beyond that, Hybris – by virtue of being an asteroid - would seem to indicate ‘moments’ we can get past where Ixion seems to lead to or indicate long term problems.

Well…except in the case of a solar eclipse. Remembering that solar eclipses act very much like transits which last three full years, this evocation of Syria’s Hybris (along with everything else) seems to tell us that the course Syria is currently on is going to continue being various shades of very difficult for some time to come.


Friday, June 10, 2011

MakeMake Station/Direct: Purpose Positive?

 Dwarf Planet MakeMake as photographed by the Hubble Telescope
photo credit: NASA/Caltech-JPL

Dwarf Planet MakeMake goes direct at 4:40 in the morning (UT/+0) on June 10th.

Let’s start there. Metaphysically, what is a dwarf planet? Considering that planets represent universal human attributes and asteroids and such are moments and situations, aspects/factors of or in our lives which we meet up with and are inspired by or need to deal with, dwarf planets are something of a curious ‘hybrid,’ if you will.

One of the interesting qualifiers which differentiates a dwarf from real planet may give us a big clue as to meaning here too. Given how astrophysics (and plain old regular physics) work, if you’re a big enough object, apparently orbital-versus-revolution dynamics will cause you to pretty much ‘spin into a ball.’

Or at least something close. This is one of the big reasons (so I gather) that Pluto got demoted. At not even a quarter the size of Planet Earth, Pluto just doesn’t have the mass to put a ‘spin’ on things – which may be why we think of Pluto as ‘emotional transformation.’ Pluto is where the ‘spin stops’ and the dream hits reality. Either we win or we lose and from that comes the delight or deep heartache we associate with Plutonic emotional transformation.

Okay…so if MakeMake is also a dwarf planet, it too holds that capacity to represent something about where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Again borrowing from what we know about Pluto, Pluto being the ‘king’ of the underworld points us to that ‘reigning’ quality which ‘rules’ just under our skin. And that would be emotion.

This is an interesting concept to translate as we move back to MakeMake as MakeMake is the creator god who in myth is ‘responsible’ for Easter Island.

Easter Island is out in the middle of the ocean. And ocean (water in general, actually) is always a metaphysical metaphor for emotion.

So what is created out of emotion?

One more thing to consider here is what happened to Easter Island. Its people were became victims of their own inability to safeguard their resources, which by any estimation is an example of desire outstripping wisdom.

Is MakeMake thus the creating of the ‘island’ in our life? Or the ruination of same?

Considering that MakeMake is going direct now at 25 Virgo with Virgo being a sign not only of jobs and civil service and details and practicality but health… this may be a turning point in many of our lives.

Are you someone whose chart is within orb of June 1st’s solar eclipse at 11 Gemini and/or July 1st’s solar eclipse at 9 Cancer? Maybe both?

The more “dynamic” the images of change are right now in your life, the more likely it would seem that MakeMake going direct at 25 Virgo will signal ‘news’ (information, etc.) regarding a change of circumstance. It could be good…it could be challenging.

And then again, it could be both. Especially if you’re being affected by either (or both) solar eclipses its worth remembering that what you’re going through now is “setting the stage” for realizations and realities which will solidify some 36 months from now.

Discovered in 2005 by the handy, dandy team of David Rabinowitz, Craig Trujillo and Mike Brown, MakeMake has an orbital period of 309.88 years – so it’s hardly gone anywhere since it was discovered. But since in astrology all counts, it’s worth noting that when discovered, MakeMake was conjunct none other than Sisyphus, a smart guy from a very good family who had all the advantages and a very clear choice between using what he had for the benefit of others or simply doing as he pleased.

His choice? To invite people into his house under the guise of hospitality and thereafter murder them.

Link to...

When discovered, MakeMake was also in direct opposition to Eos (instinct), Pandora (a box of ills), Juno (leadership dependent on self discipline), Chaldea (the old and known), Sphinx (enduring patience) and Scheherazade, the slave who became queen through entertaining her sultan with stories of worth without once treading on his ego. Or insisting on the value of her own.

