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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Venus enters Gemini: Valuing Our Ideas

 Venus in Mirrors by Nevit Dilmen (1999)

As 2:24pm (UT/+0) on June 9th arrives and Venus enters Gemini, some of the reasons for things being as they are become plain. (Or at least plainer.)

At the same time, many a new thought will occur. Options and the desire to have options seem far more…interesting. Satisfying. Necessary.

Traditionally, Venus in Gemini is period when life focuses on the opportunity (or need) to plan out how to get to our goals, picking and choosing from this and that in creating a construct which suits our aims, priorities and abilities. It’s a good time to figure things out and therefore a good time for asking questions so long as we are willing to consider and treat the information we get with respect. There’s just nothing more annoying now than someone who is simply asking questions for the sake of asking, someone who is plainly acting out or showing off, someone who has no real interest in learning anything.

For some, Venus in Gemini manifests as a lot of things to choose from and feeling like you ‘can’t make up your mind.’ But that in itself is a call from your mind for you to stop and think about what’s important.

Gemini always asks us what’s important. Gemini asks that we think. Thus, during this rough month or so of Venus’ transit through Gemini, we can expect life to prompt us with situations which in one way or another prompt us to consider and sort through things, finding out what’s really important and what’s not.

Now for some people, this is purely mundane. I have a cousin who’s in an eternal battle with her mail box. Mail piles up on her counter and to listen to her discuss what it takes to go through it and throw things away you would think she had the future of a small nation hanging in the balance.

Yes, her aim is to take good care of her family. But really…does one coupon (which you know you’ll get sent again in a couple of weeks) really matter? Before you answer yes – that fifty cents really does matter, let’s remember that year in, year out her family has to deal with her being aggravated about the mail. Now is that coupon worth it?

Venus in Gemini asks that we figure out what’s worth it not only in the thing itself but in terms of what that means as part of the whole of our life. 

And as part of how our life fits in with those around us. Priorities aren’t only about what we do with our lives…it’s thinking through the whole of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity: is this ‘thing’ (whatever it may be) important in the bigger scheme of things? Is my dealing with this more important than what I might be doing otherwise? Is my mood affecting others and how well they are able to operate in their life? 

 Lady in Blue by Raile

With Jupiter sextiling Neptune (in retrograde) today, this is a really good time to just take a moment and see the ‘bigger picture’….your life as a whole…your life as it affects the life of others…your life as part of a far greater world.

Considering how asteroid Kassandra is just moving on station, you may not believe that what you do matters.

Then again, you may get news which you ‘just don’t believe’ which informs you very clearly that you do matter. Or that what you do counts for something. Or that what you do (or have done) has far bigger consequences than you might have guessed.

Added to all this, we shouldn’t forget that dwarf planet MakeMake is already on station. And that Saturn is bearing down on the moment (next week) when it too will go direct.

What are we to think of all this?

Probably a lot. To focus on the Venus end of the discussion, since the combination of Venus and airy Gemini tends to highlight many facets of any given subject we could simply get distracted with discussing the possibilities. And of course with Venus in Gemini there is some benefit to considering things from various perspectives.

The Saturn part? Well, considering that Saturn is in Libra (a Venus-ruled sign) and in a degree which as previously discussed (LINK to BLOG) has a ‘separating,’ ‘separate,’ ‘individualized’ or ‘isolated’ point of view, there is “the thing” by itself and then again, there is that question of integrating present concerns with greater pictures. Saturn nearing its station is a sure sign that we are aware of greater life considerations whether we’re concentrating on them at the moment or not.

And with Kassandra – she who speaks the truth but is never believed – going on station, there may be some tendency to ignore the truth.

Or to feel like you’re not being heard.

Either version of this ‘Kassandra vibe’ would seem to fit (unfortunately) well with Saturn’s position at 10 Libra. And with MakeMake on station set to go direct, there’s also likely to be some feeling that there’s a wanting something to be or become and it’s…it’s…it’s just not happening yet! 

(The important part is that ‘yet’ bit, right? Let’s not forget that!)

Oddly enough, Jupiter sextile Neptune (retrograde) is likely to be one of the biggest crayons in the box – at least over the next few days. Those who can use this combination for insight and a willingness to listen ore remain open to possibilities…it would seem quite possible to gain ground and create positive influences now.

 Vénus de nuit by Teledelard

But with Jupiter in Venus’ other home sign of Taurus…? This increases the ‘wanting everything to be okay’ thing. And yet…its more than likely that, given what we know of Saturn (limitations against effort and Neptune (internal doubt versus faith)…well, let’s just say that there’s every chance that simply because this isn’t necessarily a pot-of-gold moment – at the moment that’s enough to launch many of us on an up-and-down rollercoaster of resigned understanding against discouragement over this next couple of days.

And yet…with Venus entering Gemini it does seem sensible to ask ourselves where Mercury is. After all, Mercury rules Gemini, right?

Answer: at this moment Mercury is at 14 Gemini. So we know things are busy – at least mentally. In addition to that, Mercury is conjunct Edisona (the new idea) and Dionysus (sacred celebration).

And that suggests that one of the things we can do to make things work better is to think over how we can better treat ourselves - and others – with what we might call ‘reverence of the mindful’ type. This isn’t worship, this isn’t about kowtowing…this is about being aware of who we are and who others are and that in the end, we aren’t stereotypes, we aren’t jobs, we aren’t just about our age or our background or our current situation…

…we’re human. And that’s worth celebrating and working on and thinking over so as to make the most of.

We’re only here for a certain amount of time and we each have very special gifts and qualities. Don’t limit yourself – and don’t limit others! If we would all concentrate on figuring ourselves out more and being supportive of instead of dictating to others, we all might get on not just a bit better, but feel far more loved and between the two, live lives which whether or not they were more  successful, would seem more satisfying.

And wouldn’t that - rather by definition - be the definition of greater happiness?

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