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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mercury in Gemini

When Mercury enters Gemini at 8:02 in the evening (UT/+0) on June 2nd, the ‘vibration’ or awareness of what is going on in your life (and life in general) will like as no, amp up a notch or two.

At this moment, House (representing how ‘at home’ we feel in life and with our life in particular) is just behind Mercury at 29 intense degrees of Taurus. With Taurus’ ruler (Venus) in Taurus and widely conjunct Mars there’s either a ‘divide’ or a ‘split’ in our thinking…or in what we have versus what we want.

Whether it’s your thoughts which are split here (should I do this…or that?) or your interests are divided…or you’re feeling ever more left behind OR wanting not to have to deal with those who aren’t “like” you (or in favor of what you like)…that’s the first big defining qualifier of the moment.

The second thing to consider is how Amor (platonic love, friendship) is conjunct Eos and Athena (dispassionate wisdom)…with all three points just ahead of Mercury’s ingress. This is a position astrology denotes generally – and especially when associated with the Sun – as a ‘leading factor.’

  Mercury enters Gemini, June 2 (2011) 8:02pm (UT/+0)
(Aries Wheel - Location not Specific)

I didn’t define Eos in that listing for a reason. Literally known in Greek terms as ‘the dawn,’ Eos is a nymph who born of deep ocean waters (instinctual emotion), runs ahead of Apollo (the truth of enlightenment) and his chariot. Thus Eos is an image either of where instinctive enlightenment ‘dawns’ on us…or where some emotional instinct causes us to try and stay ahead of (Apollo) truth.

If some internal instinct is causing you to try and not meet up with truth, yesterday’s solar eclipse would seem to be the sign that not only is this a good time to voluntarily deal with reality…but that whatever your wall of avoidance is/is made of, it’s about to or already in the process of cracking and falling away.

The combination of Eos, Athena and the eclipse? Revealing the truth. This may be about you, it may be about your choices, relationships, some situation you’ve gotten yourself into, some tact or position you have taken on something…truth is being revealed – or about to be revealed.

And let’s remember here…with the Sun at 11 Gemini, this whole Mercury grouping is behind the Sun. That ‘trailing’ position can be seen as something ‘catching up with us’ and/or as an indicator that there is something emotional ‘behind-the-scene’ which needs dealing with.

With today’s Sun conjunct Edisona this is a good time to ‘get the idea’…and when certainly the idea of ‘dawning clarity’ seems apt.

There are also some interesting patterns in the works. Uranus having just hit 4 Aries puts it in opposition to the point Saturn went retrograde at back in January 2010 (4 Libra). Did you have some sort of ‘major turn’ of events back in early 2010? This wouldn’t have been applicable in every life, but for those who have a ‘critical Saturn’ in their natal chart? Or those for whom 4 degrees of any sign is focal (or within focal orb)? For you something evolved back then and for you, something will again be evolving now.

This being a global blog, it’s pretty hard to keep track of every country and every nationally influential figure and head of state. But being American myself, it seems natural to comment (not to mention notable as a piece of the greater global reality) that this Uranus/Saturn 4 Aries/Libra ‘thing’ is very much conjunct the Chart USA 5 Libra Moon, 1 Libra Black Moon Lilith and the associated/opposing Diadem (crowning glory), Neptune (illusion), Sedna (struggles with immaturity) sort of issues.

  Chart USA - April 9, 1965 - Appomattox, VA

Not to mention how many ‘in-power’ political charts are being hit by the solar eclipse and this Uranus/post-Saturn factor and how the Lunar Nodes are counting down (backwards, as they always do) in Sagittarius and Gemini.

Link to CHART USA - Part One

Mercury rules Gemini: the ability to choose, and to learn (thus ‘choose to learn’). Mercury also rules Virgo, where asteroid Juno – a big honking asteroid to be sure – is currently running in tandem with Atlantis. The combination would seem to be about that old commercial slogan: ‘try it, you’ll like it!’ which in turn implies there’s a lot of resistance against trying things.

In this Mercury ingress picture, we have Moon exactly conjunct the lunar South Node. Plainly we want what we want. That will is so strong that it’s plainly possible for us to be facing a period in which people will cause ruin because they simply don’t want to give up what they want.

This goes back to a conversation I once had with my cousin, a strong-minded woman who swore she had found THE BEST HOUSE in the whole world. She wanted to buy that house like nobody’s business.

So she gets with me on the phone and she yammers and insists and stamps her feet (verbally) and does all that people do when they’re absolutely, positively sure they’re right. 

‘It’s the very best house in the whole world!’ Her long distance pronouncement about broke my ear drum.

Unphased, I asked her one simply question: ‘does this imply you’ve actually SEEN every house in the whole wide world?’ 

Answer: of course not. So could she know that something else wouldn't work for her better or thrill her heart even more? No!

That sort of wanting to see only what we want to see (or know) against what is actually true or at least acknowledged – that is part of the solar eclipse, an eclipse which being in Gemini, is all about the Mercury choice. The Mercury thought process. The Mercurial opinion. The Mercurial arguing with ourselves and how, when debating things with others we may veer between wanting to make the point and wanting to be right.
Mercury’s transit of Gemini is going to be startlingly short: it enters Gemini on June 2nd and moves on into Gemini on June 16th. That’s two short weeks.

We should suspect they’re going to be busy. We should do our best to stay organized and on schedule. We should be prepared to be confronted with many things which need thinking through…but which also need to be dealt with right away. That today is when TNO Typhon goes direct tells us life is going to be 'throwing things at us' which mean a lot, which affect us vitally.

Priorities now count. The goal has to be kept in mind as the aim, but we must also bear in mind that while we aim for perfection, perfection is a process.

Metaphysically, we can expect a lot of events and situations and news reflective of the solar eclipse to surface now and especially once Venus also moves into Gemini on June 9th – at which point the value of what we chose to do against the cost of doing…or not doing it will be greatly emphasized.

Let’s also be aware that Saturn will go direct during this Mercury passage through Gemini. That’s a sure sign of things hitting home in reality…and our need to adjust our thinking out of theoretical and idyllic into here-and-now, ‘who people are in reality’ sort of mode.

We aren’t going to like everything which comes to mind or becomes evident now…but we will be better if we deal with it – in full.

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