by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

October 2016: Factors and Details

A pre-digital card catalogue
(photo credit: Stuart Caie, September 2009) 
In the wake of September's eclipses, welcome to an October which also looks like it will be anything but boring. No, there are no eclipses. And no, none of the personal planets are going to be in retrograde.

But still, it's going to be interesting. Saturn is still squaring the nodes (as it has been since last March) and that continues to tell us there will be difficulties with relationships and being able to ‘relate’ to things going on, or the perspectives of others. In each of our lives there is something which feels like it is holding us back personally - - and little do we know but that ‘limitation’ is something we have brought upon our Self by refusing to take responsibility for (and therefore properly deal with) that which doesn’t seem ‘appealing’ to us. How we are justifying that is various, though many of us will be continuing to say ‘I already have too much to do’ (or ‘too much on my plate’) without stopping to consider the importance or the structural priority (or position in some operational hierarchy) of that thing not being taken on. T-squares always challenge us to take a step back and to consider things from a more universal and less ‘me-and-mine’ point of view, with one from Saturn speaking to limits and limitations which should be there and aren’t, efforts which should be beings made (which aren’t being made), and with Saturn doing all this from Sagittarius, having an ‘overall’ or ‘overarching’ structural understanding of the WHOLE picture (and not just the parts which we understand, find interesting or which we have planned for) are essential if we are ever to conquer and become masters of our challenges.

Ergo, to put it bluntly: to the extent that things have continued being a problem this year (i.e., since early March) … or to the extent that things have gotten more difficult, challenging or restrictive … we either haven’t yet done enough work to get enough perspective on the situation, or we have figured out what the global problem really is but haven’t put enough integrated effort to effect a global solution.

Saturn requires standards, and that standards be adhered to - - most of all from us as human beings. And with Pluto having been trining the South Node for much of this year … well, a lot of us have not been in the mood for those kinds of efforts, though at some point we will have to right our own ships, lest we sink ourselves.

Apart from that however, October is not the land of many traveling configurations. It is a ‘blue moon’ month, meaning October 2016 will play host to two New Moons (one on the 1st and one on the 30th) but as the Moon’s cycle is twenty-nine days (and change) long, that means any time a New Moon falls on the first of the month (as it does this month) we are going to have two New Moons during the month, providing said month isn’t February, of course.

Between those two Moons, October is simply chock full and crammed with asteroid notices, which given the fact the September which preceded this October was an ‘eclipse month’ suggests a lot of ‘meeting up’ with factors and details in our lives which we need or want to change. 

October 1
The first of those asteroid shifts starts right off the bat October 1st as Terpsichore enters Scorpio.

Representing a ‘talent’ or ‘ease’ with which we do something (or that with which something may be done to us) Terpsichore speaks either to what is ‘known well’ (well practiced, well known or well exercised) - - or to that which we are having to work on or ‘practice’ with in order to become more proficient, precise or deft, all of which is exiting Libra’s world of ‘the idea of the thing’ and entering Scorpio’s realm where our emotional motivations, stability and self-regulation (self-mastery) count at least as much as what we are doing.

Moreover, Terpsichore is doing this just at the moment of a New Moon at 8 Libra, a very particular degree astrology has come to call ‘the widow’s degree’ which teachings tell us will raise questions and qualities associated with the experience of loss in our life. Have we ever experienced a serious loss? If so, did we learn anything from what we went through in that regard?

With fixed star Diadem just ahead at 9 Libra as the New Moon perfects at just 13 minutes after midnight on the 1st (UT/+0 time), we are given to know there are things ahead which may prove to be important.

Apart from that, as Diadem (referring to a ‘crown’ or ‘crowning’ point, ambition, feeling, or experience, etc.) … Diadem itself was positioned at 8 Libra from November 25, 1931 through December 17, 2003 - - which means most of us will learn a lesson about something very ‘precious’ through its loss (or) the recognition of ‘impossibility’ during at some point (or various points) during our lifetime.

And yes, one of them might occur during a month when there is a New Moon indicating a lunar month which is all about confronting the new - - and learning about who we really are by having to deal with whatever our reactions or responses to that ‘new’ things tells us (or others) about us.

Then there’s the idea that this New Moon is also occurring in conjunction with Dionysus - - which in general would suggest how though there is no reason why we should not enjoy ourselves, we need to make sure we are attending to our responsibilities as well, lest our carelessness or some form of irresponsibility prove to be the ‘undoing’ of some part of our efforts or that which we rely on for support (of various types). As part of this, making sure those we associate with, or who we trust (or) entrust with anything important are equally dedicated to is our responsibility. Making sure we are acting in, and as part of honest and ‘above board’ pursuit and/or interests is important, too. Sometimes equally so.

Then there’s the idea that this New Moon is also in sextile to transiting Saturn (the same Saturn squaring the lunar nodes). Will this month begin by offering us ways to work towards some or all of our various aims?

Yes, it might. But given how associations between the Moon and Saturn represent the more ‘serious’ side of life’s transactions, taking things seriously now is advised, as the glib choice or statement will often come back to haunt us by proving we could have gotten farther, had we persevered in paying ‘proper’ attention - - and attention to proprieties, as far as that goes.

New Moon at 8 Libra (glyph chart)
October 1, 2016 - 00:13 a.m.(UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
New Moon at 8 Libra (text chart)
October 1, 2016 - 00:13 a.m.(UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
With Venus positioned at 9 Scorpio (pretty much mid-way between the New Moon and Saturn’s position) and trining Neptune-conjunct-the-South Node, difficulties with resources are going to make things difficult for some, with Venus-Neptune/South Node link here indicating tendencies to either do ‘nothing,’ go or get nowhere or to make ‘gestures’ which are either ineffective or not on mark or carefully made. Some of this is going to be part of an ongoing process through which weaknesses of ethical, moral and/or spiritual regard are exposed. Apart from that, however, the concept of ‘deprivation’ is also present here, which considering we’re talking about Venus may indicate a less-than-expected (or perhaps even fair) ‘response’ of some kind for any of a number of reasons.

With all this duly noted, having Jupiter at 4 Libra (and therefore conjunct this New Moon) also speaks to fantastic opportunities for insight now, or even a moment which ‘connects’ in some way which ‘opens doors’ farther down the line, however that may come about. This dynamic - - and the chances which go with it go forward with us through and throughout the month, too.

Think of it as ‘theme’ which is sometimes playing loudly, and sometimes in the background, weaving in and out of greater and lesser developments.

Gains made now - - once stabilized - - are real, though that which is gained through coercion or manipulation should not be ‘assumed’ to be stable all that quickly (unless you’re fond of boomerang effects). Whatever is done, aimed for or achieved now, it is likely to come at cost to a few of our less real (or) realistic (but nonetheless personally cherished) dreams, offering us a chance to advance our own goals providing we are willing to be (or become) more realistic not about who we are, but who we would be if we ever came to believe in quality on a par with (emotional and situational) control.

So … will we see what is what here? Or is this New Moon possibly about October beginning with our being so intent on something that we get in our own way?

That asteroid Psyche will be entering Virgo on the morrow (October 2nd) suggests we may be starting the month on a wrong foot not because we are not thinking, but rather how asteroid Psyche being at 29 Leo indicates our being so focused on part of some idea or situation that we miss the proverbial forest for the trees. 

October 2 
With its 4.99 year-long orbital cycle and mass which comprises just less than one percent of the entire asteroid belt, asteroid Psyche is one of the most important of the main belt asteroids, which makes its shifts and stations worth noting, if nothing else. Like all asteroids, Psyche represents a factor or ‘facet’ we meet up with and have to ‘face’ or possibly ‘face down’ from time to time.

L'Enlèvement de Psyché by Oscar Pereira de Silva (1914)
Representing the greater functionality of our mind and our ability to believe or trust what we ‘know ’, Psyche’s shift from Leo into Virgo indicates a shift from a period (Psyche in Leo) which concerns whether we have an ability to think through ideas, inspirations and things we ‘envision’ into a mode which is more or less about the health and functionality of our thinking and all the point/counterpoint which goes on inside our own mind.

With royal and fixed star Regulus situated at 0 Virgo, Psyche no sooner enters Virgo but it stirs up questions about what is ‘driving’ our choices and attitudes both in this moment and the more or less recent past. Like all royal stars, Regulus promises success only where we avoid a particular (very human) flaw - - with that flaw being vengeance and revenge in Regulus’ case. So … are we - - or have we been being driven by some such need or desire? Even if all we are is competitive, or even if someone having done something well deserving of a seriously pithy sort of response, how far we go, and why we allow ourselves (or choose) to go that far in that particular fashion is all about us.

Wanting to win, in other words, is fine. Wanting to beat someone else and prove ourselves ‘better than they are’ better - - particularly in our own (Psyche) mind? Well that could now prove questionable. Good sportsmanship and our willingness to be of good will towards others in spite of misgivings (ours, that is) says everything about us now - - and perhaps will also grant us insight into the very nature of being human.

If we dare to see our Self - - and selves - - that clearly, that is.

Psyche will be in Virgo from October 2, 2016 through August 20, 2017. During its transit of Virgo, we are all going to be learning how, why and where we - - individually - - are not just connected to each other and all which goes on in this world in theory, but as part of the metaphysical reality we call life. Our life.

One other fact about October 2nd is that it ‘opens’ the ‘window’ on Hidalgo’s station, which will occur on October 4th, which adds a whole set of questions about ‘how’ things are being - - and have been done. 

October 3 
With Psyche offering reflections and Hidalgo testing our capacity to think through how to deal with everything at hand, to the overall early October setting which has Sun in Libra in a square-by-sign to Mars in Capricorn (suggesting insights into why things are, and are not working in our personal world), rock comet Phaethon retrogrades into Gemini on October 3rd at such a speed that this is going to be but one of its changes of sign during October.

