by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Venus enters Pisces

 Csaba Markus' "Triumph of Venus" (2006)

Venus’ entrance into Pisces usually heralds a time of effusive feeling and often, grace…at least of spirit.
Considering everything going on in our world, we will have to trust to the latter…but maybe that’s the point.

After all, Pisces isn’t just about having the dream, its about everything which prompts us to dream. And sometimes that’s the very hardest of moments, the dream being our vision of what we wish was instead true or our vow to do better should we ever be given the chance.

There is of course, a whole other side of Pisces – the sign’s more practical or pragmatic side, if overwhelming emotion can said to be pragmatic. With Venus so very much the symbol of making things happen or ‘attracting the right circumstances,’ we can look to this ingress as setting the stage for things to start falling into place.

With Pisces being the sign of ‘where things end up’ it represents where we end up, what we have when we get there…and all our regrets, too. Those things you think about or dream of but never even try out in real life? Pisces. That wonderful thing lost? Pisces. That life isn’t what you hoped it would be? Pisces.

Then again, Pisces can be the very hallmark of peace. It’s the sign of the artistic imagination.

Pisces is that thing which never works which we can’t figure out and that thing which is so absurdly easy we don’t even appreciate it.

During the next three and a half weeks while Venus transits Pisces, we may find that right moment to try something out – and realize its not as hard as we thought to get a positive response.

Is it magic? Well…yes and no. It’s not magic of the abracadabra kind, no. But it is magical the way people seem to be more receptive to us…and how we feel like we can actually reach out and connect to them and feel like we’re being not just heard, but understood.

And what’s that about? The astro-technical term for this situation is ‘exaltation’…as in, Venus is exalted in Pisces. What that means in ‘regular speak’ is that Venusian traits – the ability to value self and others and get it all together in the same place at the same time….that’s enhanced.

Now…! With all that duly celebrated, there is a wee widdle fact that once Mercury goes retrograde late on March 30th (UT/+0) that Venusian grace becomes a little more…confined. Think intimacy…or quieter moments. Venus in Pisces plus Mercury retrograde is a good time for planning or working out the kinks in something you’ve already been working on. It’s creative…if a little confusing and often a little bit wasteful – so mind those pennies and (considering we’re talking Mercury retrograde) be careful what you commit to.

However (oh, you knew there would be a ‘however,’ didn’t you?) there are a couple of glitches which go at least with the Venus/Pisces ingress. What they are in your world, I couldn’t know from here (I definitely need to get me a new crystal ball!) …but with asteroid Hel at 1, Ceres at 2 and Chiron at 3 Pisces there is a definite aura of difficulties and/or painful disappointments (Hel) with are either part of or which lead to a need for nurturance (Ceres) which requires taking on something you aren’t familiar with (Chiron).

And maybe which you don’t really want to become familiar with (Chiron/Hel). Or that you really need help with (Hel/Ceres)…or that will require learning how to do without any instruction (Ceres/Chiron).

Interestingly, Mercury is at 23 Aries as Venus enters Pisces. Mercury will go retrograde at 24 Aries and have moved back to 23 Aries by the time Venus moves through the whole of Pisces’ first decanate.

That’s a pattern.

 Planetary positions from when Venus enters Pisces on March 27
with Mercury at 23 Aries through Mercury's station point and back
to Mercury retrograding through 23 Aries again as Venus completes
its transit of the first decanate of Pisces (all positions calculated
for noon UT/+0)

And what that pattern means is that during these days either things will come to fruition (or to a head) and be vitally important….or they’ll get delayed, put on hold, or for one reason or another – postponed. Mind you, this could be voluntary on your part…you may decide you think you want to do a little more about this or that before committing to finality or some particular course or choice. Or you could be waiting on someone else. Or some process could just be in the works which takes a bit of time. 

Then again….considering Venus is in Pisces here, there is a whole tra-la (back chatter) about the emotions of the moment.


That sounds at the very least like a little anxiety or some degree of irritation or the like. And if you’re someone whose chart includes 23 Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer as a prominent position, this is either a very good, very bad, very insulting, very insecure-making or very gratifying moment depending on what you’ve been doing. Doing since when?

Well, that’s an interesting question. It’s either about something which happened either during February-March 2010, or it’s about something which you’re working towards which will come about during November 2011.

All and all, it’s a rather mystical moment.

General theory suggests that for many of us, Venus in Pisces is a good time for sprucing up your ‘behind the scenes world.’ It’s a transit which supports enjoyment of the arts and simple pleasures with friends, loved ones and even just with nature. Under Venus in Pisces we all feel a little bit closer to the greater commonalty of the world…and in that, we come to feel a little bit closer to ourselves.

However – that’s general and this is 2011.

Venus enters Pisces at 6:54am (UT/+0) on March 27th and will remain in Pisces until early on March 21st. During this time Neptune will move into Pisces – and as outcome ruler of Pisces raise the emotional stakes. Expectations will soar and like as not, not be entirely true…if at all true. Events will provoke us and evoke all sorts of reactions we might never have dreamed of before.

That Neptune moves into Pisces just as Venus hits Pisces’ 2nd and most emotional decanate (degrees 10 through 19) gives us the image of deep waters (deep emotions) being stirred, up-thrust and exposed to us in a whole new way.

Bottom line...we’re in for an evocative time - so don’t be shocked, be human!

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