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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seeking our Bali

 A Martinique coconut palm...ah, paradise!

Oh, how we all so want life to be good! However we define that term, we wish life would just be what we want it to be.

That image is our Bali.

Yesterday’s blog was all about Mercury entering Aries – an ingress which happens on March 9 at 5:48pm (UT/+0). But since Bali will be going into retrograde on March 11th at 12:56pm (UT/+0) that means Bali enters its station ‘window’ just before Mercury enters Aries.

So first a ‘Bali essence’ begins to enfold us. Then Mercury enters Aries, focusing our thought on who we are, what we can be, what our life is in this moment, what we have, what we lack, what we think, what we want to do…

You can see how this might go together, right?

Where Bali is going retrograde is also worth some ponder time. The degree is 17 – which means the two days prior to Bali’s going retrograde and the two following will be filled with whiffs and wafting emotionalism.

And what sign is Bali going retrograde (at 17 degrees) in? Scorpio.


 Arizona bark scorpion photographed under black light
photo credit: Bryce Alexander (2008)

Well…that surely puts a bit of a spin on the whole thing, doesn’t it? Scorpio is an interactive sign. And ‘interactions’ can be with other people…or institutions, companies, situations, groups – you name it, if its you and something you are involved in or are thinking about getting involved in or are unavoidably connected to, Scorpio is the water/emotional sign which governs how the ‘stuff’ which happens in and as a result of that connection affects you.

Oh sure…we all like to think that Scorpio is what’s being done to us. And yes, there are a very few situations where things are definitely and truly beyond our control. But 90% of Scorpio doings are because we choose to be involved. We choose to invest in such-and-such a stock. We choose to take that job. We choose to have sex with…uh…you know – them. 

We chose. We choose to get involved and out of that involvement (which would be Scorpio Part One) comes the emotional results (Scorpio Part Two).

Objects in direct motion indicate situations in life which are thrust upon us, creating the described dynamic. The first two days here (March 9-11) Bali is still in direct motion.

Then it goes retrograde. Bali retrograde at its best is our ability to be happy with and within ourselves. It’s the ability to not need others or to become someone we actually are happy with, at some very essential, everyday-basis.

Obviously this is an optimal. Bali as a concept is one of those ethereal ideas – paradise – which are not ever really a lasting factor in human life. We have happy moments. Blissful days and periods of time. But let’s face it – eventually the trash has to go out.

Particularly the emotional trash!

As Bali goes retrograde, it’s also within celestial hoo-ha distance (e.g., mere minutes of longitude) of Huya.

Remember Huya? Huya is the rainmaker…by taking something we have learned the hard way and turning it into a positive for others, we make their lives better and more fertile (rain as life-giving water) and thus we are fed.

We love Huya people. We respect Huya people. John Lennon…Oprah Winfrey…Abraham Lincoln…Martin Luther King, Jr….these are people who took things which hurt them or hurts thrust upon them or those they loved and turned that into a gift given to others. And in return, they are loved for what they have done.

That’s Huya.

The “dotted line” between the Bali and Huya concepts is not hard to see – the difference being that one is something you want for yourself (Bali) and the other is something you realize others need to have a right to experience (Huya).

Tanah Lot (Bali) sunset
photo credit: Kris Martin (2007)

With Mercury entering Aries, this would be the time to think about it. Those who refuse to will probably have situations arise which make them wonder why their life isn’t happier (the ‘anti-Bali’ effect) or why what they so want continues to be denied them (the ‘anti-Huya’ life situation).

Maybe it’s because they think only about themselves (Mercury/thought …in Aries/Self, ego)?

And maybe this is the time when they should think more in terms of how to be someone who does something so that good things happen to them?

Just in case this sounds too altruistic for cupcakes, one more little note on the astrological bulletin board…namely, that come the 11th, Nemesis (already in retrograde), moves out of Libra back into Virgo. This is about the input of challenge coming not from other people in specific moments, but from more all-encompassing situational functionalities.

Considering all which is going on around the world, it would not be surprising to hear of systems becoming problematic and both health care and civil service personnel (including militaries) are in focus.

The theme of Nemesis – the warning, the willingness to stand up and say no, this is not okay even when it’s not a popular thing to do is likely to pop up in any number of ways.

'A Glimpse of Paradise'
by Marie Ballan 

And one more thing here. We are in a period of flux. Those in areas of the world where trouble is evident are feeling it, but even if everything around your block, your town, your city seems normal enough – something is going on. Things are shifting, changing, feeling unpredictable. Uranus at 29 Pisces represents this instability; it’s a time for all of us to be feeling more and learning from our feelings…learning what is worth something and what is simply vanity.

The changes are not over yet. In celestial terms, they’re under way, but not nearly yet done.

That just means we have more to learn and more to realize about life and about ourselves; by our willingness to learn our lives will be empowered or not, crippled or not, enhanced or not, stripped down or not.

Clinging to the status quo is not going to be allowed until that status quo has itself changed. So let go. Learn to rely on yourself instead of some external standard and like as not you will come out – in time – with Huya/Bali in spirit, if not in life or hand.

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