Does that sheer speed suggestion anything? Considering we’re talking about Phaethon, probably yes, as the metaphysical energy which shifts with Phaethon’s placement - - in its more ‘raw’ form we would think of as the sort of hardheaded quality which causes some among us to brashly tramp on in when and where angels have made it plain they dare not go (a quality otherwise known as ‘pigheaded immaturity’).

In its more refined and aware form, this energy can be/become ‘dedicated determination,’ but where Phaethon is concerned, our eyes may be so firmly fixed on our ‘prize’ (however we are defining that term at the given moment) that we are fairly ‘blind’ to all new information.

Or maybe we should say we’re just blinded by our want to achieve our goal?

Phaethon by Thomas de Leu (1614, engraving)
Basically, the story of Phaethon says everything we need to know about the propensity we each and every one of us have to reach too high and, in our eagerness to excel, end up damaging our cause while certainly killing any chance to succeed. (At least as planned, that is.) So having Phaethon retrograde back into Gemini - - however briefly - - speaks to a time when our thoughts, communications, words, choices, priorities, plans and schedules will get a brief going over, with the real question being whether real and proper attention is being paid either to a.) our abilities (or) b.) the consequences of being wrong. 

October 4 
Hidalgo going direct at 27 Capricorn is a reference to both to (Hidalgo) manners, mannerisms and the manner (or method) in which (or with which) something is done. And with 27 Capricorn adding concerns for basics and a quality of ‘earthiness’ which, in combination with Phaethon, may represent our ‘digging in’ with regards to some position, stance or decision ... or perhaps our recognizing some issue which needs to be dealt with in some real or realistic manner.

Either way, this seems a nice enough date for the Vice Presidential debate here in the United States - - and it certainly will be interesting to see in what 'manner' that event goes off and what the manners and mannerisms of the main participants will be. 

Then again, might the fact that as this station ends (on the 6th) it does so with Mercury exiting its shadow be any indication of something which occurs now - - or that we approach in a new-or-different manner now might come to be (or get) ‘wrapped up’ by then? It could, though with the whole of Mercury’s recent retrograde having been in the sign of the recent solar eclipse it’s also possible that Hidalgo’s station is a moment when we are finally coming to grips with why things plus and minus (positive and negative) have been happening, in particularly why they’ve been happening to us - - which with asteroid Medusa going direct on the 6th may well indicate a current and growing awareness of something we feel like we would rather not know, but which in reality we will be stronger and better ‘equipped’ for knowing. 

October 6 
Of course there is the other side of Mercury exiting its shadow. After all, regardless of what Mercury cycling through a retrograde has represented in our lives, Mercury exiting the whole of any retrograde cycle (with this one having begun back on August 10th) means all the many details and issues we may have been dealing with during that time are ‘done’ - - or that any further ‘work’ on them will need to be (and benefit by) whatever ‘new’ issues, details and matters we encounter now, and going forward.

As for asteroid Medusa going direct on this date at 24 Aquarius, not only does that define October 6-8 as Medusa’s ‘station allowance’ (not the sort of thing one thinks of giving a gorgon, but…) which, if we think about it, is quite an interesting statement. After all, all stations (planetary or otherwise, including asteroids) are in part their own ‘moment’ while also a sign of things yet to come and that which is being ‘left behind’ - - all of which, considering we’re talking about Medusa here - - are things about our Self which we are reluctant to confront for reasons which have greatly to do with our personal notions about power - - and somewhat separately, our notions about personal power, plus whatever responsibility/responsibilities we bear for the exercise (or lack of exercise) of power in an overall, and perhaps in some specific sense.

As for the degree of this station, 24 Aquarius is written of as a degree which focuses on  differences between abstract ideas and real time applications, whether that differentiates between the commonly given examples like intelligence and common sense (very different things, those), physical strength and courage (ditto) or more esoteric examples such as those captured in expressions like ‘beauty is as beauty does’ or the difference between being worthy of respect (a quality great teachers and killers may equally inspire) and being respectable. All such cases basically amounting to moments which differentiate between the idea of the thing and a personal ‘owning’ of ‘the thing’ which amounts to taking responsibility for its use and/or your part in things, Medusa taking its station and going direct at 24 Aquarius is likely to show up where we - - and others - - have and have not in ‘purely abstract mode’ with difficulties occurring where abstractions have been substituted (particularly willingly and knowingly substituted) for the ‘real deal’ thing capable of standing up under heavy use and/or pressure.

As Medusa is executing its station, asteroid Lachesis is also exiting Sagittarius and entering Capricorn - - which all by itself says something about the tenor and ‘temperature’ of things as Lachesis (representing ‘duration’) in fire sign Sagittarius outlined a period of ‘fiery’ attitudes and doings where Lachesis in Capricorn is far more stable, if also prone to periods of situational limitations, whether positive or negative.

Medusa by Maxmilian Pirner (1854-1924) (image colorized for posting)
With that said however, this is actually not Lachesis’ initial 2016 entrance into Capricorn, as Lachesis entered Capricorn back on March 20th before going retrograde at 3 Capricorn on April 28th. That April station at 3 Capricorn having brought out needs, issues and questions of validity and/or accomplishment(s), all of which have had us working through a (Lachesis retrograde) period of ‘working on things’ - - or at least working to understand our own position and priorities, some of that no doubt being influential now as Lachesis returns to Capricorn where it will finish its own 2016 cycle on October 18th (by returning to and moving through 3 Capricorn) signaling a ‘cooling’ of rhetoric (or at least the appeal of fiery rhetoric) and whatever tendencies we may have personally which leaves us prone to exploding into fireworks for the balance of the year. (Lachesis enters Aquarius on January 3, 2017.) 

October 7 and October 8 
October 7th and 8th are the peak night for the meteor shower known as the Draconids. Named for constellation Draco (the Dragon), the radiant point for the Draconids - - which is to say the point in the sky from which meteors appear to be ‘showering down upon us’ (think of it as a shower head) … that radiant point is near Draco’s ‘head,’ giving us a general indication that the Draconids are by nature a meteor shower which ‘sparks’ ideas and insights of an eternally passionate, if intellectual nature.

Depending on the culture you hail from, dragons may represent good or bad. Beyond that, dragons always represent some form of understanding which comes from beyond where ours, as humans, leaves off - - which very much fits the whole metaphysical idea of meteors as ‘sparks’ of illumination or inspiration which ‘strike upon us unbidden, and from very much afar.’ 

Constellation Draco
One other thing here … if you are thinking of going out to watch this meteor shower, online astronomers counsel scheduling your viewing time for earlier rather than later as the waxing crescent moon will tend to wash out the chances of seeing these meteors.

Apart from that, October 7th is also the date when Mercury will exit Virgo, ending some nine weeks when life and matters in life have served to raise some needed questions with a regards to what we are doing, how and why we do anything, how well many a necessary operation is functioning and whether our thinking or manner of getting things done is working, or whether it needs some tweaking, reconsideration or improvement, particularly where questions of ‘standards’ or responsibilities are questionable. Many of us have been good about recognizing our own part in things during this time.

Then again, some of us have been defending our ‘right’ to be who we want to be, as opposed to who we should be, that being part and parcel of Virgo (as the sign of our responsibilities) following Leo as a sign of internal vision and self-determinations made in tandem with that vision (which may or may not match realities). The key to understanding this is something I’ve been alluding to here and there, but which probably merits more astrological discussion on the whole (a lack I will no doubt look to try to rectify, for my own part). And that concerns how every sign of the zodiac, with all its intrinsic pluses and minuses is also a derivative ‘signature’ to other signs. Being referenced here with regards to ‘what we want to be’ (the Leo thing, whether we “grow/grow up” to be that thing or not) and how that interfaces with Virgo (as sign of responsibilities) from the derivative 12th house position.

Given that highly astro-metaphysical contemplation (feel free to use it as a personal meditation while washing dishes, sitting in traffic or doing anything else uniquely and tediously robotic) … does this mean that over these past nine or so weeks of Mercury in Virgo, Virgo solar eclipse and (oh yes …) Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo we have experienced some ‘exploding’ of our thinking? Has some idea we had about something been proven unworkable, or possibly sufficiently invalid as to necessitate change, replacement or some form of loss, particularly as that applies to ‘the way things work’ or do not work?

In exiting and moving out of Virgo, Mercury will enter Libra at 7:57 in the morning on October 7th (UT/+0). And as it does so, things change. For instance, all that we have been ‘going through’ on the inside on a day in, day out basis stands to possibly become a (12th derivative sign) drag on present tense situations if we allow ourselves to get bogged down in details. Yes, we still have to care about details - - not caring about standards and making sure things work properly is likely to get us as boxed in (or ‘on the outside’ when we want to be ‘in’). But Mercury in Libra is less about nailing things down, picking things up and making sure all the proper wheels are properly greased than it is about finding the right people, the right venue, the right conduit for our efforts, be they productive or personal habits. As with all things Libra, there are right and wrong avenues for us as we stand … and yet things we can now learn about how to advance our cause.

We are interested in others, in other words, because others inform us. So Mercury in Libra is not ultimately altruistic, though there is a well-known preference for elegance of presentation where Libra is concerned - - with an understanding that the term ‘elegance’ differs from culture to culture and generation to generation, of course.

