by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lachesis, Kalypso, Eurydike: The Measure, the Motivation, the Cost

Orpheus and Eurydike
by Christian Gottlieb Kratzenstein (1806) 

The tale of Orpheus and Eurydike is as old as love itself. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy gets in trouble, girl volunteers to give her all for him…

(No, not that! We’re talking about her life - these were more innocent if dastardly times!)

….and he doesn’t quite manage to save her.

(Yeah, well…)

Anywho, so if you’re in Eurydike mode, you’d better be sure that the guy you’re sacrificing everything for is darn well worth it…and that you’re really and truly-o prepared to pay the ultimate price for that undying love of yours which is going to cause you to die.

Taking this out of the strictly romantic mode and sending it through the metaphysical looking-glass, Eurydike the asteroid stands for a sacrifice we make or a cost we pay…and how we had best be aware of said cost and the reality of our sacrifice when we sign on the proverbial dotted line.

And why is this important? This would be important because March 13th would be a date when Eurydike is playing celestial footsie with Scheat, the fixed star which stands for rejection of one’s ideas.

That would be REJECTION, full stop, full scale, full in your face. Rejection. 

And no, it doesn’t even matter if you’re right. Galileo had Jupiter (knowledge) conjunct Scheat and look what happened to him! He DARED say that the Earth orbits around the Sun (not the Sun around the Earth) and for this utter heresy ended up living his life out scorned by his society and under well-guarded house arrest.

So Eurydike/Scheat? That sounds like a really truly bad time of the ‘you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ sort of kind.

And if that’s not enough to get your muser musing, let’s remember that this takes place in the latest of late degrees of Pisces. That means whatever happens now is not anything you control and that beyond the actuality of the moment or event, there are your feelings about it all to be contended with!

Not to ring any ill-sounding doorbells on unwanted reminders or anything, but this would also be the date when at 1:02 in the afternoon (UT/+0) Kalypso goes retrograde at 21 Scorpio – as if we needed any other indications that emotional situations might be half-past funky?

Scorpio being representative of emotions which arise out of interactive situations or choices already made, this too happens at a 3rd decanate degree…meaning the thing you wanted to control which is out of your control is causing you to feel really ugly about not being in control – which in this case means someone else will seem to be getting their way without your getting sufficient warm fuzzies to make you feel even vaguely good about it.

It all sounds like enough to make anyone feel less than tip top, right?

And yet…this doesn’t have to be all bad. Okay…since Lachesis (duration) is also at the moment toodling through Aquarius and conjunct Kassandra (disbelief) it may feel like nothing will ever, ever be good ever, ever again!

 'Les Parques' (the Greek Fates): Klotho (beginnings),
Lachesis (duration) and Atropos (endings)
painting by Alfred Agache (c. 1885)


On the other hand, you could just come to this moment with your newly minted Aries Uranian energy in your back pocket (or wherever you keep such things) and be totally willing to do what it takes (Eurydike) and take however long it takes (Lachesis) to do that thing nobody thought you would ever really actually do (Kalypso) and no matter what they said (Kassandra) prove them ALL wrong and win out at that thing you really totally know in your heart is not just possible, but entirely the right thing for you, yourself and you to get done in your life (Uranus in Aries)!

Yet with all this said, it’s still all about how you deal with the moment. Eurydike is not only conjunct Scheat but also Black Moon Lilith. So if you're on the rejected end of the stick ask yourself - what about society (or 'my group') are you failing to take into account (otherwise known as 'in denial of')? Nemesis is in opposition here, so if you're trying to call someone out on what they're trying to ignore, it's natural they would reject your notion. And yes, this would be a time when if someone comes and admits to you that yes, yes, were actually right... you're going to find it harder than hard to resist a big fat I TOLD YOU SO!

(insert: sound of voice echoing through the hallway of the ages...)