This all sounds very much like parts of the same tale. And when we add in the idea that MakeMake, unlike Pluto is a Cubewano (meaning its orbit is not controlled by Neptune or any other planet)…that stresses the integral quality of individuality involved here.

And isn’t integrity one of the big keywords for the 11 Gemini solar eclipse just passed? By Jove…not to bring Jupiter into this, but yes, it is!

As MakeMake goes direct, it’s doing so at 25 Virgo, a degree which is known for a ‘mesmerizing’ or even ‘hypnotic’ effect. Is this something you will feel? Which you will wield? Which you will utilize to get something of worth going/on track in your life?

Considering this station occurs in square to the lunar nodes with Ceres in opposition at 25 Pisces, there would seem to be something of a crisis of direction or leadership. All bases must be covered in order to get anywhere at the moment and with MakeMake flanked by Nemesis and Typhon there are some elemental (Typhon) energies being appealed to (or exacerbated) and more than a flavor of ‘be warned!’ or ‘I told you so’ in the mix.

 MakeMake's station/direct: June 10, 2011 at 4:40 am (UT/+0)
Aries Wheel/Location Not Specific
(Grand Cross indicated in black)

This four point ‘grand square’ definitely poses a question of where the world is going…or where you want to go in the world. If this is a moment when you are working to bring something into being, its evidently important to pay attention to how ‘appealing’ it is to others. Will it get them where they instinctively (Typhon) live? Are you giving them some sort of reason (Nemesis) to take your part lest they lose out? And are you minding all the p’s and q’s and valid critiques (Nemesis) you may have gotten up until now?

Are you being realistic about your ability to do what you say you (Ceres) want to do? And considering Ceres is at 25 Pisces and therefore within range (and heading towards) nobody’s favorite fixed star Scheat, are you willing to weather choppy water on your way to proving your value, worth and point?

There are several indicators of ‘4’ in this chart…which metaphysically can be 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months and/or 4 years. Since we’re talking about a celestial object taking station, generally the indication is day-week-month. But one never knows. And since four days from now will be one day after Saturn goes direct…

…just sayin’! Be prepared to flex a little and deal with a little unwanted material hitting a fan somewhere in life where you least suspect it over this next while.

This is a double-solar eclipse season, after all. What would you expect?

With Venus having just entered Gemini, there are choices to be made and priorities to be considered. And when we think…well, how much faith do you have in your own ability to bring what you really want into being and the value of doing so?

That would seem to be the question now. So to all, may your pondering bring you only worthwhile answers!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Venus enters Gemini: Valuing Our Ideas

 Venus in Mirrors by Nevit Dilmen (1999)

As 2:24pm (UT/+0) on June 9th arrives and Venus enters Gemini, some of the reasons for things being as they are become plain. (Or at least plainer.)

At the same time, many a new thought will occur. Options and the desire to have options seem far more…interesting. Satisfying. Necessary.

Traditionally, Venus in Gemini is period when life focuses on the opportunity (or need) to plan out how to get to our goals, picking and choosing from this and that in creating a construct which suits our aims, priorities and abilities. It’s a good time to figure things out and therefore a good time for asking questions so long as we are willing to consider and treat the information we get with respect. There’s just nothing more annoying now than someone who is simply asking questions for the sake of asking, someone who is plainly acting out or showing off, someone who has no real interest in learning anything.

For some, Venus in Gemini manifests as a lot of things to choose from and feeling like you ‘can’t make up your mind.’ But that in itself is a call from your mind for you to stop and think about what’s important.

Gemini always asks us what’s important. Gemini asks that we think. Thus, during this rough month or so of Venus’ transit through Gemini, we can expect life to prompt us with situations which in one way or another prompt us to consider and sort through things, finding out what’s really important and what’s not.

Now for some people, this is purely mundane. I have a cousin who’s in an eternal battle with her mail box. Mail piles up on her counter and to listen to her discuss what it takes to go through it and throw things away you would think she had the future of a small nation hanging in the balance.

Yes, her aim is to take good care of her family. But really…does one coupon (which you know you’ll get sent again in a couple of weeks) really matter? Before you answer yes – that fifty cents really does matter, let’s remember that year in, year out her family has to deal with her being aggravated about the mail. Now is that coupon worth it?

