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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Dateblog

Creation of the World XII
by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis

March is a ‘Uranian’ month. It starts with Uranus at 29 degrees of Pisces and will see Uranus move into, and commit to a transit of Aries which will last until 2018/2019 when it moves on into Aries, sign of ‘I Am.’

But March isn’t only a Uranian month – it’s also a month when the Lunar Nodes change signs. The Nodes being a sign of society and social movements, this shift from Capricorn/Cancer into Sagittarius/Gemini marks moving out of ‘what the world is and who we are as people (or as ‘a people’)’ into ‘Does this work? What needs to be changed so that we can move on and have a better life!’ Sagittarius/Gemini mode.

Frankly, if you thought things were rowdy up until now…just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet! But on the positive side, the world is more ripe than ever to give us each latitude to make something of ourselves – provided we are willing to put in the time and effort to plan carefully and weather the inevitable trials, errors, setbacks and corrections which need to be made.

March 1 – 4: The month starts out in an uncertain mode. Panic doesn’t help – nor does throwing up your hands and simply caving because you don’t want to hear any more!

To those who are willing to say ‘talk to me’ and not just listen but hear once people start talking go the advantages. At best this is the continuing elevation of an elementary movement towards all of us learning how interactions are based on understanding what is valued and valuable on all sides.

Impositions are not the way to go now, but we can all expect a couple of people to attempt to assume they have the right to spell out dictates. A simple ‘no’ should do, but may not. Still, with the Nodes changing signs now, moderation in all things is still the best route to ultimate success. Test, learn, revamp and try again – don't think you know...learn!

Being able and willing to ride out bumps in the road and changing situations is your ticket to changing adversity into adventure. Just don't insist on having what you want, as times are simply changing. Remember, after the fight comes the reality - what are you really fighting for,  an ideal or a necessity?

March 5 – 7: Defeats of the moment seem hurtful, but can actually show up flaws in a plan or where your idea needs a bit of polishing before it comes out right. People are very (very!) emotional right now, so consider the mood - and the source. You may need to just wait a bit…or to voice yourself in different words, terms or tones.

These days may show up vulnerabilities, but do not define weaknesses. The question is whether you have faith in what you believe in on a realistic level…as in who you are and what you are willing to do in order to make things work across the board.

March 8 – 10: Confusion and considerations which become part of off-the-cuff comments end up sounding wrong. Maybe a judgment is intended…maybe not. And it may be really important to know which is which. Then again, it may pay to concentrate on acting with considered consideration on and for your own part so you can get where you need to go, regardless of what others are doing!

Appealing to where people ‘really live’ can get them to rethink things. Try to avoid making it ‘all about you’ though, as that’s more than likely to get a response which pretty much amounts to someone saying ‘you think it’s all about you? It isn’t – it’s all about ME and what I want (like, believe in)!’

This is a highly nebulous period, so don't plan on knowing exactly What Is and Will Be. Being aware is sensible - living on a dream, nonsensical!

In the end, things aren’t likely to be about any one person as much as the situation everybody or anybody is in...try thinking in those terms and you may come to some very useful realizations!

March 10 – 14: As people begin asserting themselves now and Uranus changes signs, look for sudden shifts in dynamics. This may play in your benefit or against it…all you can do is stay on your toes and be aware.

If and where you are tempted to act and speak out, do so only within the parameters of your own position. These days favor those who know the difference between the ‘me/my’ position and the projection on ‘them.’ Both may be viable, but only if you are aware of how each ‘type’ of image or opinion works in any given situation.

This being a period during which Uranus enters Aries and a lot of other celestial things are taking stations, it's a magnetic, potent period when the most important thing is to not confuse the desire for what it takes to fulfill one's hopes. Focusing and prioritizing necessities and your own basic path forward is essential now; those who ignore standards of functionality which allow you to function not merely in your own world but in THE world will like as not suffer setbacks, if not situations which require a change of course.

March 15 – 19: External situations and promptings provoke a lot of emotional statements – and maybe even a few hasty actions. This may amount to people simply shooting their mouth off at one person when they’re really upset with someone else…or it may be the start of an all-out, wholesale war of words. Even more than words.

Where cooler heads can maintain perspective and comprehend what the emotions and hurts are which are driving situations, things can be relatively easily broken apart and sorted out. This being obviously the best way to go, it is advised that the question ‘what is this REALLY about?’ be kept in mind.

Those who act on the side of cool and reason may in time earn great credit for current actions. The test here for them however, is how to be firm without being harsh. Wimpy won’t work now, but neither will being high-handed. Be reasonable. Appeal to higher standards and be prepared to be – as one might say – patient as the Sphinx.

March 20 – 22: With the Sun moving now into Aries and conjuncting Uranus there is a great deal of energy bent on changing the status quo. How that is done is the question.

Haste will make waste, but in some cases is just what’s going to happen. Breakthroughs and discoveries are likely now with  difficulties arising most often where truths have been “denied” and/or people have lived in denial.

March 23 – 26: Where lack of satisfaction leads to ill feelings a better question is what can I do to help myself? There is an aura of expectation likely during these days which may not play out – at least not yet.

Where plans are being made, assessing what kind of time, resources and energy it’s going to take to get things done (go from Point A to Point B) is a highly vital step in any process. The worst thing now would be to proceed based on shoddy estimations – don’t undermine your own efforts!

March 27 – 31: As things begin to shift, realizations of limitations dawn. At the same time, apart from a few irritating ‘See? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!’ moments, there is a dawning of greater understanding and willingness to share not just the problems but also the responsibilities.

Mercury’s turn into retrograde in late Aries here tells us that there is a  three wee (plus) ‘working through the process’ period ahead. Yes, you can stand there and chafe about it…or you can recognize that things still need to be worked on before they can happen and turn to what needs looking at or cleaning up in the meantime!

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