Mercury in Libra (glyph chart)
October 7, 2016 - 7:57 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific) 
Mercury in Libra (text chart)
October 7, 2016 - 7:57 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
As for aspects and details, with Jupiter at 6 Libra, Pandora at 4 Libra and black hole (Messier) M87 at 1 Libra (influencing 2 Libra as well), much may be being made about many things by many people with some of it being ‘old hat’ and some being thought nouveau and hopeful notes being strewn among various torrents of challenges, warnings, disclaimers, entertainments and bits of trivia and nonsense. That Mercury is making this ingress in an out-of-sign trine to Sedna (which is retrograde and itself currently afflicted by a way-too-long-feeling conjunction with trying, testy Algol) suggests real and ongoing issues which merit and/or need attention with, and in spite of something of a ‘global’ breath-holding marathon going on.

Algol/Sedna describes a ‘backdrop’ of a personal and (separately) some form of social and societal need(s) to get over long-cherished images of how things “should be,” according to images in our head or heart, instilled there long, long ago. This isn’t the easiest thing to get at in our Self, nor are societies prone to accepting new ways of doing things and the end of old standards. Such things are upon us of course as part of the continuing shift our of 2,160 years of outgoing caste-and-class, gender identified Age of Pisces and into the new fangled, elitism versus egalitarian, gender nonspecific Aquarian Age … and it’s going to take a lot of changing. As the years go on and members of our race pass over, more and more of the world’s population are going to be people born into the Aquarian Age, which as a line of demarcation (every astrologer has their own, this is mine) we will put in the 1980s, that being when electronic and digital technology took over as the means and ‘system’ our (human) world has chosen to be run by, and ultimately either united, divided, universally accessed or denied and/or destroyed by (to use a list of typically Aquarian terms!).

But back to Mercury. As Mercury enters Libra it also triggers new factors, facets and capacities to understand we would associate with the current Libra New Moon cycle (the 8 Libra New Moon cycle), bringing up new things for consideration - - which (like as not) will result in yet other choices, conversations and ‘like-versus-like not’ forks in paths as we undertake, support, counsel or are deflected from, in the end according to personal dictates, priorities, mindset, abilities and aims.

Also, is there any particular metaphysical reason Mercury would be (at last) entering the Libra relate-and-relationship zone just as asteroid Sabine goes on station, bestirring the energies of last minute toe stubs? 

October 9 
With Sabine turning to retrograde motion at 20 Gemini, its station allowance will have begun on the 7th and extend on through October 11th, with the actual station occurring here on October 9th. 

With regards to the point, Sabine refers to ‘capturing’ or ‘conquering’ and then maintaining control over it, whether that act refers to catching the dog and keeping it in the yard or keeping feelings (and the wagging tongues attached to those feelings) under control lest they speak out of turn and spoil everything. Motivations with Sabine don’t appear to be the point, so whether we are trying to protect, guide or funnel focus, whether we get ‘caught up’ in something (whether that’s positive or negative), the issue is how we ‘catch and control’ or how we respond to being ‘caught’ (or caught up) in something which ends up controlling us, our time, our options - - or anything else.

As for 20 Gemini, 20 Gemini is a degree about the impact ideas have on us, others or the world, with a specific references to how easily forces beyond our understanding (or ability to control) can be stirred up by unbridled curiosity, particularly as that applies to any substance, activity or field of endeavor which itself deals with “power,” or which is capable of exerting power over us, our lives and/or our environment.

Other than the fact this seems a perfect thematic match of degree and object, having Sabine go retrograde in such a degree doesn’t just suggest moments, issues and questions about where and what we should or shouldn’t do, say or maybe even wonder about, but also suggests evens which prompt the need to do such thinking.

Or may it will even prompt a strong ‘stop that!’ type of response, which with Mercury having just entered Libra may well affect interests, alliances and relationships both personal and to things in the world around us, which just as a political sidebar is a whole little interesting and curious notion considering how October 9th is also the date of presidential debate number three. (Just the thing to do on a fine October evening, right?)

With Hebe at 29 Libra (and due to enter Scorpio on the morrow), too much pressure or ‘indelicacy’ is unhelpful now (do we think the candidates will listen?) ... with 'offended sensibilities' being likely to react to that which 'violates eternal standards' by pulling away or ‘detaching’ - - though this should not be confused with the idea of ‘retreating,’ as no loss of involvement or determination is implied. 

October 10 
As of October 10th things are likely to get a bit unpredictable and a wee bit erratic (and perhaps even exciting) as the transiting Sun (in Libra) enters the standard 5-degree orb of opposition to Uranus. Known as the kind of energy which attempts to ‘break out’ or break ‘through’ various kinds of restrictions, inhibitions, lacks and outmoded status quos, Uranus is hardly a gentle energetic and decidedly ‘impersonal,’ which can make for a series of days when nobody seems in a rush, a series of days when nobody seems to care about anything, a series of days when nothing happens on schedule or as expected, or simply a series of days when we break out of routines and habits, tossing cares to the wind as we run barefoot through our mind.

Hebe Asleep by Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (1869)
As for Hebe entering Scorpio, Hebe in Scorpio offers two very different theoretical tracks. One speaks to our supporting or learning to support our Self (whether that applies physically, financially, emotionally, sexually or otherwise) while the other speaks to what may be gained or earned through being supportive of others in some specific manner they need help with.

Since Hebe is entering Scorpio in opposition to Ceres (at 0 Taurus) … does this mean we need help with our plans? It might. Then again, the combination of these influences (Uranus included) may simply indicate some change which either enhances or interrupts opportunities to secure assistance or some type of ‘mentor’ support. As this Hebe shift is also coinciding with the onset of station effects with regards to Tisiphone (which will turn to retrograde motion on the 12th), what we do now may be in hopes of avoiding some form or sort of further difficulty. 

October 11 
Speaking of transiting orbs, as of October 11th, Mars will enter the 5-degree orb of conjunction to Pluto, signaling a period during which we can expect to feel (and experience) an increase of ambition, ego- energies and the desire to be ‘master of our own fate,’ none of which is very conducive to taking restrictions, control or denial very kindly.

Said by some to be ‘ruthless,’ Mars-Pluto embodies the energies of Scorpio, thus telling us these days ahead are likely to tempt and daunt us through our own feelings. In other words, it is not necessarily the situation but our response to it, or how we feel about it which determines how well (or badly) things go from there.

At its incessantly creative heart, Mars-Pluto is about transforming or eliminating that which is old, toxic, outmoded or ‘dead weight’ so that our life becomes filled with a more fertile atmosphere and productivity with its confrontations being far more about our insecurities than anything else. That said, given how many people in this world are less than responsible when it comes to feelings of conflict (or conflicted feelings), during these days of Mars-Pluto contact (October 11-27) and certainly as Mars comes into conjunction with Pluto on the 19th, caution, care, an avoidance of unnecessary risks and a reasonable amount of diplomacy are suggested as periods of Mars-Pluto connection by any hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) have a history of promoting, provoking or triggering violence. 

October 12 

Orestes being pursued by the Furies by Carl Rahl (1852)
Considering Tisiphone is one of the Greek Furies, having Tisiphone retrograde at 2 Aries as Mars has just moved into orb of conjunction to Pluto is likely to coincide with challenges which have to do with the breakdown of personal connections and feelings or ties to one’s ‘community,’ whatever the term ‘community’ may mean to us as individuals. Hardly thought of as a degree where things go easily, 2 Aries embodies the idea that we cannot succeed unless we try, as this degree is said to ‘advance our cause’ only when or where we prove our capacity or capability - - which in combination with all else may spell the kind of frustration which truly tests our emotional balance, particularly where that balance rests on a shaky or problematic sense of self worth (which includes many a narcissistic ill). 

October 13 
Our third indication of potential conflicts in a row, asteroid Hel symbolizes our capacity to make things difficult in our own lives, which in the wake of Tisiphone’s station-retrograde (and still within the station window) suggests either an act or perspective born out of a Mars/Pluto instinct which to a human we would all rather project (or see in the other person) than feel in, or about our Self … or a reacting to some realization or recognition which pertains to “where things took a turn,” most likely in a direction we didn’t want to go (regardless of results good or bad).

Of course, that Hel is going direct does suggest we are either running into ‘consequences’ (or consequential situations) now, or that for whatever reason, our path is not taking us along the easiest road ever trod. And with 22 Aquarius having a reputation for requiring that we use our time and energy productively (lest that which we get into end up being distinctly unproductive), especially with October being the date when Phaethon again changes signs (this time from Taurus into the ‘I/me’ physical sign of Aries), there would seem to be a distinct chance of negative results where, if or when we do not knowingly apply our Self to constructive use of the growing potential symbolized by Mars moving ever closer to its conjunction with Pluto.

Phaethon in Aries can easily indicate the kind of ‘haste’ which leads to mean mistakes, accidents and the kinds of situations which end up ‘hurting’ us because of carelessness or some sort of personal ‘investment’ in being (or) becoming something which in reality is far beyond our reach. With Mars-Pluto in the air (and the Sun and Uranus about to be in opposition), Phaethon retrograding into Aries hopefully marks a time of insights - - particularly those which allow us to better understand the power of passion and that which we are truly passionate about. This mélange holds the possibility of truly great things, yet given the human preference for (read: addiction to) emotional security, it is far more likely events will occur which require us to examine certain motivations in short order, tempting us to ‘leap before we look’ or otherwise undercut some position or goal because we are seeking an advantage ‘in the moment.’ 

October 15 
By transit, the Sun opposes Uranus on a yearly basis. Given Uranus’ current position in the latter third of Aries, that currently means there are about ten days from early(ish) into mid-October where things (and people) tend to be less unpredictable than normal as we ‘confront’ that which tests whatever our status quo is at the moment. That’s a trait which we may or may not get along with, depending not on them but rather on our own nature and whether we’re any good at flexing with life’s variations and anything which prompts, asks or demands us to look past our current opinion(s), methods, choices, alliances … and so on.