Venus in Gemini asks that we figure out what’s worth it not only in the thing itself but in terms of what that means as part of the whole of our life. 

And as part of how our life fits in with those around us. Priorities aren’t only about what we do with our lives…it’s thinking through the whole of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity: is this ‘thing’ (whatever it may be) important in the bigger scheme of things? Is my dealing with this more important than what I might be doing otherwise? Is my mood affecting others and how well they are able to operate in their life? 

 Lady in Blue by Raile

With Jupiter sextiling Neptune (in retrograde) today, this is a really good time to just take a moment and see the ‘bigger picture’….your life as a whole…your life as it affects the life of others…your life as part of a far greater world.

Considering how asteroid Kassandra is just moving on station, you may not believe that what you do matters.

Then again, you may get news which you ‘just don’t believe’ which informs you very clearly that you do matter. Or that what you do counts for something. Or that what you do (or have done) has far bigger consequences than you might have guessed.

Added to all this, we shouldn’t forget that dwarf planet MakeMake is already on station. And that Saturn is bearing down on the moment (next week) when it too will go direct.

What are we to think of all this?

Probably a lot. To focus on the Venus end of the discussion, since the combination of Venus and airy Gemini tends to highlight many facets of any given subject we could simply get distracted with discussing the possibilities. And of course with Venus in Gemini there is some benefit to considering things from various perspectives.

The Saturn part? Well, considering that Saturn is in Libra (a Venus-ruled sign) and in a degree which as previously discussed (LINK to BLOG) has a ‘separating,’ ‘separate,’ ‘individualized’ or ‘isolated’ point of view, there is “the thing” by itself and then again, there is that question of integrating present concerns with greater pictures. Saturn nearing its station is a sure sign that we are aware of greater life considerations whether we’re concentrating on them at the moment or not.

And with Kassandra – she who speaks the truth but is never believed – going on station, there may be some tendency to ignore the truth.

Or to feel like you’re not being heard.

Either version of this ‘Kassandra vibe’ would seem to fit (unfortunately) well with Saturn’s position at 10 Libra. And with MakeMake on station set to go direct, there’s also likely to be some feeling that there’s a wanting something to be or become and it’s…it’s…it’s just not happening yet! 

(The important part is that ‘yet’ bit, right? Let’s not forget that!)

Oddly enough, Jupiter sextile Neptune (retrograde) is likely to be one of the biggest crayons in the box – at least over the next few days. Those who can use this combination for insight and a willingness to listen ore remain open to possibilities…it would seem quite possible to gain ground and create positive influences now.

 VĂ©nus de nuit by Teledelard

But with Jupiter in Venus’ other home sign of Taurus…? This increases the ‘wanting everything to be okay’ thing. And yet…its more than likely that, given what we know of Saturn (limitations against effort and Neptune (internal doubt versus faith)…well, let’s just say that there’s every chance that simply because this isn’t necessarily a pot-of-gold moment – at the moment that’s enough to launch many of us on an up-and-down rollercoaster of resigned understanding against discouragement over this next couple of days.

And yet…with Venus entering Gemini it does seem sensible to ask ourselves where Mercury is. After all, Mercury rules Gemini, right?

Answer: at this moment Mercury is at 14 Gemini. So we know things are busy – at least mentally. In addition to that, Mercury is conjunct Edisona (the new idea) and Dionysus (sacred celebration).

And that suggests that one of the things we can do to make things work better is to think over how we can better treat ourselves - and others – with what we might call ‘reverence of the mindful’ type. This isn’t worship, this isn’t about kowtowing…this is about being aware of who we are and who others are and that in the end, we aren’t stereotypes, we aren’t jobs, we aren’t just about our age or our background or our current situation…

…we’re human. And that’s worth celebrating and working on and thinking over so as to make the most of.

We’re only here for a certain amount of time and we each have very special gifts and qualities. Don’t limit yourself – and don’t limit others! If we would all concentrate on figuring ourselves out more and being supportive of instead of dictating to others, we all might get on not just a bit better, but feel far more loved and between the two, live lives which whether or not they were more  successful, would seem more satisfying.