And not only is Lachesis hanging out with Kassandra at the moment (it's actually not a bad pairing but I don't expect anyone to believe me on that!) but this little ol' meeting of Greek Fate (Lachesis) and Greek prophetess (Kassandra, aka Cassandra) is happening in the presence of Pallas - the front end of Pallas Athena, aka un-impassioned, totally collected Wisdom.

With Neptune at 29 Aquarius, how many of us do you think are going to be totally out of the passion market and totally collected at the moment?
(I don't think so...!)

So sometimes what we should do is really, really hard to do. Then again, sometimes knowing what we should do (rather Pallas, that 'knowing' thing)...sometimes just bearing something in mind and doing what we can to hold to the straight and narrow is all it takes.
Okay, so maybe perfection this is not. But effort counts! Even the legal system considers one's intent!

And then there's Kalypso. Oh, what a story is that! She loves and loves and then has to give up Odysseus because he loves his wife and kids at home.

 Calypso (aka Kalypso) - a detail from an 18th century painting

At the moment of this moment Kalypso is sitting in complete and utter opposition to Sedna. And Sedna is conjunct Industria (industriousness) and Sabine (held captive as a slave).

Hmmm...sounds like work (or responsibilities) may be holding some of us captive. For others, they'll play the Sedna card as being spoiled, wanting what they want because they want it...and never mind what the standards of others are!

Yes, well...some of us are good at balancing our needs with those of others. Some of us...? Not so much!

This all seems to come down to a series of questions. Will you be distracted and defeated? Will you get to doing what you need to because should? Will you humor yourself because nothing matters except your own desires?

Will you hold yourself to doing those things which contribute to who you have always known and felt you should be?

Are you prepared to make sacrifices - or do you think you can get away with something, anything, everything?

(Note: this blog will not self-destruct
in 30 seconds. Not even 60 seconds.
Maybe not even 60 years...!)


  1. For a mans natal chart... Eurydike conjunct Moon in Aries 11th? What does this signify?

    1. It's hard to say exactly what any given configuration means with definition without knowing the cusp of the house and where the ruler of that cusp and Mars (should the cusp not be Aries) are located and their condition, etcetera, etcetera. But with that said, the 11th is a house all about how well we fare (or the difficulties we run into) in trying to find our place(s) in the world - where we fit in such that we are accepted and rewarded (in any of a number of ways) for being who we are in that situation or setting, which is why the 11th, in opposition to the 5th house of personal development and creativity speaks to what becomes of what we make of ourselves.

      The Moon on the other hand, means many things - among them being females, which is generally what folks think of first. But particularly in the 11th (the house of income) we would expect it to be an indicator of that income as the Moon is itself often used symbolically as 'business money' and 'support' in general (whether from others or from the 'bank' of memories and experiences we build up)...whatever that means to you in life.

      To this we add Eurydike, the 'cost' or 'price' for what we choose...which with all of this in Aries describes someone will need to know what they're doing and what it takes to get something done as part of their general life process/accomplishing - and someone who will, in some way, represent that to others. Again...without doing a full chart reading I can't be more exact, but if you continue playing and 'conjugating' the ideas above, you'll probably find a few things which ring true.

      The question, of course is what to do...and there, especially with Eurydike, the answer it so know and to accept what you're "buying into." Will you like it 100% of the time? No. But that's part of your process to - learning to cope with that which is not delightful, but which must be dealt with well anyway.

      Does that help?

  2. UM DOES THIS HELP? Yes just a pinch! YESSS! lol it does help greatly. Thanks much. To mention I left a question in the Medusa mythic astrology article, as you mentioned the ruler of the cusp of the 11th, which the cusp of the 11th is Aries, its ruler Mars is in the 6th. Sag is the cusp of the 6th. Jupiter is in the 4th libra, conjunct Sat Libra. But I asked a question about Mars Sag, as its connected to Galactic Center, and Medusa.

    You mentioned readings? Do you offer this? I'm new to the site, and cant seem to extract enough info from message boards etc... thanks again though.