Beyond that, the actual Sun/Uranus transiting opposition also marks asteroid Pallas going on station. Due to go direct on the 17th in Aquarius (a sign Uranus holds joint rulership over with Saturn), having Pallas’ station coincide with our annual day of transiting Sun-Uranus opposition may mark a moment when some ‘light bulb’ (proverbial or perhaps literal) goes on, illuminating challenges, problems, misunderstandings and assumptions about what things (and people) are and aren’t with equal aplomb. This being the last astrological note (and notice) we will be getting before this month’s Aries’ Full Moon on the morrow, it is also entirely possible that the Sun opposing Uranus ‘sets off’ a sequence of events or moments which leads into (or affects) things which occur or get decided as the Full Moon moves through. 

October 16 
Having any Full Moon occur in conjunction with (or even close to) any stirring up of Uranian energies is the mixing of two very different kinds of motivations - - which for some may be just what they are learning now, given Pallas’ reputation for helping us to see things from a dispassionate sort of perspective. Uranian energies are impersonal - - too impersonal for many, which with the Sun in the very personally oriented sign of Leo can indicate situations which are unsettling or even out-and-out disruptive.

Against that, Moon energies are emotional and therefore automatically very much about how we each feel - - which in Aries, the sign of self-identity and personal motivation(s) which doesn’t take everything personally (that’s more of a Leo trait) but which instead tends to act on everything themselves - - often enough without consulting, asking or even checking with anyone else. And when we’re talking about a Full Moon, we are of course talking about Moon opposition Sun, which with an Aries full moon puts that Sun in Libra (the sign of the Sun’s detriment), which in astrological terms means the intellectual side of any discussion here is likely to be less formulated or ‘pronounced’ than whatever it is we are feeling.

So when the Full Moon at 23 Aries comes to perfection and peak effects at 4:23 in the morning (UT/+0 time), many a person who has been hesitating and many a thing which has been hesitated over will ‘suddenly’ move forward, get decided, or otherwise burst through some “stalemate.” 

Full Moon at 23 Aries (glyph chart)
October 16, 2016 - 4:24 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Full Moon at 23 Aries (text chart)
October 16, 2016 - 4:24 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
That said, 23 Aries has a reputation for qualities akin to the sort of imprecision, lack of clarity and wholly ‘belief-based’ Neptune-like decisions, which again for some may be exactly what they need to get them past their hesitations, and which for others will spell leaping where no leap was required - - or even advisable.

As for the issues which may come up here, having the Sun trucked between TNO Haumea and fixed stars Spica and Arcturus speaks to capacities for ‘leadership,’ in part as a reflection of where we have come from in life and also as a product of whether we are able to ‘stand’ for anything, as opposed to any tendency to change or ‘shape shift’ (a Haumea quality) when challenged or put in a position which whether actually weak or not triggers internal feelings of vulnerability. Being that the Sun in Libra is the Sun in detriment, ‘leading with compassion’ or by being willing to work or consult with others is not unlikely, though with Libra’s ruler (Venus) in late Scorpio and in a trine to Vesta at 29 Cancer, striking compromises may be a touchy matter at the moment.

On the Moon’s side, with Moon conjunct Eris (at 23 Aries), Uranus (at 22 Aries) and Phaethon (already at 18 Aries in retrograde) there is every chance of learning something now, with how we respond or react being important to any success in, or connected to this moment. While Phaethon warns us not to be too headstrong and to not assume we know what is required (or) how to do that which is necessary, Eris (which is conjunct the Moon to the very degree) is likely to have us taking things personally (very personally, in some cases) when the problem is really one which is (Aquarian, Pallas and) systemic.

Or at least not only about us.

All of this will to some degree draw on (or) test whatever the whole of the 8 Libra New Moon cycle is about in your life. And with that ‘new moon point’ (8 Libra) being surrounded here on one side by fixed star and ‘high (or crowning) point’ Diadem and on the other by Jupiter at 7 Libra - - a degree which with Jupiter present is likely to raise and ‘illuminate’ the difference between those of us who do think universally and those among us who think in more strict “I-Me” first person terms. 

October 17 
With all now stirred and bestirred by the 23 Aries Full Moon, Pallas goes direct at 18 Aquarius, a degree known for unusual ‘passions’ capable of leading us astray. With Pallas taking its station in this degree, dangers and problems which come from separations, isolation, marginalization or lack of orientation (training, proper upbringing) may support OR diminish the capacity for perspective on things. This quality may now prove particularly useful (or important) as Pallas is turning to direct motion just as Echo begins its station, as either Pallas or the degree 18 Aquarius would seem capable of not simply ‘repeating’ things or following instructions without thinking what they mean - - both of which being common Echo focuses.

One other side of this pairing to consider comes from 18 Aquarius is known for indulgence in that which otherwise (or in the eyes of others) is thought of as ‘perverted.’ In tandem with the onset of Echo’s station, might Pallas turn to direct indicate a recognizing of ‘perverted’ choices, habits or actions and a willingness to report (Echo) or speak out about them?

It could. Then again, October 17th is also the date when Jupiter reaches 8 Libra. And as Jupiter will be positioned at 8 Libra from October 17th until early on October 21st (UT/+0 time), something which is (or has been) learned through 'cost' (or) loss is now being 'enlarged' upon, whether that refers to the expanding of a situation known to be 'costly' or the coming to understand some sort of 'cost' through greater input, whether that refers to new information coming to light or something which causes us to reconsider or see things from a new (or) different perspective. 

And a brief 'P.S.' here: being that the Moon will be in Taurus as Jupiter moves into 8 Libra and in early Cancer as Jupiter exits 8 Libra on the 21st, this Jupiter/8 Libra effect is going to be a bit more notable with everyone whose natal Moon is in in Taurus, Gemini or early Cancer, as having your personal Moon within that range says you will be getting a new (monthly) lunar return while Jupiter is at 8 Libra.

(Astrologers can never say this too often: knowing whether you will experience a lunar return during some sort of notable astrological moment is well worth knowing. Why? Because if you're having an 'emotional month' - - whether positive or negative - - it stands to reason there is something promoting all that emotionality in your life, right?)

October 18 
With Mars and Pluto now just a day away from conjunction and Echo in the air, Venus enters Sagittarius at 7:02 in the morning (UT/+0), setting the stage for much noise, many an effort, at least a few sterling ‘performances’ (intended or otherwise) and a general increase in the volume and emphasis on, the airing of and the acting on convictions.

Venus in Sagittarius (glyph chart)
October 18, 2016 - 7:02 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Venus in Sagittarius (text chart)
October 18, 2016 - 7:02 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
For some, the increase (or what we are likely to perceive as an increase) is due either to seeing ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ or some desired goal just ahead. (Doesn’t that cheer you up and get you to give things all you’ve got?) Others who have received recent critiques, or who have made recent ‘adjustments’ will also be working apace, trying to ‘make up time’ and create greater momentum. Venus being a symbol of ‘results,’ Venus in Sagittarius can make us crave more (and therefore try harder) - - or it can even push us to ‘take a leap of faith’ and go beyond our comfort zone in our efforts to succeed.

For those who are already on the ‘receiving end’ of things, Venus moving into Sagittarius may well coincide in an increase of ‘input’ or in the rate of delivery.

However, there are a few ‘down’ sides here. Being that Sagittarius represents forces which may critique, criticize or do their best to ‘bring us down to earth,’ Venus in Sagittarius can also be where we up with challenges, critiques , even legal problems - - which with Venus entering Sagittarius in an out-of-sign trine to ‘cost’-oriented Vesta, an inconjunct with Ceres as a symbol of planning and nurturance of our plans an in opposition to Moon/Sedna, it would seem likely that we are either dealing with some ‘cost’ which has caused (or is causing) us to change our plans or that such a change is (or is about to be) in the works. (At least the metaphysical works.)

Being that this is the day before Mars and Pluto perfect their conjunction, creativity and creative answers (and ways to respond to things) are there if we want to tap into them. Moreover, whatever pressure(s) we may be feeling…? Those may be just the thing to get us past our ‘everyday’ mode of thinking into one where we do think creatively, particularly as that applies to the challenges which lie between us and whatever we are aimed at doing or achieving right now.

That said, with Saturn still in a t-square to the lunar nodes, relationships and our ‘ability to relate’ are still likely to be something of a headache at the moment, leaving us sometimes to wonder why we try … while also providing a smattering of moments when the sheer incongruity of things prompts a new decision (or opinion) on what (or who) really matters.

‘What we get’ may be of issue now - - and with Echo about to go retrograde in Gemini, questions of whether to believe others, the information we have or some choice ‘as’ a choice may well come to be in knotty focus. What do we really want to commit to going forward? What is going to give us a maximum return on our investment of time, energy and efforts? 

October 19 
With Echo turning to retrograde at 11 Gemini with the transiting Moon in Gemini, what we say and why we say it (plus having through things through) are all important on this date. And for those with natal Moons in Gemini, this promises an entire personal lunar month affected by Echo's station, by the Pluto/Mars conjunction ... and Jupiter at 8 Libra, a conglomeration which can be trying in the extreme, creating situations one tries to 'adjust' or 'adjust' to even as forces of ongoing change continue to operate in your world.

It's an experience anyone would trying, if one which (frankly) also could make us into someone other people find a bit trying.

With Echo, things which we 'recite' without thinking about it and 'the carrying or transmitting of tales' (particularly those which are false) may well prove to be our undoing - - and all of this will be something one hopes the presidential candidates know (and pay attention to) as October 19th happens to be the date of the last (scheduled) U.S. presidential debate.