And wouldn’t that - rather by definition - be the definition of greater happiness?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MakeMake on Station: A Window Opens, And…

Pano Anakena Beach on Easter Island
photo credit: Rivi

In the wake of an eclipse and all else which is going on, dwarf planet MakeMake is now on station and about to go direct.

Like many ‘new’ points, not a huge amount of experiential research has be done on MakeMake as yet. But given that the myth behind this point is about MakeMake as creator god of Easter Island, it’s easy enough to understand that this point must be about something (the island) ‘coming to be’ where before there was only water.

And since metaphysical water equals emotion, MakeMake is a symbol of something which arises out of an ‘ocean’ of emotionality…or emotion’s first cousin, instinct.

Because this station is happening in the last decan of earth sign Virgo, the overall concept would be some external input, personal responsibility or necessity (this being the 3rd decan part) prompting Virgo scrutiny, effort, tweaking, perfecting either of something which exists…or something which needs to be brought into existence.

Being that this station happens so soon after the solar eclipse and in the lead-in period to another solar eclipse things are highly likely to be in flux.

But it’s a good time to dream, brainstorm, consider options and in general, to be inspired.

Just remember…this is about raising an island, not a continent!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dateblog: The Week Ahead (June 5-June11)

 Michael E. Brown, Astronomer
photo credit: NASA

Today (June 5th) is Mike Brown’s birthday. Don’t know who Mike Brown is? Well, more formally known as Michael E. Brown, professor of planetary astronomy at the illustrious CalTech, Mike Brown is one of the great (and friendly) planet hunters around.

And he has nothing against astrology. In fact, if you read through his blog (Mike Brown’s Planets) you’ll find that he likes the detailed thought and work astrologers (of any repute, that is) put into their studies. If you want to know ABOUT a planet, you go to Mike Brown. If you want to know the metaphysics of a planet, you ask an astrologer – like me.

That’s his take on things. We've even had a digital chat on the subject - I thought it rather fun.

Anyway…today is Mike’s birthday and I for one, cheer. Without Mike Brown we wouldn’t know about all sorts of great points like Haumea, Huya and Makemake. We wouldn’t know that Orcus has a moon. We wouldn’t kwon all sorts of neat stuff.

So happy birthday to Mike.

Having said that, considering his birthday is only 4 days after a solar eclipse, we can expect to hear that Mike Brown’s life is changing in some fundamental manner. And no….Mike, if you happen to read this, I’m not trying to make you some sort of lab rat wearing one of those fabulous NASA helmets.

Okay…so I would be entirely happy if half the people who read this blog would email you a ‘hey, Mike, happy birthday!’ missive through your blog (my gift to you, guy…) but that’s not really my point.

My point is that sometimes knowing that someone famous is born around the time of an eclipse helps us understand how eclipses (and astrology) work.

Considering that Clint Eastwood and Brooke Shields both have birthdays on May 31st…and that Rudi Giuliani has a birthday on May 28…even that the Dali Lama has a birthday on June 6 and Muammar al-Gaddafi (choose your own spelling there) has a birthday on June 7th… don’t be surprised if you hear of big ‘life shifts’ happening in any and all of these individual lives.

How they change? Ah, that’s the ‘individual chart’ thing. But the dynamic evolution OF life which is so typical of a solar eclipse, that will be a constant.

Interestingly enough, eclipses work whether you’re dead or alive. So whether you’re a ‘life after death’ person or not, apparently the ‘mark’ we make with having lived lives on even after we’re gone. So with Mike Brown, Clint Eastwood and Brooke Shields we can add people like Marilyn Monroe (June 1), actor Peter Lorre (June 6), Armand Hammer (May 28), Pancho Villa (June 5), James Dean (June 5), John F. Kennedy (May 29), Isadora Duncan (May 27), Allen Ginsberg (June 3) and Thomas Hardy (June 2) to our list. Often times when say, a writer has been dead a long time, something they wrote will become suddenly popular again for some reason when their Sun gets eclipsed. A biography may be released on the life of someone like Isadora Duncan or Armand Hammer or JFK. Or maybe someone will build a monument to them or name a philanthropic prize after them…you get the gist.

