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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lilith in Aries: Our Societal Shadow Comes to Us

At 10:03 (UT/+0) on March 23, 2001, Black Moon Lilith – the calculated form of Lilith – enters the sign of Aries.
What is this ‘Black Moon’? Literally, which is to say astronomically, it is the point at which the Moon’s orbit around Earth comes closest to Earth. That point changes…it moves slowly through the zodiac like all other orbital factors.

Probably the easiest way to think of this is in terms of a the big wheel/little wheel designs which kids come up with when they use a Hasbro Spirograph…

Anyway…Lilith is a character I’ve written about before. If you’d like to read a longer version of this chat, here’s a link to THE TWO LILITHS – the original post on this subject. However to simplify, Lilith is not the heinous villainess most people seem to think she is…if you dig into the history of this figure, Lilith’s great crime apparently was refusing to surrender her worth and become a second class citizen, the woman who would be ‘obedient’ to Adam’s will.

So Lilith takes a hike (no doubt having a few words with whatever was listening to the effect of I’ll show him!) and ends up marrying an Angel of a guy who has no interest in making her into his subordinate.

And what about Adam? That part of the story we’ve pretty much all heard: with the ‘original’ intended mate (Lilith) having refused Adam, God (Creation) takes a rib bone from Adam’s body and of it makes Eve. And Eve, being created of his flesh accepts that she is part of Adam.

So did Lilith refuse God or did Lilith refuse Adam’s demand that she treat him like a god? Some argue one way, some argue the other.

All such stories are interesting now that the calculated version of Lilith enters Aries. It does so, of course, after having just finished its transit of Pisces, ending that course with a high point in rejection-meets-denial as it came into conjunction with fixed star Scheat, a symbol of ideas discounted and the wrath which falls on the heads of those who dare think some thought which is unpopular with The Powers Which Be…whoever they are in any given instance.

Being that calculated Lilith (as opposed to main belt asteroid Lilith) is a function of the Moon, the issue raised are not about some us-versus-us facing life factor.

Or in the case of Lilith, denying some part of life or having some part of (or the worth of some part of) our life denied. That’s the most operative meaning of asteroid Lilith which is apt, considering the tale behind the name which has Adam refusing Lilith’s request to be his wife but also his equal.

(And having men been sighing over this story ever since?)

But since calculated Lilith is calculated – being a matter of the Moon’s ever-cycling orbit, this is not about us.

The Moon’s functionality in its many various forms all concern how life ‘affects’ us. So if the Lunar Nodes – the points at which the Moon’s orbit around Earth intersect the path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun – if that represents society and our intersection with society, then calculated Lilith speaks to the point when that comes closest to us.

Except…it’s got all that ‘Lilith’ flavor of denial.

This functions as what we deny about society or what our society denies about us. The ‘inequality’ implied in the original tale is included here, with the ‘us’ side of the equation having our value denied by society and society not being valued by us.

Bringing this all to the sign of Aries, the effect is personal in the sense that this ‘shadow side’ of our society is hitting home.

One hopes not literally, of course…but given current events, the idea of this as a date when something highly unpleasant could happen in our world cannot be logically ruled out.

With Mercury at 20 Aries and Eris at 21 Aries (with the perfecting of their conjunction at 21 Aries happening within 24 hours of this ingress) the best things we can do – any of us – is own up to what we have been ignoring or failing to acknowledge. Religious or not, it seems part of the general human DNA to acknowledge that all life is precious, so if this becomes a day when people stop thinking so much about what they want, what they believe, what will happen to them…maybe we’ll all benefit.

Certainly the combination of Lilith and Mercury/Eris suggests that though it will take some mighty effort (and more than a dash of cleverness), this is actually a very good time to offer something new which can affect the social consciousness.

A photograph of M87
photo credit: Caltech

Looking across the zodiac, Black Hole M87 in early Libra continues to promise that there are other ways to go if we are willing to be inexorably altered by the recognition that while we are absolutely the center of our ‘universe of experience’ we are not the center, the nexus, the alpha and omega do-all, be-all, end-all of life. OR existence.

Against this there is the concept that Aries is a highly personal sign – where Libra is a public and worldly sign. Lilith’s move into Aries is therefore things being ‘brought home’ to us, probably in some new and undeniably realistic way. Even if what we encounter now is the urge to deny or escape what’s going on, that’s just another form of the very same thing.

And no, that would not be advised.

Lilith last entered Aries on May 17, 2002. Conflict was in progress in the Middle East (between Israelis and Palestinians) and between India and Pakistan. A great financial debacle simply referred to in the US as “Enron” was being taken on by the Justice Department. On May 16 (Lilith/Scheat) the UN Security Council establishes an arms embargo and freezes the assets of Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Then on the 17th, Mount Nyirangongo (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) erupts, chasing some 400,000 people out of their homes.

The volcanoes of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Nyiragongo
(right) and Nyamuragira, both pictured as constructions based
on NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and Landsat
photo credit: NASA/JPL-NIMA (Feb 2000 - Dec 2001)

Societal denials – the ethics of society, the needs of people, the rights of individuals (pro and con) typified this date – and yes, I’m giving it a two day allowance, but you get the point.

Lilith will be in Aries for most of the rest of 2011. We have two mid-year eclipses coming up, Neptune is at 29 Aquarius and let’s not forget, Uranus just entered Aries as well.

For data collectors: Lilith’s next Aries ingress will occur on January 26, 2020.

Understanding…and even more importantly, admitting our failings is our best way through current doings. With Moon moving past an opposition to Sedna at the time of the ingress, there is an implied sense of ‘cut off’s now.

Mars (in Pisces) slowly but surely moving out of its opposition to Juno (in Virgo) suggests we are all having to deal with what we can and can’t expect of others…

…which really points to what we need to recognize is the reality we have to contend with.

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