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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Orpheus, Venus, Neptune: Inspired to Dedication


 The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
by Caspar David Friedrich (1818)

If you look up Venus/Neptune connections in most astrology reference books you’ll get comments on romance and love, idealism and beauty.

In this time of debate, rebellion, desperate needs and tragedy, if we accept that the unfurling of time is as it should be (a central metaphysical precept) what can such inspiring images mean?

There are many meanings to Venus’ conjunction with Neptune on this date and just remembering that this connection is happening at the critical degree of 29 Aquarius says a lot. Aquarius is not only the sign of society but society’s infrastructure. And that means not just the groups and the corporations, but the ‘systems’ human, technological, mechanical, ethical, intelligent, economic/financial (income), energy-oriented or of any other ilk which go into structuring, maintaining, supporting or…as may seem all too apt now…which dissipate, destroy or negate the societal structure.

Venus’ ability to time out ‘things coming to be real’ or ‘concreted’ when in Aquarius and paired with Neptune as a timer and symbol of extremes of idealism, despair, denial, toxicity and dissolution of that which has outlived its functions here suggests that some things – even ideas and efforts invested in heavily and/or fervently defended may now dissipate, end, simply melt away.

And for those who like looking ahead, it would pay to take this moment as fair warning of much yet to come once Neptune enters Pisces.

Given that asteroid Hel is at 28 Aquarius and about to enter 29 Aquarius within 24 hours, what with Sisyphus having gone into retrograde, this is something of a self-confronting quandary: are we prepared to deal with what we have wrought either purposefully or through thinking it was none of our business or not our problem?

Winterliche Vollmondlandschaft by Louis Douzette (1869)

With Orpheus entering Taurus at 11:23am (UT/+0) there is also a matter of well intentioned talents. Heroic effects are likely, but are they truly competent? Are we likely to repeat mistakes of the past by simply trusting someone else will ‘take care of it’? With Athena still poised at 0 Taurus (creating a conjunction with Orpheus) the real real knowledge or real wisdom of the moment is likely to be dispassionate and to the taste of many, not all that comforting.

There are likely to be several coagulated outcomes of these influences. Some will simply be looking for reassurance. Another group will just be looking to escape the problems of the day – and maybe reality as a whole.

Another group of people will be in a real ‘let’s get this done’ sort of mood, with a fourth group willing to face realities and consider alternate modes of operation in order to avoid future problems.

All of this is being brought into focus by a retrograde Saturn (in Libra) which at the moment merely in opposition with Jupiter will bring that direct-retrograde conjugation into full focus two days from now - just as Mercury goes on station to go retrograde.

Saturn retrograde in Libra indicates a necessity to reflect honesty and to find a way to be more honest and honestly productive for the self through how you interact with others. But with Jupiter coming into opposition? Sure as shootin', this is going to be a period of struggle where the recognition that everything would 'in the end' be better if we could be more honest (moral, ethical, thorough, qualified, etc.) but there's this temptation, this question about 'what will it take'?

And yes, there is always the always popular 'what's in it for me?' If we really focus on the quality, on the 'right' way on thoroughness and holding ourselves to some line we'd like to think is merely theoretical but which we know (in our heart of hearts) is actually will that affect us in the long run?’

Given that Saturn/Jupiter connections tend to have a social or societal overtone, don’t be surprised if situations and choices have repercussions both short term and long. Thinking matters through without haste yet with thoroughness is critical now, as is taking into account how what you think best will affect others.

And there is the wee problem that the days before Mercury goes retrograde tend to feel pressure-ful.

Bottom line, watch your step. And what you say. And what you choose, one way or the other. This is one of those moments which is a definite step in a greater process. So deal with the present - properly. And plan for tomorrow - carefully. Today the subject is facts. Leave the ramifications and ‘costs’ for tomorrow’s conversation.

With Orpheus in this mix - particularly moving into Taurus, there will be a temptation to play the part and be tripped up by one's feelings. It pays to remember that in the tale of Orpheus, everything was going fine...he was going to get his fair maiden back from the dead...

...And then he couldn't resist looking back.

Don't look back. Do what you know to do best and complete your task before you look for any reward.

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