By itself, 11 Gemini speaks to some ‘glitch’ or ‘missing factor’ which affects a greater understanding or effort, which with Echo involved may well indicate some fact or factor any of us will have ‘left out,’ whether purposefully or accidentally. Generally thought of as more of an inconvenience than a threat unless there are other negative influences present, depending on who and where we are in life this 11 Gemini station - - and the fact that it is Echo is making it as Mars is conjuncting Pluto (and Vega) does however indicate a potential for manipulation or force being used to influence or get what is wanted from certain situations.

Mars conjunct Pluto exemplifies the idea of energy being invested in transforming, so wherever we apply our efforts, things are likely to ‘give way,’ though it is well worth being cautious about what we attempt under this transiting influence as Mars/Pluto combinations are also known for creating obsessions and causing people to act on their obsessions. In occurring at 15 Capricorn, this particular Mars-Pluto conjunction is likely to test structures, determinations and resolve, getting some folks all fired up about things even as others now decide to reject or stand against that they perceive as a threat of some sort. Fully capable of triggering (or merely indicating) moments of frustration - - even violence - - by conjunction, Mars-Pluto can indicate struggles and 'bullish' or 'brute force' being summoned for use against someone else as easily as it can indicate the 'sourcing' of or 'cutting out' or getting rid of deeply rooted blockages and/or sources of irritation, inflammation or infection, whether said sources are physical, emotional, financial, systemic, human or otherwise.

Plus let's remember - - Jupiter is still at 8 Libra. Does this mean we need to 'surrender' to something in order to be able to then fix, better or get past it? Or might this be something which comes to a head (or some moment of 'triggering') which causes us to then find out whether we have learned the difference between that which is truly important (or a real threat) as opposed to things which when they hit some emotional vulnerability causes pride or ego to become our own undoing?

In combining Mars impetus and capacity to ‘trigger’ or initiate with Pluto’s ability to ‘transform’ us (or situations) through revealing ‘buried’ facts, lack(s) of facts and motivations behind (or under the surface of) things, Pluto-Mars ‘liberates’ a capacity for change by confronting us with the measure of, and the nature of gaps, with whatever happens (which can range from glee to malice) being an emotion-driven response to whatever gets learned or now otherwise becomes real.

And yes, for every happy, gleeful camper there is likely to be a ticked-off Grinch somewhere in the world. Mars-Pluto tends to expose Grinches and all their unlikely compatriots - - be they emotional or fully human. But without that exposing, how would we ever recognize any problems, never mind shoes too tight for their grinched-off wearer’s feet?

Some necessities we just have to get used to. But then, that’s not only very Mars-Pluto, that’s also rather Amphitrite, a symbol of how things we may run away from at first are not always so bad once things ‘catch up to us’ we deal with things in reality, as opposed to in imagined form.

Neptune and Amphitrite by Paris Bordone (c 1560, oil on canvas, Private collection)
That Amphitrite will enter Virgo on the same date as this conjunction suggests changes which occur now will take time to get used to, with every chance that we don’t know what it will take to ‘make things work’ starting out (which isn’t likely to warm anyone’s Mars-Pluto mood). And with this date also being when Circe’s ‘station effects’ will begin being felt, especially with Mars-Pluto in action, response and reactions are likely to be highly polarized. Some will be enchanted by what happens now … but some will decidedly not like what is going on at all. With Circe going retrograde in Gemini (the opposition sign to Venus in Sagittarius) we may well now cast our nets far and wide, but whether we pull in a great ‘catch’ or come up empty handed has far less to do with the waters we are ‘fishing’ in than whether our methods and plans are viable - - or as yet a product of imagination which needs some ‘real world’ refinement. 

October 21 
A slackening off of some kind of pressure or ambient ‘intensity will probably be beginning to be noticeable as Circe turns to retrograde at 22 Gemini and Kallisto enters Virgo.

Circe and Odysseus by Battista Franco Veneziano (1550s, oil on panel)
The tale of Circe is an interesting one which speaks to our ability to be seduced by our own most basic nature. In the tale, the enchantress Circe ‘turns men into animals’ using charms both human and magical, thus posing a great threat through her ability to keep others from being able to think (or think clearly) and thus pursue their own lives and purpose. Remembering that all points are metaphysically ‘in’ us, that means we are as fully capable of being ‘seduced’ and led astray by others as we are capable of being seduced by others - - or maybe even more importantly, by some inner ‘enchanting’ impulse, notion, aim or idea.

In turning to retrograde in Gemini’s third decanate (it’s last ten degrees), Circe’s effects are being here defined as not totally about us, but involving others and our world (or society), meaning these effects will like as not surface in some potent ‘attraction’ to some idea, situation, statement, priority, decision - - or some person (or organization) who/which embodies same, with the degree 22 Gemini adding either a very clear or ‘split’ dichotomy between the plus and minus (or) pro versus con being presented …OR some situation which tests whether things are sufficiently structured as to ‘hold together’ when considered in detail or put under stress.

October 21st and 22nd are also the peak nights for another meteor shower, this one being the Orionids. Named for constellation Orion (the hunter) for the simple and obvious reason that the radiant point for the Orionids (meaning, the place in the sky they appear to ‘come from’) is just above Orion’s shoulder - - which is to say, above fixed star Betelgeuse, a star which by and large refers to ‘easy’ or ‘the easy path,’ however that may be applied.

Constellation Orion (highlighted: fixed star Betelgeuse)
With Kallisto entering Virgo in this moment, whatever is afoot, it will take time to come to fruition, with the ‘end of the process’ often being far different than envisioned simply because of things encountered along the way. Metaphysically, Kallisto appears to refer to time and effort being required on our part, which in light of Kallisto entering Virgo would seem to indicate some period ahead during which we will simply have to ‘keep at it,’ no matter what life throws at us, be that little or nothing too trying or a hailstorm of problems - - and not to put to poke a bruise here, but considering last month’s solar eclipse in Virgo, there are things many of us are in the middle of just ‘having to get through.’

Such is life. 

October 22 
As for the Orionids, to have the Orionids peaking as the Sun enters Scorpio at 23:47 (11:47 p.m., UT/+0) on the 22nd would seem to be underscoring the side of Scorpio which is all about ‘pushing forward’ or otherwise finding (or reaching) the ‘object’ of a current search or effort.

However, that this is happening as Byblis is retrograding back through the earliest degrees of Taurus does tend to say we are currently somewhat prone to ‘deflecting’ something instead of looking for the moment or idea which is ‘right,’ as opposed to something which will ‘do’ but not necessarily sparkle. This coinciding of Byblis changing signs (in retrograde) with the Sun entering Scorpio may also indicate a lack of caring, or care to standards or the ‘quality’ of things at the moment. Or it may indicate an awareness of some choice, involvement or revelation which reveals something which is plainly or obviously wrong, no matter how we try to ‘spin’ it.

There may also be something of a ‘blind spot’ involved here as tends to Byblis speak to that in our character which causes us to opt for preference rather than facts because we get some sense of gain, pleasure or security from that which is otherwise unacceptable, thus setting our Self up to be compromised by a present lack of willingness.

Having the Sun enter Scorpio while being a participant in a square-cum-t-square suggests bumpy water, too. What do I mean by a ‘square-cum-t-square? Well, if you look at the following diagram …

… the heart of this configuration (without question) is the Sun squaring the Moon, which in roundest terms refers to situations or decisions which force us to either decide between two things, or to reconcile (compromise) within or with our Self about priorities and what we ‘should’ do in some overall sense. Sun square Moon often refers to difficulties with being ‘in step’ with others (or that we know we need to do) and with both objects in fixed signs, there isn’t much desire to ‘give’ on either ‘what we think of what we think’ (our internal and emotional position) or what we think of others (or) the situation we find ourselves facing.

Not that this t-square ‘starts’ with either Sun or Moon. As t-squares shift their energetics in zodiacal sign order, this t-square begins or is ‘rooted’ in a situation or feeling described here by asteroid and dwarf planet candidate Ceres (Ceres continues to be listed both ways by the science types) and Tisiphone, a combination which points either to a flurry of activity or effort seeking to get something into motion or ‘off the ground,’ something which is upsetting or which stands to upset our plans, or (considering fixed star Mirach as part of this image) something which is prompting us to step in or take action before some wrong can be done.

Sun in Scorpio (glyph chart)
October 22, 2016 - 23 47 (11 47 pm) UT +0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Sun in Scorpio (text chart)
October 22, 2016 - 23 47 (11 47 pm) UT +0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
With the bulk of this energy (the Tisiphone/Ceres part of it) funneling through 27 Aries, there are questions here of ‘who has done what - - and why did they do it?’ which may lead to discussions or debates about ‘worthiness’ and what is ‘worth’ the effort (or cost) which may tend to dissipate unity. Then again, this is also the kind of energetic ‘nodule’ we might see representing a unifying of disparate groups or ‘pipelines,’ ultimately serving to provide cohesion, strength and breadth of resource to that (or those) who will not have sufficient strength to succeed on its (or their) own.

With the Moon at 2 Leo and Vesta at 0 Leo, the ‘price’ of what is needed (or) that we want to accomplish is likely to be daunting. And curiously, though the easiest (and therefore ‘best seeming’) solution for getting past such ‘prices’ would be support from ‘one’s own,’ problems are most likely to arise where we favor or ‘draw from’ those we are close to rather than going abroad or seeking new input, whatever that term ‘input’ may mean. Wherever we see Vesta, we know our promises and ‘promised aims’ (or the truth of our being) is going to get tested, which suggests a least a few moments where we are either tempted to go with what we ‘like best’ or that which we are more accustomed to (or accustomed to thinking of as ‘good’), which with Vesta at 0 Leo may well refer to ‘impressions’ or ‘first impressions’ we are trying to give,  ‘stand on’ or stand for.