 Dancer Isadora Duncan as photographed
by Arnold Genthe (photo housed in the US LIbrary of Congress)

We may only life and die…that may be your belief. But time and time again I have seen not just eclipses but major transits (such as those made by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) hit charts and signal a renewed interest in someone’s life or work.

With last week’s astrological events having been something of a stunning line-up (the solar eclipse followed by Neptune’s station followed by Jupiter changing signs), especially with Sun and and Mercury in Gemini our thoughts are busy even if we aren’t.

With Venus and Mars in the latter part of Taurus as the week starts out there’s a big emphasis on wanting things to ‘count’ and to be worth the effort. Appreciation is likely to be another theme, whether that’s voiced as ‘hey – appreciate what I’ve done for you, okay?’ or the more eloquent ‘we should honor the efforts of those who have made sacrifices on our behalf…’ And either is apt. Venus in Taurus is gracious, Mars in Taurus tends to see the glass as half-full, no matter whose glass that is.

As Jupiter in Taurus sinks in against Neptune having gone retrograde in earliest Pisces (and now headed back into Aquarius) there’s a sense of awareness…maybe concern…about how we will make our way in the world. Or what we need to do to be more effective. Or if we can do what we think we need to do. Combining that with the Venus, Mars and Sun-Mercury, those who are realistic about what can or can’t get done would seem to be the best off.

At least they know what to concentrate on first, right?

About the worst thing we can do is expect others to cover our gaps, debts and faux pas now…though you may get help, those who expect to be helped are likely to feel the most disappointment. Entitlement is a buzz-word in some circles and a quality which gets others short-changed. Mercury-Neptune are just finishing off their square-by-aspect as the week begins and that means that lies…told to us, told by us or that we’ve tried to put over on ourselves...are coming clear, or coming to an end of their allegedly useful life.

With Saturn due to go direct next week, the whole of this week is likely to feel ‘pressured’ for some, ‘problematic’ (aka challenging) for others and for a few, downright depressing. Reality is in our face. Time and necessity and all those very Saturn realities are making themselves known.

So with this as the basis of the week’s ‘astro-operational parameters,’ that takes us to…

TUESDAY, JUNE 7…The big highlight of the day is  Hebe moving into Cancer. Hebe being the immortal ‘cup bearer’ to the Olympian gods, the basic idea associated with this point is two-fold: one being about service and the other provision in the sense of making sure those things which are wanted or needed are on hand, perhaps with something of an emphasis on sustenance.

That Hebe is moving into Cancer suggests the ‘venue’ of this service or needing to provide or take care of things is pretty basic: family, home…in keeping with one’s culture and national traditions.

Asteroids don’t generally confront us with matters of import all by themselves…they’re the ‘hint of flavoring’ to all else which goes on now. So with Mars, Jupiter and Venus all in Taurus, how we live and providing ourselves with security in regards to our livelihoods, our families, our homes and such, there’s a planetary (conscious focus) on such matters which Hebe entering Cancer would seem to compliment. Perhaps it means we need to think of others who need things too? Perhaps Hebe during the weeks that Hebe is in Cancer you life will prompt you with a need (or inspiration) which tells you what you need to do in order to get ahead in the world (which would be very Saturn in Libra) and that involves showing someone how useful you are. Or what your abilities really are.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8…with Cubewano (and dwarf planet candidate) MakeMake about to go direct early on the 10th, its station effects begin now, suggesting it’s a good time to move ahead whatever projects we have slated. As ‘creator’ god of Easter Island, MakeMake can be seen as a symbol of ‘raising something up out of the depths’ or of creating something in isolation or all by yourself, this last part going very much with Saturn’s position at 10 Libra.

MakeMake the astronomical object as photographed by
the Hubble Telescope (photo credit: NASA/JPL)... 

 ...and MakeMake the Easter Island creator god as a glyph
carved in stone on Easter Island

There is a thread of this ‘be your own person’ thing going around…have you noticed?

