by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, December 3, 2010

Uranus station effects officially begin

The skies over the Washington Monument (Washington DC)
photo credit: andypham3000 (2008)

In Greek mythology, Uranus is known as 'Ouranos'  - the literal being of the sky.  From said sky comes a lot of tempest - and much human inspiration...the beauty of our earthly sky is undeniable. And yet, some of the weather produced by that sky and inflicted on us and the whole of our Earth in a manner which is irresistible and unavoidable - that's pretty dismal. Even terrifying.

Weather can be fickle, brutal, punishing. Blistering heat, freezing cold, baleful winds...

...and yet from that same sky comes life-giving rain. We often delight in the wide open sky which in its boundless blue seems to free our very spirit.

The sky is preciously benign and at times the very sign of impending, inescapable menace.

Every one of these qualities - and the 'unpredictable' qualities we laugh about, groan at and alternately bless and curse - every one of these 'sky qualities' is also astrologically associated with planet Uranus.

Having gone into retrograde back on July 5th, Uranus will go direct on December 6 at 1:51 in the morning (UT/+0), which is obviously still December 5th in much of the world.

And that means Uranus' official station effects begin early on December 4th...which in like form would still be December 3rd for a goodly part of this early world.

When planets go on station, it's like the chiming of a clock. Whoever's natal chart is aspected by said station position would seem to have 'an appointment' with life. Events which happen just before either a station/direct or station/retrograde (this being the former) mark a literal 'turning point in life.' Events which happen going into the actual station have yet to unfold, things which happen just after the station (but within the two-day "station window") will evolve afterwards. 

We just had a fairly brilliant example of station effects with the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as it happens. That having been a Libra Venus and a Pisces Jupiter going direct at the same time, the world-wide announcement (Pisces Jupiter) of the (Libra Venus) engagement fit the planetary bill to a 't.' In the announcement coming on November 16th with both planets going direct on the 18th is also the perfect picture of the announcement of a wedding which is yet to come. 

Uranus having all the variable, unpredictable and uncontrollable qualities of weather, Pisces here adds the aura of feelings (even how we feel about our feelings) and that same 'universal' concept we saw with Jupiter in Pisces with regards to the royal engagement. Pisces is about 'shared experiences,' whether that's an actual communal moment or its simply something we all go through.

So keep your emotional hats on, folks - this may be a bit of an exciting four-day say nothing of what evolves from there. Other astrological doings are in the works, but for now just remember - the great necessity with all Uranian qualities is flexibility. You may enjoy the moment, you may dread the moment, you may be surprised by the moment or freaked out by the moment. Uranus sometimes represents the moment of shock and sometimes times out a great moment of elation or discovery.

What Uranus doesn't allow for is avoidance. Freedom, yes - providing you have paid your dues and earned it. Anarchy, rebellion and impulsiveness are all associated with Uranus but it's the underlying motivation which determines the success or downfall of the day.

Like all planets beyond Saturn - the last planet we can 'reach' with our naked eyes and thus control with our human determination - Uranian dynamics can never be just about us. They have to taken into account and ultimately benefit others for us to come out on top.

The difference here is between two words: lightening and lightning. One shocks the tar out of you and can even kill you. The other is an amelioration of a burden...the improvement of a circumstance.

So don't clutch - flex!

And as a very last note here...about yesterday's announcement by NASA about arsenic based life right here on Earth? That may yet argue for extending station periods out to three days instead of two...which yes, would be a change and therefore also Uranian!

We'll have to see. By testing and retesting against empirical data...that's how science learns and the body of scientific knowledge grows.

And astrology, for all the woo-woo out there is in the end, a science.  

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