But then we get to the fact this is a t-square, which complicates everything by promising that anything we do purely for our Self (or our nearest and dearest) is unlikely to work, or perhaps even be workable. Symbols at the apex of a t-square speak to aims which are too narrow, as above all else t-squares seem to require that we consider larger perspectives and our place in a larger effort, consideration or evolution - - which fits well with the idea of Sun in Scorpio, if only because objects in Scorpio always test our insecurities through causing us to come up against that which challenges … or even that which feels threatening, whether it is in fact dangerous or whether our reaction is simply our ego going into some sort of panic attack mode (which by definition, being ego, is entirely about us and not at all about ‘them’).

With the ‘goal’ being expressed here by Sun in Scorpio with Typhon, Rhadamanthus and Mercury just behind in the latter degrees of Libra, we can draw some metaphysical inference that this could be a ‘stumbling point’ when we may end up slipping ‘back’ into something we have left behind (probably rather recently), which with Mercury at 26 Libra (i.e., behind the Sun) also suggesting that we will ‘get ahead’ through putting (Mercury) discussions and/or debates about what is (Typhon) vitally important and (Rhadamanthus) fair  … or that we will be able to move ahead once we are able to put such internals behind us.

That said, Sun square Moon in fixed signs is traditionally something of a headache, with an astonishing tendency on our part to be standing in our own way simply because we can’t get past something which is well and truly ‘stuck’ in our head. It may be something about our Self, it may be something we believe we could do, or which ‘should be’ (or) should be done. Whatever that may be, Sun square Moon generally refers to something we need to learn about and learn to do in a more ‘balanced’ manner - - which with asteroid Lumiere on station and do to go direct on the 23rd (at 2 Pisces) may now expose critical information or needs. 

October 24 
By the time Mercury reaches Scorpio at 20:47 (8:47 in the evening, UT/+0 time) on October 24th, the Sun is still close by (at 1 Scorpio) and though the Moon has moved on, Vesta is still in place, a situation which ‘extends’ situations, processes and opportunities to ‘move’ things along - - with thoughts, choices, plans and communications (the Mercury part of things) taking on more emotional intensity (and power, and potential) as Mercury exits air sign Libra and enters the fixed water (i.e., fire and ice) world of Scorpio where stakes are …  or where they at least tend to feel far more personal and consequential, whether they are or not when the emotional dust clears and finally settles. Moreover, with Byblis (in retrograde) leaving Taurus and entering the ‘I/Me’ sign of Aries as Mercury skates on into Scorpio, that’s a pretty sure indication of someone or something underscoring something about some preference, want or desire which doesn’t exactly match up with that which is responsible, proper - - and perhaps most of all, that which will benefit everyone, instead of one certain or particular person. 

Mercury in Scorpio (glyph chart)
October 24, 2016 - 20:47 (8:47 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Mercury in Scorpio (text chart)
October 24, 2016 - 20:47 (8:47 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Apart from the Moon, the t-square described on the 22nd stays active through this time - - though in saying that, there is a big difference between the this-or-that Sun-square-Moon vibe versus no this-versus-that Sun-square-Moon energy. So though issues continue - - or at least our ‘mental mood’ and overall sense of self-determination is likely to continue, for whatever reasons things are feeling less ‘stuck’ at this point.

Not that such a thing defines the whole of our parameters, nor our opportunities, providing we are willing to think beyond our own perspective. Scorpio functions best when everyone involved ‘wins,’ which requires understanding what is motivating others. And this is where many of us go wrong in Scorpionic situations, as the fixed emotional nature of Scorpio perfectly describes the natural tendency every single one of us is going to have now to think we know what others want … when we probably don’t.

That’s the thing about Scorpio: it grants the ability for insight, but requires more of that insight than what comes naturally, or what will serve only our personal purposes.

So I repeat: everybody needs to ‘win’ where Scorpio is concerned, and no one gets to define how anyone else defines ‘winning.’ (Or the rewards they would like to earn when they reach their chosen goals.)

It’s to think about. And with Mercury due to be in Scorpio until November 12th (UT/+0), no doubt we’ll have just the right amount of time in which to do that thinking. After all, on the metaphysical level, unbeknownst to us, the universe is unfolding as it should. 

And no, that doesn’t mean you’re going to revel at every turn. But it does guarantee every turn has something to teach we could revel in learning, if we are so inclined. 

October 25 
With Mars still within orb of Pluto as it moves on through Capricorn and Mercury’s arrival in Scorpio (a sign Mars and Pluto rule) prompting some decisions and some ‘re-thinks,’ asteroid   Amor goes retrograde at 25 Gemini as fellow asteroid Sisyphus enters Sagittarius, a pair of signals which are likely to signal some temporary increase in the likelihood that values will be ignored, pushed aside or rejected, with the presence of asteroid Amor adding in an indication of how the people and relationships involved are likely to be platonic and therefore more of the ‘friend or associate’ type than not.

Representing the image “Frost Covered trees against a Winter sky’
(the Sabian symbol for 25 Gemini), a photo entitled 'Wintertime in Barvaria'
by Bernard Reuschenberg (December 2004)
Beyond that, Amor going retrograde in 25 Gemini is an indication of that which is intrinsic or ‘basic’ to our nature or any given situation. Does that mean we will be examining ‘the basics’ of some relationship or project to see if we want to remain involved? Does the idea that Amor, as one of a class of objects which cycle ‘inward’ from the asteroid belt towards (and just past) Mars indicate this as a moment when something or someone ‘gets to us’ in some way, causing us to reconsider (and perhaps ‘transform’ a few of) our values, priorities? 

October 27 
This being the date when Mars exits orb of conjunction to Pluto, not that many of us will actively notice it, but levels of focus and intensity are likely to fall off some from this point forward, with the fact that October 27th is also the opening of Charybdis’ station adding an interesting counterpoint in that Charybdis is more about the idea of ‘continuing to try, lest we get sucked in’ (or into) some sort of ongoing ‘swirl’ of activity or emotionalism. 

October 28 
That asteroid Child will be going direct at 7 Pisces implies how matters may have gotten ‘spun off’ or received (or) understood by others who, in some way, are considered ‘junior’ to us.

Sometimes an indicator of age (youth) or behavior typified as either childlike or immature, Child going direct on October 28th tells us how (7 Pisces) while choices to face and/or clarify things are hardly convenient or comfortable at the moment, they are necessary if we want to be effective and/or productive. Unlike ‘the power of positivity,’ metaphysics and astrology teaches that the dark and light of life are part of a whole we cannot possibly master and feel safe with, about or as part of without exploring, accepting and learning how to work with that which we don’t like (and which may even be painful for a time) as whether we like it or not, life’s beauty - - and our capacity to appreciate and experience life to an ever greater degree is enriched by tough moments and loss, as both tend to teach us both the importance of happiness in the moment and the need to work towards that we cannot be guaranteed will ever come to pass. 

October 29 
Which Charybdis following Child into direct motion (at 13 Pisces), there’s a lot of ‘stirring up’ of Piscean waters even before we consider Charybdis as a ‘whirlpool,’ which in Pisces speaks to swirling emotions and the kind of feelings or emotional movements which could ‘suck us in,’ which would ‘drown’ us (or our plans) … which, considering 13 Pisces’ reputation as a degree fully capable of ‘bending’ opinions, impressions and our sense of internal orientation may indicate a moment (and series of days) when we are either working to persuade others or working to keep our Self ‘on track,’ particularly as that pertains to how we are feeling on the Pisces level - - which is to say, how we are feeling about how well things are (or are not) working out.

And that would seem a perfect overall comment on things in light of the idea that this Child + Charybdis moment is occurring a day prior to the second New Moon of the October calendar month. 

October 30 
One of the interesting things about ‘blue moon’ months (i.e., any month which includes two New Moons) is how having a blue moon month, which by definition begins and ends with a New Moon tends to ‘feel’ a bit like things are ‘accelerating,’ - - though granted, with the second New Moon cited here being one in Scorpio may change that somewhat. After all, when we’re talking about Scorpio we are talking about a sign which prompts emotions, emotionalism and passions - - and yet which teaches us to not be ‘overly’ passionate and to not go ‘overboard’ with regards to our passions, lest we end up empty-handed or on the ‘losing end’ of some stick.

Beyond that, with the New Moon at 7 Scorpio due to occur at 17:39 (5:39 p.m., UT/+0 time), we are also entering into a period (the whole of this lunar month) which in many ways ‘checks in’ to see what kinds of changes we have or haven’t made since the eclipse at 9 Virgo back on September 1st.

Starting with the idea that Moon in Scorpio is always representative of situations or feelings which are somewhat guarded or less ‘in line’ with expectations and desires, the degree 7 Scorpio adds to all by specifically representing incongruities of nature - - say, where actions don’t fit the words, or where ideas, choices and attitudes notable for nobility and respect rub up against that which is undeveloped and perhaps crude, or simply ruthless in its assertiveness, whatever the aim there may actually be. Associated with ‘masks’ and the act of ‘masking’ or hiding, 7 Scorpio is sometimes thought of as deceptive, sometimes thought of as an ‘ill fit’ or lacking in capacity and often displays only one ‘side’ of any given situation or attribute, causing miscalculations of motivation and missed opportunities due to those misjudgments.