And just because I want to, I’ll also note that Mike Brown was one of the three discoverers of MakeMake - the others being Craig Trujillo and David Rabinowitz. So isn’t it nice that one of his ‘very own’ KBOs is doing a little turnaround dance for him during the week of his birthday?

Prosaic, yes. And when we put this all together…maybe the devoted dad Mike Brown will be expanding his family this year? Who knows…but just to show you how astrological thinking goes, that wouldn’t seem to be out of the question, considering all things!

THURSDAY, JUNE 9…an interesting day which starts with Jupiter in Taurus perfecting a sextile to Neptune retrograde in Pisces at 2:42am (UT/+0) – which yet again speaks to something of increasing (Jupiter) value (Taurus) which either clarifies or stirs up that nebulous Neptune ‘wish list’ we all have inside. It’s a moment when we can be realistic and we can profit from doing so. But we may not want to.

Like as not, a little fantasy is okay – but we will do well not to get lost in same. Remember, Saturn is bearing down on its station/direct point: reality must be served!

A bit later – at 2:42pm (UT/+0) Venus enters Gemini, meaning that as Jupiter perfected its sextile Venus was at 29 Taurus: a critical moment which can point out the chinks in our armor as well as the blessings in our life. It’s a real ‘glass half full or half empty?’ moment.

 Te aa no areois (The Seed of the Areoi) by Paul Gauguin (1892)

As a planetary ingress, Venus entering Gemini will earn its own blog post, but when tossed in with all the other doings of the week it would seem to be a warning to choose knowingly. There’s a time for play and an extent to which we know we can play. There are also times when the priority needs to be work. Knowing the difference and what our goals and limitations are (and yes, sticking to them!) seems the object d’moment.

However! With Kassandra about to go retrograde in Aquarius, we may not want to see the clouds which go with those silver linings. Or that the proverbial cloud tends to come with one. Which way you go here is probably described by your general mental attitude. Are you someone who refuses to hear anything which darkens your day? Are you someone who doesn’t believe anything good will ever happen?

Remembering that Mars and Jupiter are still in Taurus, with Venus now in Gemini we want…but can we have? We know the truth of this is about what we’re willing to strive for and earn (or whether we have) and that for all we want there are limits to what is sensible in life…but we…or someone close to us…may not want to hear that just now.

Thus we come to…

FRIDAY, JUNE 10…with KBO MakeMake going direct at 4:40am (UT/+0). That MakeMake is going direct at 25 Virgo rather challenges us to understand the difference between what we think works and what other people think, given the same situation. For those building or improving something or some part of their life (or learning/trying to figure out how to), this would be a moment when your abilities and practicalities meet up with those of others around you. The combination of Virgo and that we’re talking about a point which is between 20 and 29 degrees of some sign (a 3rd decanate point) means that we are not – as individuals – in the initiating position, though we need to be self-motivated in getting things done.

Showing your capabilities today? A positive. Insisting on having your own way? Maybe not so good. When you need to at some point or any point deal with others, you really have to take the audience into account. It’s sometimes annoying, but true!

And thus we arrive at…

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, a day when Kassandra goes retrograde at 18 Aquarius early in the UT/+0 morning (at 6:27am, to be exact) and when Saturn’s station effects begin…if they haven’t already, that is!

Saturn’s going on station in Libra (at 10 Libra) is all about our ability to function as individual human beings. There are a lot of parameters to this, but that’s the basic gist of the thing. It’s a real ‘get hold of yourself!’ kind of moment which Kassandra can help or hinder.

 Ajax and Cassandra (aka astronomy and astrology's Kassandra)
by Solomon Joseph Solomon

Going retrograde in an emotional degree of a public, social, worldly sign, Kassandra’s going retrograde signals our being prompted to pay attention – which is exactly what some of us don’t want to do.

Another part of this would be the necessity to sort the real from the inflammatory…the fact from fable, fiction, pipe dream or fear-mongering drama.

Again, we may not want to.

But apparently we need to. It’s wonderful to work on ourselves and hopefully we’re all using our time to better our personal world with an eye to building a better future for everyone and thus, those we love. In this, the trick would seem to be remaining aware of what’s going on and what ‘the trends’ are without being deluded by hyperbole or drawn astray by our own desire to hear only what we want to hear.

