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Friday, June 10, 2011

MakeMake Station/Direct: Purpose Positive?

 Dwarf Planet MakeMake as photographed by the Hubble Telescope
photo credit: NASA/Caltech-JPL

Dwarf Planet MakeMake goes direct at 4:40 in the morning (UT/+0) on June 10th.

Let’s start there. Metaphysically, what is a dwarf planet? Considering that planets represent universal human attributes and asteroids and such are moments and situations, aspects/factors of or in our lives which we meet up with and are inspired by or need to deal with, dwarf planets are something of a curious ‘hybrid,’ if you will.

One of the interesting qualifiers which differentiates a dwarf from real planet may give us a big clue as to meaning here too. Given how astrophysics (and plain old regular physics) work, if you’re a big enough object, apparently orbital-versus-revolution dynamics will cause you to pretty much ‘spin into a ball.’

Or at least something close. This is one of the big reasons (so I gather) that Pluto got demoted. At not even a quarter the size of Planet Earth, Pluto just doesn’t have the mass to put a ‘spin’ on things – which may be why we think of Pluto as ‘emotional transformation.’ Pluto is where the ‘spin stops’ and the dream hits reality. Either we win or we lose and from that comes the delight or deep heartache we associate with Plutonic emotional transformation.

Okay…so if MakeMake is also a dwarf planet, it too holds that capacity to represent something about where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Again borrowing from what we know about Pluto, Pluto being the ‘king’ of the underworld points us to that ‘reigning’ quality which ‘rules’ just under our skin. And that would be emotion.

This is an interesting concept to translate as we move back to MakeMake as MakeMake is the creator god who in myth is ‘responsible’ for Easter Island.

Easter Island is out in the middle of the ocean. And ocean (water in general, actually) is always a metaphysical metaphor for emotion.

So what is created out of emotion?

One more thing to consider here is what happened to Easter Island. Its people were became victims of their own inability to safeguard their resources, which by any estimation is an example of desire outstripping wisdom.

Is MakeMake thus the creating of the ‘island’ in our life? Or the ruination of same?

Considering that MakeMake is going direct now at 25 Virgo with Virgo being a sign not only of jobs and civil service and details and practicality but health… this may be a turning point in many of our lives.

Are you someone whose chart is within orb of June 1st’s solar eclipse at 11 Gemini and/or July 1st’s solar eclipse at 9 Cancer? Maybe both?

The more “dynamic” the images of change are right now in your life, the more likely it would seem that MakeMake going direct at 25 Virgo will signal ‘news’ (information, etc.) regarding a change of circumstance. It could be good…it could be challenging.

And then again, it could be both. Especially if you’re being affected by either (or both) solar eclipses its worth remembering that what you’re going through now is “setting the stage” for realizations and realities which will solidify some 36 months from now.

Discovered in 2005 by the handy, dandy team of David Rabinowitz, Craig Trujillo and Mike Brown, MakeMake has an orbital period of 309.88 years – so it’s hardly gone anywhere since it was discovered. But since in astrology all counts, it’s worth noting that when discovered, MakeMake was conjunct none other than Sisyphus, a smart guy from a very good family who had all the advantages and a very clear choice between using what he had for the benefit of others or simply doing as he pleased.

His choice? To invite people into his house under the guise of hospitality and thereafter murder them.

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When discovered, MakeMake was also in direct opposition to Eos (instinct), Pandora (a box of ills), Juno (leadership dependent on self discipline), Chaldea (the old and known), Sphinx (enduring patience) and Scheherazade, the slave who became queen through entertaining her sultan with stories of worth without once treading on his ego. Or insisting on the value of her own.

This all sounds very much like parts of the same tale. And when we add in the idea that MakeMake, unlike Pluto is a Cubewano (meaning its orbit is not controlled by Neptune or any other planet)…that stresses the integral quality of individuality involved here.

And isn’t integrity one of the big keywords for the 11 Gemini solar eclipse just passed? By Jove…not to bring Jupiter into this, but yes, it is!

As MakeMake goes direct, it’s doing so at 25 Virgo, a degree which is known for a ‘mesmerizing’ or even ‘hypnotic’ effect. Is this something you will feel? Which you will wield? Which you will utilize to get something of worth going/on track in your life?

Considering this station occurs in square to the lunar nodes with Ceres in opposition at 25 Pisces, there would seem to be something of a crisis of direction or leadership. All bases must be covered in order to get anywhere at the moment and with MakeMake flanked by Nemesis and Typhon there are some elemental (Typhon) energies being appealed to (or exacerbated) and more than a flavor of ‘be warned!’ or ‘I told you so’ in the mix.

 MakeMake's station/direct: June 10, 2011 at 4:40 am (UT/+0)
Aries Wheel/Location Not Specific
(Grand Cross indicated in black)

This four point ‘grand square’ definitely poses a question of where the world is going…or where you want to go in the world. If this is a moment when you are working to bring something into being, its evidently important to pay attention to how ‘appealing’ it is to others. Will it get them where they instinctively (Typhon) live? Are you giving them some sort of reason (Nemesis) to take your part lest they lose out? And are you minding all the p’s and q’s and valid critiques (Nemesis) you may have gotten up until now?

Are you being realistic about your ability to do what you say you (Ceres) want to do? And considering Ceres is at 25 Pisces and therefore within range (and heading towards) nobody’s favorite fixed star Scheat, are you willing to weather choppy water on your way to proving your value, worth and point?

There are several indicators of ‘4’ in this chart…which metaphysically can be 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months and/or 4 years. Since we’re talking about a celestial object taking station, generally the indication is day-week-month. But one never knows. And since four days from now will be one day after Saturn goes direct…

…just sayin’! Be prepared to flex a little and deal with a little unwanted material hitting a fan somewhere in life where you least suspect it over this next while.

This is a double-solar eclipse season, after all. What would you expect?

With Venus having just entered Gemini, there are choices to be made and priorities to be considered. And when we think…well, how much faith do you have in your own ability to bring what you really want into being and the value of doing so?

That would seem to be the question now. So to all, may your pondering bring you only worthwhile answers!

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