by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MakeMake on Station: A Window Opens, And…

Pano Anakena Beach on Easter Island
photo credit: Rivi

In the wake of an eclipse and all else which is going on, dwarf planet MakeMake is now on station and about to go direct.

Like many ‘new’ points, not a huge amount of experiential research has be done on MakeMake as yet. But given that the myth behind this point is about MakeMake as creator god of Easter Island, it’s easy enough to understand that this point must be about something (the island) ‘coming to be’ where before there was only water.

And since metaphysical water equals emotion, MakeMake is a symbol of something which arises out of an ‘ocean’ of emotionality…or emotion’s first cousin, instinct.

Because this station is happening in the last decan of earth sign Virgo, the overall concept would be some external input, personal responsibility or necessity (this being the 3rd decan part) prompting Virgo scrutiny, effort, tweaking, perfecting either of something which exists…or something which needs to be brought into existence.

Being that this station happens so soon after the solar eclipse and in the lead-in period to another solar eclipse things are highly likely to be in flux.

But it’s a good time to dream, brainstorm, consider options and in general, to be inspired.

Just remember…this is about raising an island, not a continent!

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  1. Boots,
    I would highly recommend looking at Greece and expounding astrologically on the information in the article below. This is quite possibly the most important article anyone can read right now to understand the political dynamics of what is transpiring across the globe:

    "Finance is a form of warfare. Like military conquest, its aim is to gain control of land, public infrastructure, and to impose tribute. This involves dictating laws to its subjects, and concentrating social as well as economic planning in centralized hands. This is what now is being done by financial means, without the cost to the aggressor of fielding an army. But the economies under attack may be devastated as deeply by financial stringency as by military attack when it comes to demographic shrinkage, shortened life spans, emigration and capital flight."

    Any insight into what Iceland did and the timing of there vote to let the banks and bond holders collapse would be welcomed as well.