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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eos enters Taurus: Instinctual Conservation

- a pencil drawing -
by Stanislaw Wyspiranski

Most of March 15th will pass by with Eos at 29 Aries. Then, at 10:12 in the evening, Eos moves on into Taurus.

What does all this mean?

Eos isn’t a point we talk about very much, though I did write one blog focusing on many of the Eos particulars (LINK). Basically, Eos symbolizes an instinct born of our emotions which ‘arises’ or ‘runs ahead of’ the light of truth – or enlightenment, depending on how you want to think of, or see it.

Orbiting with a maximal distance (aphelion) from the Sun of 3.322 au (3.3 times the mean distance from Earth to Sun) and minimum distance (perihelion) of 2.701, Eos is not merely a main belt asteroid, but one which orbits pretty much in the middle of the pack.

Like all asteroids, Eos represents something we meet up with while we’re on our way from the point when we decide to do or learn something to the point where we really know how to get it done or how to ‘operate’ in that venue in the greater sense. This is the metaphorical ‘trip’ from Mars (initiation) to Jupiter (knowing) – and yes, the asteroid belt orbits in the gap between said two planets.

Considering how our life so reflects the greater solar system (and universe) around us, I guess that’s why we say ‘oh, I’ve got that under my belt’!

Funny how often our expressions mirror the astronomy of astrology, isn’t it?

Getting back to Eos, the asteroid has an orbital cycle of 5.23 years. Given that it has a pretty regular orbit, that gives us a quarter cycle of 1.3 years and a ‘half-life’ (in orbital terms) of roughly 2.6 years.

So how often do you run into something which tests your ability to balance in that place where instinct drives us to run and yet what we’re really running from is what we don’t know but which, once we learn it is really the reality of the situation?

While Eos moves through 29 Aries, some of us will feel a bit pressured. Even panicked. That may be for some ‘real reason,’ or it may be simply because your instinct has dredged up some association…a bad memory, a habit of avoidance – something like that.

(Unfortunately, such things are entirely individual. Yes it would be nice to be able to  discuss ten million unique charts in a single blog, but nobody’s figured out how to do that yet!)

But once Eos enters Taurus…that’s a whole other thing. That’s a total global kind of dynamic. Taurus starts at the self worth/value of personal abilities. It’s that ‘who I basically am and what’s good and not so swift about me’ sort of stuff.

Where we take that, how we develop that, how we deal with the challenges of worth versus self worth (money does not guarantee happiness!) and all such…that leads us to where Taurus ends…as sign and symbolic home of security and satisfaction.

Wherever Taurus falls in your chart, that’s a principle area (department of life) which needs development of abilities in so that ultimately that will provide you with a feeling of peace in security and general satisfaction.

The 2nd house of your natal chart – because it’s “natively” Taurus no matter what sign is on the cusp? That’s another place to look. Those qualities need development too.

Any planet or symbol either in or ruling the sign on the 2nd house - or in Taurus – represents both the tools and potential stumbling blocks on your way to personal satisfaction. Particularly with planets in the 2nd house (regardless of sign) there does seem to be a tendency to get distracted. You know, the old ‘oooooo, shiny!’ which turns all of us either into kids or crows, depending on how you think!


Anyway…Eos moves through Taurus every five years or so. It’s part of how life forces us to get busy, considering how otherwise we tend to get comfy and not challenge ourselves any more than we can get away with.

During the time Eos is in Taurus, we can either expand on our abilities or we can be tested by circumstances which force us to expand on current abilities. The choice is ours, but considering that the latter is all about maintaining a status quo and the former is about making ‘more and better’…?

Okay, so the choice is yours. We each get to make a choice and deal with the results of that choice.

Given how Chaldea is about to enter Capricorn (on March 16 at 59 minutes past midnight UT/+0), most of us go into this entrance pretty much in natural gear. The doers and experimenters are out there noodling and the more traditional ‘I like things as they are’ folks are doing what they always do.

No big thing, right?

Maybe yes, maybe no! Seeing that at 27 minutes past midnight (just before Chaldea strikes Capricorn o’clock) Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 11 Aries…that would seem to me a moment of either ‘OMG!’ news, a sudden realization or some turn of events.

Mercury/Jupiter in conjunction is definitely mental. In Aries, it’s very ‘first person.’ And by nature, it’s either just ‘gigundo’ or ‘overblown’…that part depends.

But that this happens in opposition to Saturn retrograde? That’s really all about things we should have taken into account or which we are going to be made to take into account.

And that, my friends, suggests that Eos moving into Taurus is a very real and substantial signal of important things which are a’changing. They may not happen to you, but things which flow from events unfolding now and in the days to come (which hold their own exciting, bewildering playbooks, trust me!) ….the ancillaries will influence and affect us one and all.

Neptune is at 29 degrees: we shouldn’t expect this to be a cut-and-dried simplistic time. We can hope for the best, but unless we are willing to put our personal priorities aside, will that come to be our reality?

And if we don’t – what does that say about us?

Wait…you’re going to hear sounds of that on the news. Maybe even in your home. This is a really vital month, and looking ahead, April doesn’t promise to be must more settled.

So stay tuned! And more to the point, be aware. Think before you react, consider the ramifications of what you say before you open mouth and set yourself up to have foot inserted therein.

This isn’t about being self conscious…this is about a dawning of conscious in our life.

About ourselves.

There’s a big difference between those ideas...and in that difference lies the insight which can lead to being not just the 'better person' but a happier and more contented person living in a world which offers the opportunity to have a far, far better life.

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