by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dateblog: July 2013

July is a very blue month, isn’t it? The month starts with Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in our most basic of emotional signs, and by mid-month Mars joins the parade.

With Venus in Leo, we know we have high hopes…but with Mercury in retrograde going into July, will we achieve what we’re aiming at?

The big clue here is Saturn’s turn to direct motion on July 8th (which may still be July 7th if you life in the Americas or the eastern Pacific basin). And less than two weeks later – on July 17th, Uranus goes retrograde.

Saturn against Uranus…what does that mean? Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries is an inconjunct, denoting change. If we work hard and are willing to ‘go’ for those changes, that’s an application of Saturn’s “earning” power – and surely by and by our efforts will pay off.

But if we try to evade or escape our responsibilities – or if we try to cut corners or such – then we’re ‘owning’ the Uranus side of this, which in time will lead to closed doors and disappointments.

Being inventive and keeping on track is the important thing through most of July. But don’t think life isn’t going to toss out temptations and excitations – it will! As of July 13th, a transiting grand trine in water will stir up emotions somehow. So…will this be a positive or negative for you? Will it represent those important motivating factors in your life – or factors getting in your way?

Being composed entirely of generational and transpersonal planets, the effects of this Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter blend (represented above in light green) indicates all which will stir within and without throughout the balance of July and on into August. The first week of this need to do something being colored by Mercury in retrograde poses questions. But then, as Mercury goes direct, the Sun enters Leo and Venus enters Virgo, it’s time to get to work!

Not that we should expect it all to be easy. Mars in Cancer is notorious for challenging us. On one hand, Mars in Cancer is that urge to do whatever you’re doing better – which of course sometimes makes us not want to do the thing at all! But on a whole other track, Mars in Cancer also alludes to the need to know what is ‘habit’ and what is really correct for you going forward. Things which you realize aren’t apropos now may be difficult to ‘give up’ even if you know you should…call it nostalgia, call it guilt, call is simply being comfortable with a status quo…sometimes even if something isn’t working for us we do it anyway: the devil is in the change, even if heaven lies beyond!

That July’s Full Moon occurs just as the Sun enters Leo highlights with the Perseid Meteor shower sparkling our skies through to the end of the July represents something of a ‘siren song’ which will draw many to new efforts and fresh adventures despite their fears or reluctance.

And that’s good too. With Uranus having gone retrograde on the 17th, we are imbued with the need to change or be changed – there’s just no betwixt, no between.

To those who join and bring their finest attributes go the helping hands of others. And may the rest of us learn from their example so that we can all end up helping each other along!


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    1. Hi Jim!

      Thanks for the compliment on the blog - I would have responded to your post yesterday but Mercury retrograde evidently has Google (Blogger) in its mitts - call it frustrating!

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