Plus there is that need to maintain an awareness that what is today may be different tomorrow. Time marches on…things change.

And so do we.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jupiter enters Taurus

 Iris and Jupiter by Michel Corneille the Younger (1701)

Let’s review…there’s just been a solar eclipse and Neptune has gone retrograde mere celestial minutes ago in its home sign of Pisces, where by lessons in excitation and disappointment we are slowly taught the difference between fantasy and reality and the difference between when we can allow ourselves to relinquish ourselves to flights of fancy and when it’s vitally important to put our emotional ego in check and box up the expectation quotient.

The solar eclipse is taking down walls – maybe with or without our awareness. Things are changing. And with Mercury having just moved into Gemini, our minds (and maybe our lives) are all in a whirl.

And Polyhymnia enters Leo and asteroid House moves into Gemini, Jupiter is entering Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign. It’s about the having – or wanting to have. We think of it in terms of nice things and good food and money in the bank, but those are pretty much the symptoms. The thing which underlies all that is whatever it is which allows us to feel safe and secure – and how we feel about ourselves for having done or not done what it takes to gain that security.

Where Aries is about ‘doing’ the ‘self-development’ thing, Taurus is about ‘developing’ the Self. And with Jupiter entering Taurus, there’s work to be done, things to be expanded on and – in general – more which needs to be done, whether to support and maintain where we’ve gotten to or to get where we want to go.

As Jupiter enters Taurus, the ruler of said sign (Venus) is sitting at 23 Taurus with Dwarf Planet Sedna one tick behind at 22 Taurus with Mnemosyne also at 22 and Byblis at 21.

 Jupiter enters Taurus - June 4, 2011
Aries Wheel chart (Location Not Specific)

Venus is the precept of making things ‘real’ in our lives. It’s all about that moment when ‘cause’ becomes ‘effect.’ The actor finishes the scene and…will the audience applaud? Boo? Sulk in silence? Get up and leave?

We want to think Venus is beauty. That’s what we’ve associated with her namesake goddess, Aphrodite. But Venus is rather more to the point the quality and nature of what we do or put out there which gets the result/response we so do or don’t want.

Okay…so Venus here we have Venus sitting with Sedna. And Sedna is about a whole sort of learning-and-maturation process…the going from being the ‘I want it my way!’ immature person who demands everything of others to the owner-of-Self adult who in owning themselves has to deal with the isolation which inherently comes as part of individuation and individuality. With the power of the adult comes the responsibility of being the adult, one might say.

Sedna/Venus is the unification of great extremes: Venus represents the very personal and Sedna ultimately represents what we are capable of giving to others.

So taking this back to Jupiter…is this a picture of our expanding on an opportunity to take our personal (Venusian) abilities and of that make something which is for, or which appeals to others (Sedna) so that we end up expanding our (Taurus) resources and sense of self empowerment, self respect and satisfaction?

That seems rather likely. The Mnemosyne part of this would seem to be (since it’s fused with Sedna) reflecting (Mnemosyne) on what it is we know so far in life, what we’ve heard or learned or whatever else… and from that developing our ‘better way’ of presenting ourselves or our…whatever.

And that Mnemosyne along with Polyhymnia are active on this date? - a muse - is active on this date? They're both muses - and both (come to think about it!) about musing. Mnemosyne represents how reflecting on what we have learned and already experienced provides us with a basis for what we do 'in the now' and Polyhymnia in Leo is the heart and soul of thinking through what we bring into being now so as to make it worthy in the eyes of others and worth our time and effort.
But then there is that Byblis part...oh what a genuine fly in what is already some rather sticky ointment!

Known as a point which embodies the attempt to justify that we actually know is not okay, Byblis’ involvement here (hopefully) is our leaving behind, our expanding beyond that which we would like to think is okay or is going to work…

In other words, our getting real.

And that’s an idea(l) which fits more than very well with Neptune having just gone into retrograde. When a planet is direct, outside circumstances beckon, teach and provide. While Neptune is in retrograde (which would be until early December, 2011) we will be asked and challenged to deal with our internal realities. The object is to stop fantasizing…or at least know the difference between dreams and factual reality and when which is applicable.