New Moon at 7 Scorpio (glyph chart)
October 30, 2016 - 17:39 (5:39 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
New Moon at 7 Scorpio (text chart)
October 30, 2016 - 17:39 (5:39 p.m.) UT/+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)

As for this particular 7 Scorpio New Moon, when it comes together at 17:39 (5:39 p.m., UT/+0 time), it will hardly be doing so in solitary. For one, the Sun and Moon at 7 Scorpio are in square to Vesta, which at this moment is itself conjunct Plutino AZ84 in early Leo indicating issues concerning 'the cost,' be that emotional, financial, in terms of time, loyalty, energy or anything else.

With that said though, having Vesta in conjunction with any Pluto does suggest things may be being 'exaggerated.' Or that we are exaggerating them in our own mind, regardless of what anyone (or anything) else is saying to the contrary.

But that’s not all. Positioned as they are at 7 Scorpio, the Sun and Moon are also conjunct Mercury at 9 Scorpio, inserting ideas and bringing out concerns which center around feelings and the whole concept of ‘deprivation’ with a particular emphasis on how deprivation (physical, mental, emotional, situational, financial, etc.) affects children and thus (in time) the whole of world society.

That said, it also bears mentioning how any time we find Mercury (or any planet or object, to be honest) within five degrees of the Sun we can expect a loss of perspective - - which with communicator Mercury as indicator of our thinking being the planet currently in position to be ‘burned’ by the Sun (that’s the astrological term) … how that may well indicate some ‘shooting off of mouths’ worthy of a riflery award. With Hebe nearby at 5 Pisces, help or the lack of help or support from others is likely to be in the mix not just here, but throughout the coming lunar month.

And that suggests a period when why and who helps whom (and why they help or don’t help) is going to underlie and affect much else - - which if we think back to September’s 9 Virgo eclipse and all the bad behavior and ugly things we saw during its 2-month pre-eclipse ‘breaking down resistance’ period is a particularly pithy note as the second lunar month after a solar eclipse seems to inevitably host some ‘backwash’ or ‘backlash’ effects, in particular with regards to things which should have attended to during the time of the eclipse but which we didn’t get to – or maybe simply didn’t care to change or otherwise act on.

Think of it as getting caught with your hand in the cosmic cookie jar and you just about have it. Eclipse effects are inexorable - - or very nearly so, and we should not want to avoid that which an eclipse (or plural eclipses) focus on in terms of change, as there is a substantial stack of astrological lore and teachings which say that we will not work on will come to afflict us. This never works in a ‘direct line’ and repercussions are seldom ‘instant.’ But those who resist the message of their North Node and the work of eclipses (which in being a function of the lunar nodes always ‘touches’ on nodal issues in our life) … those people are prone to manifesting illnesses and physical problems associated with the house in which their natal nodes (both North and South) are placed, and that’s not a set of consequences anyone likes meeting up with.

The last note on the Scorpio list is Terpsichore being conjunct this New Moon from 8 Scorpio, a position which both suggests great capacity and strength (particularly of the mental type) and an equally notable penchant for frustration or impatience with others which speaks to how (Terpsichore) easily Scorpio’s connective energies can turn to judgment or an assumption (or insistence) that others work and function as we do.

Yet with all of the above (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Hebe and Terpsichore of things) in a trine to Neptune in Pisces at this New Moon, we may either be finding ‘no peace’ right now … or we may be fooling ourselves about what problems really are and what (or who) we can count on, with any of this being at least in part a ‘test’ of whether we are willing to determine how WE feel about things in spite of (and apart from) everybody else. Plus, when we consider this trine as actually being the New Moon (et al) in a forward trine to Neptune conjunct South Node, Child and Euphrosyne, the month ahead is likely to see many a dissolution and either the ‘dissolving,’ negating, ignoring, denying or ‘playing games’ of (or with) already existent ties and responsibilities.

None of this is likely to be ‘joyous’ in nature, even though some ramifications and repercussions of that which happens now are likely to turn out to be very helpful in an overall ‘personal development’ sense, particularly as time goes along beyond this lunar month - - a month which, as mentioned, is likely to have us ‘checking in’ on issues brought up prior to, and as September’s eclipse moved through. 

October 31 
As the last celestial act of this seriously busy month, asteroid Dionysus will enter Scorpio on the 31st, bringing about a shift of emphasis from relationships to ‘causes’ and all which creates, causes or prompts feelings of respect, particularly as that applies to the advancing of our ability or capacity to live a better or more secure and bountiful life.

Bacchus (the Roman form of Dionysus) by Michelangelo
(photo in public domain)
As for all the many stations this month, October is one of the peak months for asteroid stations this year, which if we think about it abstractly speaks of this October as a time when the many factors and details encountered serves to help us become more informed as to the value and worth of many things, not the least of which is our ability to learn where we are getting in the way of our own most dearly held desires. Having already taken a peak at November, (call it the astrologer’s privilege) by mid-month the utter deluge of stations will have slowed. And though that may sound more peaceful, when we think of metaphysics (and particularly, astrology) as a series of notices and ‘timers’ which tell us when we will have the opportunity to change, improve and grow our lives, ‘quiet’ on the mundane transit front (which is to say, the kind of transits we discuss here) isn’t always as peaceful as it seems as all it takes is a slowing down of events for us all to realize how much more there is to do, be and accomplish.

So saying, we come to the end of another post. People have asked why I write astrology at such length here at the blog, to which my standard answer is that astroPPMs was born out of a desire to offer more complete information on a monthly (or even daily) basis -- and yes, I wanted to see if I could do it, too (which I also suspect is the reason a lot of blogs exist).

But once got over sorting all that through, I continued writing astroPPM on a free-of-charge basis both for the fun of interacting with people and so those who don’t have money, or who have fallen on hard times without resources or much of a support system could have access to professional grade astrological information with the option of paying what they could pay.

Good astrology is not cheap, after all - - and it's definitely one of those arenas where there is no substitute for training and maybe most of all, experience. In time, the Age of Aquarius will like as not give rise to a functionally integrated society which is more or less operationally 'classless' regarding of income. And somewhere along that way, astrology will like as not become normalized, everyday tool (which I will here and now helpfully pre-nominate as the ultimate in 'everything old is new again.').

Not that we're in any hurry, I suppose - - astrological ages are 2,160 years long and we've just started this one, which accounts for much of today's conflicts as history suggests every astrological age starts with a couple of centuries of hoo-hah and hassle.

As for all the economic, financial and 'transactional' (human, digital and otherwise) issues wandering around out there, all of that is to be expected in an Age named for Aquarius, the sign of income, the sign of electronics and techonology, the sign of systems, society, 'the human network' and the great but important question which pits uniqueness against universality while avowing the equal importance of both on a universal basis. In the Aquarian Age, we need to be who we are as individuals -- surrendering our identity and merely surrendering (or choosing) to being 'wallpaper' or a 'faceless member of the mass' will not work. Aquarius -- and thus Aquarian success on an individual as well as a social and societal level requires universality. It requires systemic access, involvement, opportunity plus individual effort and functionality in order to maintain peace -- and as that which fosters and supports advances of all types.

Starting into this Age, the instinct will be to exclude that which 'does not work' or which 'does not fit' some 'status quo standard' instead of recognizing the design of the standard as faulty. That will change -- but such changes will take time, and knowing human beings, bring about a good deal of angst, argument and strife along the way.

People are always saying they want change. Unfortunately, what they do not want is to be in the position of having to change, even if you can't have one without the other.

Such are the dichotomies and puzzles which are going to test our philosophic nature going forward. And when we add those 'Aquarius' puzzles and dynamics to those associated with the change of the ages, it's hardly any surprise that around the world all sorts of societies are being tested with regards to functionality here at the beginning of the Aquarian Age -- part of which has to do with income (an important Aquarian notion).

Considering all that, there are not only going to be many in need now and a larger than "usual" distance between the 'haves' and 'have nots' now, but that distance is going to be and become a generator of conflict -- and Aquarius is a sign which has no issues with conflict, which is a point worth remembering as with the Aquarian need for individuality (shown in part by Aries being on the 3rd house of the Age) separation or a lack of integration will cause conflict simply because it runs counter to the 'workable' (profitable, positive) spirit of the Age.

All and all, it is to be understood there will be difficulties at this junction in time. And that means many who need help the most are inevitably (and unfortunately) going to be those who can least afford it -- which has long been my motivation for writing astroPPM. Many years ago, astrology taught me the rudiments of the human life cycle after an upbringing which, apart from 'book learning' I apparently survived without learning much about life other than the idea that by and large, animals are more trustworthy (and kinder) than people.

Yet as lonely as such a childhood taught me to be (children will indeed become anything you teach them to be), I can say I am glad I learned early on how willing people are to grant their Self permission not to care about anything but their own wants -- and how very much I didn't want to be that kind of person.

And truth to tell, that opinion hasn't changed. But then I think that's one of the things studying the cycle of the Ages teaches you -- or, to be more specific, what it teaches us as we stand here at the opening of that modern if historical Age known as the Aquarian Age. This incoming Age is going to require us to (Saturn) do the work (most of all on our Self) in order to earn the respect, opportunities and acceptance any of us naturally desires, whatever individual (or individualistic) shape that desire takes -- with all being in service of that universal and (Aquarian) egalitarian key to universal individual opportunity which (Uranus) frees the individual to achieve that which rewards both the individual and accumulated, integrated society.

As regards the Aquarian Age, I don't think we owe anyone everything, mind you. But I do believe we owe it to our Self to be a decent human in our own right. Reflective of Pisces having moved to the 2nd house from the 1st where it was during the Age of Pisces, our fears may be pointed or directed towards others, but beneath that is an inner insecurity which can never be assuaged or banished through any amount of distance, intimacy, control of or banishment of others.

