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Friday, March 11, 2011

Uranus, Hidalgo, Nemesis: Parameters and Prerogatives

 The Wheel of Fortune
by Edward Burne-Jones (1863)

As this blog posts on March 11, Bali is on station and going retrograde. Our vision of what things should be (Bali as paradise) is under review. And yet, we probably believe in it all more strongly – as we often do when such idyllic concepts are believed in. Reality can disappoint us – the dream, the image, the fantasy of what things could (or should?) be never does.

Remember Alfred Hitchcock, the movie director? He knew this on an intrinsic level. It’s part of what makes his movies so tense, so artistic, so eerily suggestive. Our minds are far, far more capable of scaring or enchanting us than reality will ever be. So while we gain something irreplaceable when we go on vacation to somewhere beautiful or have experience some wonderful event, the place or the moment is what it is. The real elation comes from our emotional reaction…the how we ‘spin’ things in our emotional mind.

That’s Bali.

But as this ‘emotional exalting’ mechanism is at its ‘station balancing point,’ Uranus is pressing forward to the very last, nth degree of Pisces…wringing the last drop of emotionality out of the old cycle, the old way, the old life before exploding into the new Aries world which is as full of potential as it may be full of helplessness. Or innocence. Or courage.

Aries is the sign of the infant. Infants do what they do because they have no pre-conception of good or bad.

And this is the energy the Uranus clock is striking, tapping, accessing and liberating as it hits 0 (degrees) Aries 0 (minutes) at 53 minutes after midnight on March 12, 2011 (UT/+0).

But before that ‘breakthrough’ moment arrives – before the door opens on the colorful land of Oz, first comes the tornado which rips us out of a world which as Dorothy’s Kansas was in the famous story – wasn’t working for her.

I once dated a guy from Kansas. We met at work – at a magazine publishing company, to be exact. Upon learning where he was from, I glibly made the obligatory Wizard of Oz joke: oh! I thought Kansas was all black and white. 

We were both in our 20’s, so he evidently wasn’t as yet dead-tired of such, so I merely got a dignified sniff and somewhat lofty correction: actually…it’s mostly sepia tones. 

Years later I drove through Kansas – much of which is beautiful. And he’s right – a lot of it is sepia toned.

So your life may be dull. Or as people in the Middle East and elsewhere have been making so very plain, it may simply not be tolerable any more.

Even if you’re completely comfortable with and in your world, this is going to be a time when things don’t feel entirely ‘solid’ or secure. They may be fine…or they may be about to melt in your hands like ice in a tin bucket sitting on black asphalt on a hot summer day.

You don’t know yet…and you aren’t going to know yet for a while; though the Uranus clock with strike zero Aries o’clock within the next twenty-four hours, Neptune is sitting at the intensely societal, social and systemic degree of 29 Aquarius. Neptune moved into 29 Aquarius back on March 5th and will not slip-slide its big blue self into Pisces until April 4th. And until that happens, many a proverbial ball will be in the air. Or you may think that all is well – that your bullet has been dodged. Or that the status quo will hold. Or that there will be nothing new to contend with.

Or, or, or…

We just don’t know. And that’s the point: we’re in a period when one of our biggest bundles to grapple with is how to carry on without knowing.

We live in a very ‘what is it?’ world. We really like to nail things down. We like to think we know what will work.

Right now, we don’t. And if astrology’s metaphysical lessons mean anything, the more you try to ‘hold on’ or ‘nail down’ or define things, the less they are going to conform to your expectations.

Neptune Rule #1: 
Allow yourself not to know.

Neptune Theory #1:
The thing you think ‘must be’
probably isn’t. The thing you think
least likely will probably prove true.

In this moment, as this blog posts there is also a point of Nemesis to contend with. Considering that Nemesis is a cosmic ‘warning’ which says just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should (and that there are consequences for many a thing you think won’t have any down side)…

Nemesis went retrograde in late January – about the time that people in the Middle East rose up in protest against their government, about the time that there was a distinct and disturbing uptick of violence in Mexico, about the time of the Arizona shooting which left six people dead, about the time natural confluences were wreaking havoc in Australia….