So…how long with Jupiter be in the sign of Taurus? Until June 11, 2012.

  Jupiter's last moments in Taurus (June 2012)
Aries Wheel - Location Not Specific

At the point when Jupiter exits Taurus, a couple of things seem of note.

First: Venus (ruler of Taurus) is at this moment conjunct Circe and Tantalus. Circe represents being under such a spell that you are rendered virtually animalistic. And Tantalus? Obviously related to the word ‘tantalizing,’ Tantalus is the choice to do something good with one’s ability to Tantalize, or something which is really truly vile. The choice with Tantalus is always ours and always rooted in our mentality – which fits with Gemini.

Considering that Gemini is the sign Jupiter will be in next and that Jupiter in Gemini often shows up our mistakes, mental vulnerabilities and various forms of attentive/sloppy, selfish-selfless, productive-unproductive self/other balances…

…That pretty much describes where we’re going.

Taking this one step farther (which is a lot of how astrological analysis is done), the Venus-Circe-Tantalus grouping in Gemini points to Mercury. And at this moment Mercury is EXACTLY in opposition to Pluto/Facies in Capricorn.

Pluto/Facies is a rather volatile mix with Pluto being the emotional experience which results from choices and Facies being the heart and soul of those who play the ‘victim/aggressor’ card.

Mercury in opposition here, especially with Mirzam and the high focus of asteroid Lust just behind and Amphitrite one degree ahead speaks to the ability to do something great. But considering that Mirzam represents great promise which may or may not materialize…and how Amphitrite speaks to the need to let go of the old and adopt a whole new way of life pretty much on faith…

Again this pattern asks whether we will move on or not.

We’ll take one more step into this analysis. With Pluto and Facies in Capricorn that picks up the other entirely exact opposition in this chart, which is  Saturn at 22 Libra facing off against Dwarf Planet Eris (Discord) at 22 Aries conjunct Kassandra, she who is always true and never believed.

Eris/Kassandra in the ‘I Am/I Do/I Conceive of Myself As’ sign of Aries here pictures our willingness to stand up for something. Probably ourselves! With Saturn (retrograde) at 22 Libra, the real question is have we done the work? Have we been honest with ourselves and others? 

At its best, this is a revolutionary energetic which can right great wrongs, heal big wounds and totally change your life in ways you (Kassandra) would never believe. You may have to endure things which you couldn’t have imagined going through (Eris/Kassandra). And you certaily are going to have to deal with others (Saturn at 22 Libra).

That’s maybe the last thing to note about this Jupiter ingress. Every image we’ve talked about with the exception of Mercury, Pluto and Facies (and Jupiter, at least when starting into Taurus!) has been in a 3rd decanate degree – otherwise known as a degree between 20 and 29 of some sign.

So it’s only the Jupiter at 0 Taurus and Mercury-Pluto/Facies part of this which is in our hands. Asteroid House entering thought-oriented Gemini begins a process which ends with Mercury standing in Cancer one short degree away from where next month's solar eclipse is going to take place. It all says so much about this next year being on when we are going to be faced with having to respond and deal with life. And yet, while doing that, there are those among us who will also stake their claim and use these days going forward to build anew and in doing so, move their life into it's next and every more interesting and personally expressive phase.

Will that be you?

In the truly wonderful if sometimes perplexing work Through the Looking-Glass, author Lewis Carroll wrote a scene where Alice comes upon the Red Queen (I think they’re at the end of a wood). The Red Queen is running, running, running as fast as she can – and yet she’s staying in one place.

When Alice asks her what she’s doing, the Red Queen replies that we have to run as fast as we can to just stay in place. To get anywhere else, one must run twice that fast. 

It sounds impossible. And yet, when we come to an astrological moment like this one, we realize that we do have a choice. Some of us will be driven by necessity. Some of us will be motivated by desire. Or a sense of purpose.

Whatever you do going forward, just remember: the more your world is part of the world around you, the better your chances are to balance yourself against that world and end up fitting in, being welcomed and being supported in the growing and capitalizing on your individuality. 

Which in the end, we call personal success.