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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

News Notes: Egypt’s Unrest

A statue of King Khafra, the man who caused the second pyramid at Giza to be built.
 (photo credit: D. Denisen, May 2012 - statue housed at the Cairo Museum)

In the middle of all else which was part of today (don’t ask) the fact that Egypt is again an uproar penetrated my water-trined brain.

My first thought: it’s an emotional time. Everyone is feeling provoked, challenged or abandoned on some level. Why not Egypt?

Sulky of me, I know. But it has been a heck of a tough start for a lot of us, this grand trine in water signs. And I'm on that list. (A Sun at 4 Pisces will do that for starters, and let's just say I have five other planets in water.)
So about Egypt...countries aren’t people, but like everything else, they exist as a manifestation of time. So if Egypt has any primal position in any early degree of some water sign, it would be reasonable (if not rational) for Egypt to be all in a froth.

I pulled out Egypt’s chart.

 Arab Republic of Egypt
June 18, 1953 - 12 noon EET (-2) - Cario, Egypt (Aries Wheel)

Yes, there it was. Down at the bottom of the Aries wheel: Mars.

To be more specific – Mars at 2 Cancer. And not only that, but because Egypt’s Mars is in Cancer, that means it’s ruled by the Moon.

The astrological glyph for Mars 

And that Moon? That Moon-of-Egypt (which sounds rather historical) is conjunct nothing less than Black Moon Lilith. So…seeing as Black Moon Lilith embodies all which gets denied, this Arab Republic of Egypt is a nation – and its population (Cancer and the Moon in any national chart is indicative of ‘the people’) which is a.) sensitive to being denied…and b.) prone to being denied, giving them every reason to be so sensitive.

So when did the unrest start to bubble up? I went online to look. There are many things which are questionable online, but by and large, dates of news being made isn’t one of them.

And this is what I found: On June 17, 2013 President Morsi appointed a person ‘suspected’ (ahem) of being connected to a massacre in Luxor which among other things, killed over fifty tourists.

(That’s inexcusably beyond the definition of any Vacation from Hell.)

Then, on June 23rd, violence – apparently driven by differences between Islamist sects – broke out.

After that we get to June 26th, the date when Jupiter moved into Cancer, ‘setting off’ the upwelling of true water sign emotionality. On June 26th, President Morsi delivered a very long speech to the whole of Egypt which was apparently not exactly what everyone wanted to hear. That turned into more killings on June 28th which brought people out into the streets of Cairo as of June 30th. There were pro-Morsi people and anti-Morsi people, most of them outrageously and totally hopping mad.

The astrological glyph for Jupiter
What’s interesting astrologically is how Jupiter moving from Gemini in Cancer manifested in a shift from the religious to the political. The opposition sign to Gemini is Sagittarius – the ruler of (among other things) religion, religious dogma, religious fundamentalism and the ‘letter of the law’ when it comes to things like scripture. Against this, the opposition sign to Cancer is Capricorn: the government and rule of law – replete with punishment.

But the unrest didn’t start with Jupiter’s shift into Cancer. It started back on June 17th, which got my attention seeing as the ‘birthday’ for the Arab Republic of Egypt is June 18th – which means that trouble erupted in the wee hours before Egypt (as a nation) got its new(est) solar return.

So what’s in that solar return?

Arab Republic of Egypt
Solar Return 2013 - June 18, 2013 - 1-04 pm EEDT (-3) - Cairo, Egypt (Aries Wheel)
I won’t say ‘goodie’ because this isn’t good. But that emblem of Black Moon Lilith at 0 Cancer – remembering that the natal Mars for Egypt is at 2 Cancer – that’s not a happy placement.

 The astrological glyph for Black Moon Lilith

Mars isn’t known for being particularly ‘patient’ in Cancer. As a symbol of assertion, Mars isn’t a celestial ‘happy camper’ in a sign all about nestling down with the kin. Mars is about doing – and Mars in Cancer will wait only so long. Then all that pent up energy bursts forth.

So that’s what we’re seeing. We’re seeing the people feeling ignored – Black Moon Lilith conjunct the position of natal Mars – all being set off by Jupiter heading into Cancer.

Will this end any time soon? Well, the degree of Egypt’s natal mars is 2 Cancer 50. Jupiter will reach that point on Sunday/Monday, July 7-8.

But then there’s Mars. Currently moving into the last ten degrees of Gemini, Mars will reach the position Jupiter was at when all this started (28 Gemini, the degree of fixed star Betelgeuse) on July 10/11.

That Betelgeuse factor, by the by, suggests that President Morsi was doing a very Betelgeuse thing, and Betelgeuse symbolizes that which we think will make things easy or which are just the easiest thing to do. 

(And yes, sometimes the easy thing to do is to do nothing, which also works.)

After Mars reaches 28 Gemini it will then move on and into Cancer, evoking all that Mars-in-Cancer fervency. And then Mars reaches it’s own moment of national return, an event which happens on July 17th, which just happens to be the date when Uranus goes retrograde.

Uranus equals breakthroughs or discoveries or freedom or anarchy or explosiveness.

There are two t-squares in Egypt’s Solar Return which speak to what’s going to come out of all of this.

The first has Pluto/Facies at the ‘t’ with (essentially) a year-long opposition of Moon and Uranus. 

Remembering that the Moon of any national chart indicates it’s people…and throwing in that it will also represent the national coffers, income and ‘resources’ (which with Egypt includes a lot of entirely irreplaceable art and architecture) this doesn’t look wonderful. With TNO Typhon exactly conjunct Egypt’s national Eris discord is the name of the game and the issue is how those in power are ‘playing the game’ for their own benefit without paying attention to who else may have skin in the game.

The second t-square (the one with Juno/Vaticana and Sualocin at the ‘t’) is another statement on this issue as Juno-Vaticana is a quintessential statement about a ‘power base’ which, in combination with Sualocin speaks to ‘temptations which are never fulfilled.’

The ‘root’ of this t-square – Huya, Medea and the North Node are indicative of a people fully invested in lessons already learned which make them willing to take on whatever risk must be incurred in getting what they believe in – which in this case would appear to be some sort of restraint of government and attention to the whole of the nation, just not part of it.

Menkar, Photographica, Niobe and the South Node on the ‘goal’ side of this t-square would seem to be about one side wanting to control the message (and what images get out) and the other side wanting to expose what they think of as great wrongs. 

I’m thinking this isn’t going to be Egypt’s calmest month...or year.


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