Nemesis went retrograde in early Libra, making its turn to retrograde a shift from ‘how can I do/get something done?’ to ‘how can anything get done?’ From all of us focusing on what others (Libra) were doing wrong, we began to think more in terms of how any of us can get what we need done considering what others are doing.

Do they know…can’t they see how what they’re doing isn’t, doesn’t, can’t work? Why do they think everyone else is there to exist at their beck and personal-financial-emotional-theoretical call?

Now, as Nemesis retrogrades back into Virgo, those questions become more systemic, more ‘realism’ oriented. From being more or less about ‘how can they THINK that?’ (think being a Libra/air sign conceptual world), now the question will be more about how we can do that. Or how others can do that to us. Or how they think we can do anything if our basic needs aren’t being met.

And yet, with Pluto in Capricorn, this also reminds us that this is a long-term (decade and a half) period which is all about becoming pragmatic. It’s about scaling back…focusing on what necessity really is.

That will now be what a lot of debate is really about.

It is also to remember that we are also in a Hidalgo station period. Hidalgo will go retrograde about sixteen hours after Uranus goes retrograde, suggesting that a lot of the push, the urgency, the pressure and stress(ed) points of this next day or so will best be dealt with more or less nobly.

 Das Paradies
by Jan Bruegel (c. 1620)

And yet there is that little danger here…that some will take the Hidalgo ‘nobility’ concept and turn it into ‘elitism.’ The same ‘class/caste’ system which populations are rebelling rather literally against in the Middle East have come to be more of a financial class/caste system – and (yea verily) a raison d’etre for many in many other parts of the world.


Hopefully you will take it on credit that there’s a reason why I would now ask you to gaze into the magical historical crystal ball….and to think about  how through the decades, centuries and millennia, when the divide between rich and poor gets too immense it always comes to a crunching, crashing end.

And one of the big problems in this epic opera is how those who are secure literally have no idea of what its like to do without. It’s not malicious – it just is. Marie Antoinette had no idea of how poor the poor among her French citizens were and for that (and a couple of other things) they cut her head off. On a little less drastic scale, I’ve had many a conversation with perfectly nice, sensible, well-educated, caring people here in LA who amaze me with how little they know about what life is for those who must do without. Try to talk to them about life on that scale and they get not vaguely uncomfortable, but really truly seriously uncomfortable.

And that’s probably what’s really most offensive in the split of fiscal classes. It’s not just what those who Have have and what those who Don’t Have don’t have – it’s that those who Have don’t even what to KNOW what those who Don’t Have go through in trying to survive.

  Morning Fantasy 
by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1904)

That’s enough to drive a person crazy. Or incite hate. Or get people with nothing into a real frenzy of you don’t know what it’s like? Well let me just burn your house down and reduce you to where I live so you can SEE and FEEL what it’s like! 

It will not take much ignoring to create the friction now. And I do mean friction (as in, lighting a fuse), not fiction – the thing I can ignore, should I wish to.

Privilege is an odd thing. I think one of the greatest privileges I have had in my own life is to spend time scratching by, counting pennies. And since where I came from was just financially solvent enough yet surely emotionally deprived enough to teach me that people really matter those two things have coalesced into a readiness to experience pain. Those who have never felt it are scared of it. Those who have been through a lot of pain – in the end – often realize how pain can be incredibly educational. It not only teaches you that you can survive, but that in the end, survival depends not just on the Self - but on those around us, and whether they're willing to deal with their Self.

Think I’m just getting into some sort of mushy moral proselytizing here? Surprise – I’m not! This is actually part of the grand amalgamation of the processes going on. We're all being made to feel more. Those who are used to it shrug more, grumble a bit and move on. Those who have been able to have a 'nice' life will find events more shocking.

In the end, this becomes a vast and global method of beginning to level the playing field or simply break it into two. That's pure Aquarian Age stuff - as we've been talking about in other posts. Bottom line, pretty much precisely to the degree and in areas of life where we think we have it ‘good’ where we are more than likely going to take our tumble.

But that’s the way of Uranus entering Aries - and yet another blog. Tomorrow’s, as a matter of fact…so not to worry...none of us have all that long to wait!


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  1. I find the energy mesmerizing. I have almost no fire within my chart and for the first time in my life I feel like I can initiate. As if I could be the one now to ignite the proceedings.