The problem isn't 'them' -- it's something within us, specific to some thing we don't want to know, see or feel about our Self, or the lies we most want to believe are true... all of which is a curious notion as we charge forward into an age which is already showing its full-throated focus on our individual qualities, our aims and that 'brand' we define, create, offer or are known for -- which whether successful or not defines our individuality.

At least how others see it. (And us.) 

What this leads to is an inevitable Aquarian bollix where instead of fixing problems, we try to excise or 'cut them out' in order to be rid of them -- as if problems (or people) are simply pieces of bruised fruit to be tossed away.

That won't work. It can't work in an Age which requires universality and functional inclusiveness, whether we like it or not. Projection and exclusion, as we will see over time, will lie at the heart of many an ill and defeat going forward. These conditions will continue throughout the Aquarian Age, and because Aquarian projection is typified by the negative side of its polarity sign (a rule which works for every sign), if the Age is Aquarius, the projection is that Leo 'shadow,' which in its most delightfully negative form tends to manifest as being short-sighted, selfishness, ego, prone to drama, sulking, unwillingness to listen, out-and-out denials and the kind of generally controlling behavior which trips us up to the extent that we develop some emotional habit of taking things more personally than we should (or) where we feel emotionally 'entitled' to prioritize our feelings over those of others.

(And lest anyone get insulted, please be assured: every sign comes with a similarly jolly list of equally unpleasant negatives.)

For all of us here on Earth, the global trick going forward will be to remain involved in spite of the fact we may not have to, whether for positive (or) negative reasons. Why? Because Aquarius requires systemic connection on a par with our individuality, and whether either side of this equation fails, things don't work, effectiveness and efficiency are impeded and nobody is very happy about much of anything.

This one 'equation' will no doubt prove to be a challenge to many a person (and society) for many a century to come. Then again, the first ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, soul of responsibility and durability, with Uranian (as 'outcome' ruler) 'results' being only as good as our willingness to deal with the 'whole' of any thing (or situation) or to adopt that which is a truly universal perspective. Without that (Saturn) responsibility and dedication to universal (or) systemic stability, Uranus becomes a disruptive energy or that which merely disrupts or otherwise 'blows up' some status quo -- to basically no gain. 

And yes, it's likely all 'sides' of every discussion are likely to be rife with a bit of the best and worst of all things for the foreseeable while. 

As for abilities, with Libra on the 'connective' 9th house of the Age (which puts Aries on the polarity 3rd house of mentality, communication, planning and choice), talents are 'about' the (Aries) Self (the mind), but given to us so we are able to (Libra) connect with others through who and what we are with the aim being to create an (Aquarian) unique and  'enriching' life expressive of our individuality (whatever that may be) whether we become materially rich or not through embracing something more important than personal ego.

Those ideas were stronger in the Age of Pisces just passed - - and which many, if not still most of the people now alive were initially born into.

And I'm one of them. (If you were born prior to ... oh, around 1980, you are too!) And if the transition from Age to Age isn't exactly smooth, living through it isn't going to be smooth for anyone -- though some are inevitably going to be in better position to weather choppy waters than others. 

All this comes back to my having written astroPPM because I can. I have the ability to do it, and I know the worth of the information to those willing to put mundane preconceptions aside in a search for, and consideration of wider perspectives. And though by popular standards I may not be a 'success,' I am not made to define success by the size of my house, what my spouse looks like, the number of children, 'likes,' cars, pets or friends I have ... or the size of a bank account (as many will and do), frankly because after growing up book smart but fairly inept in other important human ways, that human and emotionally satisfying part seems more important to me.

So I don't have much by way of material things. Because of what I went through early on I am not married and have neither children, family nor any real connection with the society to which I was born. I live in a small single room apartment, I type on an old (and slightly bowed) folding table, and at this point my desk chair is pretty much held together with duct tape (long live duct tape papier mache!) and my life is by necessity simple as I am simply limited by circumstance to the essentials. 

But considering what I have had to get through to be here, and though I am not thrilled by the lack of options (personal and professional) which go with being outside society's supportive 'mainstream' -- even if I still have old issues to deal with, at this point I'm not sure I really care.

I consider myself something of a personal success.

Why? Because I made it this far. Because I have not projected the violence done to me onto others. Because I have tried to do good with the tools I had the luck to develop despite all.

And because as a metaphysician I know the status I see around me is going to change.

Physics and metaphysics teach the same thing: what we put out comes back to us. And Aquarius is the sign of science. So considering that, what any one of us puts out ... or has put out ... all that is, and is going to come back to us -- which isn't a pretty picture, considering recent history and the rise of global inequality, inequity and violence.

I have spent these last years writing astroPPM not because I love spending my days writing astrological essays ... and though I am sorry to disappoint those who want to think I am some kind of metaphysical martyr, I'm not. Writing astroPPM has simply been my effort -- a 'systemic' contribution and attempt to do something decent, which beyond what I've already said is also my response to having met up with Divinity a couple of times along my way.

Divinity is a very convincing thing. So since I'm still breathing, I take it there is a purpose for me being here, a job for me to do -- and how that job is not done yet.

But that 'job' evidently isn't this blog. If it had been, the blog and the life of the person attached would be more successful and functional by now in Earthly and mortal terms. So that it isn't, and that the work here is not of the type to win the hearts of readers and generate active and responsive support has caused me to concluded that continuing astroPPM into the long term is not a positive choice. 

Not that I'm all that surprised that this would be happening. The cosmic clock is about to strike my personal number, and that means its time to make a change. 
What 'clock' am I referring to? Just this one: next February's solar eclipse, which occurs on February 26, 2017 (at 8 Pisces), will be in conjunction with my natal Sun. 

Now I'm sure I've said this before, but I'll fly through it again in the name of thoroughness: any solar eclipse which hits your Sun, Moon or any of the axis points of the chart (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC) with any degree of exactness ... and in particular if that transit to your chart is being done through a hard aspect (read: within standard orb of conjunction, opposition or square) that will indicate some form of need to let go of whatever (person, place or thing) which no longer works - - or which may have never worked.

It's a time when we either get to take the initiative to make needed changes ... or when we will face having change inexorably thrust upon us in whatever singularly unsubtle manner gets dished out by a solar eclipse.

Personally, I've already learned this one: the last time this eclipse cycle came through was when I became disabled. And once I recognized the cycle (ironically, I had just started studying eclipses - - too bad I didn't know more about them sooner!) ... once I knew what the timing was, I was able to look back and see how this one cycle connects an entire series of seemingly disconnected events.

That's why I ended up learning so much of the eclipse lore I have worked to share, at the heart of which is this: the astronomical 'recipe' for a solar eclipse includes three things - - the Sun, Moon and the lunar nodes. If any of these objects are astrologically afflicted (badly positioned or aspected) in your natal chart, every time we have an eclipse, that point (and the life attached - namely, yours) gets 'rung' like a metaphysical bell, stirring up challenges you have with regards to whatever point(s) have been aspected.

I'm a perfect example of this: both my Sun and my natal lunar nodes are afflicted, and the Moon (the other part of the eclipse 'recipe') rules the South Node while trining my Sun. So when an eclipse hits any one of the three (Sun, Moon or Nodes), half my chart gets 'rung' like an exceptionally noisy cosmic bell.

And yes, this multi-prong concept is how eclipses work and why they are such "potent" as transits to our chart. In tying together multiple vital points (the Sun, our Moon, and our 'ability to relate' lunar nodes) and triggering them all at once, eclipses affect our (Sun) consciousness, our (Moon) feelings and instincts and (Nodes) our relationships or ability to relate

That means that when a solar eclipse hits your chart, even if your natal chart is particularly angelic, things can get inordinately stressful. (And there are no perfect charts, so relax. That is definitely one area where we don't need to compete!)

But to the point - if an eclipse does aspect your chart, first things come undone (at least our regard for them changes, which can be the most difficult part of any eclipse). Then we need to reconstruct or adapt, which in the case of a solar eclipse hitting a natal Sun means learning to see or live life differently, whether in a how-we-view-things 'consciousness' way or in the more real-world-living-it-every-day tangible way, however that works in our life.

That process will take a full three years to work through and begin to absorb. That's just how a solar eclipse works.

In my world, every time this solar eclipse/Sun cycle has come around, whatever has been not 'functionally supportive' in my life has gotten extracted, snuffed out or otherwise 'eclipsed' through a process including major upheaval. 

So let's just say burned hands have taught me well. Therefore, as noble an effort as astroPPM is, scheduled posts will end here as of April 2017. Private client work will change a bit but remain ongoing (if in astrological need, contact me here -- through the blog -- or through Facebook), and should I decide to write any books on astrology I will return and post notices here.

But as for regular posts to astroPPM, scheduled posts will end with April 2017 monthly article.

Like I said, I'm no martyr. Furthermore, I have learned this eclipse lesson the (very) hard way and have no inclination to repeat it. That said though, I'm also no shirker. As of next May astroPPM will have been around for seven years, which is a quarter Saturn cycle and a good and respectable effort. So if it hasn't found a proper audience and from that, spread, caught on and increased the functionality both on the side of reader and writer, it's not 'functional' in the Aquarian Age sense.

And thus the posts will end, the information will stay posted (for reference) and we will just all move on.

And yes, maybe something will change as the eclipse moves through. You just never know -- eclipses are bigger than any of us. Despite that, I want to say now so it won't come as any surprise. Hopefully you know by the work itself that I care and hope what is written here is of some assistance. I hope it supports your efforts to understand and think things through, and that some part of these astrological and metaphysical explorations prove to be at least as meaningful in darker moments as when all is sunny and light.

After all, that's what assistance is supposed to be about, right?
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